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Monday, 15 October 2012 07:30


Greetings in the Sacred Moon-day ... the day of the Mirror ... the day of Lord Jesus ...

    And in the update of my books ... I got yesterday ... like a call to update my book ...

    to include a New Speech.

    Until now my book is NOT finished ... that was announced to include three speeches ... but from August I update a little bit ...

     Therefore from yesterday night and all the the day I begin to listen these files ...

     Because this material is public ... I have no problems to offer to you the original version ... in Spanish ...

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[SND] 01-mer, elmoria, german miami-Mer.wma 14-Oct-2012 15:08 1.1M  
[SND] 02-mer, el moria, german miami-Mer.wma 14-Oct-2012 15:04 15M  
[SND] 03-mer, elmoria, german miami-Mer.wma 14-Oct-2012 15:17 34M  
[SND] 04-mer, elmoria, german miami-Mer.wma 14-Oct-2012 15:22 12M  
[SND] 05-mer, elmoria, german miami-El Moria.wma 14-Oct-2012 15:25 25M  
[SND] 06-mer, elmoria, german miami-Saint Germain.wma 14-Oct-2012 15:22 20M  

     I modestly can confess about Moon I was visited by the Holy Spirit ... after to listen 'El Moria'

    El Moria was Moses, Abraham and Melchior, the Magi and then Mentor of Lord Jesus.

    I honestly prepare myself to listen my Mentor across the centuries and I got an important message I never know ... in fact he say ... he was Plato ... successor of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle.


    However, the real reason for this editorial is not only bring The Heaven close to you but also please you take some minutes to meditate on the New Moon ... better if using a Violet Flame.

    A New Calendar for 2013 is available ...


               You are princes and my guests.
THAISA    But you, my knight and guest;
To whom this wreath of victory I give,
And crown you king of this day's happiness.
PERICLES    'Tis more by fortune, lady, than by merit.
 -- Pericles, Prince of Tyre.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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