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El Mor+Ia (EL Moria, who was King Arthur ... and Hold Excalibur ...)


Greetings ... in the day of the King ... the Royal Blue Fragrance of Jupiter ... let us ... everyone of us ... Be Kings ... and the Ladies, Queens.

    And in this sacred day ... night for many, afternoon for others ... morning for others ... I want to speak about your Royality, Your Holiness.

    And the Heavens ... comment to me ... I was a King. Of Course is not important ... what is important is the respect to you, and to others.

     If you permit me ... please ... I want to speak about my love for the Cause of the Heavens. Of course, you cannot understand and you have been tortured ... for so many years ... by the Barons of Darkness ... that you cannot recognize ... the difference between Barabbas and Jesus. Neither to-day ... You have a minimal idea.

    Neither you have an idea ... What is a King. You suppose is someone with an impressive Army. I say, Nay. A King is someone to follow, and you can follows him (or she) ... because such person ... let and want you become a King ... to him (or her) side.

    The best example is ... Lord Jesus. Also King Solomon is a great example ... Mother Mary, is the best example for a Queen.

    A Sword ... is not a Sword ... but a Sacred Word ... and only a King can speak ... in valid terms.

    Sacred and Holy Civilizations of the Past ... like American Native ... have a sacred understanding of the term. With the arrival of General Costner ... 'Every Man A Chief' ... This is a Great Blasphemy ... an execution of the Sacredness ...

   ... exactly equivalent to claim ... that 'The Last Emperor of China' ... must use a normal bicycle ... or to be arrested like a Delinquent like a group of Red Communist ...

   Another Blasphemy ... The Assesination of the Zhar ... another Blasphemy ... against by Communists ... Mad people ... Well, also in United States ... JFK (John F. Kennedy who was also Abraham Lincoln) was executed. 'Liberté, égalité, fraternité' ... but not for the Kings ... not for Marie Antoinette ... etc.


    The Law of God is very clear. If there are King ... if the envy is too strong ... the King or Queen may found troubles. He or she ... must be stronger than the envy against them ... otherwise ... unfortunately ...

     I don't want to speak about Kings ... or Queens ... but about the Royality of everyone ... of us.

     Moses (who was El Moria) ... say to Hebrew ... 'Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.' ... like claimed in Psalm 82:6.

     The following words, which are a Chapter ... Chapter 19 in the Book, 'Morya' ... by Beloved Lanello (which was Mark) and Beloved Clare (who was Elizabeth Clare) ... respectively ... Sir Lancelot (Mark L. Prophet) ... and Lady Guinevere (Elizabeth Clare Prophet) ... were dictated by Ascended Master El Moria, before the High Council ... for the Acquarian Age, before July, 22th 1992, when El Moria, rule the Blue Ray, of the Will of God.

   El Moria ... like many Masters ... change rules.


     These words ... includes also some comments from Ascended Master, Saint Germain who was Merlin, at Camelot.

     Saint Germain was also Christopher Colombo ... Plato.





I bring you greetings from the Brotherhood at Darjeeling. I enfolded you tonight during the playing of this music with the immortal flame of good will to which your hearts are so dedicated. And I desire tonight to make known to you the wonders of immortal love manifesting in the flame of good will.


The karmic lash has seemed to be most severe to mankind, and I find people constantly rebel at the necessity of correction. I was observing during the time the comments were made concerning my personality as Sir Thomas More. Beloved ones, while I do not advocate in this age specific qualities of flagellation, I do advocate necessary self-correction which will make of every man a man of God. I do advocate, whether individuals be embodied in a male or female body, those disciplines of the Spirit calculated to evoke a luster upon the immortal soul-consciousness manifesting in that specific ex­pression of divinity.


Moses declared to the children of Israel, "Behold, ye are gods."' I say to you today—as he declared then—ye are not only God's in the sense that you belong to him, but you are also gods in the full momentum of a divine being. You are divine—no other possible interpretation can be given to life. And as I listen to the murmurs of your hearts I cannot help but feel that you are alive, and in that beating I sense a wave of divine love poured out to me tonight. And therefore, I feel that perhaps my austerity is not too offensive to you but that you choose to accept the truth for the truth's own sake, to love and honor God for God's own sake, and to be honest men and women in an age when this condition is not too popular.


Beloved ones, the desire of mankind to win friends and influence people has caused them to seek human counsel when they might well have found out how to win friends in heaven and to influence those spiritual magistrates who can only examine the record with an impartial eye and note thereupon each specific quality of service which individuals have made on behalf of the never-failing cosmic light which has made the existence brighter for millions of people. Individuals today frequently feel a sense of self-import which does not curry for them favor in heavenly quarters.


The Divine One is not to be regarded in the human sense; you do not need to seek favor with God in a manner of a human being wooing favor from another human being. Divine favor is bestowed by accep­tance of the comfortable will of God as the radiating quality of your own lifestream.


Now, beloved ones, in the holy name of truth presented in a crystal-clear fashion, how could it be otherwise? If a crystal-clear prism—as the Goddess of Light told you this afternoon— is presented to you, it can but divide the pure light rays into those complementary colors which compose the spectrum. Truth, beloved ones, can only present to mankind God. For God is truth. Distortions occurring in the glass of human perception only produce confusion to those lifestreams thus misguided without ever causing their footsteps to find the right path.


The right path is really an easy path. For us it is the easiest of all, for it represents a consistent manifestation of good will. If a quality does not pass the acid test of good will, reject it. If you cannot find in a specific idea which you have long embodied the quality of good will for your fellowmen, it is human—reject it. It the qualities you express or you test cause you to find greater love for God and man, you know that you are moving in the right direction.


In an age when hypocrisy is rampant, when mankind far too frequently feel the need to practice deception, I bring to you the glaring light of spiritual honesty. I have never sought to deceive the students of either this activity or any other ac­tivity in which I have been engaged. I have spoken fearlessly and without a desire to seek favor, even from those chelas from whom I might have invoked it had I been more kindly accord­ing to their own ideas. But I have desired to express to them those specific qualities which I knew would lead them toward their own Christ-accomplishment, a manifestation of their own victory, and the service of mankind. My brethren have done likewise. We have all, if you have listened to our words, sought to illumine you concerning the immortal truth of being.


As Chief of the Darjeeling Council, a title which I bear, I choose tonight to chalice my energies into this forcefield created here in Washington. You will understand that it is a gesture fashioned in the interest of freedom and in order to create an instrument of freedom for all mankind.


Today the world is in a state of conflict and unrest. Many crucial situations in the political world and the religious world exist—situations of great tension. Fears are rampant in certain quarters, and this is because mankind have forgotten their Source. The alleviation of all these fears, the release of all these tensions, the correction and solution of all these problems is our desire.


Unfortunately, although we have in many cases secured the cooperation of the Holy Christ Self of leaders of nations whereby those individuals were taken to our retreat in Dar­jeeling and given a special course of instruction pertaining to administration of government in the name of truth and justice, those individuals have not always, upon the return to their physical body, carried out those edicts and suggestions which the Brothers here in Darjeeling have so plainly made to them at inner levels. Unfortunately, some of the students have not either and so conditions of stultification remain.


We find a static condition existing quite frequently in many matters of government. I refer now specifically to the matter of a nuclear test ban which has been for some time kicked around as a football upon the political field. It would seem to the mankind of earth as though no one wants it and yet, because of the decrees of the students, they cannot cease to have their conferences because the students have de­manded that there be a nuclear test ban, and the great law has acted, and no one can understand why these council meetings continue seeing there is no possibility of solution in view. But, beloved ones, this ought to alert you to the fact that your decrees are effective; but the question is, Why is the solution not forthcoming?


Beloved ones, have you ever thought of the fact that the decrees are not intense enough or specific enough? Has it ever occurred to you that there is yet not developed a great enough momentum? I make this suggestion because the nuclear test ban, if effective and properly manned, is a step in the right direction to avoid that destruction and chaos which occurred on Atlantis and other cities through the misuse of atomic power in ages past.


Mankind today do not realize the fullness of the records of history as recorded in akasha. Civilizations and cultures which have long ago gone down retained in their records many magnificent pieces of historical advice which would have been invaluable to historians today and to the world.


Unfortunately, the continuity of history is broken by cataclysmic action. You have heard it said, and it is true, that in the record room of the Grand Teton these ancient records remain on pages of gold. But, beloved ones, the average individual today is not able to leave his body and to travel—according to the instructions of beloved Leto—to the record room, neither is he able to read the record if the record were given into his hand. And there­fore we, as your friends of light ascended, find placed upon our shoulders the mantle whereby we must give you our advice and that information which will specifically cause the students to assist the hierarchy in the unfoldment of the divine plan for this planet.


Mankind are frequently puzzled by the world situation. Let them no longer speculate upon the world situation as being an action which they can control completely. You have a specific right—the right to assert the authority for this earth. But you must remember, beloved ones, that there are millions upon this earth who do not think as you do. They are not interested in peace, they are not interested in good will simply because they have been taught the arts of war, the arts of greed, the arts of confusion, and they deliberately foster confusion in the minds of mankind; they deliberately create the lie in order that they may deceive the millions of earth and manipulate them to their own pleasure. This is not the will of God, and they shall certainly reap their own reward. But this reward, beloved ones, is not something with which I would have you concerned.


Far too frequently the students fall into the trap of the psychic forces, and they become angry because of some world situation. As they become angry with this world situation, they are feeding their energy in anger into that situation without correcting it; and the sinister seizes that energy and turns it back upon themselves in the same manner as many of the soldiers of the American armies were killed by the steel sold by America to other countries. Righteous indignation rising up in the hearts of men is often turned against those same men; and therefore, I urge you to use caution in your feeling world, beloved students of the light.


There is a way in which you can deflect those vibratory actions which mankind quite naturally feel. For, beloved ones, it is understandable that a certain indignation should seize your spirit as you recognize the difficult situations created by men of greed, by the money beast, and by other beasts which manipulate the consciousness of men.


But, beloved ones, bear in mind that this is an impersonal action, that those in­dividuals are wholly concerned with themselves and that they abide in ignorance. In the abysmal ignorance of their being, they are charging forth these negatively qualified ideas and manipulating the world of form through those ideas, and the energy of their being, and millions whom they subject to them through the power of slavery—mental slavery, hypnotism, and literal black magic.


Well, beloved ones, it is our desire to end that, and the students even in this room have the power—if they will only recognize it—to assist us mightily in sweeping aside those political inequities which have far too long plagued society.


One of the means that you can do it is not to become angry at what you read or see but to recognize the moot and simple point that it is an inequity that requires correction and that you, with the method and methodology of a surgeon, intend to excise this specific cancerous condition from the world body by the power of the violet flame and the power of your decrees.

When you with a Christed-determination determine to clean the moneychangers out of the temple of life, (Mark 9:37) you will recognize that this must be done as an action of love.


Divine love, beloved ones, as I charged it into this meeting just preceding my address, is a power of infinite light and the light becomes intense. Mankind cannot stand against that great light and therefore they are forced, beloved ones, to do the bidding of the spiritual body of the planet by an action of the great cosmic law when it acts correctly. When that law is wrongly used, the energy is deflected back upon the students themselves and does no service whatsoever to the light. And therefore, beloved students, watch the quality of your thoughts when you resist a condition which is undesirable.


Observe the law in action—and I say this to you as a man of the first ray. Observe the law in action and recognize that a condition that is not Christ is acting, then call upon the law of your own mighty I AM Presence and call the Presence into action to handle that situation.


But, beloved ones, the call must be diligently made, and you must keep up the action of calling for the specific condition you wish corrected, and you must never, even for a moment, permit human feelings to ride into your consciousness and to impel you even to perform what seems a good act; for it is not a good act, beloved ones, if the human quality of anger is used in the administration of the corrective measure.


I trust the students will see this subtle point and will understand the necessity of my bringing it to your attention, inasmuch as Saint Germain and others of the hierarchy are preparing battle lines of spiritual force and light to move militantly against those destructive and chaotic forces which have kept mankind through the centuries the slaves of their own worst natures rather than the servants and son of their Higher Self.


Beloved ones, I trust you feel the sincerity of my heart as I speak to you, for there is a spiritual righteousness and wholeness in manifestation in our ray. I hope that those of you who bear such filial devotion to me as to call me Father Morya will come to Darjeeling to our palace of light, will recognize that when you see me I shall place my right hand upon your shoulder—and I may do so with somewhat a resounding smack.


For I feel a great affection for all of you who have the forthrightness to stand up and be counted rather than to sit back as one who merely passed by—a ghost, as it were, upon the screen of life. Some of you have seen on your television screens these ghost images; they do not make nearly as effective a manifestation as some of your horror stories.


Well, beloved ones, I am not interested in a horror story. I am interested in a story of infinite beauty whereby the Christ radiance of God comes into manifestation upon the earth in sane balance, for it is always a sane, balanced action of the law.


There is no strange manifestation in the action of this law. There is no strange manifestation in righteousness. It is simply that mankind have for so long lived in unrighteousness that they cease and fail utterly to recognize righteousness when they see it.


Beloved ones, the hour has come when the hierarchy are summoning by the trumpet of immortal life those specific lovers of God to holy service that by this crusade of spiritual accomplishment mankind will throw back the discord of ages and exalt this planet into its victory.


Do you think, beloved ones, that because it has not yet happened in this age of Kali that the light shall not part the veil and bring to man­kind that for which they have long called? Do you think, beloved ones, if someone steps from the screen of life that they themselves are going to prevent the happenings of all eternity from occurring upon this planet? Simply because one indi­vidual is taken from the screen of life does not mean, beloved ones, that the progress of life is going to be stopped here.


You, beloved ones, are important—each one of you. But remember, life was here before you were in mortal em­bodiment and life will continue when you pass from the screen of life or are elevated into your ascension. It is the service between your coming into embodiment and the time you leave—it is the time you enter and the time you exit, the space in between which counts. And let your blows for Christ count, beloved ones, by applying yourselves to the fountain of divine wisdom and illumination so that you will not make a stab in the dark but that you will strike a blow in the holy name of light for the cause of righteousness, purity, and the kingdom of God.


Beloved ones, Saint Germain just stepped into the room and reminded me to say a word about the kingdom of God. Men have always hoped for a fairy prince or princess to appear and to transport them into a charmed circle of existence; and yet the spiritual marriage, the alchemical marriage of man with his Higher Self, opens up the doorway into the kingdom of God.

Each individual life, then—as they feel the tie with their own great outreaching, upreaching, and downreaching divinity—will find an assistance which has never come into their lives before.


Beloved ones, it may seem strange to you that I should mention this, but I am. The divine union, the mystical marriage of man unto God, is a holy and priceless bond.


The spiritual priesthood is open to all devotees of the light who are willing to make the specific step which I do not call a sacrifice, for I believe that the greatest sacrifice anyone could make is to ignore their opportunities to enter the kingdom of heaven and play the fool, beloved ones, by eating the mess of pottage and despising their heavenly birthright (Gen 25:29-34) —and mankind have done so through the ages.


We do not gaze upon them with an idea of condemnation simply because they have done so. We do not gaze upon man with a sense of criticism. We gaze upon man with a sense of compassion.


If I seem stern tonight, it is not so much sternness as it is love in action. The love that acts in me tonight is more intense than I have expressed to most of you in my past addresses. I am flooded with compassion as I see how many have struggled up the mountainside and are bruised and torn in the journey. I am constrained to give you a blessing tonight.


I call, then, to my own great causal body. I call to the momentum of light that I have obtained—the priceless essences that God has vouchsafed to me—and I pray him in his holy name that he bestow upon you each one a special portion of that gift.


I pray that he place a radiant, diamond ray of light from my own causal body within the hearts of all of you here who respond to the vibratory action of my love. I pray that this specific quality and gift which I give to you then tonight be a propelling momentum—a priceless jewel of eternal, immortal substance which you will cherish within the soul of your being until the day that you depart these shores for those realms of celestial light.


I pray that you shall not consider that this was a mere figment of human imagination. I pray that you will know that he who you call great—that he who you call El Morya—has come to you tonight as a child to wash your feet with God's will, with good will, to bestow upon each one of you the priceless love that God has given to me through my many embodiments which has assisted me to my own ascension, for which I am eternally grateful.

I pray that each one of you this holy Easter season be so chalked in consciousness, so chalked in Spirit, so chaste in thought that you shall be a vessel of angelic substance, that the spiritual host of immortality descend into your being, and that you recognize the presence of the living Christ in your world.


Manifest, then, his body and substance in your being. Partake of his currents of life. They flow constantly in Darjeeling as a mighty river. They flow in every retreat of the Great White Brotherhood. They are the glory of God reflected in these lilies, reflected in the ideals of Christ consciousness. They are the true flower of knighthood. They are all nobility as expressed by Saint Germain.


O beloved Saint Germain, my brother and friend of freedom, how art thou come this night? How art thou come in thy white robe so radiant and bright? How art thou come with such love to pour out to these dearly beloved ones who desire to unite with their Divine Presence?


Will you then, beloved ones, take this mighty Divine Presence of all life to be your own? If you will, say "I do." [Audience responds, "I do."] Will you love, honor, and obey the edicts of this, your own mighty I AM Presence? The answer is "I do." [Audience responds, "I do."]


Then I now pronounce you one with God, one with his will, one with the heart of freedom. So be it until you stand in starry radiance in immortal spheres. So be it until the earth is free. So be it until Gautama is raised to his highest estate and relinquishes his office as Lord of the World. So be it until the mantle of Sanat Kumara and his star radiates the full blessing of beloved Venus upon this planet, acknowledged by all as the sister of the blessed people of earth.


So be it until the earth is ascended. For God is one, and the drops of eternity are found in the present hour. Cherish them always. They are your life.


O Brothers of the Diamond Heart, flaming lives of good, fill the world of all, mankind with thy flaming rood. Bless these ones, these sacred ones, who come to do thee homage. Raise them up and consecrate them to thy life—to thy life in homage.


Peace and grace to each one of you forever and forever and forever. I thank you and bid thee, one and all, the fondest of adieu until we meet in Darjeeling.


April 13, 1963 MLP Saturday evening Washington, DC.


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