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Sunday, 10 March 2013 09:51

Greetings ... in the day of the Lord ... the Sun-day of the Yellow Ray ... of Healing ...

    And the World need to be healed. The World need healing.

    In a World ... that live on the Illusion of Evil ... because a Movie is an Illusion ... Historical (know them History? ... No. History is described by the Victors ...) ... Sexy Movie ... Fantasy Movie ... etc.

    In a World that speaks ... many languages ... A World without Energy ... A World without Wisdom ... A World that follow the Evil ... ask for Evil ... and for its continuity ...

    But Evil will NOT Continue. No.

    It is a HOLY World ... that is coming ... A World of Wisdom ... a World of Energy ... A World of Joy ... A World with Bliss ... Not stupidity, not doctrines ... not illusions ...

    And in this day ... I want to honor a King. The King of IA ... who was Moses, a ruler and King. Who was Abraham ... the founder of the three Monoteist Religions ... A man that was King Arthur ... Kings of Kings.

    The concept of Kings of Kings ... also valid for Lord Jesus ... who is Higher than El Moria because El Moria, is the King of Planet IA ... while Lord Jesus is the King of the Galaxy ...

     People suppose that God is Far. People suppose that the Lord is far ... but Heaven is Real. Heaven is coming to the World ... this does not means ... your favorite Dictator or Torturator ... will continue ... They will NOT Continue. They will be removed.

     In The Chapter (20) of my First edition ... of the Book of Apocalypse explained ...

     I include a chapter titled,

(Image for the first Edition ... The Second Edition is coming ...)

Soon ,those who hold the reins of power on this planet will be completely removed ...
by Adama

  Now the Point.

  The point is a Gift ... in the day of the Lord ... about the Government of God ... that NOTHING ::: NOTHING has to do with the Pope, because God don't torture ... God loves ...

   And here is the Chapter.

In the name of the Lord, I have spoken.


Giovanni A. Orlando.



Government for the Glory of God


I AM the LORD thy God that brought thee out of the land of bondage to the Promised Land of Freedom.[1]


Beloved ones, the saga of humanity is a marvel to behold even from our octave. Although we sometimes pity the plight of those who have forged their own chains, we rejoice in the honor and glory of those emancipators who have helped mankind to free themselves from those same self-imposed chains and there­fore stand in the light of freedom, hoping for a better day.

I am come this morning to remind you of the long struggle of humanity to find the path of law and order out of the chaos of the past. The struggle of mankind is recorded well by historians, and those who desire to delve into the mechanics of it may do so. But the simple and necessary knowledge thereof is known to almost any schoolchild, and yet mankind have failed to master the lessons which are so self-evident in the whole matter.

Beloved ones, law and order are brought forth by God and are intended to manifest in the government of the nations—of the people, by the people and for the people.[2] Government was created for the glory of God and the blessing of mankind in order to keep that order that is necessary among humanity and in the traffic of human affairs.


Beloved ones, whenever, then, individuals take it upon themselves to break the Law of God, to disrespect the Law of God manifesting in the laws of man, they quite naturally invoke —whether they will or not—the laws of karma, which indeter­minately roll on as a juggernaut[3] of justice to see that the law is enforced. Mankind may rebel. They may desire to abrogate the Law or to set it aside. They are powerless to do so. They cannot but fall upon the rock of the Law and themselves be broken,[4] and yet it is not the will of cosmos that this be done.


There is ever the most facile path of peace available to mankind, a path of peace that bends with gentleness—conform­ing to human character where the Great Law will permit it and therefore tempering the steel of the Law to the hearts of men quivering with hope that they may rise above their ap­pointed lot.


Beloved ones, I refer now to their self-appointed lot, not to their divinely appointed lot; for mankind themselves have elected a pathway that they desire to walk. Whether or not that pathway conforms to the divine pattern or not is another matter that we will perhaps divulge in a later release. Today I am concerned with the governments of the world and with mankind’s under­standing of their necessary function.





The Law Is God in Action


Blessed and beloved ones, those magnificent and masterful teachers, beloved Jesus and Kuthumi, in their current release of the Pearls of Wisdom have thrown great light upon the pages of government. I therefore commend this week’s Pearl of Wisdom[5] to you that you peruse it that you may obtain therefrom also some necessary instruction pertaining to the Great Law of God, which covers the whole earth.


Be diligent, then, to respect the Law; for the Law is God in action. Freedom, beloved ones, is necessary. And freedom is nor freedom to break the Law, but freedom to walk in accord with its glorious precepts. The governments of the world today must master themselves.


Which Voice Will Mankind Heed?

You must pause now, beloved ones, and reflect—how much individual power do each of you possess to alter your own laws? It seems very minute, and so it is when taken alone; but in conformity with millions of minds, it becomes a mandate of the people. It is not as small as it seems, neither is it as great as it seems.


Balance must be within the heart of men. They must under­stand that the powers of influence are at work throughout the world to bring into manifestation qualities that themselves are insidious and would impose bondage upon the hearts of men. Simultaneously, these forces go forth with the voice of God, the love of God and the wisdom of God. It becomes a question as to which voice mankind will heed. And they themselves, in their confusion and aborted self-love, sometimes pay attention to those discordant voices that would tell them of a better way of life that can come to them without conforming to the Law.


Well, beloved ones, such voices have ever been heard in the wilderness of humanity, but they have never spoken the truth. And those who have followed them have passed down into the grave, as it were, of human opinion, where all bad decisions must go, and they have not been raised into the transcendent light of exalted spiritual opinion, which is not an opinion at all but is the Law in action.


Most gracious ladies and gentlemen, the present state of world affairs is not much improved regardless of the tremendous endeavors of the children of light, and yet it would be frightening if the services which you have rendered would not have inter­vened and interceded as a wall of light against the hordes of shadow. Because of the intervention of the student body and the correspondent answering of our calls, we have at least held, as it were, the status quo, and I think there is some small element of progress. This may not always appear on the surface. And when the violence of the erupting volcanoes of human opinion and discord begin to manifest and the hearts of men quake for fear,[6] let them recognize then and there that heaven remains undisturbed insofar as its purity and virtue and divine law are concerned.


There Is Never Profit in Discord

Quite naturally the Good Shepherd passes out into the wilderness in search of that sheep which is lost,[7] and it is ever the prerogative of the ascended masters and those of our band to sally forth and attempt to show mankind how they may redeem their precious energies which they have so frequently aborted in use­less endeavor. Take, for example, discord. Beloved ones, there has never been an individual or a nation which has profited, in actu­ality, by discord, but every nation and every person has greatly suffered by reason of discord.


"There is a way that seems right unto a man and the end thereof is death"[8] has been quoted by the ancient prophets and I choose to quote it today, for mankind are sometimes of the opinion that through waging war or through exerting the pres­sures of discord they bring some specific good to their own lifestreams. Well, beloved ones, you cannot produce good by evil means. The good that seems to manifest in an individual’s world by reason of ill-gotten manners cannot long endure and must by cosmic law evaporate. It is much the same as a drop of water upon the hottest stove; it will give one "poof" and be gone. Beloved ones, this is the way of discordant energies. Regardless of the fact that some men seem to hold ill-gotten gains for a prolonged segment of their lifetime, that segment in time is to us but a moment and it flashes forth and is gone.


Eternal values remain. I am certain that the student body recognizes those august points of character which manifested in the heart of George Washington and many of the early pioneers of this great nation America and other nations of the world. Those men live in the pages of history, and all good deeds live on the screen of eternal values. But all infamy and all acts of discord shall pass away, and they shall not exist any longer because it is the will of God that they shall not remain in that new heaven and new earth[9] which must abide over the shadows of the present-day creation of mankind.


Human creation but resembles in part the intended divine plan. I say this to you because sometimes the students seem to feel that all that is here and all that is externalized is of the human and that none of it is divine whatsoever. This would be a great untruth and a great travesty upon justice. There is a great deal of virtue that lives in the human heart. There is a great deal of good that has been externalized by mankind, and there is a wealth of good that manifests in the heart of the world and in the hearts of its people. All is by far not evil, blessed ones—neither in religious service nor in political service. And therefore I hope that the students will not make the error of thinking or accepting the feeling that the world is a baneful place where all is woe in a valley of sorrow; for one must look upon the virtues that are occurring daily in order that one may amplify those selfsame virtues in the hearts of those brave individuals who have expressed them in the face of an almost overpowering state of human wickedness.


Beloved ones, I would then like to make a second point and that is that the source of that virtue was not the human creation of mankind, but the source of that virtue was the will of God, the creation of God, the flame of God, and the love of God which has shown forth and manifested in the hearts of men. Honor, then, thy heavenly Father and thy heavenly Mother that thy days may be long in this wonderful universe which the Lord thy God hath given to thee,[10] that you may be masters of your own destiny and come to a state of ascended master love such as we have and share with you this morning.


If we were in the human and we were today to behold some of the thoughts which mankind presently hold, it would cause us to tremble—for them and not for ourselves. You will recall, beloved ones, the blessed woman who spoke unto the Christ with great weeping because she was so sorrowful con­cerning him as he walked on the road to Calvary. Beloved ones, recall the words of the Christ to her: "Weep not for me, ye daughters of Jerusalem, but weep for yourselves and your children."[11]


And this is the point that I am making this morning. You need not weep for the hosts of heaven, for the ascended masters, and for those blessed lifestreams who have set their feet upon the path that leads to their own victory; but weep rather for those who, in their own mistaken error of their ways, seem to feel that there is no justice in the universe, who seem to feel that they can abrogate the laws of heaven and set them aside and live as they choose without any punishment or without any action of the great law whatsoever. They seem to feel that they are a law unto themselves. Blessed ones, weep for them and pray for them, for they require it far more than those who are now turned toward heaven. And yet, I would also ask that you pray for those who carry the brunt of a spiritual load for a planet and are in the vanguard of our activities of light to help mankind find their freedom.


Receive the Unspoken Portion of This Instruction


I shall instruct you throughout the day—this day, peri­odically—by speaking to your hearts and minds concerning the great laws of the inner government. It pleases me much to speak to you this morning, and yet I have fashioned some of my words in enigma and some with great clarity. This is done deliberately, for I am determined that the students ought to pay proper heed when we speak. For we speak and release our words as cups of light, and it is our desire that the student body receive the fullest benefit from our radiation as well as our instruction.


And therefore today from the beginning of this address until the present moment there has been a vibratory action released of spiritual, ascended master instruction pertaining to the Great Law which has not been uttered in words. This I have permitted to penetrate through your etheric body, to remain there that you may this day seek to meditate upon your own mighty I AM Presence and therefore receive that unspoken portion of this instruction, that you may be participants in the heavenly message and draw form for yourself some element of spiritual truth.


Beloved ones, this you will keep for your own self and for your own spiritual blessing. I urge you to have no feeling what­soever if you fail to understand all which I have spoken or if you get only a part of that which I have spoken silently, as it were. Be grateful for whatever grains of wheat fall upon the threshing floor of your blessed consciousness. Refine them, use them and watch how expansion will occur in your blessed worlds.


I have come this day to bring you the attention and love of the Darjeeling Council of God’s Will from Darjeeling. I trust our effort will bear fruit, even as it pleases us to bring to you our instruction and our love.


Peace be unto you this day in the holy name of God’s will. I thank you and bid you good afternoon.


May 5, 1963 MLP

Sunday morning

Washington, D.C


[1] Exod 20:2

[2] Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 19 Novembre 1863.

[3] Juggernaut, a massive inexorable force or object that avances irresistibly and crushes whatever is in its path.

[4] Isa 8:13-15; Matt 21:42-44.

[5] Jesus, May 3th 1963

[6] Luke 21:25-26.

[7] Matt 18:1-14. John 10:11-15.

[8] Prov 14:12, 16:25.

[9] Rev 21:1.

[10] Exod 20:12.

[11] Luke 23:27, 28

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