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A Stone from Orion ...


Greetings ... in the Yellow Sun-day of the Lord ... The day of the Yellow Ray of Healing ... The World needs Healing ... Jerusalem needs Healing ... Everyone needs healing.

    And is a pleasure for me, Giovanni (John) to push a very interesting subject ... that back in time ... to the roots of Egypt, Israel ... in the time of Hermes Trimegistus.

    This story has been channeled in 'La Casa de Sirio' (Medellin, Colombia) ... and is important to extrapolate it ... in English ... because while the New Age lives basically in South America ... actually South America speaks Spanish ... not English ... but Israel speaks Hebrew ... and Egypt ... Arabic because the adoption of the Islam like the Official Religion.

   Now I will back in time to a man ... which name is 'Essen'. He was the apprentice of Hermes Trimegistus in Egypt.

   Here is the Story ...


Lord EO and the Sacred Stone.

Everything begins in the constellation of Orion that has among its most important stars
Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, Almilan, Mintaka, AlnitakSaiph, Meissa, Tabit, Atiza and Eta Orionis, where Betelgeuse is the place when our story begins.

Betelgeuse is located in what we would call the right shoulder of Orion. It has a diameter of approximately 450 million kilometers. If we place it in the center of our Sun, its radio would cover Mercury, Venus, and Earth. It is located 310 light-years far from our system and is going to extinct slowly becoming a
supergiant red star . It possesses 33 planets of high vibration, and they handled many designs that occur in the order of the Pleiades, that is Our Galactic Neighborhood. Its inhabitants are loving, caring, but equally warriors and in one of those planets dwells Lord EO enjoying all the love of the creation of God which he is composed ... because its Light, Energy, and Strength.

Lord EO is a Commander together with Lord Arks and Lord Tua.

Many eons of years ago the primordial light of the central source of God's creation was sent to all four cosmic sides through white and very large mirrors, so that it could reach every universal border and engine the Galactic Suns, the constellations, and the worlds, and this light was the food of all beings and creatures according to the law issued by its maker. This is how the universe had life.

After many billions of years emerged beings who have preserved the majestic Act of creation, and among them one in Orion called Gadriel, which devoted with their universal kindness to caring for the eternal flame in such a vast constellation, thus becoming its ruler with their love. Once time ago a gentleman called Riguel request to Gadriel that some beings of the high rank of Orion were sent to the Pleiades system, they will observe it and where there was no light, they can change and turn-on as the law dictates.

The most 25 sacred Lords of Orion were anointed in this great mission and between them was included Lord EO.


We do not know exactly the name of the Lords who visited our Pleiades, from Orion but there was one named Satanael who enjoyed the confidence of Gadriel. This being (Satanael) was raised with full of power for the mission and proposed to Lord EO and some others light Beings to turn-off from the source of God the Light of God and thus transform many worlds into darkness on slaves of them.

(This story is also present in the book Hans Jonas -
The Gnostic Religion: The Message of the Alien God and the Beginnings of Christianity)

EO and another seven beings refused do execute so grim work, rebelled and returning back to Orion, while Satanael execute its sinister action.


Here lies the reasons behind the selfishness, greed, war and many other things on planet Earth.


When Satanael and his men returned to Orion they were expected by Gadriel with Riguel and the Supreme High Council of the Pleyadians stars to interrogate them before the words of Lord EO and its companions.

(This show a division in the Light ... just in Orion ... not so far between those who want to serve and love ... and those who wants slaves and torture. I Giovanni modestly ask you: Who rule Earth? ... for the answer is immediate ... unfortunately unhappy).

Satanael denied such action and accuse Lord EO and its friends for their own misfacts ... (Sounds this familiar ... from the voice of Dictators and Bad Politicians?) who plunged thousands of worlds to a new power called "of darkness".

Must be remind that Satanael enjoyed full confidence of Gadriel who believed him in his goodness.

Was decreed then that Lord EO and the other Lords who returned with him were confined to another space and were closed the doors of that space with times of different dimension and there they remain floating through the spaces of Orion into a hub with walls of unknown time.
That happened thousands of years ago of our present.


On the other hand in the Pleiades after a cosmic war that happened precisely because the descent of the dark work that made Satanael was organized a large Confederation which from there onwards will be in charge of the order and of the union between the beings that inhabit it.

The Pleiades then was ruled by a Supreme Council which includes 7 great Lords who are called 'The 7 Minor elders'. They are always watching through Cherubim, Seraphim, Angels, Messiah, Archangels, Cyclops (supervisors), Elohim (Els) and Aurs, to make it prime life, the road to the main source and harmony among all beings who belong to the Confederation.

The Earth is also part of it, but by selfishness that we possess, they help us with care playing attention because there are really very few (compared with the total number of humans), which are interested in the things that come to us from the stars.


The Great Confederation of the Pleiades some Earth years ago rule a Council where were reviewed the files of all beings in all time spent as well their tasks, and found among them the history of Lord EO and seven Lords who dwell in the atemporal cell.

Immediately the Council gave the order to rescue then and was executed a new judgment. The result was the decree that these beings were Great Lord of Light and loving lovers of the light of God's creation and therefore they were freed.

The seven elders of the wise Supreme Council of the Pleiades to see the Love of Lord EO give a new order to him and the order was to engine the Light Ray of white light and where Satanael extinguished the light of God the light was thus open and the mind of all beings who live in greed, looking for power, in slavery and others states of misery may be free from the darkness.

In the last days of January in 2003 were in the 'La Casa de Sirio' attending as always one of the channeling with Lord Mer who ask us to allow Lord EO to speak.

Lord EO have worked tireless in the year 2012 and before destroying the Darkness of the World ... He comment recently 'If I need to do a Balance about Light and Darkness, I can express that we are winning the Battle. The Force of Darkness on Earth are accumulated in a single place. I am planning to destroy them all. I alert you ... to avoid and to keep far from them ... otherwise you will destroyed with them'.


When Lord EO was imprisoned with the seven Lords, there were millions and millions of beings from the Betelgeuse star without the Lord which by his love and goodness argued universal light re-transmitting the White Light from the mirrors. Then all of them remained trapped in their worlds as cells and by consequent prisoners in them.

As soon Lord EO was released and to get back the Light of the Creation around Orion, were organized groups of beings, who have been dedicated themselves to remove from some ten thousand worlds all black and malignant forces as defenders of that light. Lord EO and Lord Mer explains us that the battles that have taken place in such worlds and that are invisible to our eyes have been enormous and with the employment of great force.

Regarding Earth, Lord EO has brought with him ... thirty beings called "The Thirty Warriors of Light", called also the Warriors of the Truth.

Lord EO explain us that they are the most beautiful and beings never quantified, of high nobility by God's laws and ready for the great job they should do. It is important to know their names, for that when you need them we call them from your thinking and so they can listen, well away from you at the speed of lightning and protect what you've asked them.

They are:
  5. THISS
  8. THOÚS
  13. MOTHA
  14. MOTHI
  15. SATH
  16. SATHO
  17. KITHO
  18. KITHI
  19. EO-THI
  20. EO-THA
  23. BEO-DA
  24. BIADA
  25. IBIDA
  26. KESTHA
  27. EOTHO
  29. KANTHO
  30. KANTHA

The Sacred Rock (The Philosopher Stone)

Before the "rebellion or fall" of the angels of light under the command of Satanael, The Order of the constellation of Orion ask that a Rock must be carved whit the strength of the light, like a giant lighthouse and then to be placed in one of the 33 planets of the star Beltegeuse and Lord EO became its guardian by many hundreds and or  thousands of years.

Sometime ago the Council of Orion asked Lord EO and his people to split the rock in 25 parts, decreeing that 24 of such pieces were distributed in equal number of regions on the the Pleiades and one of its parts will remain as a representation of it in the EO world .

The Pleiades which belongs our solar system includes only 1% of the "The Milky" Galaxy, occupying thousand of light years and including 1,405 stars and 29,450 planets between the third and the seventh dimension. The Sun is the penultimate star and revolves around another called Alcyone (where Lord Jesus dwell actually) which is located in the center of the Pleiades. They have an order and a hierarchy that govern them and protect them.

There is a central Government in the Pleyades which is located in the Sirius Star, which really are three (two discovered Sirius A and B and another to be discovered).

Around it rotates 52 planets where is located the Throne of the Celestial Lord, the Archangels, Myriads of Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim and multitudes of beings of high rank, Like Lord Maitreya, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Kuthumi (Saint Francis) ... which dwells on planet AI, and El Moria who dwells on planet IA.

When the rock of Orion was divided, one of its parts was sent to Sirius and given to Archangel Gabriel who provide to take care for the entire time that the beings of darkness would hold in the Pleiades.

The rock to get there was called "The rock of Sirius"; It was also divided and the Archangel Gabriel by the order of the Syrian Council send its parts to other worlds. Our planet Earth, was one of them and one of these stones, the first is currently in Mecca,

(The Story tells that originally the stone was pure and clear ... but after several centuries ... it become Black because the cleaning of misfats)

Now, we will tell the story of the other stone that also arrive to Earth.

A little bit more than twelve thousand years ago in our planet dwelt a very High Advanced race, which was notable for using angles and mathematics as a way of life and communication with the stars where were come from, precisely from the SIRIUS Star system.

That race lived on the continent of Atlantis which had two majestic cities, Poseid who was its capital, where lived their mentors and hierarchs and Edoma which was inhabited by hundreds of thousands of scientists.

From The SIRIUS Star once ago, took that way of Planet Earth, 25 beings in their Ships to deliver the small rock that was sent by the Great Archon Gabriel to the Atlanteans.
Among the High Syrians were Isis (who was Mother Mary), Osiris (Who was Saint Germain also Joseph the mentor of Lord Jesus), Horus (Lord Jesus), Ram and Seth.
The Atlanteans scholars used the Law of the Stone projecting on screens events and and watch what is happening in other worlds.

They also used that stone to communicate with divine sources of the Great Confederation of the Interstellar spaces of the Pleiades.

Using that Rock, they discover that were approaching the collapse of their Grand Island and with the help of Isis, Osiris, Horus, Ram and Seth they all move back to Syrian star and others to a safe place that would be Egypt, establishing there The Rock and the offspring of her race.
Once again in Egypt, and because a prayer of need of the people, one of them ... who was Osiris, materialize its body, like Christ did after the resurrection and was called 'Thoth'.

In Egypt Thoth teach them again the 'Sacred Science'  looking to establish the mathematical law in its new territory.

Thoth engine through the 'Emerald Tablets of Thoth' ... The Dynasty of the Pharaoh. Then, Thoth in Egypt assume the name of Hermes Trimegistus, who always is Ascended Master Saint Germain ... and the conclusive milestone of his teaching is included in the book:

Therefore the man which name is Hermes hot the rock that was immediately called "Philosopher's stone".

Through it, Hermes was named 'The Lord of the Sciences, philosophy and the architect of what would become the Valley of the Giza pyramids: Khufu, Khafre and Miserino.

Who was 'Essen'? ...

In the offspring of the great Hermes Trimegistrus there was a nephew called Essen who received the rock, whom named it "Cornerstone" (The Angular Stone).

Essen soon aroused great wisdom teaching many who became his disciples. With the passage of time Essen was pursued by the forces of Pharaoh of that time and for this reason was forced to save the cornerstone in a few caves that existed for those regions calls "The

From this Name (Thora) comes the Hebrew Thoras and Essen (the man) is the founder ... then in more modern times re-established the Essene Order.

There he met with students who taught his teachings that took the name of hermetic. His disciples were then called the Essenes in honour to his name, Essen.

(The Apostle John who write the Gospels and the Book of Revelation follows the studies of the Essene Order in his days, before to meet Lord Jesus, following instructions of Joseph, Jesus's Father who was Ascended Master Saint Germain. Also Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene belong to this sacred order).

It took many years for the Essenes is delivered to Melquizedec, King of Babylon to form through it 'The Sacred order of Melquizedec'. Then this great wise King surrender it to the Patriarch Abraham. In his hands from time to time the rock light-up to communicate with the Great Legion of Archangels, especially with Gabriel and Micheal with engine a sequel of instructions that would be key to his race, which is 'The Priesthood of MELCHIZEDEK

In time he gave the rock to his son Isaac and then he gave to Jacob who learned from it, the mission which awaited him and which consisted in having beautiful children who would be the precursors of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Among their children was one named Joseph who from a child was interested in the rock, which awoke in him the virtue for the magic and to see and read the future, becoming a healer and Alchemist.
This earned him the honour to work at the orders of the Pharaoh of Egypt and take them to move from Canaan with his father and to his brothers and to create the law of the twelve tribes for each child of Jacob.

The caste of the twelve sons of Jacob in Egypt brought it to Moses, who received the sacred rock and then was transformed into a source of communication with the Archangel Gabriel and so began the pilgrimage through the desert, rained the Manna, the outbreak of the waters, the arrival of the Ark of the Covenant, and the arrival on the top of Mount Sinai where Moses got The great Law of men, "The ten commandments" and then the foundation of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The rock was then saved for a time. King Saul was its next bearer. In his last days of life step to King David that I keep in the Ark of the Covenant Union to the tables of the law. At the end of the life of David, Bathsheba his wife received the rock to give to Zadok the priest. When his son Solomon became King he received it and was the already famous cornerstone of the story, that he use to built the temple.

King Solomon built his great temple on a hill of Jerusalem. Ark of the Alliance was his great companion and the cornerstone of the Essenes its friend's pocket. It used to make every day a few ceremonies with the stone which was spread to swab and incarnate sheep skin, with this watered the doors of the temple to preserve it against evil spirits.

Under the great temple he built a few caves that served to deposit all the treasures he acquired during his reign. These caverns were guarded by very strong and religious soldiers that the guardians of the temple were called. Many of the treasures of King Solomon were carried by the descendants of these guardians to Europe, creating with this, many years then the order of the Templars.

The Templars are the offspring of Lord Jesus and Lady Magdalene, in England.

The Great King Solomon in his love with the Queen of Sheba (Amhara), had a son named Menelik, that bring the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia where is stored in some caves in a place called Axum. There is the Church of Saint Mary of Sion, which is the entrance to an special sub-terranean world.

The Great Orion Rock was lost for a time, until some beings came from SIRIUS star who landed in that regions of East, recovered the stone and give it to the man that would be the Messiah. They were called The Three Magi of the essence and they were precisely those who coordinated the arrival of this great man who Jesus would be called with the Archangel Gabriel.

Firstly they brought a great spirit from Sirius stars who entered into a nascent body was called Joseph (who was Saint Germain, before Thoth), then they brought another two more named Ann and Joachim to be the parents of Mary and thus the Mission of the arrival of the great Jesus could be reality. It is important to emphasize in this part of the story that Mary, Joseph and Jesus had been before Isis, Osiris and Horus.

Our planet revolves around the Sun to 8.4 kilometers per hour to give us 365 days and six hours and our star, the Sun, rotates around central Pleiades star called Alcyone 42 kilometers per second to complete the turn in around in 24,000 years. This creates the eras, and each era is two thousand years old. The time of Moses, Saul, David and Solomon was the era of Aries, the RAM (Sheep) was their symbol. With the arrival of Jesus began the era of the PISCES. With its symbol, the fish. We are now living the Age of Aquarius in the year 13th.

Jesus move Hebrew from the Age of Sheep to the Age of Pisces, without success. As explained Hebrew are represented by the Goat (Capricorn).

When Jesus fulfilled twelve years, The Magi (who were El Moria, Djwal Khul and Kuthumi, all from Sirius) visit him in his house and took him by some regions of our world to begin and how request the Essene law.

This initiation takes 18 years.
During that time the sacred rock, became a bowl similar to a cup, and was handed by Jesus for 30 years of his life as miraculous and bringer of the good news and thus his mission as Redeemer of the human race.

There was a man named Joseph de Arimathea who was born at Ramatha and who played a very important role during the life of Jesus. He very secretly transform the Orion Cup, that then become a Bowl in a Grail.  That then become the Holy Grail.

Therefore the Holy Grail was made from a Stone or Rock, which originally came from Orion, like the Black Stone that is in The Mecca.

The inside perimeter of the mouth of the Cup by order of Lord Jesus was made in the form of a Pentagon.

That Cup, or Grail was used in the Last Supper ...

... then the Grail was given to Joseph of Arimathea.
When Jesus was on the cross and centurion called Algin nailed him on his side. Joseph of Arimatea took advantage of the moment and then picked up the blood then emanated from his heart mixed with pleural water and filled the Cup with it.

Jesus ordered previously to Joseph a Mission to execute after his death, resurrection and ascension into heaven; that was to take care of Mary his mother, and Mary Magdalene and take them to Alexandria in the company of Nicodemus (secret and high confidence of Jesus disciple), Philip, Lazarus and Martha.

Magdalene given birth a girl called Sarah, daughter of Jesus. They lived for twelve years in Alexandria until by order of Joseph embarked for the Mediterranean Sea and arrived in Marseille in the South of France. The Mary, Sarah, Philip, Lazarus and Martha were established there. Sarah today is the famous Virgin black in Europe. Joseph sailed with Nicodemus and the already famous grail northward to the West of England.

Joseph, Jesus's father had four children in previous marriage, one of them was named James who was greatly loved by Jesus and by consequent one of his disciples. As own comment I must say that Jesus had many disciples and not only twelve apostles as tell us, then Lazarus and Martha her sister, Joseph of Arimathea, James, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalena and her own mother Mary who listened to him always, also had to be his disciples.

At the death of Jesus, James came out of Jerusalem and sailed to the West preaching his word until he arrived in England to settle there, meanwhile Joseph of Arimatea arrived from Alexandria to Marseille, crossed France, Spain, and Portugal in the company of Nicodemus to then reach England, where they met with James and thus founded the first Christian Church in Glastonbury.

At the death of Joseph de Arimathea his grave was in that Church. In subsequent years his bones were brought to the monastery of Moyenmoutier where rested for a long time.

The wrought Orion rock Chalice was kept with great stealth in the Cathedral of Glastonbury and not became to know nothing until it appears the order of the Knights of the round table and with it King Arthur at his command (El Moria), as possessors of such a cup and its contents, "blood and water from Christ there in its captured by the time", acquiring the name of the Holy Grail.

The Grail with the Holy Blood was was saved by Camelot Knights at Camelot Castle until a man named Perceval (Parsival) who takes it and saves it with great ceremony in an urn to then ride through England, France, Portugal and Spain ... until he delivers it is to their kings and they saved him for a time in what is now the city of Valencia.

One night while slept, Parsifal hears voices telling him to take the Holy Grail and bring it to Argentus (Argentina), the silver land in the South America, this occurred in the year 1304, logically before the Christopher Colombo came with his family to the island of Hispaniola. Parsifal regained the urn with Holy Cup and in the company of thirty-three guardians of the white robe took her first to Africa and from there to the other side of the Atlantic.

Thirty weeks was long that journey that led him to the Patagonia to a place called the Gulf of San Matias. One morning and before that was the day several of his Knights spotted something that seemed an enormous Castle, they warned him to Mr Parsival, leaving everyone on alert of what looked like a vision. To the closer were counts that had reached the land of Argentus (Argentina) and what they saw as a castle was an almost rectangular and flat hill at its peak, in an area covering 1800 meters from the front to the sea, 800 meters on each side and a height of 150 meters. That day Parisfal and 33 Knights of the white tunic placed him at that place the name of "El Fuerte". There they were greeted by a very high and blond man who welcomed them, but this will be another issue to which I will call "The Parisval story".
After living for three years in 'El Fuerte', the brave Parisval with his family took heading north leaving their footprints in rocks with carving the swastika (tunics they possessed at the height of the chest a red cross ), in honor of the guardians of the Temple of King Solomon.

After several months of riding on powerful horses Parisval he spotted from the vast plain, a mountain which was one of the endings of the cordillera of the Andes and with great joy was stopped and said "Gentlemen we arrive".

In the top of the great Hill in the mountain chain, he climbed with its 33 companions and bury the Grail, the Holy Chalice.

This courageous man after bury Orion rock converted into the Holy Grail, ended its mission. No one hear about him in the history of men. Some say that he returned to England, others who lived his last days in the Fort of Argentus and others perhaps the most knowledgeable, who lives in Erks as a great Lord with his family, where time is of Orion, Sirius.

Giovanni A. Orlando.



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