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Saturday, 02 June 2012 15:44


Greetings in the Celeste day of Mother Mary ... the Queen of Aquarius ... when Mercury and Saturn join in Saturday.

    And She, Mother Mary was Isis in Egypt. She was Ma-ra (The Mother of the Ray, The Mother of the Sun) and Mother Mary, the Mother (in the sense of companion) of Lord Jesus, the Avatar of the Piscean Age.

    In those days and in any one of these visits ... Saint Germain walk with she.

     In fact, when she was Isis, Saint Germain was Osiris. When she was Mary, he was Joseph. And Lord Jesus also was the representer of the Maximum Union, the Son and the King. He (Jesus) was Horus, and Lord Jesus.


     Well ... after the necessary reverence ... let us speak about Chemistry.

     And the question is ...

Is the Periodic Mendeleev's Table of Elements ... correct?

     Well ... Of Course that is correct ... but the question is ... subtle. The question is subtle because the actual Table of the Elements show Elements in a specific fashion, in order of the number of electrons ...

      In fact, Hydrogen is the first because is an atom with 1 electron.

      Helium is the second element ... which representation is: 1s2

      The Noble Gases ... has a Noble and FULL representation.

      In fact, we have,

Helium  2 - 1s2 - 2


The 2 in the bottom of the figure is the '2' in the exponent of the s.

Neon    10 - 1s2 2s2 2p6 - 2-8

 the numbers 2 and 8 are the maximum number of electrons per level, 2 in Level K, and 8 in level L.

Argon   18 - 1s2 2s2 2p6 - 2-8-8
Krypton 36 - 1s2   2s2 2p6   3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 - 2-8-18-8

Xeon     54 - 1s2s2 2p6  3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 4d10 5s2 5p6

or 2-8-18-18- 8

Radon  86 - ... 6s2 6p6 - 32 18 8

or 2 8 18 18 32 18 8

Noble Gas has the electronic configuration complete. Don't worry for Krypton ... Superman is oversea.

By example, if we will write the electronic configuration of the Iodine, then,

In full we have,

1s2s2 2p6  3s2 3p6 3d10 4s2 4p6 4d10 5s2 5p5

In fact, the Iodine (I) is 53, before the Xeon which is 54.

By example, the Gold is ...

and the Lead is ... with 4 electrons in its latest level ...

Still by example,

In Italian ... because the Latin, the name of the elements is more clear ... in fact we have, Ag (Argento), Sn (Stagno), Au (Aurico).

   This is NOT wrong ... but ... INNOCENT.

   It is like when you have the first Girlfriend, or the first Wife (person you live like Partner) ... or the first Car ... you love in extreme and look at any moment if someone sit there, or if everything is clean and perfect, the Oil, the Gas ... etc.


    The World is living ... like a Man (or Woman) that touch a Perfect Weeding ... The Eden State, when we live in Atlantis and Lemuria, about 12,000 years ago ... and ... then happens a disaster ... and remain alone.

    ... Or like to sit to drive after an accident ... or like to enter in an airplane, after the first Sky Dive, when the person discover that is not a game ... and the Airplane can fall.

    Are there more? ... Are more chemical elements? ...

    The answer is Yes!


    There are more elements, than those listed in the Periodic Table. There are more than 103 elements.

    This may sound odd.

    While the name is NOT really important ... I will list many,

    There are elements before the Hydrogen ...

    We have,

  • Hydron,
  • Ethlogen,
  • Bebegen,
  • Carbogen,
  • Luminon,
  • Halanon

    There also others still before,

  • Alphanon,
  • Irenon,
  • Vijaon,
  • Marvaon,
  • Alberton,


    A complete Study will be included in the following books:


What is the missing point? ... The Missing point is the MUSIC ... in Chemistry, and a complete understanding.

I have not yet counted how many ... because I am an apprentice and I have no laboratory. Don't worry I will not split the atom.

   The point my friends is a missing 'Theory of Matter' efficient and explicative.

   Everything is Matter ... We need Matter. We purchase Matter. We purchase Milk, Sugar, Coffee, Fruits ... and we pay for 'elaborated' food ... or elaborated matter ... like a Chocolate Cake, a Pizza or Detersive to Wash or clean the Car or the Home.

   We are STILL in the Age of Innocence.

   Masters ... like Lord Jesus by example were able to transform ... Water in Wine. Multiple Wine, Multiple Bread.

   Saint Germain is so advanced in this practice that he is capable to materialize not only Gold rings, with Pearls ... like Sai Baba,

    but also Plates and forks, Food, tables ... and with an auto-destructive or evaporating time. This means ... visible for six hours ... and not anymore.

    This means be a Master.

     The materialization ... is a normal step in the path of Mastery.

     Once we have this level, or the World have this level ... and can be explained in Scientific terms ... we will be in

The Age of Maturity

      This is Mastery and the level ...

       We are walking to the Garden ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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