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Monday, 15 April 2013 09:15

Wisdom ... means Wise Dominion ... (Wisdom is the South Arm in the Maltese Cross)


Greetings in the day of the Mirror ... and is my pleasure to give away ... a new chapter ... punctuated ... from the book, 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' (Third Edition) now punctuated.

      Wise means Wise-Dominion ... and higher is your Wisdom higher is your Dominion. Take Dominion is the mandate and when you have Wisdom ... you have Dominion ... on Yourself ... and Your Dominion become the Kingdom of your Wisdom.

     The book, 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' includes many books and many addendum ... including fresh material dictated by Ascended Master Saint Germain ... recently.


Saint Germain on Alchemy (Third Edition)


     And this chapter is about Wisdom ... from the book below ... which I address to everyone. That book actually only in English ... soon in Spanish, French, German ... Italian ... is very important because offer a Golden key to understand the Holy Bible ... to Love God and its Justice ... and to join the White Brotherhood of the Heavens. Honestly!

     And before to give this chapter with great Love and Wisdom ... I need to address some additional Pre-Wisdom.

     Remember that ... 'The Universe is Just' ... In fact we have in Book 1 - Chapter 9, of Saint Germain on Alchemy ...

71 As each individual man who is a manifestation of God has a causal body, 72 so each individual has an I AM Presence pulsating as the sacred fire in the center of that body. 73 And in the auric forcefield surrounding that Presence are the markings of his achievements for good upon his planetary home. 74 One law, then, would I instill in the hearts of the students of alchemy: God is absolutely just--the universe is absolutely just. 75 All injustice arises either in man’s misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the flow of events or in man’s mishandling of justice. 76 Those who have not apprehended life correctly, those who remain ignorant of the laws of divine as well as human justice, cannot be relied upon to preserve the flame of justice.

-- The Crucible of Beign 71-76.

While many people do not know what the Astral body is ... I will tell you that the Astral body is what let a killer be a Killer are the High excited and uncontrolled emotions. The Dark Side if you prefer.

Now ... To have Wisdom ... there are no other choice that have a Master that teach you ... Wisdom.

Saint Germain who is an Ascended Master ... called God in Egypt ... because he was Thoth (Hermes Trimegistus) as well Osiris with Isis (Mother Mary) and Horus (Lord Jesus) ... was an Apprentice ... before to be a Master ... Logically!

Now who can be ... of So Great Wisdom to be ... a Master of Merlin (Saint Germain) and El Moria (King Arthur, Moses) ? ...

Such King and Higher Master ... Master of Masters was and is called 'The Great Divine Director'.

He also lived in the planet ... in Hungary like Sigismund Rákóczi.

He is the Manu of Indigo Children ... The Seventh Race ... while Elohim Mer is the Manu of the Sixth Race. Many Children born in South America and any children born recently is Indigo. By the way children born after July, 27th 1999 and then after May, 5th 2005 are very special. They are Crystal Children.

The Great Divine Director ... looks like ...

    From the web (yes the Web) ... we have that ... In the Hindu tradition, the Great Divine Director is known as the elephant-God Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, who is son of Shiva and Parvati and brother of Kartikeya.

     The Great Divine Director wrote a book titled 'The Soulless Ones' which is very special ... and is offered absolutely free on this Website.

(Click here or the image to read the book ... )

    Now before to submit to you the chapter ... Wisdom from Saint Germain ... I want to speak about Justice!

    And to do that I will cite ... the Words of Lord Jesus in the Holy Bible ... in The Parable Of The Wedding Banquet.

1And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said, 2The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son, 3And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come. 4Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and my fatlings are killed, and all things are ready: come unto the marriage. 5But they made light of it, and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise: 6And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them. 7But when the king heard thereof, he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city. 8Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy. 9Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage. 10So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests.

11And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment: 12And he saith unto him, Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless. 13Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 14For many are called, but few are chosen.

      Now the point about ... Justice and Saint Germain was the Wise King Solomon ... is that Delinquents ... pretend to sit down to speaks with Loyal and Serious people.

      After to kill many, stole hundred of properties ... and speak only lies .... a Delinquent ... someone ... like in the Parable and enjoy the Weeding Banquet ... without invitation ... pretend ... to sit.

      Have you the invitation to the Weeding Banquet of God? ... I, Giovanni ask to you? ... No!? ... very Bad. You may suppose that you can sit and speak ... without invitation ... but invitation is necessary.

     And God never enter in Business with Delinquents. It is a Bad message to suppose God is on the Right Side and Evil is on the Left Side. Evil is not the Anti-God ... Evil is the Anti-Christ ... and there are no such things like Evil. EVIL is simply the reverse of LIVE.

      There are Galactic Nations that only Invade and Violate other worlds ... but they ... like Evil ... do that because the people call them ... rejecting God and therefore fall in disgrace. These Evil Nations arrive by invitation because the rejection of God ... by Earth dwellers ... and this happened many times ... many ... many times.

     Now, the Divine Director say in the Chapter 'YOU' ...

THERE IS A VAST difference between Creator and created, yet the investiture of the divine image—"In the image of God created he him"'—signifies that there is reflected in man the image of Immortality as a pattern which man is destined, if he will accept the will of God, to outpicture line upon line throughout his infinite existence. In the ultimate sense, then, man would truly become not merely the created but the Creator. This transfer of responsibility in the domain of self is so subtle that many pass through embodiment after embodiment of religious seeking as well as intellectual accomplishment without cognizing the basic fact stated herein.

Yet some measure of thought and attunement is perhaps required before the full understanding dawns, with all of its wonder, upon mankind. Herein lies a phase of the great macrocosmic/microcosmic interchange. The Creator with all of his wisdom and grace has no need of the mechanical sense; for by the simple power of the will to do, all life bows to obey in the infinite world of God. The phrase "made a little lower than the angels, and crowned with glory and honour"2 signifies that mankind holds within his hand of thought and feeling, most specifically within his hand of acceptance as an individual monad, the full authority for his world.

Let the ages roll. Let universes as scrolls unfold and be enfolded. The being of man can never attain to its predestined God-magnificence until the will of man submits to do so. And thus, there is a certain incongruous-appearing action in the divine plan, judged from the human level. But I assure all who read my words that there is no dichotomy in the Godhead. There are no chasms within the mind of Christ. The highway of holiness and God-purity which stands before every man who will invoke it is yet a clear and beautiful way that leads back to the heart of the Creator.

"Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not..."I refers to the purposes of incarnation. How can men dream or suppose that God should give to man less than the allness of Himself? And thus, the coequal nature of all life is exposed. So-called individual accomplishment becomes a matter of choice and application, and the responsibility for the furthering of the divine plan is revealed as the opportunity of individualization.

The Master Jesus has stressed the potential of You—the responsibility of each individual for the development of his latent talents and his ability to serve the cause of the divine life. History is replete with the magnificent experiences and accomplishments of those men called saints. There is no myth behind these episodes in many cases; and often good men, rendered so by divine action implanted upon the earth through their form and being, were more excellent than portrayed. It matters not that some few were glamourized beyond their attainment. I am certain that their aspirations were even higher than the image portrayed. Heaven has not conspired to man's condemnation, but to his emancipation. And thus I proclaim it now, in this series on the mechanization concept.

The freedom of man lies as a gift in his hand. When he desires it enough it will manifest in part, and little by little he will emerge from the cave of materiality and the mechanical sense into the light of divine grace. Even the concept of chastity and chastisement are linked. The phrase "Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.. ."4 should be understood as the action of Spirit, divine and pure, chastening the flesh form that cannot inherit the kingdom of God, in order that the soul consciousness abiding therein may do so.

    After all this Preface ... or Pre-Wisdom ... I address you ... Saint Germain chapter ... Wisdom.

May you have a blessed day,


Giovanni A. Orlando.


2. Wisdom 


Let me point out that the way to paradise lost,
the way to the Garden of Eden and
the Tree of Life (Gen 3:24)
can be found by legitimate
and wholesome means whereby the satisfactions
of soul-mastery and personal integrity
(integration with the Whole)
are achieved each step of the way.
This is a part of holy Wisdom.


1 To the precious disciples of Christ and his mysteries I come bearing the Grail of our Lord. 2 Listen well lest you skip over the unspoken, the unwritten 3 the principal thing. 4 Therefore in thy Self-discovery know also that we are one.


A. Wisdom Defined


5 Wisdom is derived from the phrase "wise dominion" 6 and it is to God's own flame of holy illumination 7 that we dedicate this portion of our Trilogy. 8 The age-old admonishment "Wisdom is the principal thing; 9 therefore get Wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding" (Prov 4:7) 10 relates to the acquisition of divine Wisdom.


11 Let me here make a distinction between Wisdom and knowledge. 12 There are men and women who can easily retain the lines of entire series of plays, 13 and they can speak those lines before a sizeable audience with great accuracy and dramatic impact. 14 These same individuals would be at a loss if they were to be called upon to write the play 15 or to assemble the words and ideas which embody its continuity.


16 Thus, it is not sufficient to possess mere knowledge based on the power of the memory to retain experience. 17 Memory alone does not assure man the proper use 18 or release of stored knowledge at the precise moment when it is needed, 19 nor does it assure mankind the exercise of proper judgment or 20 Wisdom once the facts are made available.


B. Reembodiment—Keystone in the Arch of Being


21 Now, as I have earlier mentioned, it would be most beneficial 22 if the human monad would refrain from prejudgment in matters of cosmic doctrine 23 and even better if he could universally accept the reality of reembodiment. 24 For it is in the acceptance of this fact of life that he will truly discern the Wisdom of the ages 25 and more easily understand his reason for being.


26 It is most difficult for people in any age, observing in the life span of a comparatively few short years a series of events relative to the personal self, 27 to be able to judge the world in which they live 28 and the society from which they have derived both bane and blessing, 29 and then to be able to perceive matters pertaining to the spirit and properly assess them.


30 By correctly understanding and accepting his own reembodiment, 31 the individual develops a cosmic sense of the continuity of self past, present, and future 32 and is better equipped to see behind the surface effects of today's circumstances 33 the underlying personal causes that stretch back across the dust of centuries.


34 Simply because men lack conscious memory of a previous existence does not deny the validity of this Truth. 35 Many have experienced the sudden feeling of having done before that which they are doing for the first time in this life. 36 Others recall in a flash of recognition (déjà-vu) that they have seen a face or place before. 37 Then, of course, there is "love at first sight” which is to be explained by soul recognition from past lives or inner-level awareness.


38 Many have noted with interest the incidence of genius (that some call a "gift" or "talent") in art, music, and science, or other aptitudes 39 that appear at an early age, 40 indicating the soul's resumption of the broken thread of identity. 41 Modern physicians take note of the distinct personality of babies on the day of their birth. 42 And all over the world fascinating stories have been documented concerning people's recall of vivid scenes and experiences from a past life.


43 Man has been justifiably skeptical of some of this, 44 yet Truth reveals itself not as a pseudo-science but as the very science of Being without end.


45 Think how glorious, how full of hope life can be to all who therefore see before them not death but only self-transformation as the alchemy of positive change! 46 to all who see in the law of reembodiment an opportunity for the slow learners and the rebellious to recover in new dignity from error's stains, 47 rising at last from the astral sea of identity, 48 the personal morass of mortality, into the morning of eternal hope and the crown of victorious Life!


49 A world fabricated to be the platform for billions of lifestreams, 50 all created as mere moths destined to fall into the flame and be consumed, 51 a world that is a kaleidoscope of changing scenes and ideas drifting, 52 sans stability, in an endless sea of spinning nebulae and swirling gases, 53 holds no promise for the children of the Sun other than to eat, drink and be merry, 54 and to die like mortals. (Isa 22:13).


55 What marvel that men have accepted any religion at all when the factor of reembodiment is denied by the religions and many of their leaders! 56 You see, it was by removing this teaching from the so-called mysteries of the early Church that there came into existence the very grave distortions of life's purposes in both Church and State that have challenged society to the present day.


57 When the Wisdom of God is imparted to man, 58 it makes him aware of the fact that the sum total of all that he is 59 whether he likes it or not 60 is the result of his own doings. 61 He sees on the instant the need, 62 as well as the Power, 63 to change his ways and to draw himself into alignment with cosmic law.


64 Faith in God mounts up; 65 for hope joins hands with faith, 66 and the personal mistakes of the past appear to be possible of present rectification. 67 The understanding of current failures reveals them to be the result of wrongful acts, 68 human error, rather than a deliberate resistance to Life.


69 And men and women are enabled once again to enter the mainstream of Life 70 and to participate in a cosmic drama wherein divine Wisdom eventuates in a union of such celestial dimension as to stagger the imagination.


71 The greatest of rockets, ancient and modern, have a platform or launching pad 72 from which they thrust off into the heavens. 73 So it is with men and women in their search for cosmic Truth. 74 From the platform of present existence they must seek and find the threads of cosmic light 75 that will lead them through the golden door 76 and beyond to etheric realms where blazes illumination's flame.


77 Thus, from Wisdom's fount as well as inner study, 78 the seeking, striving ones must learn to see God in action in themselves 79 and summon him to take command of their affairs on earth.


80 How great is the suffering that Christians have endured through the elimination of this one point of spiritual Truth!


81 By denying reembodiment they have denied their souls the keystone in the arch of being.


82 You see, there are certain fine points of cosmic law 83 that in a relative sense are not as important as this one. 84 Man can deny some specifics without suffering too much damage, 85 but to deny the Truth of the continuity of his own being 86 its span of previous existence and its future glorious destiny 87 is to cut himself off from the basic premise of Life!


C. The Eternal Now—Doorway to the Future


88 The Eternal Now is more important than either the past or the future. 89 It is the doorway into the future even as it is memory's link to all that passes through the heart of man's experience.


90 Beloved ones, eternal Life is Divine Wisdom (Eden), 91 for by the acquisition of many fragments of eternal Life (segmented as lifetimes) 92 man has stored up for himself treasures in the heaven of Being. (Matt 6:20)


93 Accordingly, the guidelines of the Ascended Masters' universities for the training of souls in the way of personal adeptship 94 are firmly fixed, based on the great law of experience 95 the cumulative record in the Great Causal Body of the universe.


96 These guidelines are drawn not only from the life events of one individual and the many, 97 but from the net gain of empirical knowledge 98 (as well as the gnosis) 99 derived from the experiences of all who have mastered the three­fold flame in the time/space continuum and ascended to higher dimensions.


100 One of the most important features of the world's universities is that they are repositories for the many doings of mankind 101 records of the historical stream and the thought evolution of the race 102 and by their faculties and libraries they possess the means of communicating this treasury of codified knowledge 103 so that it becomes a part of the mental wealth of their students and the forward movement of the planet.


104 Now consider, the entire universe is, 105 in fact and configuration, a depository of cosmic law; 106 and the most wonderful thing about this cosmic university is that all who will may attend and drink of its storehouse of knowledge!


107 In the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood one of the first lectures the Masters give their 'freshmen' classes, 108 by way of correcting the misconceptions resulting from a common doctrinal error, 109 is on the false belief that all things terminate at death.


110 If death or illness were to be permanent, 111 if human discord, sin, and unhappiness were to remain as an unremovable stain upon the soul, 112 the master of a man's destiny, and their influences could not be broken here or hereafter, 113 if life's opportunity were to cease by the calamity of sudden and untimely death 114 no further chapters to be written in the book of life 115 then individual man could never assimilate the wondrous blessings held in store 117 for all by the Mind of God. 118 Such a cruel turn of fate could not be conceived by the God of Love whose mercies endure beyond the grave.


119 Through the soul's reincarnation, 120 her return to the plane of cause and effect 121 where she has accounts to settle, imbalances to resolve 122 more Power, Wisdom, and Love to release from her heart for the blessing of many lifestreams 123 the God of Mercy extends opportunity to try and try again, 124 and to prove that all death and sorrow, 125 sin and stain can be dissolved in the sacred fires of the Holy Spirit.


126 By right choice and his gracious violet flame, 127 with a working knowledge of the alchemy of the spoken Word, 128 souls born again may live to love again and forge and win their immortality.


129 In their classes the Masters point out, then, 130 that the first and greatest contribution of God to man is the gift of Life 131 as a continuum 132 identity preserved through the divine spark, 133 the threefold flame of Life. 134 And the second, which is like unto it, is the gift of free will in the exercise of Power, Wisdom, and Love 135 choosing step by step eternal Life.


136 Alas, the densities and opacities of the world of form, 137 spread over the human mind as a mask of imperfection, 138 have for untold generations robbed mankind of this his birthright of spiritual Wisdom 139 and experience unto the glories of the endless Day!


D. The Etheric Realm—Upper and Lower Strata


140 Let me take you, then, into new levels of awareness 141 where we will confront certain facts 142 as yet little known by people at large. 143 Many have thought about the existence of other worlds and other civilizations. 144 Some have speculated concerning the penetrability of Matter and the simultaneity of forcefields in time and space 145 whereby other worlds might co-occupy the position of this blessed earth, yet in other dimensions.


146 When the laws of frequencies and wave emanations are better understood by the scientists of the world, 147 the facts of this reality will be revealed. 148 At this writing it is my intent to speak briefly of the etheric realm.


149 Upon departing from the physical world and drawing their last allotted breath, 150 the spirits of men are often taken into the etheric realm 151 (a higher octave of the Matter plane corresponding to their more refined, or 'finer', etheric body), 152 which to them has the solid appearance of the physical.


153 Here are scenes of nature, the beauty of earth, sea, and sky as well as towns and buildings constructed like those on earth 154 verily an entire band of frequencies in the similitude of that to which these departed souls have been accustomed on earth 155 created for their comfort and the continuity of their sense of self, 156 as well as their eventual transition to worlds beyond.


157 The etheric octave has many strata, 158 or levels, of consciousness. 158 Some who reach it may be said to live on split levels, 159 for they move from one sphere to another, 160 whereas others become anchored to a specific sector.


161 I do not deny that in the lower etheric realm, 162 which overlaps the denser astral plane, 163 the negative forces have created focuses which are largely responsible for much of mankind's current and past distress. 164 From these mass entities, tentacles of sinister thoughtforms and demons reach out to control mankind, 165 including the children of the Light, 166 with elements of human discord, 167 seducing them by addiction, 168 astral enslavement and sheer viciousness, 169 which are further amplified and manipulated against people's own best interests by the false hierarchy of the planet 170 (brothers of the shadow, impostors who oppose the legions of Light).


171 Bear well in mind that man and woman are also responsible for this, 172 their own untoward creation. 173 Due to their original departure from the voice of Truth in the garden of God 174 a freewill choice for which they alone are accountable 175 they began to weave cause/effect sequences 176 outside the circle of Oneness.


177 And ever since, their children and their children's children have reaped unhappy situations and deleterious conditions which affect their souls, 178 their livelihoods and families 179 most distressingly when they ever so often make contact with this lower etheric, 180 or 'memory', level where old, untransmuted evils gather as floating grids and forcefields of mankind's negative momentums.


181 Such contacts are triggered by many situations common to everyday life: 182 everything from family arguments to violence on TV, 183 horror movies, rock music, drug usage and astral connections through addictions, 184 gambling, cavorting with spirits, dabbling in witchcraft 185 or making UFO personalities and science fiction their gods.


186 Although considered harmless as innocent fun or 'pastimes', these activities as well as mankind's endless fascinations with symbols of death and sex 187 favorite topics of the tabloids, 188 the soaps, subliminal advertising and thriller novels 189 do hold their energies captive to the astral plane and the adepts of control who, 190 in or out of embodiment, 191 make the lower etheric their territory.


192 Attention is the key; 193 for where man's attention goes, there goes his energy, and he himself can only follow.


194 Children of Earth's first godparents, attention! 195 If you would rise in spiritual attainment and in the God-mastery of your life, 196 you must go to the mountain of God 196 and fast from all of these distractions to your true Selfhood 197 which derives from the Universal One.


198 If you would self-transcend the planes of human suffering in order to aid your fellow creatures, 199 you must also be willing to part with painful pleasures which you know 200 deep down inside 201 are destroying your very soul by your own freewill consent. 202 And place your attention on your I AM Presence!


203 The Ascended Masters beckon the compassionate ones to confront the astral e-veil (energy veil) 204 that besets the unwary who are daily falling before the four horsemen. (Rev 6:1-8)


205 The deadly illusions and adepts of the black arts to which the race have fallen prey must be challenged by the alert alchemist 206 and spiritual benefactors of the race 207 whom I have called to world service as Keepers of the Flame 208 and organized under the fraternal order bearing my sponsorship.


209 You may wonder why I bring all these things to your attention. 210 It is because your souls have cried out for freedom and the God of very gods has sent me to tell you that you will find it only by your acceptance of the whole Truth and holy Wisdom.


211 Therefore, consider well my words in this little book, 212 for the hour is late and another may not come to knock again upon the door of your heart


213 Now, if all of the etheric levels were manifesting absolute perfection, do you not think, 214 blessed ones, that this perfection, being as close as your own memory 215 and the memory of the planetary body, would not long ago have changed the world of effect so much so that only perfection could manifest on earth!


216 Therefore, to accomplish the realignment of the soul with the living Spirit of the Lord, 217 there is a need to make continuous corrections of a kind that adjust the set of the sail by the compass of Life 218 self-corrections of major and minor deviations from Life 219 that devour bit by bit the spirit of a man 220 and his helpmeet and their offspring. 221 And it is the better part of holy Wisdom that I reveal it here, 222 in order that you may participate in the re-creation of worlds within and without 223 by the science of the spoken Word, in partnership with the heavenly hosts.


224 Let the extremes of Light and Darkness, Absolute Good and the Evil One, 225 hold no terror for any, for one moment before I spoke to you 226 or you read these facts, they were still in existence and had been for centuries.


227 Our concern is that by Christ illumination the mists of error shall not remain 228 as a controlling or dominant force in your life in the world of form, 229 but that the chains of all such binding human deviltry shall be broken and replaced by divine direction 230 from the highest reaches of your own immortal God-free being.


231 These facts concerning astral focuses of human discord 232 (already fully known by you at subconscious levels) 233 which I now bring to your waking attention 234 must keep you on guard mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.


235 Of course, there are also radiant celestial focuses of divine harmony almost without number. 236 These are presently accessible to the sweet children of the Light 237 and sons and daughters of God in the highest etheric levels.


238 Wondrous temples of music exist where celestial tones, unknown, unheard today upon the entire planet, 239 resound from advanced instruments possessing the capacity for almost infinite harmony.


240 There are temples of beauty presided over by Paul the Venetian and other Ascended Masters[1], 241 some from other systems of worlds. 242 Paintings, tapestries, statuary, artistic forms, and planetary records on exhibit, 243 also from this and other systems, 244 are preserved in these great temples, museums, and universities of the Spirit on the etheric levels of this planet.


245 And by now I think you have guessed that there are also treasuries of Wisdom, 246 including the inventions and scientific achievements preserved from earth's past golden ages, 247 stored in these halls of learning and spiritual centres where responsive and responsible souls 248 may study either between embodiments to prepare for a future mission in the next life, 249 or presently through soul travel out of the body during sleep or samadhi. 250 (The latter subject I have reserved for the Keepers of the Flame lessons, for your exercises in soul travel require our close attention and guardian action.)


251 But let us now face certain facts of man's being, 252 fundamental to the quest for the Grail of self-knowledge in the etheric octave. 253 For by determined self-mastery in the first steps he may arrive at the portal of opportunity for world service.


E. Wisdom's Way by the Threefold Flame


254 The mere acquisition of knowledge, without the Wisdom to discriminate in its use, 255 as we have noted, is not productive of the right kind of fruit 256 but often becomes a wholly ego-centered activity.


257 Wherefore, when the flame of Wisdom is utilized by a lifestream, 258 invoked from the heart of his own beloved God Presence, 259 and the dross of wrong thinking colored by human emotion is burned out of the cells of the mind 260 and the lower mental body, 261 then the way is cleared for a flow of great Wisdom into man's consciousness and use. 262 To tap the resources of the cosmic universities, men need pure hearts!


263 We do not deny that the violent rebels against the Cause of Almighty God have taken heaven "by force," (Luke 23:34) 264 as has been said, 265 piercing the veil by psychic means, drugs, Satanic rite and the black arts. 266 They have penetrated beyond the strata of the ordinary, at times employing various chemicals, herbs and human pharmacopoeia 267 in order to escape the realm of the present self 268 and present karmic responsibilities, 269 yet finding but temporal reward for their stealing of forbidden fruit 270 for the Law does not allow them to keep their ill-gotten gains.


271 Let me point out that the way to paradise lost, 272 the way to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life (Gen 3:24) can be found by legitimate 273 and wholesome means whereby the satisfactions of soul-mastery and personal integrity (integration with the Whole) 274 are achieved each step of the way. 275 This is a part of holy Wisdom.


276 For merely to acquire Power without understanding the meaning of justice and mercy, 277 as I have long stressed, 278 is an error for which the lifestream is fully accountable, 279 both here and hereafter.


280 Inasmuch as mankind's karma holds them accountable for so much already, 281 I see no reason why they should further complicate matters by acquiring Power without acquiring the Wisdom to properly apply it 282 and the Love to restrain its selfish abuse.


283 And therefore, I choose to make certain suggestions here and now that I believe will afford souls of Light 284 and alchemists on the Path entrée into a higher spiritual realm, 285 as well as their proper use of God's energy here and now 286 to the blessing of all in this perilous physical octave.


287 Some of you are aware of the fact that the threefold flame, which is being interpreted in part in this Trilogy, 288 is only one-sixteenth of an inch high within the average human heart.


289 It is made up of a blue plume, a yellow plume, and a pink plume of radiant, God-charged, electronic light. 290 Each plume is a manifest focus of God-qualities.


291 The blue plume of spiritual Power relates to faith, goodwill, and the divine intent.


292 The yellow plume of divine Wisdom relates to illumination and to the right use of knowledge, 293 the expansion of the intelligence of the Godhead into the chalked heart and mind of the earnest aspirant to godliness.


294 The pink plume of divine Love is the crown of Life which provides a permeation of the qualities of mercy, compassion, justice, and creativity.


295 Divine Love as radiant Light is also the crown of God's happiness which he sheds forth by his mighty light rays throughout the universe, 296 whether the universe is aware of it or not.


297 Let me point out that the sunshine yellow plume, or sunburst of divine illumination that is within everyone 298 (released through the south arm of the Maltese cross as the pivot between the positive and negative arms of the cross), 299 is the secret key by which man can unfold his own Wisdom flame.


300 This central plume of the tripartite flame of Life must be consciously expanded within heart and mind through invocation to the I AM Presence.


301 For, as the animating principle of God's own Mind, 302 it is given freely for the use of all who will make the call in the name of the Christ.


303 By visualizing its golden yellow radiance passing through one's four lower bodies many times daily, 304 the devotee initiates the process of burning out the accretion of negation and density, 305 purifying the mind, feelings, and memory, reinforcing therein the revitalizing electronic Power of vital Truth.


306 As he joyously assimilates Wisdom's fires, 307 these displace and consume the dross of erroneous thoughts and feelings previously assembled in the human mind 308 that prevent the flow of light through the human consciousness 309 and, until transmuted, remain the enemy of every man seeking God-illumination.


310 Jesus said, "A man's foes shall be they of his own household," (Matt 10:36) 311 and no more motley household has ever been assembled than a man's own wrong thoughts! 312 It is not necessary to pull up the weeds of those wrong thoughts all at once, 313 for the wheat may easily be removed along with the tares. (I John 4:20).


314 However, it is essential to recognize that some degree of reappraisal and self-examination is constantly necessary 315 if one is to retain the true alchemist's objectivity 316 and standard of perpetual progress on the Path.


317 Because it was announced years ago that a number of black magicians had been removed from the planet, 318 some students were of the opinion that the world was then completely freed of the emanation of embodied evil.


319 When cosmic unity and harmony exist everywhere, 320 when criticism, condemnation, and judgment have ceased, 321 when celestial happiness penetrates the world 322 and all strife is ended, 323 I may agree.


324 But, for the time being, 325 the presence of many more black magicians who by free will have chosen the left-handed path 326 is apparent in the outplaying of atrocities on a world scale alongside of pleasure cults and rituals of Darkness 327 tempting psychic suicide. 328 All this in fast motion as you read my very words. 329 So goes the world a la 1984! (I John 4:21)


330 "By their fruits ye shall know them"" 331 is the criterion to be applied to the international scene as well as to the individual. 332 People may hide for a while behind a mask of perfection, 333 but the great, unfailing Light of God penetrates behind all masks 334 and brings each one to judgment. 335 There is no escape from evil karma except to turn from it and do well.


336 Let every man be aware, then, that it is his duty and responsibility to nurture self-concern; 337 for by concern for himself as to what thoughts he shall admit 338 to his mind (and what motives and feelings he shall allow to tarry in the chamber of his heart), 339 he is able to purify that mental world of his and to guard it by purity's flame 340 in such a manner as to be of greater benefit and service to others.


341 Indeed, can the blind lead the blind? 342 As the Master Jesus said, "Shall they not both fall into the ditch?" (Luke 6:18)


343 By a forthright will and willingness reinforced by the decree of your word, 344 remove, then, all barriers in your being and consciousness that you know impede the flow of the God flame of illumination.


345 Use the violet/purple flame of freedom. 346 Welcome it into every atom and cell of your world. 347 Each day ask your God Presence for greater Wisdom and for an increase of the flame of illumination and its right use.


348 In the name of the Christ and by the three­fold flame within your heart, 349 demand of your great God Self a balanced flow of Power, Wisdom and Love 350 and see what Life will do for you!


F. Balanced Achievement—The Way of Mastery


351 Imbalance, where giantism occurs in one aspect of the threefold flame, 352 causing it to be out of proportion to the others 353 prevents the achievement of daily goals 354 as well as the goal of individual Christ-mastery.


355 As the tangible, balanced flame of illumination expands from within your consciousness, 356 it gradually enfolds your being until God, 357 as holy Wisdom, is enthroned upon the altar of your heart.


358 But with each increase of Wisdom, the Power and Love plumes must also rise by the fiat of your devotion to goodwill, 359 else Wisdom's gain will not be retained. 360 Likewise, with each getting of Power there must come the attainment of Wisdom and Love in perfect complement; so, too, 361 Love is actualized only through an equivalency of Power and Wisdom.


362 Recognizing that balance is the golden key to Christhood, 363 you will understand that you cannot know for yourself nor bring into manifestation that which you have not first realized within the realm[2] 364 of your outer or inner experience in God. 365 Such experiences become ultimately meaningful, beautiful, when woven through the rhythm of the balanced threefold flame.


366 This accounts for the differences expressed in men's employment of the faculties of mind and heart. 367 While some have denied themselves the graces of heaven, 368 others, the so-called ignorant or uneducated, 369 are not necessarily bereft of the blessings of holy Wisdom; 370 neither do the learned always receive them "as a little child."


371 For holy Wisdom is imparted not only through study in an outer sense, 372 but also through attunement in an inner sense with the great spiritual powers of Light, 373 God-free beings and circles of initiates who live and move and breathe the sacred fire breath in the higher octaves.


374 Masters of the Far East and those who have risen from ancient temples of Lemuria and South America frequent the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood 375 on the highest etheric planes, receiving, 376 as the Law allows, those who mount the spiral staircase of the degrees to seek 377 and find their abode of the Spirit. 378 That men need not wait until they have passed from the screen of life 379 to obtain greater divine Wisdom should be a source of great happiness to all who read these words.


380 It is true, in fact, that for those who do not successfully attain the goal of the ascension at the close of this embodiment, 381 their succeeding incarnation will be enriched through present diligence to precepts herein imparted; 382 and let me assure you that for those who do attain the goal, 383 whatever is done in God's name today is the achievement of eternity.


384 Nothing divine is ephemeral, 385 nor can it be taken from anyone. 386 All divine blessings are permanent, 387 and this is their wondrous inherent quality.


388 With all thy getting, let it not be the mere fretting away of the hours. 389 With so many waiting at the portals of birth, 390 yearning to breathe the planetary air (even though polluted!) 391 and to bask in the sunlight here, 392 let those who have this opportunity to right all wrong, 393 to obtain entrance into the eternal kingdom, 394 to overcome error, 395 to enthrone the rightful Deity, 396 and to challenge every false opinion 397 accept from the Godhead the scepter of their own Wisdom's dominion.


398 None can obtain who will not try; 399 none can obtain who lack faith. 400 All who will can summon the holy energies and glorify God 401 in that feeling of infinite happiness that comes to those who cherish the outpouring of Light's radiance in its balanced, 402 threefold flame of Power, of Wisdom, and of Love which abideth forever.


403 Most graciously, I AM




Questions for Chapter 2, Book 3.



1. Where the Word ‘Wisdom’ is derived from?


2. What is difference between Wisdom and knowledge?


3. Why re-embodiment is so essential for Wisdom?


4. What individual develop if aware about re-embodiment?


5. Can the Entire Universe be considered like a Depository of the Cosmic Law?


6.  Please explain the Color and Quality of each flame or plume in the three-fold Heart of Human Soul.


7. What city has the Three-fold Flame as stem?


8. What are the ingredients to the Way to the Tree of Life?


9. What is the size of the Three-fold flame within your heart?

(Answers are available only in Printed Edition and Digital Edition).

[1] There are Temples and Ascended Masters dedicated to some specific Flames of Qualities which changes from time to time. The Last July 27th 1992, a great Meeting happens in the Pleiades, and El Moria, who first works for Archangel Michael on the Blue Ray, was assigned and he choose the Yellow Ray, now of Healing. Some people claim, in books like Aurelia Louise Jones, ‘The Seven Sacred Flames’ and Elizabeth Clare Prophet ‘Your Seven Energy Centres’, that there are just Seven Temples. Elohim Mer, God Meru explains that there are many temples and Chohans, which are Masculine and Femenine.

[2] Saint Paul, called today the Beloved Hilarion say ‘Heal yourself before to go to heal others’. Saint Paul, in Rome was called, Paul the Evangelist and his son was John the Evangelist, who wrote the Gospel of John (See Vol 2, The Book of Apocalypse explained in ‘2012, Galactic Alignment’).


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