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Sunday, 04 August 2013 04:30

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Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of the Lord ...

    And is my Joy ... to speak about Perfection ... to speak about the Highest State of Mind ... the Christ state ... Eden.

    There are somehow ... 'bad literature' about What Eden is ... and Where ...

     Some people ... and this is the mayor idea ... suppose Eden is melancholic place with Laziness ... doing nothing ... eating fruits on the shores of beaches or rivers ... Let me say ... This is a mistake.

     Some people ... instead remember ... Better ... because they remember the feeling of Atlantis and Lemuria ... and have a better sight, the correct sight.

     Lemuria ... in the Pacific Ocean ... was the First Eden ... and the so-called 'Mother Land'. Today, Hawaii is more of the island which conform a Great Continent from India, to Northern California.

      Atlantis was created from the Lemurians and reach still a Highest Level ... where High Technology was common and in full respect of the Land.

     Rama in India ... 25,000 years ago ... 'El Dorado' (Taiti) in the Amazonas ... 14,000 years ago ... Older Arabia ... 70,000 years ago which lead us to ... the Arabian Nights ... today with some folklore ... which were ... Truth.

     Please play attention what you will read ... because it is important and sacred ... and many of you will be astonished.

     From the book, 'Unveiled Mysteries' by Godfre Ray King.

     "One by one. great awakened souls are coming forth who will become clearly conscious of their own— Mighty Inherent God-Power—and such as these—will—be placed in all official positions of the government. They will be more interested in the—welfare of America—than in their own personal ambitions and—private fortunes. Thus—will another—Golden Age—reign upon earth, and be maintained for—an aeon.

"In the period, just preceding this, which you have been experiencing, the mass of the people used great airships for transportation purposes. As the development reached a still higher point, they had little need for them, except in the outlying districts. All the official class, because they were the more spiritually advanced souls of that race, were able to go from place to place—in the finer bodies—and do all they desired—the same as in your recent experience at Luxor. They also were able—to transport —the physical body at will—for the use of their power—to overcome gravity—was as natural as breathing is to you.

     Please understand now ... What Eden is.

     Eden stand for Edon, Edom, Divine Wisdom ... and is the MAXIMUM Level of Consciousness ... It is like a Blessing which expand itself.

     There are no One City with Eden ... and another in Poverty. Eden is TOTAL.

     Eden is therefore a State of Mind. Eden is the Christ Mind ... or the Buddha State ... or the Mohammad State ... or the Krisna state ...

Eden is the STATE

     Like for Gold ... that become more and more pure. Like for Jewel that can polished more and more ... so is Eden.

     A person never can be Rich ... is live bad ... or have Debts. The complete Elimination of Debt ... of a Nation ... a Person ... lead that person to begin to Walk in the Path of Wealth.

     A state never can claim itself ... Wealthy is have just one person not Wealthy.

     Where is Eden? ... Humm ... Eden is logically in Heaven and in MANY HEAVENS ... and if we manifest ...


    Then Eden ... begin to Manifest also here.

    In EDEN ... There are NO POLICE ... because There are No Delinquents. In Eden there are NO Politicians or Taxes, or Misery ... there are a Complete Perfection spread across Countries ... with High Technology ... Green and Free Technology ... Joy, Bliss and Happiness.

    I wish you meditate ... on



Giovanni A. Orlando.

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