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Saint Antonio Abate ... teaching animals ...


Greetings in the day of Mercury ... the day of the Message ... the day of Precipitation ...

    And ... like I comment about the 2D elementals ... that respond ... and produce Tornado ... and you do not know ... and you will continue to live these until ... the Love rule your life ... the same is for animals.

    This 'lesson' or Dictation is a double message ... How the Yellow Emperor in China ... use and works with Animals, how Saint Francis ... interact and speaks with Animals ... as well ... many other Saints ... many other Enlightened persons ... like Saint Antonio Abate ... who born in Egypt.

     No. You do not know. And you do not know ... because you have a lack of Faith as well you do not have a Cosmic Awareness ... You suppose you know everything ... and everything is death ... and you 'Man' are the King.

     Honestly you are the King ... but not a Killer ... or torturator King ... like you suppose ... to be and must do, because that was the teaching you receive from children ... and such is the environment where you grow ...

     If you enter in a Super Market ... in some sense ... is like a Museum of 'killed' species ... You have the Chicken, you have the Pork ... you have also the Horse ... you have the Eggs and you have the Cheese.

      I consume Cheese and Eggs ... as well Chicken ... but this does not means ... I will do forever.

      But the point is not food ... The point is ...

Can animals receive teachings?

     And the answer is affirmative. I will NOT speaks of me ... and my interactions with animals. I say, NO. I will speaks about 'Established Wisdom'.

     In the Chinese Tradition we have ...

In remote antiquity, there were men of divine enlightenment who were perfectly acquainted with the feelings and habits of all living things, and thoroughly understood the languages of the various species.


      Therefore Animals and Man are close ... are kin ... are similar ... and because we are their GUARDIANS ... we need ... absolutely to PROTECT THEM ... TO FEED THEM ... and to NURTURE THEM ...


     PART I ... From my coming book ... (Another important message follows ... from Angelo Cat ...)



Men and Brutes are Kin


There may be similarity in understanding without similarity in outward form. There may also be similarity in form without similarity in understanding. The Sage embraces similarity of understanding and pays no regard to similarity of form.


The world in general is attracted by similarity of form, but remains indifferent to similarity of understanding. Those creatures that resemble them in shape they love and consort with; those that differ from them in shape they fear and keep at a distance. The creature that has a skeleton seven feet long, hands differently shaped from the feet, hair on its head, and an even set of teeth in its jaws, and walks erect, is called a man.


The Chinese foot at that time being considerably shorter than ours.


But it does not follow that a man may not have the mind of a brute.


Even though this be the case, other men will still recognize him as one of their own species in virtue of his outward form.


Creatures which have wings on the back or horns on the head, serrated teeth or extensile talons, which fly over­head or run on all fours, are called birds and beasts. But it does not follow that a bird or a beast may not have the mind of a man. Yet, even if this be so, it is nevertheless assigned to another species because of the difference in form.


P'ao Hsi, Nii Kua, Shen Nung and Hsia Hou had serpents' bodies, human faces,  ox-heads and tigers' snouts.


Thus, their forms were not human, yet their virtue was-of the saintliest.


Chief of the Hsia dynasty, Chou of the Yin, Huan of the Lu State, and Mu of the Ch'u State, were in all external respects, as facial appearance and possession of the seven channels of sense, like unto other men; yet they had the minds of savage brutes.


Howbeit, in seeking perfect wisdom, men attend to the outward form alone, which will not bring them near to it.


When the Yellow Emperor fought with Yen Ti on the field of P’an-ch’üan, his vanguard was com­posed of bears, wolves, panthers, lynxes and tigers, while his ensign-bearers were eagles, ospreys, falcons and kites. This was forcible impressment of animals into the service of man. The Emperor Yao entrusted K’̉̉̉uei with the regulation of music.


K’uei was a composite being, half beast, half man, of irreproachable virtue.   His son, on the other hand, is said to have had “the heart of a pig.” He was insatiably gluttonous, covetous and quarrelsome.


When the latter tapped the musical stone in varying cadence, all the animals danced to the sound of the music. When the strains of the Shao were heard on the flute, the phoenix itself flew down to assist. This was the attraction of animals by the power of music.


In what, then, do the minds of birds and beasts differ from the minds of men? Only the sounds they utter are different, and the secret by which communica­tion may be effected is unknown.


But the wisdom and penetration of the Sage are un­limited: that is why he is able to lead them to do his bidding. The intelligence of animals is innate, even as that of man.


Their common desire is for propagation of life, but their instincts are not derived from any human source. There is pairing between the male and the female, and mutual attachment between the mother and her young.


They shun the open plain and keep to the mountainous parts; they flee the cold and make for warmth; when they settle, they gather in flocks; when they travel, they preserve a fixed order. The young ones are stationed in the middle, the stronger ones place themselves on the outside.


They show one another the way to the drinking-places, and call to their fellows when there is food. In the earliest ages, they dwelt and moved about in company with man. It was not until the age of emperors and kings that they began to be afraid and broke away into scattered bands. And now, in this final period, they habitually hide and keep out of man's way so as to avoid injury at his hands.


At the present day, the Chieh-shih people in the Far East can in many cases interpret the language of the six domestic animals, although they have prob­ably but an imperfect understanding of it.


In remote antiquity, there were men of divine enlightenment who were perfectly acquainted with the feelings and habits of all living things, and thoroughly understood the languages of the various species.


The latter assembled at their bidding, and received the instruction imparted to them, exactly like human beings. . . . These sages declared that, in mind and understanding, there was no wide gulf between any of the living species endowed with blood and breath.


And, therefore, knowing that this was so, they neg­lected or passed over none that came to them for instruction.



   Now, my friends ... I spoke about the Consciousness of the Sun (RA), the Moon ... and the Stars ... What about the Consciousness of Animals? ...

    Elephants ... those killed by some persons ... and Elephants ... are very calm. Lions, Wolves,Tigers, Cats, Dogs ... All animals comes from a planet and are here ... like us ... for a special purpose.

    Yes ... also the Souls ... who love to kill, to love to devour ... everything ... somehow called 'Satans' ... are here ...

     The name of the Game is ...

All planetary citizens to learn the new dance and embrace a "win/win" philosophy


    These words comes from Aurelia Louise Jones ... Chapter 1 ... in his book ... titled, 'Angelo's Message'

   Angelo is a Cat ... and Angelo speaks about its Cosmic Origins ... from planet Khaath.

   Here you have ...


Chapter One


A Message From Angelo to All People of this Planet.

Angelo, the Angel Cat, speaks on Behalf of all Beings of the Animal Kingdom of this Planet.

Introduction by Angelo


My name is Angelo. I was born May 31,1994. I have returned to Earth once again with my good friend, Tender-Heart. I would like to re­main humble, but I have to admit, that I am quite a handsome blue-point Balinese cat, and Tender-Heart is a beautiful white, long-haired cat. We are both Angel Cats, and we come from the angelic realm of cats in God's Animal King­dom. Our planet is just one of several cat plan­ets. My friend, Tender-Heart, is a healing cat. On my planet Khaath, I am one of the rulers, and I am known also as a spiritual teacher. When I am not incarnated on Earth, I am what you would call here the equivalent of a prince. I am considered royalty. We are both neutered males of the same age, and we have both been cats a long, long time in many cat bodies on Earth. We are very good friends, and we spend much time together between lives because of our long-lasting friendship. As a matter of fact, we have been cats on Earth, in and out of incar­nations, for centuries. When we met again in this life, we recognized each other instantly, and it was a touching moment for me to see my old friend again.


I was born from my mother Saffire along with my four other siblings in Au­relia Louise's house. Three of my siblings found nice, loving  homes and don't live with us anymore; but my sister Precious, who went to another home for one year, came back to live with us again after a bad experience. When we were small, I was the biggest kitten of the litter. That is how my "mom," Aurelia Louise, could tell me apart from the others, because Balinese cats are born to­tally white, and they take about six weeks to start showing some markings.

Several months later, when Aurelia Louise found Tender-Heart and brought him home, I was thrilled to see my old buddy again. Tender-Heart knew that he came to Earth to be with Louise again in this life, and also to be with me. He was born about one mile from our house, one month before me. When he was one year old, since Louise had not showed up in his life, he decided to leave his home in a quest to find her. He was not sure exactly where she lived when he ventured away from his house.

In the process of looking for her, he got lost. He became sick, very hungry, weak and quite skinny. He was a few weeks on the road in his pursuit to find Louise, and he nearly died. One day, in April 1995, Louise was taking a walk in a field near a highway, a couple miles from our house, and he saw her. He was almost too weak to walk to her, but he knew this could be his only chance. He struggled to make his way to her, his little heart was leaping with joy in hopes that she would recognize him and take him home. When he came close and she saw him, she started talking to him with gentleness.

Tender-Heart said to me: "I put my two front paws on her knees and looked at her directly in the eyes. I tried to convey to her telepathically, as well as I could with my cat body, that I wanted her to take me to her home. She did not recognize me at first, but she captured part of my message and took me home anyway. She felt sorry for me because I was so sick,  hungry and weak. As soon as she took me in her arms, I relaxed and stretched my body real close to hers to let her know that I was grateful, and that she was my per­son, the one I had been looking for."

Tender-Heart "When I arrived to her house, I was so hopeful! I knew then that I was in the right place, and that she would nurse me back to health; and she did. When I saw you, Angelo, I recog­nized you right away. I wanted to jump on you and play, but I was too weak. I was so happy when you came close to welcome me and stayed near me during the few months of my recov­ery."

In our past lives, we both had some good lives and some sad ones as cats. This life is very pleasant for us. We are enjoying a wonderful home with Aurelia Louise. We get lots of love and many kisses each day, a warm place to lay our bodies and good healthy food. We also get to share her bed at night when we want to. She talks to us a lot, and we have a profound bond­ing. This makes us very mellow cats as we feel loved and understood. We can go on doing what we have come to do in this life, and we are help­ing her with her work in our own way.

Animals' Purposes

What animals' purposes are on this Earth is not very obvious to humans, and very misunder­stood. I wish to convey to humans the impor­tant message that all animals come to Earth with a special purpose from the Creator and from the Earth Mother, which they intend to fulfill when they are not interrupted and pre­vented by humans. Louise is understanding of this, and provides for us the proper environ­ment in which we can easily fulfill our work and missions here in our cat bodies. We help with the grids of the Earth and our work, in a sense, is more etheric than purely physical.

Cats are meditators and help balance the energies of the planet. Their energies are more closely related to Feminine Energy. It is most important for all cats to be allowed to touch the Earth and to be free whenever we feel a need to do so. This is part of our work. So many cats are never given the chance to touch the earth. We work closely with the Earth Mother who is our Goddess. We are also greeters, heal­ers and companions for people. We sing to you with our purring our song of love. Our purring is calming and soothing to humans. We often come in incarnation to help a specific person, and of­ten we are abandoned and rejected by the very person we have come here to help. Cats often take into their bodies a lot of negative emo­tions and energies from their person and from their surroundings. This helps their caretaker tremendously, as it "lightens their load". It of­ten prevents many health problems for them. We consider ourselves "buffers" for mankind.

Dogs' purposes are different. Their ener­gies are more closely related to Male Energy. They are faithful companions and protectors for humans. They have very powerful spirits. They possess an ability and willingness to love, even when abused; and their example is one of the most important lessons humans need to learn in order to fulfill their divine destiny. Dogs are great teachers of unconditional love to their human companions. They also take on human emotions in their bodies and they often suffer a lot for it. They suffer in silence and without complaining. They love unconditionally and endlessly. Even when they are poorly treated, they are still willing to love. It takes a tremendous amount of abuse and neglect for a dog to stop loving. In fulfilling their purpose, dogs help humans in a more physical way than cats do. They also have their own dog heaven on their own planet where they go to rest between their earthly lives.

In a nut shell, cats' purposes are more sub­tle and spiritual, and dogs' purposes are more physical and down to earth. Neither one is bet­ter than the other, they are simply complemen­tary for the benefit of humans. In general, hu­mans don't know that, and still too many con­tinue to treat animals as if they are mere com­modities with no purpose and no feelings. Many humans refuse to recognize that all animals are various manifestations and extensions of God, and all are as precious to God as any other Creation. God loves all of His vast Creation and considers all living creatures with utmost re­spect and sacredness. In God's Eyes, none are lower or better than any others, they are all "perfect" the way they are. Because of such a great diversity in Creation, animals are just "different" from humans. God also expects hu­mans to extend the same love and compassion toward all living things as they are wishing to receive for themselves.

Every animal on this planet is here to fulfill a purpose or assignment given to them by the Great Creator. When humans kill them without their permission, their purposes remain unful­filled, and the planet and its inhabitants suffer more for it. We truly are your youngest broth­ers and sisters on the ladder of evolution.

We are looking up to humans to receive help, love and compassion the same way as you are looking to angels to receive help, love and compassion. As you receive from the higher realms, you must also pass the same unto oth­ers of younger evolution. No one ever can kill any of us or inflict pain in any form without creating for themselves a situation that will sooner or later manifest as pain or violence in their own lives in one way or another. This is a Universal Law.

Animal Kingdoms

The Cat kingdom is ruled and guided by won­derful, loving, intelligent, great cat beings called the "Feline Species Elemental Guardians" and "Feline Species Guardian Angels." They are magnificent, loving, gentle and caring Beings of impressive stature. In the spirit world, there are many cat planets, and I come from one of them, called Khaath, a sixth-dimensional planet situated in the galaxy of the God Star, Sinus.

We are much more intelligent than you give us credit for; and when we do not have the limi­tations of our physical bodies on Earth, our in­telligence is of the quality and magnitude of the sixth-dimensional consciousness. We con­sider ourselves as intelligent as any human, and very often, more so. In fact, we can communi­cate telepathically, while most humans have lost this ability. Also we have an extended vision enabling us to see beyond the physical dimension, an ability also lost by the human kingdom. We thrive on a simple existence, and we cannot understand why humans are so intent in compli­cating their lives the way they do. In reality, life on Earth could be very simple and won­drous.

The Dog Kingdom is ruled and guided by equally wonderful, great dog Spirit Beings called the "Canine Species Elemental Guardians" and "Canine Species Guardian Angels." They are also wonderful magnificent beings of impressive stature and come from many dog planets. Horses have their own guides, as well, who are called "Equine Species Elemental Guardians" and "Equine Species Guardian Angels", and they also have their own equine home planets, which are mostly sixth-dimensional consciousness. All ani­mal kingdoms created in the vastness of Crea­tion have their own planets and hierarchy. The vastness of the animal kingdoms is of such mag­nitude that it is beyond most humans' ability to understand.

Each animal species has its own guides and rulers who take care of them, and are in charge of the heavenly realm for that species. All ani­mals in their heavenly kingdoms are much more beautiful than the ones you see on Earth, but we consider our earthly bodies only a tempo­rary situation, just like yours. You are also very magnificent in your spiritual body.

Aurelia Louise is very aware of animal guardian angels and uses their services quite often when she is conscious of a special need of an animal in need of help. She likes using them because she gets very good results when calling upon them for help. Most humans on Earth do not know about animal guardian angels, and never call them. When someone calls upon them, they are so happy to be of assistance that they rush to help immediately. Louise calls the Feline Guardians when there is a problem with a cat, and she is always amazed with the results.

Louise told me that when my mother, Saffire, was a kitten, she used to roam a lot, and became lost frequently. Every time Louise lost her, she would call to the Feline Species Ele­mental Guardians for help in finding her. She said that each time, somehow, as if by magic, a little while later Saffire would find her way back home or someone would bring her back. Fi­nally she asked the Feline Species Elemental Guardians to put some cat angels around the fence in the yard to stop her from getting out. Louise said that from that day on, for almost a year, Saffire never left the yard and never got lost again.

When my mother, Saffire, was ready for mating, Louise wanted a beautiful, similar breed male cat who looked like her. She was unable to locate one, so she made a request to the Feline Species Elemental Guardians to send a very ap­propriate male cat for Saffire. Guess what? A few hours later ... there he was ... a very hand­some, well-mannered, friendly Himalayan cat showed up at the door. They mated, and 64 days later, two beautiful kittens, half Balinese and half Himalayan were born.

At the time the kittens were born, Saffire was still very young, not even a year old. She did not understand what was happening to her and did not know what to do. When the kittens were born, she was afraid and made no attempt to care for them. She tried to pull away from them. Louise was watching and trying to help, but she became worried that the new-born kit­tens would suffer or die if their mother did not take care of them soon enough. Louise tried to show Saffire what to do, with no success. She then remembered the Feline Species Elemental Guardians and called to them for help. They came immediately. Louise then related the problem to them, and asked them to explain to Saffire, in their familiar cat language, what was happening and to show her how to care for her babies.

Within a few minutes, Saffire started to lick and care for her newborn babies and never stopped licking them for weeks thereafter. She proved herself to be a most wonderful and de­voted cat mother. I was watching this from my place in Cat Heaven. I wanted to come back on Earth again as a cat to be with Louise once more, and I knew that Saffire would be my mother the next time.

    A year later, about the same time, Saffire gave birth to her second litter. This is when I was born, along with my siblings. Louise called the Feline Species Elemental Guardians for help prior to the birth. She asked them to oversee the delivery and to make sure everything would go smoothly. They came to assist our birth in their spiritual cat bodies, and the birth un­folded as perfectly as expected. Saffire knew exactly what to do this time.

She gave us wonderful loving care. Louise was watching carefully but did not have to in­tervene like she did the first time.

                                                Saffire, Angelo and Siblings


The Feline Guardians play the same role for cats as guardian angels do for humans. They are not visible to the human eyes, but on occasion, some people see them.

I will describe for you what they may look like. Their appearance  may vary a little, but in general they are quite big, the size of a lion or bigger, but looking very much like a domestic cat. They are much more beautiful than any do­mestic cat ever seen on the face of the Earth. The one Louise saw had very beautiful, shiny, silky, white, long hair with big, kind green eyes.


These highly evolved Cat Beings are so lov­ing and gentle, no one would ever be afraid of them. They represent dedication and uncondi­tional love for the cat kingdom and all Life.



Giovanni A. Orlando
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