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Thursday, 16 May 2013 07:03

Moses and Aaron before the Pharaoh Ikhnaton


Greetings in the Thor-day ... the Jupiter day ... the day of the Royal Blue-Sky King ... and the Queen.

     And in this Holy day ... this sacred day ... I will address a lesson of Story ... commenting about 'The Chosen people'.

       In the times of the Pharaohs ... in the millenniums of the Glory of Egypt ...  The Egyptian were the Chosen people.

     The Egyptian ... in their Royalty, beauty and Perfection ... and this does not means ... there were not Internal Wars ... or Plots ... to move the Capital to Thebes ... etc ... but they represent the Highest Level of Consciousness in that time. We are speaking about 7,000 years ago.

    At each passage ... of the Scepter of Kingship and Royalty in the World ... the Planetary Consciousness Shift.

    Before that ... about 70,000 years ago ... the Scepter was in Older Arabia. 14,000 years ago was in Atlantis. 12,000 years ago was the Noah Flood ... and before ... was also in Lemuria ... where Hawaii Islands and many islands ... in their loveliness ... continue to push Love and Brotherhood ... basically.

    There were two moments of Exodus ... and Moses speaks with Ikhnaton Father, which name was ... Amenhotep III.

   The Egyptian Pharaohs was from the Sirian Stirpe. The Stirpe of the House of Sirius Star. Also Hermes ... who was Thoth and also Osiris is from Sirius. Also Tuthmosis III who was Kuthumi ... or Saint Francis are from Sirius.

   The Egyptian Glory was constructed by design and Mastery of the Masters of Sirius, Serapis Bey (who was Leonidas and Amenhotep III). Saint Germain (Osiris, Thoth ... but also King Solomon) ... etc.

   The Jesus stripe ... that is Royal and comes from Sirius ... was present in any culture ... in the Tribe of Judah with himself like King David and King Solomon (Saint Germain) ... as well with Moses.

   Moses was the Sirian (from the Sirius Star) ... who is Ascended Master, El Moria.

   El Moria, from the Sirius Star ... and therefore a Sirian (A Master from Sirius) ... born between the Hebrew.

   Like the Egyptians comes and are from Sirius Star, the Hebrew are from Nibiru planet.

   Moses born between the Hebrew to free them ... and bring them out of Egypt ... Why?

   Is simple.

   Egyptian people get corrupted.

   In fact, from the Pleiadian Agenda, we can read ...

"Akhenaton had watched the harmonic field of Egypt deteriorate while was receiving his initiations as a child and young man. When he was small, no abused women and children or stole, and children honored their parents. By time he was preparing to take the pharaonic, or Sirian initiation, brothers stole from brothers, women stole husbands from each other, children dishonored their parents, and physical and sexual abuse was common. Akhenaton accepted pharaonic codes because he wanted to stop the disintegration of Egypt; but, his obtaining the codes for that purpose, we Sirians were thrown into a great conflict. The pharaoh can wear the double crown of the Blue Nile with the sacred uraeus giving him snake powers only if he has no agenda. He was to simply hold the peaceful field, which cannot be held if it is based on an "enemy." We Sirians attuned with Akhenaton whenever he went into the central sanctuary, which was not often; and as we tuned into him, all we got from him were great hatred of the enemy and fear for the people. He was in great pain, anger, judgment, and confusion because his ka had abandoned his physical form. The priests of Amun wanted to assist him by working with him to persuade his ka to come back, but he would not listen to them. He scorned them, since they had allowed the Hebrew priests into Khem to study crocodile activation.

"One day as I passed closest to Sirius A, a terrible scene came into my inner visual mind. I realized Sirius A was receiving this scene simultaneously: We first saw a lion of Sekhmet staring into our eyes, and then behind her, Akhenaton was sitting on his throne and a great and terrible lizard was approaching him!" We felt Akhenaton's heart beating rapidly because he was terrified, since, without his ka he was helpless. A great battle ensued. The lizard was the fourth-dimension form of a Hebrew priest named Illuru, and the lizard said, Akhenaton, I take your snake power!' He took hold of the Akhenaton's uasit, his divine scepter. The pharaoh dared not move as the sacred scepter that held the field of the Blue Nile passed into the claws of this animal. Then the great lizard took the uasit and tapped it on the floor three times, and each time it became a powerful serpent! This meant that this lizard was not only taking the uasit away from the pharaoh, he was also going to use the powers himself! Instantly, we Sirians cut the connec­tion between Sirius and the Great Pyramid, and we felt a wave of anguish rise out of the Nile! We closed our secret chambers under the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, and Akhenaton and Egypt were abandoned!


  Therefore the Lord ... and the Family of Light ... choose to take Power to Egypt and such Power ... and Will was given to the Hebrew bringing them to Israel.

   ... Who are the Chosen people today? ...

   With Moses and the Drama ... of the removal of Power to Egyptians ... the planet Earth lose most of its Beauty ... and the Scepter then pass to Israel.

   El Moria was also Abraham ... and he, El Moria found the main three Religions: Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

   ... By that day ... no one in the World ... imagine that we will have a Calendar with a month called 'July' because Julius Caesar ... for two thousand years. Of Course Cleopatra, nor Marc Anthony exist.

   Now ... the Hebrew become the Chosen people after the Egyptians ... and then arrive the Romans ... with Julius Caesar ... who like you know was betrayed and killed by Brutus.

   Like you see the Hebrew ... in somehow form stole ... (because was possible) the Power of Egypt ... was possible because the Lie, and the corruption. Romans instead arrive to Jerusalem and to Israel ... like always they arrive ... with their Army.

   The Arrival of Lord Jesus ... in the so-called Zero Point ... which is -4 B.C. ... from today, was planned to re-establish the Sirian Heritage ... in permanent mode.

   Romans stole such ... Jesus power ... exactly when the 'Christians' arrive to Rome ... and the Romans found the Catholic Religion ... where is ... 'Roman' in form, Roman in Habit and Red-Warrior ... but silently ... where male were deprecated of their masculinity. They also modify the Holy Bible ... picturing Lord Jesus like a Coward ... asking Clemence.

   In fact, at the moment of Cruxification ...

   In the moment of Death ... the bible (purged and manipulated) ... explains:

46And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

  -- Matthew 27:46.

  Lord Jesus DO NOT SAY THAT. He is not and was not a Coward. He say, 'Father, Father how thou hath Glorified me ...'

   But the trick to picture ... The King of Kings ... as a Poor Celibate, Weak, Claiming ... Mercy ... Force today ... Homosexual Weeding ... as well Assassination of Women ... as well Violation of Children.


   Who are the Chosen people today? ...

   The Roman ... because their nature ... invade and enter as well 'veni vidi vici' ... in England ... and again Saint Germain arrive like Merlin ... and again El Moria arrive like King Arthur to establish Brotherhood ...

 ... as well in Spain.

  England ... for many years 'copy and paste' the behavior of their Fathers ... moving to the New Coast ... moving to United States ... as well then to the East ... like India and other places.

   Spain ... before Napoleon ... moves to America too ... founding and copying and pasting the behavior of their fathers to ... establishing South America.

   Who are the Chosen people today? ... The Chosen people ... today is United States ... the people of United States with their 'copy ... impossible to past' ... arrival to the Moon, now to Mars ... jajajaja ...

   But ... The Chosen people today ... is South America and South Americans.

   While Americans are ... the same people ... the 'I AM RACE' ... (another mode to write America) ... and wide as Canada ... or Argentina or Alaska ... as well El Salvador, Costa Rica ... Puerto Rico, Nicaragua ... and the entire Green Country ... only ... for now ... only the US Citizen get ... credibility ... mental credit and acceptance. South American are ... the bad flavor.

   Therefore the answer to Who are the Chosen people today? ... have a passage of Scepter of Power and Royalty from United States ... to South America ... and then to America as a whole.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


Saludos ...

   El 'Nuevo' Pueblo elegido por Dios ... es el Pueblo de Sudamerica.


   Esto es lo sabido. Esto es ... lo que ha sido dicho por Dios. Es allí donde esta la Kundalini de la Tierra, anclada en Chile y Perú ... es allí ... que surgirá una nueva Potencia ... no Militar ... pero Civil.

   Esto no quiere decir que ... deber ser Comunista ... o Roja-Rojita ... o la gente vivir mal ... o la gente vivir en Chozas.

   Esto no quiere decir que ... nosotros seamos siempre las victimas ...

   ... Esto solo quiere decir ... que nuestro momento esta llegando ...

   ... y Yo, digo ... 'Era hora ...'


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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