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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 13:26

A Simple Radio ... However ... Can we have High Technology Radio to connect with ... other Planets? ... the Internal Cities? ... The Eteric Cities? ...


Greetings in the day of the Messenger ... the day of Mercury ...

    And there are people who ... is able to channel ... to listen the Sun ... She is called Amorah Quan Yin. There are other Blessed and Sacred Women ... like Barbara Hand Clow ... who can under hypnosis channel and replay the message of many Cosmic Souls, the Sun, who we can call ... RA ... like Egyptian does.

    Now my friends ... in the day of the Messenger ... I want to address an information ... I got troubles to digest in three years. In fact, I read the book, 'The Magic Presence' in three years. I now read a book in about one week ...

     The Speed of Reading ... depends ... on many factors ... most connected with the Environment ... because the Environment affect you and you affect the Environment.

    It is NOT the same to read a book in England ... than to read a Book in United States ... or in Spain ... or in Italy. Each Country has a Melody ... and is different.

    The Melody still changes from Region to Region ... to City to City. Let me say ... ALL the Book I wrote ... I write in the city where I live, in Benevento (Italy).


    When I read the 'The Magic Presence' I live in another city ... with a different melody. In that city ... I however read other similar books.

    I can also address to you ... before to read the question ... that the city is just ONE Factor.

    Also your level of 'Clearance' ... affect your Speed of Reading. May be you Balance your DNA ... and are 'active'. May be you was connected and listening Ascended Messages ... and be ... more speedy ... Each day ... as well ... across the day ... the Speed changes.


    Now I will answer the question: Can we built a Radio to tune with Venus? ...

    Before to answer ... and basically to answer I will let you read words from Ascended Masters ... before to answer ... let me tell you that Man ... or humankind ... is UNAWARE ... not only about the Planet ... not only ... about the Sacredness ... of the Planet, the Trees, the Animals ... as well the Persons.

    Each person is a King ... each person is a Queen ... each person is Sacred ... Blessed ... Each person is ... God! ... Each person!

    Inside the Planet ... there are cities ... there are MANY Cities ... and there live people ... Beings who have reached the Full Christ. They all have the Mind of Christ ... ALL.

    We have ... The New Machu Picchu ... We have Telos below California. We have a city below Matto Grosso in Brazil, called 'Posid' where dwell the ex-Atlanteans ... there are many, many cities ... and the people that live in this cities will leave these cities in the appropriate moment. I consider in less than 20 years ... Please consider by example in Telos ... there are people living inside the planet for 12,000 years ... They live in an elevated State ... in a Fifth Dimensional State ... Sex is included ...


(You can read the article: A Candle of Hope by Ascended Master Adama ...)

     Now I will address ... our Radio ... and you will tune ... not only with 'some' internal city ... but also with 'some' Eteric city ... in this case ... the city over the Sahara Desert. Then also with Venus.



Giovanni A. Orlando.


Now let us go to the radio chamber. Friends are awaiting us there."

When we reached it, we were presented to three ladies and three gentlemen who had arrived ahead of us. They wore the same sort of Robes as ours, only of different color. Among them was an elderly gentleman with white hair and beard who seemed almost feeble. One of the three ladies, whom we shall call Leonora, stepped to the radio and said:

"This Perfected Radio is the result of my work during seven different embodiments. In four of these I used a masculine body. I carried the memory of it over with me each time, and at last it has reached the Perfection intended. This radio possesses three fields of operation: that which I term high, medium, and low.

"In high, it reaches other planets of our Solar System. In medium, it reaches anywhere on our own planet Earth, including its Etheric Belts; and in low it reaches the interior of our Earth. Let us first connect with some of our cities."

In a few moments we heard clearly and distinctly a lecture being broadcast by one of the most prominent stations in New York. Afterwards we picked up an orchestra broadcast from another New York station. Then She got connections with London, Paris, Vienna, Cairo, Calcutta, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Tokyo. Distance seemed to make no difference in clear reception, and at no time was there ever the slightest indication of static.

"Now let us reach into the first Etheric Belt around the Earth," She said. Immediately we heard the most majestic soul-stirring Music, and then a wonderful Voice was heard, saying:

"This is from the Golden Etheric City over the Sahara Desert. We always know when an Earth connection is made, but We have a still Higher Means of communication. It is the operation of the Sound Ray to speak over and the Light Ray to see through. When these two are combined, it becomes the highest form of television. However, the mechanical television will reach a very high state of perfection, and in a few years it will be as prevalent in the outer world as your telephone of today. Oh, that more of humanity might raise its consciousness and become attuned highly enough to have the marvelous use of these Rays!

"You see, the 'Mighty I AM Presence' within the individual does not recognize time, place, space or condition. It is only in the outer activity of the mind, or human sense consciousness, that such conceptions of limitation occur." Leonora adjusted the radio into high, and in a moment, we heard a Voice saying:
"Leonora, this is Venus. We know You because Yours is the only mechanical instrument that reaches Us from Earth. Your usual communication with Us is over the Light and Sound Rays, so We judge this is for the benefit of others than yourself.

Our instruments here indicate the planet with which We are connected by the sound and color of the vibration. The day is fast approaching when your mechanical television will be able to reach Us also. Your scientists will not reach this success until they understand that there are Etheric Rays. They must be made aware of Them and taught to use Them. This will make all kinds of communication within Cosmic Space a very simple matter, and it will then become a daily occurrence to keep in communication with Us.

"Within the next ten years, or perhaps twenty-depending entirely upon the Harmony maintained among the inhabitants of Earth a number of Our Great Inventions will be given to those of your people who are attuned to receive them. These will be of very great benefit to your humanity, as is the wonderful Atomic Accelerator which is near you. That Instrument will one day bless your people tremendously. Call Us whenever We can be of service to You. Our Love, Light and Wisdom enfold You and all the Earth."

Leonora then changed from high to low, and in about three minutes a deep Voice was heard, saying, "I recognize your call, and I am answering in person. This is Pelleur. It is interesting and encouraging to know there are those on the Earth's surface who have some idea of the possibility that God

Beings can and do exist within the interior of the Earth. We think We have less to contend with than you, for We do not have extremes of temperature or seasons of heat and cold. We have the 'Eternal White Light' which is soft and restful. Our climate is very delightful, like that of the semi-tropics on Earth. Your America will one day have something quite similar, and yet there will always be some slight change of seasons. They will be much less severe than those you have at present. We have what might be called the 'Eternal Sun of Even Pressure.' This produces an Atmosphere that is always of equal pressure and harmonious to all who live within It.

"The 'Mighty I AM Presence' provides Perfect Conditions in every phase of Its expression. If all the world could but realize and understand this, the terrible agony that fear produces would drop away entirely from the humanity on Earth's surface. You see, I am cognizant of many of Earth's conditions outside of My own Activity here, for when We, as you, reach into God's Mind, all knowledge can be obtained, because Our Motive is pure and unselfish."

"We may not continue these observations further," Leonora explained. "At this time other things demand Our Attention and Service." Saint Germain saw and felt the unanswered questions in our minds, as to why there were inhabitants in the center of the Earth, and what kind of individuals they were; for the idea shocked us, just the same as it does our readers. He studied us all for a moment or two and then said:

"Yes, I will tell you the facts now since the condition and demand to know the Truth are great within each one of you. You, as students on the Path who are really trying to understand Life everywhere in the Universe, must remember to keep the intellect often reminded there is no place in the Universe where Self-conscious individuals and by that I mean individuals who know and are conscious of themselves as Creators with Free Will may not go to explore and understand all Cosmic Activity. There is no place nor condition, I say, that they may not go, explore, and understand what is going on at that point if they so desire.

"The idea that the center of the Earth is a mass of fire is entirely erroneous. Within the crust of the Earth for a certain depth there are conditions of the Fire Element acting; but within the center of the Earth itself there are Self-conscious individual Beings, who through many cycles of work and Self-effort have mastered the control of certain forces with which they are still working to accomplish the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan for that part of Earth. There are also Beings who are striving for that same Ideal, but working only within the conditions provided by Nature at the surface.

"You must understand and remember that the Ascended Masters are instructing and assisting in all grades of the outer experiences of Life in every condition found within and upon Earth as well as on the other planets of this System. Why should it not be a perfectly natural, normal condition that would permit some of Their number to be the Instructors of those who are working with forces at the center as well as at the circumference of the planets?

"This Revelation is not unnatural nor inconsistent with a Great, Infinite Divine Plan. The inconsistent, unnatural condition of humanity is the ignorance, the narrowness, the littleness, the darkness of a human concept that shuts the door upon the stupendous Marvels of this Glorious Universe and says, 'I don't believe it that is impossible.'

"Only ignorance and darkness make mankind believe anything is impossible. The students of Light who know and really accept an All-powerful Source of Creation and what reasoning mind can doubt It when one studies the marvels of the atom, as well as of the Cosmic Suns know that the Wonders of Creation which face us everywhere on our planet are limitless, marvelous, and stupendous. These facts are True. There are many kinds of individuals expanding their Light on the planets of Our System, and just because one type has not yet had conscious knowledge of others is no proof they do not exist.

"Humanity must someday learn a little more of what abides in the Universe besides itself, and this Instruction contains part of that New Knowledge. It is True, every word of It, and no human ignorance or doubt can remove that Truth from Its manifestation in the Universe. Clouds may shut off the Sun's rays for a time, but they never will be able to put the Sun out of existence. So it is with human opinions and ignorance of the past and present. Someday the 'Light' must break through these clouds, and that day is here. It is NOW! Let the Light of Truth shine clearly through all preconceived human ideas and opinions. Facts will be revealed that compel all ignorance to disappear into the sea of forgetfulness and be replaced by the Great Light of the 'Mighty I AM Presence.'

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