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Power is Energy ... (Power is the West Arm in the Maltese Cross)


Greetings in the day Blue day of the King and the Queen ... the day of Thor ... the day of Zeus ... the day of Jupiter.

      And The Power is Blue ... the Love is Pink ... and the Wisdom is Yellow.

     Power is a consequence of Love and Wisdom. If you have no Love ... you lose your Power. If you have no Wisdom you lose your Power ... but according to your Love and Wisdom ... you acquire Power.

     And because this is the Third Release of Book 3 from Saint Germain on Alchemy ... I submit the symbol of the Maltese Cross ...

     That is the Symbol of the Fleur de Lis ... or the Giglio Bottonato of Florence.

    Symbols and Amulets are not not-sense gifts ... but they alter the Energy ... for Protection, for Wealth ... for Prosperity ... etc.

     Honestly ... Power (as Saint Germain explains) ... as Lord Lanto explains ... is available in different forms.

     The so-called 'Crisis' ... is the Lack of Energy ... God is Energy ... and therefore is the Absence of God (Energy) ... the Absence of Money (Energy) ...

     With enough Energy ... Governments have no problems ... People have no problems and in fact, those who control Energy ... actually ... have control over others.

      Wisdom is also Energy and Power. Love is also Energy ... and Power.

      In the Maltese Cross ... we have all three ... including the North Arm which is God/Heaven Arm ...


     I hold a Maltese cross with me ... for many years ... and I plan to hold ... forever. It is a sign that protect me and belong to me, Giovanni ... for long time ...

      From the days I lived with the Crusades ... with the day of Columbus to discover America ... etc.

      Now we are living a New Time a New Cross is with us ... Lord Jesus give us the Uriel Key, which is the Cross for the New Age ... which was know in Egypt ...

     There are also a Symbol of the return of Lord Jesus ... you can check this book ...

    Also the Holy Grail is a symbol ... connected ... with Saint Germain (Merlin) ... etc.

    Now, I will offer the Chapter titled, 'Power' ... expecting you got more Power ... to Love ... and to be Wise.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


1. Power 


50 And, as we shall soon see, in this cosmic interchange between God and man 51 the Universal Light is beamed forth "as Above, so below" 52 to the right, to the left and in the center in a perfect equilibrium of Power, Wisdom and Love.



1 Gracious Men and Women,


2 Persistency is recognized as a quality which eventuates in the manifestation of some aspect of perfection. 3 The courage which men externalize by holding fast 4 to a specific momentum in the face of every attempt 5 to prevent its manifestation is a thing of beauty, 6 a joy to every heart, 7 and most wondrous to behold.


8 The very thought of Power in itself brings delight to the hearts of men. 9 The Power of the universe depicted in the heavens tells men of that seemingly far-off aspect of God 10 for which their souls hunger but unto which it appears impossible to draw nigh. 11 Hope, together with the element of faith, has enabled men to release some degree of Power 12 into their worlds and to subject it to their control.


A. Power Defined


13 Now, Power has taken many forms: 14 abuses have marred its use, 15 whereas virtue has enhanced it. 16 Tyrants have exploited it, 17 and politics and religion have been molded around the star of Power blazing in the firmament of society


18 The primary types of Power are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy in various forms. 19 There is electrical, chemical, nuclear, elemental, and cosmic power; 20 and there is temporal power, 21 consisting of social influences and mass pressures, 22 governmental and religious authority. 23 Meanwhile, karmic power affects everyone's status, attainment, and progress.


24 All Power is interrelated: some is stored, some is static, some is dynamic and subject to a rapid decay rate. 25 All Power is subject to two primary qualifications under the classification of relativity: 26 divine and human, or cosmic-universal and material-transitory.


27 The Maltese cross, emblem of my dedication to the cause of freedom, 28 is a balanced thought-form which may be used to illustrate the qualifications of Power. 29 As many realize, a cross symbolizes the meeting of two planes of consciousness 30 the horizontal bar representing the plane of the human consciousness, 31 the plane of the ego, 32 and the vertical bar representing the energies of God descending from the realm of Spirit into the quadrants of Matter.


33 The center where the two lines intersect is the point (orifice) where the energies of heaven are released to the earth; 34 and in truth, it is at this point 35 which is actually the point of the qualification of Power 36 that great alertness must be maintained by all who use Power in its many aspects, 37 including its organic and inorganic forms.


38 The Power of speech itself 39 the Power in the spoken word and the Power of the Word, 40 whether released by pen or edict of sword 41 changes the course of history and alters the lives of those affected by its release. 41 Whatever its subsequent use or abuse, 42 the tangled threads of Power have always flowed, 43 symbolically and actually, from the orifice of the cross.


44 The Maltese cross is a symbol of perfect balance 45 both in the alignment of the four planes of Matter 46 (and the four cosmic forces thereof) 47 and in the inner and outer expression of God's Spirit within the souls of his own.


48 As such, the Maltese cross illustrates the drawing forth of Light's energy and consciousness 49 from on high (through the north arm) for the manifestation in the world of form of God's omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence (through the west, south and east arms respectively). 50 And, as we shall soon see, in this cosmic interchange between God and man 51 the Universal Light is beamed forth "as Above, so below" 52 to the right, to the left and in the center in a perfect equilibrium of Power, Wisdom and Love.


53 Blessed ones, it is easy to complicate that which is simple, 53 but it is often most difficult to simplify that which is really complicated. 54 This I shall attempt to do for you in this study. 55 Bear in mind that when a child first begins the study of arithmetic, 56 he is dealing with simple sums and the concrete; 57 in his world of counting things he can little conceive of the intricate threads of logarithms and abstract equations.


58 Man should, then, realize that the perfectionment of the soul in God 59 must take into account the training of the child-man and the fact that so-called cradles of 'negation' 60 (e.g., compartments in the world of form) 61 have been created as classrooms or schools of soul testing 62 where transmutation and noble changes can be effected that will result in an expansion of the flame of freedom, 63 raising every son of liberty into the totality of his identity and divine manhood.


64 In simplifying the understanding concerning the release of Power, 65 it will be shown that the bodies of man, 66 four by definition, 67 are receptacles of that Power. 68 Thus his physical, mental, emotional and etheric 'sheaths of consciousness' 69 are recipients of the charge of Power 70 that is released through the electronic pattern of the Maltese cross.


71 For the purposes of this study, it is best that we consider the dawn, 72 the beginning of each day, as the arbitrary point of origin for Power's release, 73 when self-conscious awareness once again floods the altar of individuality 74 and men begin again to think and to perceive. 75 For this, too, is an employment of Power, but one which is often abused by neglect.


76 Few today are aware of the degree of Power which God has conferred upon man through the gift of consciousness. 76 Few are aware that they possess the Power of focalization and intensification in the proper exercise of their attention through individual consciousness; 77 nor do they realize that the interpretive and discriminatory action of the God Self enables them to take firm hold of the reins of Power, 78 to be in control of their lives, 79 and to be less distracted by the social and karmic responsibilities that are daily thrust upon them.


B. Self-Dominion, Your Reins of Power


80 The statement made of old "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; 81 and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city" (Prov 16:36) should be understood. 82 Were it so, more adepts and masters would arise in every generation to take the reins of dominion over themselves and their worlds.


83 It is an act of utter compassion for universal Law and for universal Love for you to obtain dominion over the finite self. 84 When this happens in your life, 85 and happen it shall as the Law is made known, 86 you will realize that you cannot remain a novice and still be a master. 87 Although you live in the plane of the human consciousness, 88 you must not be subject to its depredations.


89 Inasmuch as the world is filled with idle minds, and "idling minds," 90 even when housed in a dedicated consciousness, 91 are often tools of the sinister force 92 ("the devil's workshop," as they say), 93 it behooves the student of deeper Truth to recognize that he alone can and must govern his own world through the right use of Power.


94 In this sphere of cosmic coexistence, where the energies of the macrocosm and the microcosm flow as one, 95 there is a daily release of great Power from the Godhead 96 and a subsequent abuse of that Power by mankind. 97 Some men watch the abuses of others and then respond with an equal or greater abuse of Power; 98 thus they gauge their power train according to the qualifications of Power by individuals and society. 99

This is not action, but reaction.


100 Others, sometimes consciously and deliberately and at times thoughtlessly or unconsciously, 101 generate discordant thoughtforms and auric emanations from their beings 102 through the triggering action of bad habits and momentums.


103 I would like to list some of these abuses of Power in order that you might perceive 104 how people become the unwitting tools of subtle qualities of negation 105 and how they take in, amplify, and discharge this noxious substance into the planetary atmosphere.


106 First there is boredom, an indifferent state of mind wherein all seems quite profitless to the individual 107 who cannot see beyond the vanity of this world to the reality of the next. 108 In this disenfranchising state, akin to a vacuum, men denude their souls of vitality.


107 Then there is dissatisfaction, in which men assess their own progress or lack of it and, by dishonesty in self, 108 or self-deceit, are unwilling to admit their role in fashioning their own weaknesses. 109 Instead, they effect a transfer of responsibility to others, 110 assigning them the blame for their own failures or lack of progress. Often carried on at subconscious levels, this ruse of the carnal mind remains the primary cause of personal stagnation.


111 Then, too, there are numerous types of fear. 112 One of its most devastating forms which I desire to call to your attention is that which even the sincere sometimes attribute to the Godhead 113 given men's propensity to fashion their gods after themselves. 114 It is the altogether human quality of whimsy, which stems from a deep-seated insecurity.


115 Although they themselves have a whimsical nature, 116 they cannot bear the thought of being subject to a whimsical God. 116 Therefore they conclude 117 for dark and unclear reasons unknown even to themselves 118 that their lifestream are not in favor with the universe 119 and that they must withdraw therefrom.


120 In this anxious frame of mind they may tend toward aggressive forms of rebellion 121 or their attitude may become one of servility, 122 wherein they easily tolerate feelings of lethargy, depression, and hopelessness.


123 There is the vibration of doubt which we would also touch upon. 124 Doubt stems from fear and from a lack of real self-knowledge, 125 while self-doubt, as lurking suspicion, colors one's doubts of everyone else.


126 Some, who believe themselves to be fearless and in possession of greater knowledge 127 than they in fact have, 128 may not accept the statement I am making.


129 Nevertheless, I shall affirm its truth; 130 and when in the Light of greater understanding men will have dispelled their own self-ignorance, 130 their doubts, too, will fly out the window.


131 But men must allow themselves time enough to achieve this. 132 As the Master said, "In your patience possess ye your souls." (Luke 21:19).


133 Now, there are many other traits and influences that we could go into here, 134 but I do not choose to prolong the enumeration of negatives to which mankind are host.


135 Rather, I would point out, on the basis of a thorough analysis of those I have listed, 136 that mankind's abuses of Power are created primarily as a result of their ignorance 137 and misunderstanding of the laws governing the flow 138 and use of energy.


139 Moreover, to the great masses inhabiting the planet, 140 from whom even a rudimentary knowledge of the science of karma has been withheld, 141 it is somewhat difficult to explain the cycles of reincarnation that predestine the return of abused Power to the one who has misused it.


142 The horror with which some who profess to be religious view any doctrine 143 that is not approved by the church of their fathers 144 is a millstone about their necks. How unfortunate! For if they are to be free from the shackles of an ancient dogma, 145 they must open wide the doors of their minds, 146 without fear and without prejudice.


C. Oneness of Life, Four Lower Bodies


147 Now, it must be understood with cherishment that all Life is one, 148 and that an abuse of Power on the part of any member of the world body 149 has its effect upon all. 150 But by a like token, the correct use of Power by anyone upon the planet brings its blessing to all.


151 Power is energy. 152 Energy stored in the physical body can be measured as the sum total of the energy content of all of the body cells.


153 When this energy is spent, 154 it becomes necessary to in some way reinfuse the cells with energy in order to renew the Power of the body.


155 To infuse the body cells with new and vital energy when those cells are already clogged with accumulations of negatively qualified substance 156 (residual deposits of Power misused through wrong thought and feeling) 157 is to partially negate the flow of energy in the body. 158 This can cause fatigue, or a loss of Power, which, if unchecked, eventually results in so-called death 159 the cessation of the flow of Power from the Presence to the physical form.


160 Consider the value of flushing out these accumulations by spiritual electronics! 161 And then gradually building up the Light in the four lower bodies by the fourfold alchemy of the Maltese cross 162 and the science of the spoken Word!


163 Thus it is most necessary to understand the relationship of the four lower bodies 164 as you pursue the rebuilding of the temple of man as a wise masterbuilder.


165 The mental body interpenetrates the physical body as water interpenetrates a sponge. 166 Having its own reservoir of Power, it is not dependent upon the physical body 167 except as the focal point for the flow and distribution of Power.


168 Yet, the four lower bodies of man are so interrelated 169 that if the mental body is to operate at optimum efficiency, 170 the other three must be in perfect alignment with it and with each other.


171 The densities that the mental body encounters in the physical body 172 such as the harmful residue of nicotine, drugs, and impure food, 173 or even the substance of fear, doubt, and mental rebellion accumulated from past lives 174 clog the brain cells and imprison the light of the atom, 175 effectively impeding the free flow of light to the physical consciousness and 176 thereby impairing the function of the mental faculties.


177 When misused, the Power of the emotional body becomes the most violent and volatile of the four lower bodies. 178 When agitated by undisciplined feelings, 179 these emotional energies have a tendency to lead men astray in their thinking 180 and in their actions.


181 The flow of Power to the mental body is also greatly subject to the Power of the etheric, or memory body. 182 In memory's storehouse, the writings of all past actions in present and previous embodiments stand as an electronic record of considerable weight and influence.


183 The Power of this record, together with the momentums generated by the misuse of energy, 184 is a subtle pressure that affects the present moment for good or for ill (relatively speaking) 185 unless it is brought under the control of the balancing Power of the great God flame within the heart 186 the immortal flame of Power, Wisdom and Love.


D. The Maltese Cross


      Symbol of God-Controlled Power


187 The Maltese cross, symbol of the perfect balance of the God flame, "as in heaven, so on earth," 188 provides a thought and energy matrix whereby the ill effects of personal and planetary karma 189 can be brought under control and the Power of virtue released in their place, 190 that mankind's use of Power might no longer corrupt life on earth.


191 It has been said that "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." 192 Power can be used as the bow of the Infinite Archer to release an arrow of perfection into the heart of man's goal of happiness.


193 As the pursuit of happiness is an acknowledged treasure, 194 let all who would permanently enjoy it 195 ponder the Maltese cross as a simple thoughtform through which 196 great truths may be revealed for the blessing of all.


197 Looking at the Maltese cross placed upright before us, 198 we see that the four symmetrical arms extending from the center are triangular in shape, 199 wide at the outside, giving the appearance of a fanning action.


200 The upper, or north, arm descending to the center resembles the upper vessel of an hourglass. 201 Actually, it is a funnel through which the great energies of God 202 the Power of God are descending into the cup (chalice) of being.


203 The wide opening reminds us of the infinite energies of the Source and of God's ability to convey these to man. 204 Therefore we know that we need not accept limitation in any form 205 whether in receiving or giving the limitless Light of cosmos.


206 The point of qualification at the center of the cross indicates that you must always consciously determine within your heart 207 and mind 208 to qualify your God-given energy with the purity of the divine intent 209 and with the virtues of your Christ-identity.


210 You need not be weak or weakened when confronted by waves of discordant energy 211 whether your own or another's. 212 Nor is it necessary for you to be rude in your rebuttal of human error; 213 for it is not the person, but the impersonal energy personally misdirected that must be challenged.


214 Therefore, establish yourself in a firm, 215 unyielding consciousness that rejects evil as the lie of man's misqualification; 216 and as you breathe in the essence of the sacred fire, 'flower of Power', 217 determine to strip that lie of its negative Power manifesting as thorns of abuse.


218 It must be recognized that when the energy-action descends from God to man through the upper arm, 219 narrowing through the funnel to flow into the crucible of being at the point of the cross, 220 it passes through the nexus and fans out into the three lower triangles to manifest as Power, Wisdom and Love 221 in the world of material form.


222 Thus, the infinite energies of God are molded by the qualifications of man's attention focused at the heart of the cross the seat of his conscious mind. 223 By this means Power congeals in the physical world, 224 taking the form of the thoughts, 225 the feelings, the acts, 226 and the spoken word of man, 226 the release of its potential being entirely dependent upon the motivation and the will of his consciousness.


227 The balance between the upper arm, which receives the energies of Spirit, 228 and the three lower arms, 229 through which Spirit's energies coalesce both in and as Matter, 230 provides for the balanced manifestation of God's Power "as Above, so below," 231 from the planes of primary causation to the physical effect, 232 as it is taught in the Hermetic science.[1]


233 If man's qualification of his quotient of spiritual energy released over the crystal cord 234 from the I AM Presence to the heart chakra 234 were retained in purity from the moment it entered the crucible of his consciousness, 235 all that is in manifestation in the microcosm would reflect the perfection of the macrocosm. 236 Think of that!


237 The energies of the three lower arms, 238 fanning out in a balanced action from the center of the Maltese cross, 239 proceed, then, from the plane of pure Being into the form, 240 or action, phase of the threefold flame. 241 Power by itself (in the left arm) retains the negative polarity 242 unless and until it is qualified with the positive polarity of divine Love 243 (in the right arm). 244 Ponder well this statement!


245 Now, the left arm of the cross denotes the negative, 246 or minus, 247 charge of spiritual energy qualified by the blue flame of Power.


248 The right arm denotes the positive, or plus, 249 charge qualified by the pink flame of Love. 250 And the lower arm, denoting the central axis of the plus and minus fling, is qualified by the golden flame of illumination, 251 which imbues both the positive and negative poles with Wisdom's God-direction and purpose.


252 Therefore, all that is below in the microcosm is intended to be a threefold manifestation of the sacred fire that descends from Above in the macrocosm.


253 The energy released from the Godhead, the Daystar from on high (II Pet 1:19) 254 the lodestone of Power, or the I AM Presence, scintillating in the octaves of perfection 255 immediately upon entering the lower octaves of Matter assumes the negative pole of being in what is called the night side of manifestation. 256 This is the minus side of Life, where the plus fling of potential released from Spirit enters into material qualification.


257 The energies garnered in Spirit, when preceded by right thought in the left arm, 258 gain the impetus for God-virtue by the Power of Love's cohesion and attraction as they are released into action through the right arm.


259 This left-right, 'push-pull', action can be illustrated through the principle of the slingshot, 260 wherein the stone in the sling is withdrawn from the Y in a negative pull in order to secure the necessary impetus of Power 261 to drive home the shot through a positive release.





262 You will recall that it is written in the first chapter of Genesis that the Lord God made 263 "the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night." (Gen 1:16).


264 The north arm of the cross represents the day side of being, 265 and the three lower arms the night side.


266 The left arm of the Maltese cross, being the negative arm of the Trinity in form, 267 is itself symbolical of the negative side of Life 268 in which the three lower arms are suspended. 269 Then, too, it is the left arm that denotes the physical nature of man as a cradle, or crucible, 270 into which God pours his Power as a condensation of the fiery intensity of his Light.


271 This he does in the hope that man will rise above that cradle/crucible and transcend the world of experience 272 which the alchemist perceives as the night side of Life, 273 a temporal densification of Spirit, 274 a laboratory in Matter where he is obliged to prove the scientific laws of being in order to return to the permanent abode of Spirit. 275 It is out of the dense spheres of this world of experience, 276 which the Hindus refer to as the world of maya, 277 that the soul of man must rise, 278 "purified and made white” 279 into the purity of the great God flame of his being.


280 The Maltese cross has another significance. 281 When the perfect integration of God and man is complete, 282 there is a sunburst effect emitting Light from the dot in the center of the cross. 283 Within the cosmic circle of allness at the dot symbolical of individuality, 284 there is focused the balance of Spirit and Matter, 285 a Divine Oneness of all planes, 286 a union of the Father/Mother God 287 fulfilling the spirals of Alpha to Omega.


288 Through the sacred heart of the soul wed to the Universal Christ 289 in the alchemical marriage, 290 the Light is come, the Light does shine!


291 God is in Truth the All-in-all, 292 not only in principle but also in practical application! 293 For this God, Whose Christ, as Paul said, 294 is All and in all, 295 is the All-in-all within the individualized manifestation made in his image and likeness. (Cor 15:28)


296 Thus is the fullness of God's kingdom conferred upon his sons and daughters 297 thus through the pattern of the Maltese cross is the concept of "Thine is the Power" realized!




298 God's Power, as his light/energy/consciousness is, 299 then, entrusted to every man. 300 And it is in the right use of this Power in every way 301 according to the spiritual/physical laws of alchemy which I herewith declare to you in part, 302 leaving the rest to your mystical communion with Cosmos 303 that man can surely come to understand more of the universe and obtain the victory of eternal Life.


304 I realize that my writings on alchemy were a disappointment to some students because of their faulty levels of expectation. 305 Some actually became obsessed with the idea that I would give them some form of thaumaturgical formula whereby, 306 upon making certain cabalistic signs in the air and reciting the secret word or words, 307 precious stones and even money would materialize in their hands as if "out of thin air."


308 I doubt not that if this were to be conferred upon all, 309 it would be the greatest abuse of Power conceivable, 310 both on my part and on the part of the universe itself; 311 for if men think that they have karmic responsibilities in the use of that Power which they already have, 312 let them consider for a moment what responsibilities they should have if their Power were increased!


313 Call not so much for an increase of Power, then, 314 as for a better understanding of how to use that Power which you already have, 315 and observe how the universe in all of its great Wisdom, 316 bursting with desire to give you the vital freshness of Being, 317 will confer upon you by direct apprehension those alchemical secrets 318 which will assure you not a continuing abuse 319 but a correct and glorious use of the Power of God unto salvation for all!


320 May his peace be with you as I join you in the release of greater understanding 321 concerning your wise dominion of illumination's flame.


322 Your obedient friend of freedom,





Questions for Chapter 1, Book 3.



1. Is Power connected with the far-off aspects of God?

2. List the type of Power, Saint Germain offer.

3. Is Power interrelated?

4. What are the four Lower bodies of man?

5. Who must govern his own World?

6. Why sometimes people tend toward aggressive form of rebellion?

7. How is related the mental body with the Physical?

8. How is called the etheric body?

9. What can balance the Power of the record of the memory body?

10. Explain the Maltese Cross.

11. What happens when the energy-action descends from God to

[1] See Book # 5, The Kyballion.

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