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Tuesday, 16 April 2013 13:54

Is the now-living Aquarium Age ... the Hinduist Satya Yuga? ...


Greetings in the day of Unconditional Love ... the Mars day ... when the Martian essence engine our Heart and Blood ...

    And observing the Web ... and mixing concepts like 'New Age' ... 'Aquarius' Age ... 'Piscean Age' ... Kali Yuga (last yuga) and Treta yuga (first yuga) ... it is important to get a clear understanding about the ... Cosmic time and each cycle.

     While Time moves like in a Catenoid ... like a great Spiral ...

     An Age like Piscean Age is 2,000 years ... exactly 2,160 years that in 12 Ages give ... 25,920 years. You can say also 24,000 years ... 12x2,000 ... or you can say also 26,000 years ... Honestly the Laws are Dynamic.

     we are now living the Aquarian Age ... which begin ... for real the day 12-12-12, or December 12th 2012, when we leave the Galactic Night and enter in the Photon Band ... many years ago ... such day was the Anniversary of the Noah Flood ... but the cycle extend forward each time it repeat ...

     The plan of God for the Aquarian Age was designed in July 27th 1992 ... when the role of planets ... the meaning of colors ... changes, as well the Chief of each Flame of Ray. Kuthumi is now the Chohan of the Pink Ray and El Moria of the Yellow Ray not working anymore at the orders of Archangel Michael,  but now is Healer.


     There ... in 1994 begin a process of 36 years ...


     Now, may be the Maya Calendar ... that do not announce the End of the World ... and they do not say that ... they simple offer a Calendar which end was December 21th 2012 ... but in Honestly was Oct 18th 2011.

     Honestly we need a new System to measure time ... We at Future Technologies are modestly offering our 'FT Lunar Calendar'

(Click to mark ...)

     May be the Hinduism and its Yuga is clear ... but ... every Religion ... every group say ... 'We have the Truth ... We have the Truth ...'

     All say ... 'We have the Truth' ... Have you sleep in a Maya Hotel ... for US$ 6,000 for night with no food ... looking for something?! ... Bad idea.

     Now, there are a Truth and there a a Higher Truth that can explains all minor Truths ... but there are ONE TRUTH.

     Honestly ... God do not write laws ... These laws change ... all the time.

     The Maya did their best ... according to their Calendar and of course we are now living the so-called 'Galactic Alignment'.

     The Galactic Alignment is a time ... or period of time ... between two times ... the Old time and the New Time.

     According to the Hinduism tradition ... and speaking and clarifying their terms ... the Age of Demons is ending ... the Kali Yuga is ending and the Satya Yuga is in the beginning ...

     For those who have no clear understanding about these concepts ... I will address to you now.

    We have Four Yugas:

  1. Satya Yuga (or Krita Yuga).
  2. Treta Yuga.
  3. Dvapara Yuga.
  4. Kali Yuga

     When someone say ... the Satya Yuga is about 400 years ... Well, this is not correct. When someone say Treta Yuga is 1,296,000 years, again is wrong.

     We are still in Kali Yuga ... the Age of Darkness ... and we are living this age. The planet leave the 'Galactic Night' on December 12th 2012, with the Solar System and the Pleiades ... all begin ... including the Galaxy a new cycle that day.

     The Yuga are also classified like Satya Yuga (Golden Age), Treta Yuga (Silver Age), Dwapara-Yuga (Bronze Age) and Kali Yuga (Eisen Age, or Dark Age).

     The Assassination of Lord Jesus ... can be identified like a 'Golden fact'? ... No. The Love for Fashion, kill and destroy people and company business in the name of ... What? ... Shoes? ... Perfume? ... While other places have no food ... or troubles is a 'Golden' fact? ... No. No!

     The Passage ... and is the most dramatic ... from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga depends of the arrival of Chief of Virtue.

     ... You can use the name you prefer ... or the Religion you prefer ... He is a Holy person ... and changes everything.

     We are living in a somehow 'Sodom and Gomorrah' times ... now at end.

     People have no idea a Golden Age can be ...

     However, I will cite ... a passage from the Classic Hinduism book, Mahabharata.

     We have,

[...] there were no poor and no rich; there was no need to labour, because all that men required was obtained by the power of will; the chief virtue was the abandonment of all worldly desires. The Krita Yuga was without disease; there was no lessening with the years; there was no hatred or vanity, or evil thought; no sorrow, no fear. All mankind could attain to supreme blessedness. [...]

     These are words who match Lord Jesus words when he say ...

5Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

-- Matthew 5:5.

      There will not be ... Demons or Evil people in the Krita Yuga ... now in act.

       The Aquarian Age is the Krita Yuga, also called Satya Yuga, the Age of the Goods ... The Age of Truth.

        I Giovanni (John) ... knows that ... the arrival of Evil ... was 450,000 years ago. In those days begin ... Kali Yuga.

        How long will be ... Krita Yuga? ... depends of many facts ...

        Welcome to the 21th Century ... and Relax ... evil is leaving the World ...


Giovanni A. Orlando

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