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Greetings in the Moon-day ... the day of the Moon, when Lord Jesus rules with its Crystal Ray of Ascension and Purity.

     And a correct Understanding of Science which wants to explain the Universe ... the Uni-verse (One-Verse) is directly connected with Music!

     The Beloved Pythagoras ... before Lord Jesus ... who is the Beloved Kuthumi, who rules the Pink Ray of Love ... explain the Universe and speaks about Waves ... from Music ... inventing the monochord and reducing to numbers and connecting them with Geometry.

    Plato, was today, Ascended Master Saint Germain ... and from those days ... he engine the reset of Civilization, also like Hermes, like Merlin, like Francis Bacon with the Shakespearian plays.

    These words in this sacred day are intentioned to underline the bankrupt of Science ... based on an Empirical or Discrete Mathematics ... not efficient to explain the Universe or its forces.

Aristotle, in his Metaphysica, sums up the Pythagorean's attitude towards numbers.

"The (Pythagoreans were) ... the first to take up mathematics ... (and) thought its principles were the principles of all things. Since, of these principles, numbers ... are the first, ... in numbers they seemed to see many resemblances to things that exist ... more than [just] air, fire and earth and water, (but things such as) justice, soul, reason, opportunity ..."

    In Modern times, only English Composer Gustav Holst ... honor the Planets ... with its Symphony ... but while for the Olders Greeks ... the 'planets' were the Sun (Sun-day), Moon (Moon-day) ... Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus ... for a total of Seven plays ... exactly,

  1. Mars, the Bringer of War
  2. Venus, the Bringer of Peace
  3. Mercury, the Winged Messenger
  4. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity
  5. Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age
  6. Uranus, the Magician
  7. Neptune, the Mystic

    Therefore no Holst play is available for the Sun ... or the Moon (Yesterday and today) ...

    However, Mr. Holst was not a Philosopher, neither a modern Thinker or a Mathematician, but he honor the planets. Interesting? ... May be you want to hear a April Joke about YouTube ... Smile


    But let us be Serious in a decaying World ... Wink

    Plato in its 'Timaeus' ...

     (Be aware that reading Plato is so enlightening like to read Shakespeare because was the same Soul ...)

     Plato in its page, 107 ... offer ...

   (There are an interesting treatise in French which title is, 'Le nombre Geometrique de Platon' pour Par J. Depuis.)

   What is important is how Music is connected with the Planets ... as well with Geometry.

   The relation of the triangle in Plato's Timeaus book can be extended, as follows, (See Sacred Geometry, by Robert Lawlor, pag 83)

     Please note that the first line represent a geometric progression by 2. The diagonal is a geometric progression by 3. Exactly like Plato triangle, but extended.

      Each number is the result of the multiplication of the previous by 3/2. Therefore, 4x3/2=6, 6x3/2=9 ... etc.

      What means 3/2 ... 3/2 in Music is a Perfect Fifth!

      In Musical notation the Perfect Fifth on C, is as follows:

    Therefore the Triangle of Lambda includes TWO Sequence of Numbers, one Arithmetic and another Harmonic, with different order and different meaning ... like an DNA Helix ... encoded.


    Now, we can extend ... the sense and induct some Mathematical order. Given three numbers, a>b>c, we will have the following concepts and tones ...


    Please note that we find the Golden ratio, as sub-contrary harmonic.

    In fact, the Fibonacci Numbers ... (This reasoning is valid for any two consecutive numbers ... of the Fibonacci sequence ...).

    Consider 2 and 3, therefore,

     3/2 = 1.5

     5/3 = 1.666

     8/5 = 1.6

     13/8 = 1.625

     21/13 = 1.615 ... and therefore this tend to 1.61803398 ... which is the Golden Mean.


     Of Course we can continue with Music and Timeaus ... but I prefer to jump to Geometry.

     Music is Number in Time, and Geometry is number in Space.

     The Egyptians constructed two great Pyramids in Giza using the number, 1, √Φ, 4.

     To connect these numbers, I include how Phi, and Pi are connected.


   To complete these concepts I will speak about how proportions are related to planets.

   From the book, 'A Study of Numbers' by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, at page 72 we have that ... 'The proportion of the planets' distance from the Sun is the ratio 7 for Mercury, 14 for Venus, 21 for Earth, 28 for Mars, 35 for Jupiter and 42 for Saturn.

    Now, the number 7, 14, 21, 28, 35 and 42 ... are in arithmetical progression with rate 7 ... or dividing by 7, we have, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ... which give us a meaning connecting in with the Seven Notes and the Seven Colors ...

     An image from 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' Chapter 7.

    Most of these Sacred concepts will become available in the book, 'Forgotten Science and its Return'.

    However, John of Patmos ... as Saint Germain (Plato) explains ... condense in the Book of Revelation ... the entire Universe (Cosmos). Understanding the Book of Revelation you will have a valid key ... to catch the Universe.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. No Apocalypse expected ... just teachings.

PPS. Kuthumi (Pythagoras, Saint Francis), Lord Jesus (King David) and Saint Germain (Merlin, Plato, Francis Bacon Shakespeare author, King Solomon, Hermes, Joseph Mentor of Jesus ...) all three like Leonidas (Serapis Bey) are from Sirius Constellation.

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