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Greetings in the day of Mercury ... the day of the Message ... and the Message is a Message of Love ...

    For those who knows ... Archangel Chamuel ... and Archeia Charity ... are the Archons of the Pink Ray of Love ... which is served with Higher Strength on Mars-day ... but everyday is a day of Love ...

    And Master Krishnamurti replay the teaching of Kuthumi ... who was Saint Francis ... explaining that each one that want to teach men the Path ... must be a Master of Love ... before to begin ... because is the Love ... the Golden Key that open the door of Power and Wisdom.

   And Beloved Lanello ... who was Lancelot ... and Mark L. Prophet ... explains Your Love is supply; your Wisdom ...

   Health or Wealth ... is ... Supply ... and comes from Love. Without Love dissipate ... with Love increase ...

   This is a Lesson of Love ... from the Archangels of Love ...

Please enjoy!




Pearls of Wisdom
Vol. 20 No. 19
Archangel Chamuel and Charity
May 8, 1977


Love Is the Word He Spoke

Part 1

By the angelic tongue the light has gone forth this day in the power of the spoken Word, for the seven archangels have stood to proclaim the opportunity for the new year. And to all who serve the Most High God in these systems of worlds, we proclaim the opportunity to live love, for love is the Word he spoke. Love is the word of the Spirit and the Son, the Father and the Mother. Love is the life that is universal and it is the building of the temple.

Therefore, let love increase. Let love be the magnet whereby you magnetize reality. If you lead with love you will always see purity, you will always see the vision of truth, you will always see the little child, the innocent one; and therefore, you will not descend into the scorn of condemnation or to the pigmentation of the gentle face of the Divine Mother that is the blush of the rose.

I AM Chamuel. I AM Charity. I AM the light of the Presence of God's love. We stand in awe of love. It is the perpetual awe of the lovers of God who stand only to receive and to give that love of light that comes forth from the very heart of the creation. We stand before you to release that love, our portion of the angelic acclamation this day, our portion that is given to you tenderly yet magnificently as charity, as compassion, as chastisement.

Will you receive the chastisement of the law even as you receive the tenderness of the Mother's caress? Some would take the gentle touch, but they are nowhere to be found when the lightning of the love comes forth to strip from them that pride of person which will not allow the Father-Mother God to be represented in life. If you invoke love, then stand willing and ready to receive the two-edged sword of love.

Poets have spoken of the pain of love. The pain of love is the chastisement. It is an energy of absolute adoration whereby the fire of God, adoring the soul in the state of becoming whole, sends forth a presence and a light that is the rebuke to all energies that have gone out of the way. And instantaneously they are called back into alignment, and this is the sharpness of the blade of the sword. It is the rushing and the movement of your very own energies which now must give way to the greater light of love.

Only the love of God can release the chastisement, therefore only those who are loved are chastised. The fear, then, is not of love, but the fear is to be neglected, to be cast aside, to be unwanted because one does not feel the firm hand of the Creator nudging, nudging the soul back to the center of the Path.

O souls of light, do you remember the hour when you watched as we stood to send forth the lightning of love into the Tower of Babel for the confounding of the language, the confounding of their tongues? (Gen 11:1-8) And so confusion was wrought not by God, but by the people's reaction to God, by the alchemical reaction. And therefore, there came the hour of the dividing of the word of God when that single word which they knew as the angelic tongue became many words and many languages that now must swim by the great water of life and the River of Life (Rev 22:1) to the center of the Logos and the understanding of the new word of the I AM THAT I AM.

It can be understood in every language, yet the decree and the fiat of the law must be spoken in the language it is given, in the English, which is the Anglish 'the language of the Angleterre, the language of the continent of the angels,' the coming forth from the continent of the air and the anchoring of that light for the dissemination through the twelve tribes of Israel throughout the continents and the nations of the earth that all the tribes who mourn together for the coming of the day of salvation might put aside their lamentations and find the birth of Messias within.

Therefore the word of the decree goes forth. It is spoken by all in the new tongue. It is the tongue that has come to America, the result of many languages flowing together, and yet the interpretation of the teaching may be in each language according to his own, according to his understanding. Thus the giving of the teaching and the receiving of the Word back to the Source is for the elevation of consciousness. And some who have walked in other nations who have heard the word of the teaching come forth through our messengers have verily learned this language of the Spirit and this language of Matter by that teaching.

And is not the gift of the interpretation of tongues (I Cor. 12:10) the gift of the interpretation of the new language of the teaching itself? Is it not the understanding of the alchemy of the law? Do you not see that many times when you give the teaching in a language that is spoken by another, that that one has no conception of the teaching, no ability to understand? You might as well be speaking a foreign tongue, for there is no receptivity to the word. See, then, that truly it is the language of the heart that conveys the teaching.
And some who do not understand English yet receive by the Spirit the teaching itself and listen to the dictations, and by the voice and by the radiation they are one with the new tongue of the Spirit.

The gift, then, of the speaking in tongues that may be given to you at any hour by the Holy Spirit and by the angels of Charity and Chamuel may come to you as the ability to give forth the flowing of the teaching and of the light as you are impelled by the Spirit within. So the gift of the speaking in tongues is the ability to deliver to the children of Israel in every nation that teaching of the I AM Presence, of the law and the science of the Word he spoke, the very science of love that is the creativity of the cosmos.

Some have asked, "Where are the love decrees?" I tell you, every decree is a love decree! For love is the language of the Spirit, love is the creativity of the Word, love is the adoration of the heart swelling up and being released in the fiats which you speak. You cannot commune with God by decree or by affirmation or invocation except through love. Love is always the most tender, the most intimate part of the decree which you give. It is the thought in your heart, the feeling in your soul, the vision in your mind that leaps into the very presence of the masters ascended, that leaps into the very heart of the Great Central Sun as the eye of the mind flashes the image of the call and the answer to the call. This is the traversing of the spheres by the love of the Word he spoke.

He is the one, the eternal Christos —Krishna, Christos, Jesu Christos —all of the avatars, the Buddhas, the angelic hosts who have come in the name of the flaming Son. He is the one who has been incarnate as the Word within you. And love is the Word he spoke. Love is the Word he is speaking through you in this hour. And through this messenger the flowing of the Word unto you is the interchange of the divine polarity whereby I, Chamuel, anchor before you now the very power of the spiritual essence of love, arcing into your midst now that very essence for the focus of Omega where you are. Thus be the Mother where you are as I place the image and the forcefield of the Father where I stand upon this holy ground. Let the polarity of the inner spheres of consciousness now be the flow of the one God within and among you. Feel, oh feel, this power !

I speak to you, angels of light, you who have embodied and taken form to lead the children of Israel. Remember your bands and your angelic calling; for when you descended to serve the twelve tribes, you descended from twelve bands of angels, legions of the Lord Christ, and so many of you have come forth from the angelic kingdom to embody among the sons and daughters of God. And others among you are those sons and daughters who also have taken the rod of Aaron and the scepter of the authority of Moses to lead the people into the white light of the Presence of the living

Where is the Promised Land? The Promised Land is that time and space of opportunity to fulfill the grace of the Goddess of Liberty. Liberty, the mother of the children of Israeli Liberty calls! She has raised high her torch to bring the children of God into the new land. Her torch is the symbol to those who recognize the calling of Micah, those who passed through the Red Sea, (Exod. 14:21-22.) those who passed by the angel, by the angelic acclamation of light, those who came to receive the contact of the witnesses who stood in the land to point the way and to give the law.

For the children of Israel knew the sons and daughters of God ascended in those days. They knew them, I tell you, precious ones! They walked and talked with ascended masters. I tell you it is true. It has been taken from Scripture so that the priests, who have stolen the light of the angelic hosts and of the prophets and of the people, would not have to deal with those who would recognize their God-reality and lay claim to their independence.

I tell you, the Declaration of Independence is the independence of the soul from the priestcraft of the fallen ones who have taken the inner light of the original thirteen and who have prevented the children of Israel from uniting in that one great Community of the Holy Spirit that is to be that light of America and that light in every nation in the Mandala of the Mother. I tell you, the independence is from every form of tyranny in church and state which would draw from the people that essence of love. It is love they have stolen from the people, and the light of love; and therefore, they have allowed hatred to abound, and that division that was prophesied by the Lord Christ as coming in the end of the cycles. (Matt. 24).

Understand, then, that there ought not to be any division among the light-bearers on Terra. Yet see the schism, see how they go here and there and separate themselves one from the other by division, by disagreement, and by rebellion against the inner law of the I AM. See, then, how they have fallen prey to the temptations of the wicked.

Part II

Well, I send forth my ray this day for the calling of all souls of light by lovel Will you not also send forth the magnet of your heart's love in this moment with me, releasing now the rainbow rays of God from the heart of the angelic hosts, from the heart of the seven archangels? Release now through your hearts' chakras!

Let those energies of the seven archangels flow through you, and remember that at any hour of the day or night you may call to the seven archangels to release through your heart flame the call of the seven rays.

For you see, the call of the seven rays is a call of love. It is the call whereby every soul serving on one of those rays will respond, then, and come on that track of light back to the Source of the One. And in the white-fire core of the One is the secret-ray action of mighty Cosmos whereby the successive initiations of those who serve with the angels of light and with the archangels may make their way into greater and greater attainment of the consciousness of the Holy Spirit.

And it is that consciousness that is required in America in this hour. For the coming to fruition of the sacred union and of the banner of Union is dependent upon the souls of light understanding that sacred trust, the honor and the integrity that forms a mighty brotherhood of light, a brotherhood that spans the centuries and the nations, that is drawn together, then, by the souls who have seen the vision, who have seen the star in the East, (Matt. 2:9) and who have followed that star to this place where there is the birth of the Christ in a people who have won that freedom of old, who have declared their independence from the bondage of Egypt, and who will declare it again this day and who will continue to declare that independence as each form of tyranny that assails this nation is exposed and put down by the decree of the Word.

There is no other way to put down the infamy, the great crimes against humanity, and those engines of war as nuclear weapons that are set in place for release. This is insanity, and it is tyranny. And I answer those who say there is no way to turn them back. I say, there is a way to turn them back! It is the way of love, it is the same energy released for the confounding of Babel. Understand, then, that those very instruments of war can be deactivated and their energies nullified by the call to Charity, by the call to Chamuel, and to the Seven Holy Kumaras. After all, that energy belongs to God. When mankind have usurped that energy for destructive purposes, have you not the right, then, to reclaim that energy in the name of Saint Germain, the God of Freedom for the earth?

Well, I tell you, you have that right, you have that authority! And I extend to you my consciousness of divine love which is the understanding that the sons and daughters of Israel are the instruments of the judgment, and the judgment is the light, the energy of the Central Sun that flows as a giant torrent, and that energy is the confirmation of the judgment. And therefore, when you ratify the judgment of Chamuel and Charity, there is the deactivation of those energies that are set in ways to destroy mankind and to destroy the platform of evolution.

You send forth the call, and our angels will do the work! You send forth the call, and our angels will call elemental life, and all elemental life will serve then to see to it that there are no longer those forcefields of destructivity in Terra. Do you think that we will stand by and wait for the day when that insane one comes to the fore and decides that it does not matter if the earth blows up? Well, we will not stand by, and I am certain that you will not stand by either! [Audience applauds.]

Why, then, do you remain silent and why do you not give forth the call for the action of the sacred fire to come forth from the white-fire core? It is the action of the secret rays that is effective to this purpose. I give you this key this day, this understanding that mighty Cosmos' secret rays, implemented by the archangels and the ascended masters, is the effective means to deter global warfare and the tearing of hearts from hearts across the planetary body. Do you see, then, that you must not enter those spirals of hopelessness and despair and think that even your decrees are not effective to turn back, then, the engines of war, the powers of war, and the immense masses of funds that have been put together to unleash war at any hour of the day or night when the fallen ones decree it?

Well, I tell you, the decree of the hosts of the Lord and of the sons and daughters of God on Terra is the effective Word. I tell you, there is no condition on earth that will not respond to the power of the spoken Word! But you must understand that as you take the bow and the arrow and you make your mark as the Divine Archer, so you must direct that Word, you must not neglect to focus in on the very specific conditions. And therefore, to simply decree to the will of God without the specific call for that will to enter into the action of deactivating those forcefields will not result in that specific action that you desire.

You can call forth the will of God and fill the very atmosphere with the smoke and the incense of that will, but if you desire to direct a ray of light of that will into the cause and core of a certain condition, then you must name that condition, you must name it by the authority of the Christ who demanded to know the names of the demons, who also spoke to them by name as they returned and spoke to him by name as the Lord Christ. (Mark 5:1-13) They knew him, they knew who he was, and they so declared. So he knew them.

Therefore, you must define those measures and those increments of light that you send forth and you must name the conditions. And for this purpose we have called forth those individuals who are speaking to you in this conference, that you might have very specific information.8 And for some of you this has been burdensome and tedious to listen to the very scientific explanations and to go into these studies. I tell you, our angels also make these studies, and they are over the shoulders and in among the very ones who are making these studies, right there in their programs of research. For our angels are keeping record and keeping watch and preparing to deliver to the children of God that necessary information.

Now, I tell you, it is also tedious for the angels, and sometimes even boring because of the slowness of mankind's consciousness. [Audience laughs.] Well, I tell you, when you have the stepping up of the light of God that never fails, you can scarcely even speak the words that we give forth as quickly as we give them forth. And therefore, understand that when we come into your midst, even those of you who are decreeing, ah, the speed of light of our consciousness is so intense that it is almost not possible for the messenger to deliver the Word unto you.

So be it! There are planes of consciousness. If we will to make the sacrifice to go into that level of darkness where there are those who are planning the fate of civilization, then you must do likewise. For after all, you are legions from our bands of light, you have a mission, and if it is for the purpose and the cause of the Great White Brotherhood, I am certain, then, that you will make that sacrifice and begin to study those documents which are being revealed unto mankind and exposing the lie, the infamy, the compromise, and the plots that have been abroad in this land and in every nation.

You think there has been compromise in America, you think that the souls of the American people have been sold, sold away to the fallen ones? Well, it is true! But I tell you, the great race of Chin, the people of light of China who are sponsored by Archangel Jophiel and Christine and Lord Lanto and Confucius, they also have been betrayed, and the people of Russia, and the people of Africa. I tell you, there is the betrayal of the children of Israel throughout the planetary body. And it has come over the cen¬turies, and for some it has been centuries long; and therefore, they have fallen into a darkness and they have not accepted the light of the Christ when he has come. Therefore you see, we send emissaries, we send our missionaries, we send messengers of light.

Go abroad, then, and touch every vibration. By touching every vibration and plane of consciousness in America, you will make contact with those very coordinates of vibration and consciousness in every nation upon earth. There is the representation here in America of every lifewave in every evolution. Therefore you see, the salvation of the soul of America is the key to the salvation of the souls of the entire earth. For you can trace the line of generation and you can go back in the generations and you can contact that Christ consciousness point by point, generation by generation for the redemption, the transmutation by the fires of the Christ of all energies misqualified.

Let it be the rolling back, then, from the heart of the earth, the rolling back of darkness into the light of the Christ, and let, therefore, the earth be filled with the knowledge and the glory and the love of God. Let the earth be filled this day!

I AM Chamuel! I AM Charity I come for the banner of love. I come to inspire you, to infire you, and to tell you that there is such potential for victory here that I must in fact and indeed give way to mighty Victory, who has come to address you this day. [Audience applauds.]

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