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Monday, 08 April 2013 15:33

Click to enlarge actual Book Cover for a coming book ... Volume #20.


Greetings ... in the day of the Moon ... the Moon-day ... the day of the Crystal Ray of Lord Jesus ...

    And recently ... I discover three new ... (new for me not for the Heavens, not for my Akasha) ... of my past lives ...

    And in my past comments ... I say that I lived in Florence and this is true, but I also comment that I was not born in Italy in such life.

    Now, I know I born (and am proud of) in Tuscany and lived in Tuscany like an important Architect ... in the years of 1200.

    Honestly I don't want to confess this information because I have no way to prove it. But, you love my job.

    The World loves my job ... and of course is still up.

    I also ask to my Master ... who Musician I was ... he ask me what Musician do you suppose you was? ... I tell my opinion and he confirm.

    He confirm ... my feeling. Again I will not tell you ... who I was but the Master told me also another Great Musician (not Mozart) ... and you love my Music ... you honestly love my Music ... each time.

    The Master, who is Elohim Mer ... confirm that I always ... push and complete my covenant. Now, I have a new covenant. A New one!


    This fresh Air ... for Europe ... because the three lives where in Europe ... one in Italy, one in Austria and one in Germany ... want to give you ... only Fresh Air. Of Course I comment you I live in England (Europe? ... Yes, is Europe ... three times too including the days of Camelot and King Arthur) ... I expect this information is NOT Offensive ... but is the Truth.

    I include a chapter in my Volume 2 ... in Collection, 'Galactic Alignment', about my past lives.

   What gift ... for me? ... An incredible Amazing Gift!

   (I need to correct some words about one of my past lives ... where I claim to be John of Patmos. I was not ... I was close to him).


   Why I speak about ... past Lives ... announcing a book ... about Sacred Geometry? ...

   Well, there are MANY reasons ... all reasons are HOLY!

   One of the reasons is the entering into the Photon Band ... the last 12-12-12.



    As explained in my book, '443 Questions and Answers about New Age' ...

     We have ... "The Sphinx capture the StarLight and Ground it. So, if you will become Multidimensional ... you will ground "StarLight", like the Sphinx. They did in 17,800 B.C.

     Then, in10,800 B.C. the Nibiruans, Pleiadians, and Sirians together constructed the Great Pyramid over an ancient Sirian sacred temple, in 10,800 B.C., to reset the balance between the Sun and Sirius."


    Now my friends ... the North African awakening that force the fall of Libyan, Egyptian and still running Syrian Regime is because the arrival of the New Age and the re-entering of the Planet in the Photon Band.

    If you look the Photon Band calendar you will understand that 'The Age of Leo' was the time where the Great Pyramid was built ... this means ... the following ...

In the last passage into the Photon Band 12,000 years ago (10,800+2013=12,813 years ago) ...
the Great Pyramid was built
Now, after December 12th, 2012 (12-12-12) ... is possible A NEW PYRAMID (not in Egypt, nor Europe ...) can be built!

Many ... many questions remains UNSOLVED ... like what means the Hieroglyphs on obelisk ... at Luxor.


    Many PolyMath investigate and find solutions. One of them was Athanasius Kircher as appaear in his book, Oedipus Aegyptiacus.



   Therefore one reason for the Triple Volume about Sacred Science, Sacred Geometry, Forgotten Science ... is the study and resurrection of the Sacredness in the Old Wisdom ...

    Future Technologies will offer three books ... in a set of many books ...


   I Giovanni ... now want to complete this announcement ... with a message about 'Awakening' and this regards Past lives.

   The process of recovering of Past Lives ... its remembrance in full ... not partial ... is the job of Life.

    Like Lord Lanto explains ... and I comment in my Book, 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' ...

Energy is God.
 Every erg of energy that has passed through the nexus of your consciousness
through thousands upon thousands of years of incarnation must now be passed
 through the flame of the sacred fire, be stripped of the outer coating of human consciousness,
 and sent back into your causal body of Life.
This is the real challenge of life on earth—not create comforts,
not the attributing of success to those who have become adept at
the manipulations of matter.

   Therefore we need to pass each Life we lived through the flame of the sacred fire ... acquire and therefore heal and in so doing we fix and engine New Time ... new understanding and evolve.

   If a person live this process ... They may say ... or call Crisis ... but is not ... is a necessary process.

   You cannot back to Heaven ... until you do not heal all your past lives ... and of course you need to know them!

   Opps ... So I was Italian ... born in Italy? ... Well, this means ... now I AM in the right Place, in the right Time with the Right People ... Italians are my people ... Saxons are my people ... Anglo are my people ... I am in the right planet ...



Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I visited Austria and Germany ... and will visit again and each place I have lived and born ... along my days ... To complete my Happiness ... Thanks!


PPS. May sound interesting to read ... Why Egyptian built Obelisks and Pyramids ? by Giovanni A. Orlando

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