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A Rose of Multiple Colors ... like is the Human DNA ... like is the Multiple Religions ... like is the Earth ...


Greetings in the Venus day ... the day of the Poetry ...

      And is convenient to ... in the day of Venus ... compose poetry and engine ... the Love for the WORD.

      While God is Word ... but he do not speak ... like Human ... he need Humans to speak to Humans ... the Word is Holy.

      Venus day ... or Fridda-day (Friday) in the Anglo-Saxon tradition is the day dedicated to the Poetry ... in the New Age Season ...

      And What better words ... that ... the Words of Islam ... the Words of the Holy Bible ... the Words of the Sutra ... the Words of the Upanishads ... the Words of the Avatars ... Main ... and small? ...

      There are no other Words ... better than these? ...

      And we can include the Symbol for Islam ...

         We can include the New Symbol of Tao ... from 2013 ...

       we can use the Symbol of Buddhism ...

      or we can use the Old Symbol of Christianity ...

     or we can use the New Cross ... which is the Archangel Uriel Key, or the Ankh,

     Yes ... we can hold all these symbols ... we can still hold and love and understand the meaning of the King David Star ...

      But if we offend ... if we do not use good words ... What sense would have our Words?

      What means to be ... a Great Musician of the Past ... a Bringer of High Harmony ... and then ... speak in Offensive tones? ... Simply no sense.


      And ... many people wonder about Shakespeare ... How is possible someone wrote so High Words? ... Can be repeated? ... How he did such Glorious Words? ...

       And what is the sense to Love Shakespeare ... and then Kill? ... There are no sense.

       While there are still Mysteries behind Shakespeare ... please ponder he was an Enlightened person ... you can call him, Francis Bacon, but is more logical do not look in the Past ... but accept him like ... Ascended Master Saint Germain.


     And if we want to browse his Past he was also Merlin and Joseph, Father and Mentor of lord Jesus, as well King Solomon, Osiris ...

     From a Shakespeare play ...

I do dine to-day at the father's of a certain pupil
of mine; where, if, before repast, it shall please
you to gratify the table with a grace, I will, on my
privilege I have with the parents of the foresaid
child or pupil, undertake your ben venuto; where I
will prove those verses to be very unlearned,
neither savouring of poetry, wit, nor invention: I
beseech your society.
And thank you too; for society, saith the text, is
the happiness of life.
     -- Love's Labour's Lost.

Yes ... and we can change these words for a New Harmony ...

        Let me try for you ...

                      I do mine ... every sacred day ... like today. Thus, please do your job today and be my pupil for a minute.

                      I will on my privilege ... and I prove those verses ... to the unlearned ... for the happiness of Life.

        Just ... here ... there are 'good' words. Don't you ? ...

   Why? ... How? ... How is possible? ... Let me tell you ... in Honesty ...

   'For a man, is easy to be a Man, for a Woman is easy to be a Woman ...
as for a King is easy to be a King, a Prince a Prince and a Queen a Queen'

   Problems happens when a Man want to be a Woman ... or a Woman want to be a Man ... but who are we to Judge? ... if a Man want to be a Woman and a Woman want to be a Man? ... We can not!

       And about Judgment Shakespeare say ...

He that of greatest works is finisher,

Oft does them by the weakest minister:

So holy writ in babes hath judgment shown

When judges have been babes.

—All’s Well That Ends Well, Act 2, Scene I.


    Or from page 30 of my book, 'Shakespeare and the Bible' ...

     (While is not the main idea of this statement ... I am a business man ...)

     We have ...

§23. Judge not, and ye shall not be judged; condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned ; forgive and ye shall be forgiven.

Luke 6:37.


But mercy is above this sceptred sway ;

It is enthroned in the heart of kings,

It is an attribute to God himself;

And earthly power doth then show lik'st God's

When mercy seasons justice.

—Merchant of Venice, Act 4, Scene I.



     Can we learn the Art of the Word? ... What is the School? ... Life or Death ... Misery or Glory ... Wealth or Joy? ... Bliss or Kiss? ...

     The Art of the Word is connected with Holiness and we can travel or not ... but is to the surrender to Life ... any life ... neighbors close or far ... where in this Love ... the Harmony comes.


      And Palpatine ... the Dark Emperor will say ... 'There are a Disturbance in the Force ...' in the case he listen Lord Jesus ... but ... There are no War ... in the Heavens.

       If you think ... Heavens is just Light ... then how you can border such Light? ... You cannot border that Light ... without Darkness.

       You can think is all Darkness ... but there are also the Great White Brotherhood of Light ... which holds ... billions and billions or souls.

        Those who are balanced ... offer Balancing ... those who are unbalanced ... offer and push disbalance in others.

        Higher is the position, great is the troubles ... or benefits they create.

        The Symbol of Tao ... have changed ... and you ... cannot ... anymore note the difference between ... Black/White, Good/Bad, Heaven/Hell.

       Now ... let me speak about High Physics. The Universe ... is a Time ... where we can note the Even Dimensions and the Odd Dimensions ... If you prefer the Even Dimensions ... includes some ... Lords ... which you can classify like Dark Lord ... and Odd Dimensions includes basically the White Side.

         But friends ... if you listen Rock, Acid Rock, Radio ... and Radio ... only in specific cases ... includes Bach, and Beethoven, Mozart and Hayden ... if you listen Radio ... you are NOT listening the White side ... but the Dark side ...

         Therefore ... there are no but what your side ... the side you choose to follows.

The king he is hunting the deer; I am coursing
myself: they have pitched a toil; I am toiling in
a pitch,--pitch that defiles: defile! a foul
word. Well, set thee down, sorrow! for so they say
the fool said, and so say I, and I the fool: well
proved, wit! By the Lord, this love is as mad as
Ajax: it kills sheep; it kills me, I a sheep:
well proved again o' my side! I will not love: if
I do, hang me; i' faith, I will not. O, but her
eye,--by this light, but for her eye, I would not
love her; yes, for her two eyes. Well, I do nothing
in the world but lie, and lie in my throat. By
heaven, I do love: and it hath taught me to rhyme
and to be melancholy; and here is part of my rhyme,
and here my melancholy. Well, she hath one o' my
sonnets already: the clown bore it, the fool sent
it, and the lady hath it: sweet clown, sweeter
fool, sweetest lady! By the world, I would not care
a pin, if the other three were in. Here comes one
with a paper: God give him grace to groan!
Stands aside
 -- Love's Labour's Lost.


     ... And Always Saint Germain ... now like an Ascended Master say in my Third Edition ...

36 All those who misuse the powers of the universe for selfish ends find sooner or later that they must relinquish their hold upon their ill-gotten gains; 37 and the penalty they pay is frightful indeed.

38 To produce substance to feed the poor, to heal at a touch a withered hand, to raise the dead, and even to set aside natural law and perform, 39 by the magic of alchemy, miracles of infinite wonder  this seems to mankind to be the ultimate in their use of heaven's grace.

40 Let me embrace the Spirit of freedom that makes it possible for a man made in the immortal, loving, God-free image of his Creator to do these things and many  more  to the benefit of society and to the happiness of his benefactors.

41 But above all, let me praise the proper use of the blessed divine science of spiritual alchemy.

   -- The Law of Transfer of Energy: 36-41.

And to complete these words ... I push these words ...

A dear happiness to women: they would else have
been troubled with a pernicious suitor. I thank God
and my cold blood, I am of your humour for that: I
had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man
swear he loves me.
 -- Much Ado about Nothing.

In fact ... better to keep ...

loves for a woman ... at the end of the Calvary ... and reserve a sweet Hotel room in Egypt. Who knows?

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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