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Monday, 08 July 2013 18:23


Greetings in the Sacred Moon-day ... the day of the Moon, the day of the Mirror, the day of the Ascension ... of Lord Jesus.

     And the best color for Moon-day and Ascension is the White ... the color of Lord Christ ... is Crystal ... which represent the Crystallization of the him Lovely Perfection, Calm and Wisdom ... to heal, to teach and to precipitate goods.

      Now ... my question is very simple ...

Why Lord Jesus ... suffer the Gethsemane and the crucifixion? .

      To answer in perfect terms this question ... I will address the words of one of my Mentors ... which I love ... from my book, 'Saint Germain on Alchemy' ...

    And the Master say ...

223 The supreme purpose of God for every lifestream upon earth is the selfsame victory which beloved Jesus manifested from the hill of Bethany. 224 The accent of Christendom upon the agony of Gethsemane, 225 the crucifixion, and the vigil in the tomb of Joseph of Arimatea has often eclipsed the great significance for every man, woman, and child of the glories of the resurrection and mysteries of the ascension.

226 Misunderstanding of the law of cause and effect and failure to apprehend the at-one-ment of the Universal Christ originated in the human concepts that were introduced in the parable of Eden and continue to the present day, 227 perpetuated by the hoary mists of time and dogma. 228 Unfortunately, the vicarious atonement has been ignorantly accepted and is widely used as an excuse for wrongdoings and their continuation. 229 Thus, surrounded by an aura of godly but needless fear, men have persisted in passing on fallacies from generation to generation in the name of God and Holy Writ.

230 The registering of discord and wrongdoing upon man’s four lower bodies (i.e., the physical, mental, memory, and emotional bodies) is effected by scientific law, cosmically ordained and itself the very instrument of creation. 231 As creators, men have sown the wind and reaped a karmic whirlwind (Hosea 8:7).

232 The victory of the Universal Christ, which beloved Jesus demonstrated, was intended to show to man the way that would conduct him safely back to God’s image. 233 That way was revealed as the Christ, or Divine Light within every man that cometh into the world (John 1:9). 234 It is this wondrous light, then, which is the light and life of the world every man’s individual world. 235 Only by walking in the light as he, the Universal Christ, is in the light (John 8:12) can men return to the Father’s house.

236 The forgiveness of sins is a merciful instrument of the Great Law whereby retribution, 237 or the penalty for wrongdoing, is held in abeyance in order that a lifestream may have the freedom to “go and sin no more”(I John 1:7) 238 and then be given the opportunity for greater spiritual progress. 239 However, forgiveness does not absolve the soul of the requirement to balance the energies misused by the alchemical fires of transmutation. 240 The balancing of wrongs done to every part of life, including the self, must be accomplished in full with cosmic precision; hence every jot and tittle of the law must be fulfilled (John 8:11) either here or hereafter.

241 This process need not be a fearful looking for of judgment (Matt 5:18), but it should preferably be a happy expectation of opportunity for service to life and the freeing of Life’s imprisoned splendor. 242 For by ministering unto life individually and universally and by calling forth the alchemical fires on the altar of being, the individual can undo all of the inharmonies which he has thoughtlessly cast upon its beauteous presence. 243 Truly, those who have been forgiven much can love much (Luke 7:47); 244 for they perceive the need to be everlastingly grateful for the goodness and mercy of God which endure forever! (Ps 136).

245 One of the major causes of recalcitrance, arrogance, willful wrongdoing, disobedience, rebellion, and stubbornness is the vain hope of individual attainment without individual effort or of personal salvation without personal sacrifice. 246 Mankind do not relish the idea of painstakingly withdrawing every thread and snarl they have placed in the garment of life or of attaining heaven by honest application.

247 Yet they must one day face this truth of themselves. 248 Therefore, the present, when truth and justice of opportunity are at hand, 249 is the right and accepted time. “Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. 250 The desire to find a scapegoat for one’s sins in a world teacher or saviour is not in keeping with the cosmic principles undergirding the law of the atonement. 251 A master of great light such as Jesus the Christ or Gautama Buddha may hold the balance for millions of souls who are not able to carry the weight of their own sinful sense. 252 This holding action is a staying of the law whereby, through mercy and through the personal sacrifice of one who keeps the flame for all, 253 mankind might find their way back to God and then, in the power of the rebirth and in the presence of the Holy Spirit, 254 return to take up the unfinished business of balancing their debts to life.

     -- The Crucible of Being: 223-254.


    Therefore my Beloved Friends ...

    The suffering is not casual ... or to pay Humanity Debts ... or to Save the World ... but to show the Path ... that each one ... according to his or her Lives ... must also Live and suffer ... I repeat must suffer.

    Saint Germain ... conclude his Beloved words ... telling us ...


255 Christ is the saviour of the world because by his immaculate heart he postpones the day of judgment, 256 affording humanity additional opportunity in time and space to fulfill the requirements of immortality. 

257 I cannot, in the holy name of freedom, resist speaking out on these matters. 258 For many have suffered in the astral world after the change called death, 259 and when they came before the Lords of Karma to give an accounting for their lives, 260 they were found wanting. 261 Unfortunately, this may have been only because while on earth they accepted false religious doctrine and, in their misguided state, 262 failed to do well in the time allotted to them. 263 Then came to pass the words God spake to Adam’s son, “Sin lieth at the door” (II Cor 6:2) 264 that is to say, the record of the misuse of God’s energy is at hand: render an accounting.

265 In God’s scheme of world order, the propitiation for sin is permanent and effective; 266 for the violet fire will transmute every unwanted condition and balance all by Light. 267 This Light is the Universal Christ.

268 The precious violet flame, an aspect of the Comforter’s (John 14:16, 26, 15:26)  consciousness, is the friend of every alchemist. 269 It is both the cup and the elixir of Life that cannot fail to produce perfection everywhere when it is called into action. 270 After the violet flame has performed its perfect work, then let all rest in their labors that God may move upon the waters (waves of light) of the creation to produce and sustain the righteousness of his eternal law.

271 The climax or initiation of the ascension can and will come to all, even to little children, when they are ready for it--when at least  51 percent of their karma has been balanced (this means that 51 percent of all the energy ever given to their use has been transmuted and put to constructive purpose) 272 and their hearts are just toward God and man, aspiring to rise into the never-failing light of God’s eternally ascending Presence.

273 When this gift is given to anyone by his own I AM Presence and the Karmic Board, the appearance of age drops from him as swiftly as a smile can raise the lips, 274 and the magnetism and energy of that one becomes the unlimited power of God surging through his being. 275 The dross of the physical, the weariness of the emotional body, tired of hatred and its monstrous creations, 276 the ceaseless rote of the mental body--all drop away and are replaced in perfect ease by their divine counterparts.

277 The feelings become charged by the love of God and the angels. 278 The mind is the diamond-shining mind of God--omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. 279 The total being is inspired and aspiring!

280 Thus that which once hopefully descended now ascends back into the Light from whence it came. 281 One with the company of angels and the nature and friendship of the Ascended Masters and in fellowship with the august fraternity of the Great White Brotherhood, 282 each such one, by the divine merit within, attains the fullness of all that God would ever bestow upon each son without respect of any man’s person, 283 but in joyful acknowledgment of man’s victory: Thou art my beloved Son; this day have I begotten thee! (Ps 2:7)


284 Religion and spirituality are no shame. 285 These are the implements of the eternally creative arts. 286 These are the friends of the alchemist who would change every base element of human nature and all life into the gold of Christed accomplishment.

287 In this teaching are keys to the highest portal. 288 They must be fitted in the lock to gain entrance to the highest initiation. 289 I AM the door to the progressive unfoldment of ever-ascending planes of consciousness — 290 all within your lovely God Presence, I AM.

291 Blessed ones, you are not limited in alchemy merely to the drawing forth from the universal light of three-dimensional objects. 292 Alchemy can be mastered in order to illumine the mind, to heal any unwanted condition, and to spiritually exalt man’s total nature from its base state to the golden standard where the golden rule is law.

293 With you--as with God--all things are possible. 294 There is no other or higher way. 295 For example, the brilliance of present Soviet science cannot win the universe for the blessed children of Mother Russia. 296 Only God can bring eternal satisfaction to the whole earth. 297 Let the ungodly tremble, for they shall be cut down as grass (Ps 37:1, 2); 298 but the righteous shall shine as the sons of the Great Alchemist, Almighty God!

  -- The Crucible of Being: 255-298.

In his name ... I spoke,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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