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Mount Shasta in Northern California ...


Greetings in the day of Healing ... the day of the Green Ray of Abundance and Wealth ... the day of Odin.

    ... and people Need Healing ... Everyone needs Healing ... if they don't kill you before ... they will got Healing

    ... No otherwise.

    And ... the time has come to solve unsolved balances ... still technological and Spiritual Balances.

    ... Yes ... The World was ruled and is ruled by the Dark Forces of the Serpent from the days of the Fall of Eve.

     And I can confirm you ... that The Mind of the people ... in any Place has and is Manipulated.

     ... but their Game is scrambling ... anywhere ...

     The Name is the Game where you and me ... born and grow ... The Game is basically ... the Game of Work ... not working for yourself ... doing or offering what you know or what you can offer ... but working for others ... bow before others who rules you in political, military or Religious terms.

      In some sense ... these 'Sons of Belial' ... have implanted a Carbon copy of their Hierarchical World ... and you are in the bottom ... paying them ... enrich them ... However, Lord Jesus say ... 'Give to the Caesar what is the of the Caesar and to the Lord (not the Church, of course) ... what is of the Lord'.

     It is like a Pyramid of Power ... where they are in top ... and they look from above and say ... 'Pay me!" ... 'Bow before me' ... or you die ...

      In the Heavens there are no Politics. Nay! ... In the Heavens there are no Military forces with Weapons ... Nay ... this is Science-Fiction is Illusion or remembrance of the Past Wars on Earth ... and in the Heavens there are no Religions.

     Lord Jesus is not Christian ... Buddha is not Buddhist and Mohammad is not Muslim. All Religions were a Path of Understanding ... created by Man and Woman and Man and Woman ... wrote the Holy Scriptures in each religion ... Not God. Not God.

    If we speak in Scientific Terms ... and got the Latest Theory of Physics like Einstein Theory ... we will discover its beauty ... because is beauty ... but is a Mental Theory ... not a Practical Explanation of the Reality and honestly ... Reality is an Hologram ... a Multidimensional Hologram ...

    This Hologram is connected with our DNA ... and Our DNA that lead to our Understanding and explanation of Our Reality is nothing but ... the Electromagnetic Interactions between Our Bodies ... including Our Soul ... Our Physical Body ... Our Mental Body ... our Etheric Body ... etc.

    This is the List of Bodies ... The Main 7 Bodies.

     The 'Higher Mental Body' or Christ Self ... is the part of Our Soul ... vibrating in High Dimensions but always inside us.

     The 'I AM Presence' is Our Personal God ... The Perfect and Pure part of Ourselves ... God in Person ... 

     And therefore God is inside us ... and these concepts when understood will open the Door for a Correct Healing without Chemical reactions caused by drugs or Medicine ... The Other Babylon also scrambling ...


     Like explained recently ... Einstein Theory is incomplete ... some pieces correct ... and some other pieces completely wrong.

     In fact ... the Link between the Physical AEther removed by Professor Einstein from the Works of James Maxwell is linked to the Akashic Field ... through our DNA ... that is Biological and Chemical ... because the result of Chemical reactions ... inside us.

     We ... my friends ... we Humans are an Invention ... after all ... but this regards the Physical Body ... not the Soul within.

     While the Soul is Permanent and cannot be destroyed ... the Body, the Physical Body can be Immortalized ... and this must be made ... every day.

     In some sense ... Our Body is like a Car that need Fuel every day ... that Fuel is Light ... and that Light comes from the Prime Creator and the Stars ... We can bring down ... with the Pray and Praying.

      The Prayer is The Fuel that Immortalize Our Lives ...


       Therefore when God create us ... with Biology and Physics ... the same Biology and Physics still NOT UNDERSTOOD ... we were covered or blended with the DNA of the Gods ...

       Our DNA is a softly mixed Blend of DNA from Pleiadians ... and here we can list the Maya, the Inca and the Tibetans ... The DNA from the Gods of Nibiru ...

         I will jump now ... to include the Main Twelve DNA Layers ... from my article where I teach some Hebrew ... The Twelve DNA Layer ... the DNA of the Gods inside us

In our DNA we have the DNA of the Lords, the DNA of the God.

Keter Etz Chaym We have the DNA of the Trees ... Layer DNA #1 ... The trees are our fathers too, and in a mixed fashion also the Laggards. Also they are our fathers.

It conects us with the First Dimension or the Core of Earth, our Mother.
Torah E'ser Sphirot This connect us with the Second Dimension where our Beloved Elementals ... dwells. Inside us, Inside the animals, Inside the plants ... Inside the planet.

It enable us to the Dimensional Caduceus
Netzach Merkava Eliyahu This is the DNA necesary to activate to travel and get a Merkaba.

John the Revelator activate this DNA to be in the middle of the High Council of four and Twelve. (Rev 4:4)
Unim Ve Tumin This DNA is the DNA inserted by the Elohim ... (Layer DNA #4) who were the Cyclops ... We have the DNA of Adonai (or YHWH, bad translated in Jehovah) who is an Annunaki.

This is the DNA we got when Humans were modified by the Annunaki ... who

breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;
(Gen 2:7)

This happens after Atlantis fall and before Noah Flood.
Aleph Etz Adonai
This DNA is Pleiadian and mofied by the Pleiadians ... multidimensionally.

Our Higher Self is Pleiadian ... and is connected with our Heart ... from where we got Life ... Multidimensionally from the Prime Creator ... who is everywhere ... in the Dimensio 12, if you prefer.

Please remember that our Higher-Self ... is Pleiadian !
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh This is the Second Annanuki Layer.


who is the name of God, and was given to Moseh on Month Sinai when we (I say we because we are all Humans, all Brothers ... from the same Father-Mother God).

See Exodus, 3:14,And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

Please note that 4 and 6 are even numbers ... The even dimensions has another meaning different from odd dimensions.
Kadumah Elohim All the rest of DNA Layers are basically Pleiadian ...

This DNA offer a direct transmission with the 7D where the High Council dwells ...

Rochev Baaravot This is Layer connecting us with the 8D ... The Corridors of Light ...
Shechinah-Esh The Saint Germain Layer ... that enable the anthenna to heal ourselves ... alone ...

Saint Germain is really an incredible beign: Him support to Earth was incredible ... along millenia ...

He was present in Arabia like a ruler 70,000 years ago when Sahara was Tropical like Amazon. He lives with us at Atlantis with the Queen of Hators; that Queen live with us 14,000 years. He was Thoth after Atlantis establishing the Egyptian religion.

He was Joseph, Jesus's Father. Merlin, Columbus, Hermes, King Solomon who built the temple, Francis Bacon the author of Shakespearian plays, Roger Bacon ... and many others.

He gift us the Amathist Flame, the Violet Flame.This flame is of course Multi-Dimensional but interact with 7D and 9D ...The Enochians dwells in the 9D.
Va-yik-ra Most Archangels dwell here.

Angels and Archangels travel all the time ... and they take seconds to be here in 3D.

Vayra, Vayra, Vayra ... is a common expression for Archangel Zadkiel ...
Chochmah Micha Halelu This is the Layer that enable compassion to be Mother of Others ...
Mother Mary in 7D is our Mother ...

Kryon also dwells in 11D.
El Shadai We have still "El Shaddai" or the Prime Creator ...

... And so because we have the DNA of the Gods ... we are Gods. We are God. They are our Family and we belong to this Family in an unbreakable mode ... Our lessons on Earth are to become Gods ... Once we become Gods ... we ascend to a place we deserve ... may be in 5D or in 7D ... or in 4D ... etc.


     The experience of Life ... or Human Life ... is like to play and be an Actor on the World of Form where Time and Space are Linear.

      The Soul, Our Soul do this job and play this Job. You born and live ... and if you graduate ... ascend.

      Originally and consequently ... we were blended in several Cosmic Races ... This was a continuous additions ... there are still the DNA of Seraphim in the beginning of the Story ... The Original Race was Lemurian ... and the Story is to long ... and this article is about Stargates.

     You can read ...


       And from this book I will gift Chapter 10 ... Questions and Answers ... Interventions from Other Races.

       Looking the Racism of the World ... in any place ... The Planetary Consciousness need Healing because not yet Understand what means Evolution and that a New Step in the Human Evolution is running actually with great and strong understanding ... to be ONE with the Universe.

       In fact ... the Experiment of Human Life ... has been called by many ... 'The Starseed Proyect' and the final Objective is to bring Peace in the Galaxy ... and other Galaxies ... but the stress of everyday ... is because we need to reach before ... Peace on Earth ... where ALL the Galactic Races ... some from Dark Agendas and some from Light Agendas ... mix and blend.

      Relax ... wherever is the Size of Darkness ... the Light Consume ... and the Universe is Both ... In fact is the Darkness that limit Light ... and each one ... need the Other.

      Well ... I know give you ... Chapter ten ... From Volume 1 ... I strongly advice You purchase all three volumes and ALL Aurelia Louise Jones books. Some need some update ... because like on Earth is in Heaven where New Rulers replace Past Ones ... but these books must be digested and Assimilated ...

     And don't Hate the Maya ... They don't say you ... 'The World will end' ... THEY DON'T SAY THAT.


     God does not create the Worlds ... to destroy the World ... No. The Dark Ones are trying to prove the God is Fake and Wrong ... What is your Choice? ... I prefer GOD and LIFE. Don't you? ...

Have fun ... if you can.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


Chapter Ten 

Questions and Answers 

Interventions from Other Races  

We hear that sometimes the Inner Earth beings intervene in events taking place in your society. How and when is that decision made, and who does the intervention?


The Inner Earth beings are not allowed to intervene in the affairs of the surface dimension, or interfere with free will of the people living there. We are members of the Galactic Confederation of Planets and under the direction of The Council of Twelve. When intervention on the surface of this planet is needed, this council is in control. We would or could intervene only at their request and with their full authorization. This does not mean that we have never inter­vened in any way, but we want you to understand that until now, until the "Grand Experiment" on planet Earth is over, it is not appropriate for us to interfere with the free will choices of humanity. We have not interfered with the sink­ing of two major continents, nor have we interfered with all the wars and devastations you have chosen to initiate.


The Divine intervention that this planet is about to experi­ence is indeed an intervention directly called forth by your Creator. Because of this, countless extraterrestrials from millions of star systems, your Space Brothers, who love you so very much, are now here by the billions to prepare for and to assist you and your planet during the "Great Shift." Among the many various ET civilizations that are here to help are the Arcturians, the Pleiadeans, the Andromedans, the Sirians, the Venusians, those from Alpha Centauri, the positive Nibirians and Orions, and many others.


The Space Brothers, whom many of you are so longing to reconnect with tangibly, are members of your soul family. They are friends and family of your "future selves." They have often intervened by protecting the Earth from major space disasters that could have caused much destruction. Unknown to you, they have protected the Earth and all of you many, many times from major invasions by space cul­tures who have not yet learned to embrace unconditional love and true brotherhood. The Arcturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadeans and many others have been your most precious Space friends and guardians. They are still here at this time in very great numbers to assist you, and to stabilize your planet during the coming changes and dimensional shifts. They are also sending you love every day.


It is with a great deal of sadness that we observe how you treat your planet, and each other, as members of God's fam­ily. The only intervention that all of the beings who live with­in the Earth have been allowed is to send you our Love and Light, and to comfort you when you are in pain, sadness and sorrow. For eons, from the other side of the veil, all of us from the Earth's interior have guided you and instructed you. We have shared with you our wisdom, our grace, our love and the workings of true brotherhood for peace and prosperity. We have worked with you in your dream state and between your incarnations. Again and again, for millennia, prophets, great sages and avatars were sent to you. Unfortunately, most were ignored, persecuted and very often killed.


There was an agreement made a long time ago between the Inner Earth people and the collective of souls evolving on the surface dimension of the planet that your experiments with separation were to be "hands off." The way you had chosen to evolve and learn your lessons was not to be interfered with. The same with your Earth Mother; she has allowed you all your choices at the expense of the comfort and beau­ty of Her own body. She has allowed all of your choices until the day it is decreed by the Prime Creator that the Great Experiment on Earth is now over. And this day, my friends, has come. The decree from your Creator for your re-awak­ening, and the restoration of your divinity, has been heard throughout this entire universe and beyond. All on Earth are now in intensive preparation for the "Great Reunion" and the "Great Shift." It is time to go forward; do not seek to go back. Let go of the Old to embrace the New World.


Crop Circles 

It has been said that people in the Inner Earth

do participate in the making of crop circles. Is it a joint venture with the extraterrestrials? Will crop circles eventually become permanent? If so, what will be their roles?


Crops circles are mainly fourth and fifth dimensional gar­dens. They are indeed created in cooperation between the Inner Earth people, the extraterrestrials and the devic consciousness, but they are mainly the work of extrater­restrials. They are temporarily created in your third dimen­sion to wake up your curiosity, to assist you in expanding your mind, to open up a new way of thinking for you. These phenomena are here to assist you to get out of the little box you have put yourself into. It is time to start embracing a much larger picture of Creation and the Universe. These crop circles are encoded with sound and light emanations that will assist in the re-awakening of your soul and divine consciousness.


Consider the beautiful gardens you will be creating in your future to match the beauty of your new homes. Compare them to crop circles. In your not-so-distant future, what you now call a crop circle, a strange phenomena, will become so familiar to you that it will no longer be considered unusual. They are the beautiful gardens of your future, full of light, colors and sounds. You will be creating, with your inten­tions, awesome gardens similar to crop circles in frequency and encoding. You will put into those gardens whatever you wish; whatever your creativity can conceive will manifest almost effortlessly. Those gardens will replenish themselves with blooms and fruit continuously until you decide you want something else, and then your new creation will quick­ly manifest.


Crop circles are presented to you now for your pleasure, and to give you a glimpse of your future. Open your heart and mind to all the wonders that are ahead of you after the Earth's purification prior to the Great Shift.



What will be the role of crystals in the years to come?


Crystals have many forms, vibrations and dimensions. Crystals also have their own form of intelligence and aware­ness. They evolve and grow to be of service to you, especially when you are in your divine consciousness. What you know and have seen of crystals in your third dimensional aware­ness is very limited.


In the fourth and fifth dimension, crystals are lighter, clear­er, and more luminous because they are able to absorb and contain much more light than the ones you presently know. They will take any form, size, vibration and color to meet your needs. You will be able to manifest them at will. You will no longer have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to acquire them. They will manifest to you according to your level of Love and Light and your right use of God's resources.


They will be the main source of energy used for the ad­vanced technology that will be gifted to you when we come out of our cities in the Earth's interior. You will use them for travel anywhere in this universe, and you will also use them to retrieve information from the Universal Mind. You will find that all of Earth's Living Library (which is your complete story) is stored in large crystal plates, rather than books, and you will have the technology to access any infor­mation very quickly from any location. The crystal grid of the Earth herself has already received an ascension activa­tion, and this grid is now available to many for healing en­ergies and information.


The "crystal children" incarnated in your world possess a direct connection in their DNA to communicate through this grid. You too have the option of opening to this form of consciousness, as do all who live on the surface during this time of Great Awakening and Shift. The shifts in the elec­tromagnetic grid and the crystal grid have taken place to enable the greatest shift, that of human consciousness.


Instead of using wood, brick, cement or synthetic materials, you will use various types of crystalline structures to con­struct your private dwellings and public buildings. You will be living in homes that will appear to you as if you are living in crystal palaces, and yet you will still be able to maintain your privacy. These crystalline structures will reinforce your own energetic structure, and support the many changes in your multi-dimensional DNA that signal your ascension to a fifth dimensional vibration and beyond.


As your own telepathic energies increase through activa­tion of your own crystalline energy grid, you will no longer need physical crystals for communicating with each other at distances around the planet. You will simply tap into the Earth's overall crystal grid, as well as the etheric grid that encircles the planet. When you travel in space, those of you who have not yet attained the necessary level of universal telepathic skills will use crystals for interplanetary and intergalactic communications. In your spacecraft all com­munications systems will be crystalline based. Your use of crystals and crystalline energy will become unlimited.


Guardians of Portals and Gateways

Can you address the subject of portals and gateways,

and the beings who guard and regulate them?


In this short discourse, we can only touch briefly on a ba­sic and general understanding of this topic. There is much more that is not appropriate for us to discuss with you at length, at this time.


When you become curious about portals, it is a clear signal that you have a desire to expand your consciousness to a much larger understanding of the universe. There are a myriad of intricate complexities in the dimensions that ex­ist beyond your third dimensional awareness. You must also expand your consciousness to the concepts of gateways, en­ergy vortexes, multi-dimensional corridors, planetary, galac­tic and universal grid systems, light barriers, time capsules, and many more concepts that you are not yet familiar with. They all work together as related components of a gigantic universal system. All of these concepts and realities, my friends, and the magic and wonder they inspire, will soon be yours to discover. You are now beginning to use some of them more consciously as you and the Earth evolve to high­er frequencies and dimensions.


Since your question is about the guardians of those portals and gateways, I would like to explain the following to you in a simple manner. Portals, gateways and multi-dimensional corridors exist in great numbers from the highest level of the Godhead at the Universal Source, down through all created universes, all dimensions and sub-levels of each di­mension, to the tiniest particle of life in the first dimension. They also exist throughout the great Void.


Portals and gateways are how God or Source-Energy is dis­seminated throughout all of Creation. They are also how Source-Energy is stepped down from the universal levels, to the galactic levels, to the solar system levels, the planetary levels, into all dimensions and life frequencies and so on. There is great diversity in the types of portals, gateways and multidimensional corridors, each one fulfilling a spe­cific function. For example; some portals are used for step­ping down the frequency of Source Energy, while others are used for traveling between dimensions, planets, solar sys­tems, galaxies, and universes. Each one of these billions of portals, gateways and corridors function with the greatest mathematical accuracy so that chaos does not ensue. This subject is so vast that only a small portion can be covered here, but I wanted to give you a broader awareness of what this subject entails, and how everything works together in great harmony and with ease and efficiency.


Who are the beings who guard and monitor

those portals and gateways?


They are mainly evolved beings from the angelic kingdom, as well as those you call extraterrestrials. They have volun­teered for these "jobs." Since they exist in great numbers in each group in the Light Realms, they take turns fulfilling these positions, and it never becomes drudgery for anyone at anytime. These portals and corridors of Light are filled with various kinds of wondrous and interesting "comfort stations" of great beauty that cosmic travelers use to meet friends, to recharge their energies, or to simply receive in­formation and direction. At times, they are the sites of great encounters between beings from many dimensions.


Following are some of the guidelines for some of the portals for this planet, solar system and galaxy. The same principles apply everywhere, except that the higher you go in frequency, the more highly evolved the guardians of those portals are.


The first rule is that no one can freely travel through por­tals or gateways to dimensions higher than the level of consciousness they themselves have attained. You must first have the permission of those who reside where you want to go. Those permissions are sometimes granted to souls who are not yet at that level if they are accompanied by a spon­sor, some being from that higher dimension who will accom­pany you to your destination. A planetary ascended master who has attained that level of consciousness may also volun­teer to take you there.


For example, if you were personally called to the Great Central Sun of this Universe for an interview with the Father/Mother God, a being such as Sananda, Mother Mary or St. Germain could take you there, or an emissary from that plane would come to get you. In order to get there, you would have to travel through various multi-dimensional planetary, galactic and universal corridors and gateways. Unless you are with someone who has a cosmic passport to travel those corridors, you may not be allowed to go all the way to the Great Central Sun. The role of the guardians is to maintain the integrity and purity of the various planetary systems, galaxies and universes.


Each corridor, gateway, portal and grid system is guarded by beings who resonate with the level of frequency of the place they are protecting. Unless the resonance is matched, entry may be denied. These rules safeguard the integrity, purity and efficiency of those portals and cor­ridors. Understand that if you were to travel to the Great Central Sun or the Galactic core through these corridors, it is a very great physical distance from the Earth plane. If I were to explain in details all the steps, it would fill several chapters of a book and you would see how complicated this becomes.


In reality, when one has attained the level of evolution that is required to travel to those places, it only takes seconds of your time to go all the way or anywhere you want to go. These corridors allow cosmic travelers to visit countless planets or galaxies, and even places beyond this universe. You travel there in almost a twinkle of the eye, unless you choose to make several stops along the cosmic highways to enjoy the view and social activities.


In our solar system and Milky Way galaxy, a long time ago, the Arcturians took on the job of creating and maintain­ing a great percentage of our multidimensional portals and corridors. They have become the greatest experts in this work, and their expertise has been and will continue to be in demand throughout this entire universe. The role of the guardians of portals is to prevent unwanted energies from infiltrating places of great purity and wisdom. It is also to of­fer direction, guidance, comfort and information to travelers who are learning multidimensional travel, and to those trav­eling those corridors for the first time. You may want to also consider these guardians as "diplomatic relations teams."


Actually, none of this happens exactly the way I am explain­ing it to you now; the complexity simply cannot be explained and comprehended from a third dimensional perspective. This explanation will give you a basic concept, however, of how it works. Spacecraft also travel through those systems of corridors, gateways and grid systems to go wherever they want, with great speed.


Although I mentioned that the Arcturians are the great masters and guardians of the main portals of this galaxy, they are not the only ones. Each planetary system has its own portal and corridor system that is guarded and main­tained, usually by advanced souls from that same system.


The Sirians and the Andromedans, among others, also work in close collaboration with the Arcturians to maintain these vast and numerous multi-dimensional openings.


Those of you who are star-seeds, who have come to this planet from other worlds, are already familiar with most of those portals, corridors and the Beings who guard them. When you are not in a physical body, you already know how to get back and forth. Once you have completed your evo­lutionary process here from the perspective of ascension and enlightenment, you will remember how to do this quite easily. Your grand cosmic passport will be returned back to you with the stamp for a much more expanded arena of cosmic traveling than the one you previously were allowed. I promise that you will never be bored or weary again unto eternity. You will be free to join those who are busy explor­ing and expanding to all possibilities.

When we emerge from our subterranean abodes, through a maze of tunnels leading to every country and city of the planet, it will be a time of great rejoicing for all those who will open their hearts and minds to receive us. We are your senior brothers and sisters and we love you all very dearly.





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