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Friday, 12 October 2012 06:19
Greetings in the day of Venus ... the orange day of Love and the Family ...
     And may be a Priest ... in its madness, its obsession ... its ignorance ... pretend to play and smile 12-12-12 or Dec 21, 2012?
     In fact what can you expect ... for those who live ... like they live ... and I do not understand ... Great Wealth ... I understand ... with indifference ... and they will say ... 'I invest in a Church in India. I create a School in India ...' ... and the Lord will smile ... because THEY HAVE NO IDEA ... THEY HAVE NO IDEA ... They are like a Rich that send some coins to the poor from the Window ... of their Palace.
      May be ... I Giovanni ... Johannes if you prefer ... that represent better my name across the centuries ... May be I Johannes ... who was in Patmos like a transcriber of the Book of Revelation, or author. Like a Knight that protect the Holy Grail in England ... like an assistant of Giordano Bruno ... who was burn alive by the Pope in 1600 in Rome, like a person to the right side of King Solomon in Israel ... like an Apprentice very close to Hermes Trimegistus ... like a man of Great Crusades ... who was also a Cathar ... like an important sailor ... that say a lie ... in the Quest to Discover 'The New World, America' ... close to Cristoforo Colombo ... and What I have to-day? ... What honor I have today? ... What respect I have today ? ... How many millions of dollars or Euros or Pounds ... I have to-day? ...
      In somehow sense I can say ...
     ... but of course this is not exactly.
      Of Course in America ... I have my friends ... and England no one knows me ... but I know there are people interested in my words. I never visit Israel ... but I will.
      Of Course I never ... Never ... can knock the door and say ... 'Hey ... do you know I was ... '
      The past is the Past ... and the Future is the Future.
      An Elhoim told me ...
'Do not Hold in the History ... but let the History continue in you and let it succeed in your good to-morrow'


      Therefore I was close in any one of my past lives to Ascended Master Saint Germain

Now we will speak about ... the date ...
If you are NOT AWARE about this date ... You are (of course) still manipulated by the Dark forces.
In fact, the date 09-09-09 ... Lord Jesus spoke about its return ... for this day, 12-12-12.
Honestly he announce first return for March ... and arrive in February 10. Also the dates 10-10-10 and 11-11-11, were sacred ... and important.
I just say ... 'Do not be like a Priest that claim to know everything and know nothing'.
I belong to another group of Prayers ... located in Colombia, and I will join them that day ... trough the Web.
However, I am now including a second invitation I got from another group located in United States.
There many groups ... that will enjoy that sacred date. Join to some group.
Giovanni (Johannes)
We are so BLESSED to live during this amazing time! YOU worked hard for many lifetimes to BE HERE. You deserve to participate in this auspicious event. Every 26,000 years the earth and ALL who live upon her experience a major elevating Shift of the Ages. Each shift soars higher than the one before. I am calling this one, The DIVINE Shift of the Ages, for that is the potential for this Shift. To advance from earthy human to Divine Human.

Saint Germain has told me that the actual moment of the shift will be very subtle. Only those who are tuned into Spirit will even notice it. He told me that "Everyone will rise in vibration, in proportion to their level of consciousness and vibration."
That means - low vibration = small rise and high vibration = huge leap.

Even Edgar Cayce said in the 1930s that Dec 2012 is something we should actually prepare for. In fact, on one occasion he gave a reading to a woman and told her that "/only those who are actually preparing for a New Age will ever become aware of what is going on around them. We might be entering into a New Age, and lots of people won’t have a sense that anything is different. Maybe we wake up on December 22, 2012, and say, “Nothing happened.” But in truth, there is a change of energy going on./" The Cayce readings suggest that if we want to be a part of that, we should begin to apply the very best that we know in terms of our relationships with other people, our connection to the Divine, and even our attunement to ourselves regardless of our religious background or belief system.

It is very important that you attend the final - and most important Activation - THE BIG ONE - the 12-12-12. This event will give you all the new codes and activations that will raise your frequency to the highest level possible to prepare you for a GRAND LEAP into the New Golden Age and Higher Realm Consciousness. This will also be the final phase of awakening for the OM Crystal to it's full power and purpose. The Mt Shasta OM Crystal beams the energy and frequency of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.
Why the focus on 12-12-12? Why is that day important?

First of all, it is the very last triple digit Star Gate Portal of the Century. There is no "13-13-13". Triple dates are extremely powerful portals to the Higher Realms and this is the last one of the Century and the entrance to the New Golden Age - the Grand Divine Shift of the Ages.

12 adds up to 3 - the Trinity - through which everything is created. 12-12-12 = 3-3-3 = The Triple Trinity - through which The Trinity was created.
3-3-3 is also the Triple Goddess - and the Goddess returns at the beginning of the New Golden Age.

In the Mayan calendar - 12-12-12 is Maya 8 BATZ. Batz = The thread of Time and Destiny. Weaving of History with Humanity. 8 = Galactic - Harmonize it.
Every 8 Batz is considered the beginning of a sacred 260 day prophetic calendar. Hugh celebrations take place in Guatemala on 8 Batz days. It is considered the center point of the calendar which is the beginning of time, and that everything begins at the center.

As you can see, 12-12-12 might even be more important to us than 12-21-12. It is the START. It is the TIME to Prepare our Entrance.

We already have over 40 people paid for the 12-12-12. Based upon past registration patterns, we are way ahead of schedule of selling to capacity. We had 133 people at the May 20, 2012 Eclipse Event and sold out 4 hotels. We can only accommodate 150 participants due to space limits of the Community Center which is the largest space available in Mt Shasta.

Because of all that, and because this is The BIG ONE - I REALLY hope for you to attend - and for you to register before sell out.

This years event starts on Tuesday, Dec. 11 (My birthday is Dec 10 - please help me celebrate my birthday, too :-D ) and continues through Friday night Dec. 14. Saturday Dec 15 is an optional Saint Germain Day where we will focus on how to personally connect with him AND what it means to be an Ascended Master - and how to become one yourself.

Please check out the 12-12-12 Activation page for more information. http://ascension-stgermain.com/12-12.html

In addition, several hotel/motels are giving substantial discounts on lodging for our group.
There is a possibility of a few partial work-exchange positions, however, we will not know about them until late November and I would not want any of you to miss out by risking sell out of the event.

Also to help you raise your vibration - a special sale on the Elixir - just for reading this email. You can only access the sale through this link. http://ascension-stgermain.com/elixir-sale.html

I truly hope to see YOU at the 12-12-12! What a great NEW BEGINNING for Earth and US!

Much Love & Many Blessings

PS - I will be on the radio tonight speaking about one of my near death experiences.
The show starts at 10 EST, 7 PST The address is: www.contacttalkradio.com

Simply click the big red mic that says LISTEN NOW if you'd like to hear it. It will also be archived.
Listener Call-in Line: 1.877.230.3062 (in case you want to ask a question)

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