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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 19:49

Origen of Alexandria ...


Greetings in the day of Balance ... the Mercury day that Balance Above and Down ... Credit and Payment ... Dark and Light ... Love and Hate ...

    And in my developments and studies ... I arrive to the Beloved 'Origen' ... Origen of Alexandria.

    Origen of Alexandria (c. 185-c 254) was Our past Messenger, Mark L. Prophet ... now ascended and called the Beloved Lanello.


Mark L. Prophet.

    And if you know Mark ... your level is good. If you never hear about him ... you need training.

    Please ponder that in the Heavens ... is NOT like Earth ... In the Heavens the vibration or dimension of belonging is represented by the Wisdom inside.

The Universe belong to the Wiser ...

      Origen of Alexadria release a Theory about a Rotation between Souls ... Man ... Angels and Daemons ...

      In fact,

In the third century, Origen of Alexandria set forth his conception of a hierarchy of beings, ranging from angels to human beings to demons and beast. This renowned scholar and theologian of the early Church, who set forth the chief cornerstone of Christ's doctrine and upon whose works subsequent Church fathers, doctors, and theologians built their traditions, taught that souls are assigned to then respective offices and duties based on previous actions and merits, and that each one has the opportunity to ascend or descend in rank. Many beings of the heavenly hierarchy are named in the Book of Revelation.

Apart from the false hierarchy of Antichrist, including the reprobate angels, some of the members of the Great White Brotherhood accounted for by Jesus are Alpha and Omega, the Seven Spirits, the angels of the seven churches, the Four and Twenty Elders, the four beasts, the saints robed in white, the Two Witnesses, the God of the Earth, the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Manchild, Archangel Michael and his angels, the Lamb and his wife, the one hundred and forty-four thousand who have the Father's name written in their foreheads, the angel of the Everlasting Gospel, the seven angels (i.e., the Archangels of the seven rays) which stood before God, the angel clothed with a cloud and a rainbow upon his head, the seven thunders, the Faithful and True and his armies, and him that sat upon the great white throne. 


   What do you think? ... Do you think is correct ? ... Or Wrong this theory? ...

   Let me say that ... There are a missing point in the Holy Bible interpretation ... and this missing point is

'What is the Sky?' ...

   If you ask a Lover of the Bible, probably they will not know.

   Once they understand that the Sky are the Stars ... and not the Clouds ... because in the day the Sun show us the Blue Doom with clear Blue ... but the night is not Black ... but Dark Blue ... always Blue ... the tonality change for the Sun ...

   There are some truth in the words of Origen ...

   Remain clear that once the students and lovers of the Bible try to study Cosmology, Einstein Theory of Relativity will find that these theories are incomplete and inconsistent.

   Therefore they move from one mistake to another ... from a room without windows and doors to another.


   Let me give my explanation ...

   Lord Maitreya explains that ... they Maitreya, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain ... Lord Meru ... always ... HELP those who remain back in the Path to the Heaven ...


An Metaphoric Stairway to Heaven.


      Because probably you will forgot ... I will repeat my story ... Your story may be similar or completely different ... probably is different.

      My story begin with the Big Bang ... what is called Big Bang ...

      The Big Bang ... or the creation of the Universe ... is the kiss a woman receive for a man ... or a children ... or the first check ... (I prefer don't includes sexual examples ...)

      For a teenager ... or an inexpert lover ... The first Girlfriend ... is the Forever Girlfriend ...

      Or it is like the first product a Manager enter in the Market ... or the first book an Author print ...

       All these are synonymous of the Big Bang ...

Let me tell you that ... what is Understood like Big Bang ... never was ...

       The Big Bang never was because ... it was a simple small explosion that produce a Universe ... and Universes are created all the time.

       This is High Physics ... beyond Einstein Theory ... that is basically a Mental Theory ... with many many mistakes.

       Because there are no Randomness in the Universe ... but the Universe is Determined ... and there are no Chaos ... there were a very specific reason for

OUR BIG BANG ... eons ago ...

       Therefore there were a Big Bang before that ... and will be another BIG BANG eons ahead ... and each explosion have a precise reason ... There are no Indetermination ... no causality.

        Clarified why happens the so called 'Big Bang' ... now I will place myself in this explosion ...

        Is a multidimensional explosion ... The 'Big Bang' happens because one dimension collide with another ...

        You can read this ... The Big Bang never was ... by Kryon.

         I say ... I will place myself in the explosion ...

         Before the explosion I was with my father and mother ... and the explosion capture me ... My Soul ... and split it in pieces ...

         Therefore I arrive to ... the Fifth Dimension ... fourth Dimension ... Sixth dimension ... Seventh Dimension ... as well here in 3D.

         On 3D we have Linear Space and Time ... Time and Space ... moves very slow ...

          Let me say before continue that when we humans understand in details this ... we will be able to travel across the stars, planets and Galaxies ... in seconds ...

         Now ... I Giovanni actually am living on all these stars ... on the Pleiades ... on the Fourth Dimension ... on the Sixth ... on Sirius on the Seventh Dimension ... etc ... Of Course you too ... You are not so special ... also you are divided and need to join with your other parts ...


       Until here ... the explanation given by Origen seems obsolete like a Mammoth in the XXI Century ...

       Now ... He (Origen) explains that souls can ascend and descend ... and therefore a very very great Master can become Obscure and then ... he can become a Master of Light ...

       By the way ... Archangel Lucifer belong to the Galactic Council ... then get lost ... but actually he belong still to the Galactic Council.

        Lucifer was Micah ... the son of Archangel Michael ... Well, this may sound odd for you ... but is Truth ...

        The Origen explanations seems plausible ... Because the Universe works in Cycles ... but Cycles of eons ...

     But WHAT was ... before the Tao? ... Before the Tao was the One ... God itself ... the Prime Creator.

     I Giovanni ... in my book,

explains ...

According to Taoism,

The Tao produced the one (Tai Chi)

The one produced two (yin and yang)

The two produced the three (The three pure ones);

The three produced the 144,000.


Each one of the 144,000 represents himself, 144,000 qualities, and these qualities represent the creation … everywhere

The Three Pure Ones, are very popular in China.

Each of the Three Pure Ones represents both a deity and a heaven. The first heaven is Yu-Qing, and it is found in the Jade Mountain, The entrance to this heaven is named the Golden Door. "He is the source of all truth, as the sun is the source of all light". The Grand Pure One (Lao-Jun) rules over the heaven of Tai-Qing. The Supreme Pure One (Ling-Bao Tian-Song) rules over the heaven of Shang-Qing. The Three Pure Ones are often depicted as throned elders.

They are:

The Jade Purity, The Yuanshi Tianzun (Chinese: 玉清; Pinyin: Yùqīng), is also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Origin", or "The Universal Lord of the Primordial Beginning" (元始天尊, Yuanshi Tianzun).



The Jade Purity

Yuanshi Tianzun

The Supreme Pure One 

Lingbao Tianzun

The Grand Pure One 

Daode Tianzun

The Supreme Pure One, (Chinese: 上清; Pinyin: Shàngqīng), is also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Divinities and Treasures", or "The Universal Lord of the Numinous Treasure" (靈寶天尊, Lingbao Tianzun).

The Grand Pure One (Chinese: 太清; Pinyin: Tàiqīng), also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Tao and Virtues" or "The Universal Lord of the Way and its Virtue" (道德天尊, Daode Tianzun) or the "Grand Supreme Elder Lord" (太上老君, Taishang)

     I also resume in my book ... name by name ... each one of the Twenty and Four before the Throne of God ...

Resuming, the four and twenty are:

1.   RA (Pleiadian)

2.   Saint Germain (Sirian)

3.   El Morya (Sirian)

4.   Kuthumi, (Sirian)

5.   Seraphis Bey (from Bey Realm),

6.   Master Hilarion, (Sirian)

7.   Paul the Venetian, the Maha Cohan, (Sirian)

8.   Lord Lanto (Vega, planet Asia)

9.   Omoro

10. Matra

11. Amanta

12. Illum

13. Aron

14. Madres

15. Maer

16. Anu from the Nibiru planet

17. Lucifer from planet Lucifer, also called Maldek.

18. Master Jesus/Sananda, the Absolute King.

19. Lord Meru, creator of Evolutions

20. Archangel Michael, the Archangel of the First Ray.

21. Master RAMA, who give light to 21 Galaxies from very far place beyond know galaxies …

22. The Jade Purity, Yuanshi Tianzun.

23. The Supreme Pure One, Lingbao Tianzun.

24. The Grand Pure One, Daode Tianzun.


An, The Supreme Beign for this Galaxy participate with the Council. He brings the light for any beign in this Galaxy, The Milky Way Galaxy.


    Therefore the four and twenty before the Throne ... would continue and continue be the four and twenty before the throne ... according to Origen ... if and only if ... they continue to nurture the Lord ...

    Let me add that there are changes and councils in the Heaven.

    There were an important council ... and El Morya ... who was the One who hold the key to Heaven ... or the Chohan of the First Ray, the Will of God ... is NOT any more than Chohan ...

      He is a Chohan ... he is still a Great Warrior and Master ... but of another Ray, the Yellow Ray of Healing.


       To conclude ... Origen was right ... in main lines ... if you work and work to be close and learn and perfect your understanding with books, questions ... You become Lighter and a Master of Light.

          Otherwise ... if you suppose that you will do this in another life ... may be you never do ... or happens a New Explosion ... a new Universe is created ... and you will get divided like me are ... and need to work ... to Unite with your Parts and Ascend (read return) where you where.

I say ... Fare Thee Well,

At your service, I AM

Giovanni A. Orlando (OOest).

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