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Thursday, 04 July 2013 18:47


Greetings and Happy Independence day ... No Aliens around? ... Hummm ... Well ... Is a bad news ... :D :D ;) ...

    Happy Independence day ... and while Government men ... do business with Government men ... and Computer Programmers with Computer Programmers ... and Entrepreneurs ... with Entrepreneurs and clients ... A Country remains a Rose ... of mixed colors ... where all rose.

     I want to offer a Gift ... a planned Gift ... who is Authored by Saint Germain who was Columbus ... as well Uncle SAM ...


Giovanni A. Orlando


The Great Adventure

There are many things about your lives that we do not dictate, for this is your world and your day —we have had our own. We rather insist that we shall stand sort of as godfathers in the wings of the stage while you act out the drama per se and perform those acts that are calculated to bring you your own deliverance, for this is your time upon the stage and you are the players on the boards. Make a good job of it and do a good job for your own beloved Ascended Master Jesus, for your own Holy Family, for the family of nations.

For we love the world and we would gladly, many years ago, have formed the United States of Europe. But of course that plan was aborted and was destroyed, and the French Revolution en­sued, and conditions that came about were the destruction of some of you in this very room whose heads rolled from the guillotines of France. I call this to your attention that you may understand that you have a little more than ordinary involvement in these matters, for many of you have been engaged in early episodes in American history. Some of you stood with George Washington at Valley Forge. You were able to understand then from a firsthand stand­point just what it means to be without clothing and with naked feet walking across the cold and snows with the oppressing army everywhere at hand and all of the powers and might of merrie olde England arrayed against you.

Yet you survived all of that, and the nation survived it, and there was a birth of a nation and America came forth. The plains and mountains were dotted with little communities and people have sprung up everywhere and the population is increasing. And in the midst of all of this increase and drawing togetherness, America has become destroyed. For contrary to what popular opinion may espouse or think of America, there is not that great drawing togetherness that occurred in the early colonies, for they were then more aware of their universal need for interdependence than mankind are today.

We call this to your attention because we want to instill into you a sense that this is a great nation and that it remains so regardless of the fact that individuals have become less aware of the unity of the nation and more concerned with their own specific family areas, their own states, their own towns, and their own selves. We would like to expand today in the consciousness not only of those presently assembled here, but also in those assembled in the entire community of the United States and the world an awareness of the oneness of life upon the planet that we may be able to create in America in the future that Holy-Family concept that will draw mankind together and set before the people of this planet a cup of light in the heart of America.

For India is actually the very soul opposite of the United States. India and America are two of the greatest nations in the entire world. Although mankind are not aware of it where India is concerned, the ascended masters are. We say to you that all of the problems that America has at present, all of the distress that America questionably enjoys can be brought to an end if we could only reach mankind with those messages of clarification which the cosmic law requires. But it is somewhat difficult to do it in the short time that life has allotted to us, for I want you to know that there are many people today who do not even believe that we exist.

First of all, they are not even sure that they themselves exist, so how can you expect that they are going to be aware of the fact that we exist? Then too, there are other aspects to it. Not only are they uncertain of their own existence and ours, but they doubt very much that if we do exist we are able to communicate with mankind. They seem to feel that that traveler to whose bourn mankind go to but never return from, according to their concepts, is such that there is no hope of man reaching his hand through the veil and speaking to men of this present age.

Well, this seems to me to be a refutation of immortal life. For certainly those who acknowledge the Lord Christ Jesus as the Prince of Peace and the beholder and holder of immortality ought to acknowledge that he is the living Christ and not a dead one. You will all understand that men have literally placed him in a tomb, and while they resurrect him each Easter, it seems to be an affair of one day. We are concerned that mankind shall feel the Spirit of the Resurrection pulsing through them every day, and we are concerned that America should be quickened by the resurrection flame pulsing through America and teaching mankind how to open their eyes.

Why do I say open your eyes that you may see? Because actu­ally your eyes may seem to be open, but they are in reality closed. I am not referencing all of you who are here, but only some of you. But I am referencing America as a nation. For the eyes of the American people are blinded to reality, for they do not understand the mission of the Christ that has come as the lightning from the East and moved unto the West. Nor do they understand the peace and radiation of the Buddha who came to the East. Nor do they understand the life that beats their heart. Nor do they understand the very manifestation of our contact which we are bringing forth this day and contacting mankind in embodied form that we may inspire them with the need to keep the flame and to hold high the torch of freedom that freedom shall not perish from the earth.

Freedom and the resurrection are very much identified with one another. For in a very real sense I want you to know that when Lazarus was raised from the dead by your own beloved Jesus, he subsequently was laid to rest. Therefore, there is only one form of freedom that we are interested in and that is mankind's permanent freedom. For unless men have permanent freedom, they must continue to reembody and reembody and reembody over and over again.

We are aware of this fact and we urge upon all the clearest understanding that the purpose of life is so that men may over­come death and overcome the conditions that plague them and obtain their freedom in the resurrection from the dead here and now, that the quickening powers of life that have dwelled in us for so long will also quicken your mortal forms, your consciousness, your minds, your hearts, and your beings and enable you to prepare yourselves for the ascension in the light that you may truly follow in the masters' footsteps.

For we are speaking from the ascended masters' level, and the ascended masters' level is the level where no compromise is per­mitted. I assure you that evil could not dwell in our realm, for if it even entered here, it would immediately be transmuted into pure light. Therefore evil does not come here, but only good. And every thought that we think for mankind is for their freedom and for their security, for their blessings and for their hope of the future.

Therefore as we plan and prepare in the International Re-Source Conference (California, 1968) to give mankind keys that will enable them to make of America a cup of light to the world, to eliminate the confusion that is now spread abroad in the land, to eliminate the interracial strife, to perpetuate the Constitution of the United States in action, to reinforce the ring of the Liberty Bell, to assert the power of the Goddess of Liberty that does these twin harbors frame, to create a flame that pulsates across the land and is heard everywhere, to stir the hearts of men from their lethargy, and to pour out into life and its chalice the awareness that the con­sciousness of God is the consciousness of man which he has crucified within his form and brought to open shame, that man must understand that the consciousness they use is borrowed from Almighty God and must one day be returned.

For it is like unto the talents of which Jesus spoke that mankind have all been given —some one and some ten. What are you doing with your talents today? What are you doing with the magnificent opportunities that life has sent your way? What are you doing with all of the hopes that heaven has for you? Will you come with me today and see the larger view? Look and behold the salvation of our God, the power to roll back by heaven's rod the plagues that have come to this nation, that as a cloud of flies has infested the land and caused men and women everywhere to fail to understand brotherhood and peace.

They do not understand that the swarming of evil power upon them is not a thing of flesh and blood. This has nothing to do with flesh and blood, for God is in men's hearts and all men are brothers and are made of one blood upon the face of the earth. Let all understand then that the swarm that comes, comes from the pits, from Pandora's box, from the sinister force, from the sinister strategies, from the brothers of the shadow, and from those discordant individuals who are the true rebels of all time.

I want to call to your attention then that the day must come when they will either give up their rebellion or they will certainly upon the walls of the pit look up and say, "What now shall we do?" And the voice of the karmic lords shall utter these fiats: "Never shalt thou be any more!" (Rev 20:12-15, 21:8) For if the universe is to reflect the perfection of God, it must be because evil and shadow and misunderstanding are wiped out. They have no part of freedom, they have no part of God, and they ought to have no part of you.

Understanding of all of the many things I am speaking about will come to some of you slowly and to others it will come as the crash of cymbals. It matters not how it comes but it does matter that it comes. For when it comes you will understand that there is a destiny for mankind that supersedes any mortal concepts or mortal opinions, that there is a destiny for mankind that is higher even than ascended master ideals, for it reaches up into cosmic realms above our level.

I want you to understand that the ascended masters' realm extends so high and then it is taken over by cosmic levels. And beyond cosmic levels there are infinite levels of nirvana and higher expressions of the Deity which it is not necessary to go into today, for you are not even ready yet for the next step and we are pre­paring you for it.

Will you then understand that what I say is true, that there are ramifications of great beauty and power above you, realms into which you will one day advance? But you must overcome in this realm that you may obtain your mastery here as we did and enter the ascended state in holy communion with those of us who long to clasp your hands and step through the veil and greet you with our love.

I say to you one and all then that regardless of whether you can accept my reality and the power and pressure of my presence, I love you! I love you! I love you! And I am determined that my love shall help you to hold in the chalice of your consciousness that flame of freedom which I revere.

Let us however understand that no man is an island. No man can live unto himself. No man can live within a compound of his own creation. He must reach out. He does reach out. He clasps hands. He clasps for hope and grasps at straws that he may bring into the world order some of the beauty of heaven which comes and descends upon mankind in the fire of the sun as the sun reaches out and drenches the plain and bursts forth into flower and bloom again everywhere upon the earth, bringing forth the breath of hope and rebirth.

Won't you understand then that America is my sweetheart? Won't you understand that while I love the whole world, because I have been a godfather to America and I AM Uncle Sam in deed and in truth, that I still love America, that I still stand by her, and that I will continue to help her that she may go through her hour of travail and find that peace that America seeks with all her heart. But it must come injustice. It must come in freedom. It must come in honor. And it must come in the strength of Almighty God. For upon that strength America was founded, and in that strength America can live, and without that strength America would fall.

I say then to you, will you with me keep the flame [audience rises] as we prepare this year to do more than we have ever done before? For this is the grand adventure. This is the architecture of Almighty God through the hand of hierarchy. This is the moment of stillness, the moment of truth when we frame the pageant of eternal youth for every man, woman, and child. For our hopes for you are strong and they live all day long and they live forever. They are eternal. They are permanent. They are security to everyone that will accept them.

For your attention, for your love, for your devotion, and for your faith in my principles and my intents as well as faith in the principles, the unalterable love of Almighty God, I thank you. For by this love and this faith and this security, you will certainly make an impact upon this age. We will see to it! We will see to it!

And I am not standing alone. For as I speak to you there comes a sudden rushing of a mighty wind from on high, and behold, twelve ascended masters now stand with me on this stage. And I tell you that it may seem a little bit crowded if you could see in full view. But I want you to know that we are only the beginning of a vanguard of light that this year is going to work with this activity and with all of the constructive activities of the world to try to see if we can roll back the hordes of darkness and shadow that have far too long held sway in America and have sought to distort the life principles of every individual upon this planet and have sought to distort the life principles of the youth of this planet and have sought to instill race hatred and fear and persecution all over this world.

I want you to know that discord is worldwide. And we are determined to put an end to it because we want to expand, as your own Mahatma Gandhi long ago sought to expand, the flame of nonviolence, the flame of peace, the flame of compassion, the flame of love, carrying then the love of Lord Buddha and mingling it with the love of Christ, that the Christ of the ages and the Buddha of the ages should find in those twin rays of magnificent God-control the beauty that freedom is and that freedom imparts to every single son of God everywhere upon the earth.

I thank you in the name of God, for you are our future! You are freedom in action here!

 Saint Germain


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