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Sunday, 28 July 2013 04:59


Greetings in the name of the Lord ... the Sun-day ...

      And like explained before we are living a passage of times between the Old Time, and the New Time.

      The last 12-12-12, begin a process of re-polarization ... of both planet Earth and the Sun, to let us ... everyone of us ... live like where walking at 180°.

      This change which few knows ... cause taking decisions not exactly fine ... as well bad humor.

     More is Higher the vertical of your Caduceus Multidimensionally speaking ... more is the risk to lose control.

      The best thing you can do is to place your body at 180° ... very frequently ...

      Using an Inversion Table is the best choice:


     Now ... let us speak about the Violet Flame and the DNA.

     There are Twelve DNA Layers ...There are the first Twelve ...

      The First is the 'Tree of Life' ... which God has guarded from the curious and profane Remains a penetrable mystery.

    The DNA Layer #12 is God Layer ... You are God inside you with its Order and Its Perfection.

       Now DNA #9 is the Violet Flame ... the Saint Germain Violet Flame.

        The Violet Flame can be invoked mentally or verbally. We can send the Violet Flame.

        You can send Angels of the Violet Flame ... you can imagine the planet inside a Bubble of Violet Flame and this is the best choice for these times.

           The process of Passage with the 180° Polarization ends 31 December 2017 ... this process is NOT STATIC ... but growing.

Have a nice day.

Giovanni A. Orlando.

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