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Tuesday, 23 July 2013 10:40

Why Lord Jesus suffer Sacrifice? ... Is not bad luck ... Is not for ALL us ... Was for him, for his sins ... and to give the example.


Greetings in the day of the Lord ... the day of the Blood, the day of the Heart ...

    And my lovely words ... which I speak before to give the Word to the Holy Jesus, are not about War, or discussion ... but about Sacrifice.

    Why Lord Jesus suffer Sacrifice? ... Is not bad luck ... Is not us ... Was for him, for his sins ...

His SINS ... you need to pay yours ... one day ...

    Yes, he is Beloved. Yes, he is Christ ... but there are many. He, incarnate the Begotten Son to give the example.

     And his Sacrifice ... is a Sacrifice ... that everyone can and must ... suffer. Absolutely, ALL!

     Then is a fallacy ... to suppose that you owe nothing, and have no sins. Or to pay someone ... that pray for you, or suffer for you, or just applying suffering to others.

     Saint Germain is clear in its statement:

223 The supreme purpose of God for every lifestream upon earth is the selfsame victory which beloved Jesus manifested from the hill of Bethany. 224 The accent of Christendom upon the agony of Gethsemane, 225 the crucifixion, and the vigil in the tomb of Joseph of Arimatea has often eclipsed the great significance for every man, woman, and child of the glories of the resurrection and mysteries of the ascension.

 Now ... leaving this actual for many, or delaying for some ... let me address like a Preface ...

 What is Sacrifice? ... Sacrifice is the True Art of Self-giving unto God.

 The Sacrifice is necessary ... when your Ascension is waiting ... but only when you live, then you will understand.

 There were ... in perverted action ... the Sacrifice of Persons and Animals, first in Atlantis, the in Africa ... and these Sacrifice become a Rite in 'Santeria' in Central America ... like Cuba, Dominic Republic or Haiti  ... as well South America ... shedding chickens or cows ... This is Black Magic ... Nothing to do with Christ, Jesus or Ascended Masters or Gods.

Now, my friends ... I leave you to the Words of the Masters of Masters ... who is returned ... again.

Very Sincerely,
Giovanni A. Orlando




"Without Shedding of Blood. . . "

To the Deserving of the Path of Joy, Abundance, and Happiness—

Foremost among God's ideas scintillating in the universe is the ever-living love that radiates Joy to the world. The poor in spirit (Matt 5:3) as well as those deficient in this world's goods will always find enough in the cup of Christ's consciousness that runneth over. (Ps 23:5) His abundant Light fills every human need—and divine.

I AM the source of all joy, of all abundance, of all! Why, then, do men seek to find happiness elsewhere? It is because in their sense of lack they amplify their need to possess that which in reality is already their own. This is a misunderstanding of the divine vision of universal Love which gives without limit to all.

Religious movements are conceived in order that people might be happy in God in the present and that they might find happiness in God in the future. The security of heaven is an anchor for which men yearn. I am certain, then, that the Spirit of the Father flashes out in response  each blessed lamb with an intensity beyond that soul's yearning.

God's love can be perceived shining through the foliage of Nature, in the electronic composition of matter, and as a light in the eyes of men. So little understood is God, so little is he known or realized by most men, that scarcely can they conceive of his outpouring of power which lies latent within their being.

You see, blessed ones, by the law of the circle, when you apply limitation to another it returns to you for adjustment. When in ignorance people apply limitation to God, to others, or to themselves, this practice, which is most dangerous, causes the Great Law to withhold from them the very powers of Light which would give them their freedom.

The statement that "truth is stranger thin fiction" is often true. Just think of the hundreds of years that Christendom (which mean "Christ's kingdom") has contemplated the sacrificial aspects of my crucifixion! But in thin case, the truth about sacrifice could not possibly be stranger than the fiction that has been handed down concerning the crucifixion.

Biblical writers, saints, prophets, and holy men have written and taught about the idea of appeasing an angry God through the blood sacrifice of his Son. Although these have acted with great sincerity, they have nevertheless been influenced by the strictly pagan practice handed down from distant days when men departed from the ancient religions of Atlantis wherein true communion with God was taught and experienced as the interchange (sacrificial emission) of light between the soul and the Spirit.

Subsequently, the true art of sacrifice (sell giving unto God) degenerated into the sinister and perverted uses of the sacred fire in sexual rites performed at the altar. As a substitute for the ritual of self-sacrifice of the synthetic image (shedding the snakeskin of the serpent mind), the false priests offered temple virgins (in place of themselves) in sacrifices of appeasement to the gods. (It came to pass prior to the flood that young men were offered in place of women.) The malpracticing priesthood encouraged the bizarre and sensual in their subjects and, magnetizing the denizens of the astral world through nefarious incantations, cooperated with the black magicians who created the conditions which led to the Noachian deluge and the sinking of Atlantis. (See Edgar Cayce on Atlantis)

The Canaanite idea of child sacrifice, "burning their sons and daughters in the fire,", temple prostitution, and burnt offerings and sacrifices to Baal, imitated by the Israelites, recalled the last days of a decadent Atlantis, these abominations, of Nephilim origin, were denounced by Jeremiah and Ezekiel, as well as by Isaiah, Amos, and Micah. (Jer 7:31, Ezek 16:20, Isa:57:5, Amos 5:25)

By and by, the substitution of the blood of sheep and other animals for that of human beings was deemed preferable in the rites of atonement practiced in the cultures of the Fertile Crescent. Yet, to this day, human as well as animal sacrifice can be found on the continent of Africa.

In the knowledge of the foregoing historical facts and self-evident spiritual truths, consider how unreasonable it is that a formula for human or animal sacrifice or the shedding of blood could have been required or ordained by God for the propitiation (atonement, expiation, balance) of sin (i.e., karma).

If, then, sacrifice is not required for the remission of sins, what does Life demand in order to balance humanity's debts ? I am happy to clear up this point for all who adore the Truth that will make them free from such smoldering error which blind theology has kept active, thereby mutilating both the human and the divine image in man which would otherwise have been universally outpictured upon earth long ago.

Let us together examine the mystery of the blood of the Lamb as the acceptable sacrifice which, we are told, meets with the divine approval in remitting the sins of mankind. (Rev 7:14)

Life and God are synonymous terms and denote interdependence in the interchange between the divine and the human, for the life man is God and God's Life flows in man's veins. The term life is equivalent to blood in the scriptural sense and is preferred to blood by the spiritual student, who rejects the idea of the shedding of blood as abhorrent and inconsistent with true humanity and certainly with Divinity.

The scriptures declare that "without shedding of blood there is no remission" of sins. (Heb 9:22) "I am declaring to you and to all men forever the truth concerning this biblical statement, herein quite simply revealed: without the shedding (casting off) of that life, or life-force, which has been misqualified with human foolishness, the sins of man can never be remitted (requalified with the love plan of God). Moreover, without the release of the life-essence (i.e., 'blood') of the Lamb who is your Holy Christ Self, you cannot balance your karma.

Hence, it is by a continual requalifying, mastering, governing and controlling of energy through the Ascended Master Light of the individualized Holy Christ Self that men and women shall rise to the point where their former sins, which are solely error recorded in memory, are blotted out (Ps 51:1) by the Holy Spirit. This ritual of true sacrifice takes place as they invoke the violet fire of forgiveness, the white radiance of God-purity, and the comforting assurance that as they put off the old man with his deeds, the new man — the firstborn Son made in the image of God — comes into manifestation in the glory of reality. (Eph 4:22-24)

The idea that God, your beloved I AM Presence, favors one child and rejects another is totally inconsistent with divine Law. My own life was offered to God to epitomize the Cosmic Christ, to prove that man and woman in physical embodiment can ascend out of Matter and remain close by in octaves of light (invisible, yet co-occupying the physical plane at a higher frequency) to mightily assist the earth and its evolutions in returning to the original divine plan of the abundant Life.

This I am doing to the present day. Well may it be spoken of me—as it should be of every soul who is destined, whether one knows it or not, to be a Christ—"I AM" (the I AM Presence in me is) the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by the same path of personal Christhood which all who have embodied the Word have demonstrated.

In the purified state man "sheds the light" of the I AM Presence through his sanctified (sacred) heart and other spiritual centers (chakras) for the transmutation of world sin (karma). In this release of light the initiate discovers the true meaning of the remission of sin by the "shed ding of blood," noted by the mystic writer of Hebrews. However, the full force of this initiation is not experienced until after the records of personal sin (violations of the law of grace) are consumed by Love nor until personal karma (the obligations to Life incurred through disobedience to God's laws) is balanced by sacrificial service (words and works, including dynamic decrees for world transmutation).

"Without shedding of blood ..." is then seen to be the flow of Life from God through the purified soul and temple of man. The pure life essence of the Holy Christ Flame is released in "rivers of living water" from the 'belly' (John 7:38) —and this refers to the solar plexus, or place of the sun—which becomes the fount (chakra) of the Christ-peace in all who also believe in the Christ of me as the God-power in themselves.

Yes, without the shedding of this 'blood', there is no world remission of sin by the Son of God incarnate in you! And for this cause you and I came into the world—to take upon the office of our Christhood the burden of world karma so that the lost sheep gone astray from the House of Reality might experience a deferment of their karma and a certain relief from suffering while they learn of me and my true burden, which is Light. (Matt 11:30) This Light, when internalized by themselves, will enable them in their turn to take full responsibility for their own burden of karma as they, too, follow the selfsame path of discipleship you are on: personal transformation through integration with Christ, the Light of your world.

How fallacious is the idea that God respects men's persons or favors one of his sons while dishonoring another. Some do not see that it is mortal men who dishonor themselves, doing despite to their own cause before the courts of heaven. Yet I am not concerned with the changing human but with the changeless God Self and his intentions, which are to endow the Son of his manifestation with every honor and blessing that the soul prepares itself (qualifies itself) to receive.

One of the first requisites the aspirant to Christhood must meet is to acquire the inner Knowing that God is no respecter of persons (Deu 10:17) and that he is willing to bestow his powers without limit upon all of his children when they prove themselves trustworthy. Then he must accept the reality that Life is already manifesting through him with the fullness of Life's blessed God-powers.

The knowledge of the correct use of these powers to the glory of God and for the healing of the whole Body of God from the cause and core of every disease and discomfort must follow. It is the Law!

I AM the Christ-gift that lifts karmic burdens, heals all souls, and lights your way!

                           Jesus the Christ

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