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Editorial #192: What is the difference between the Children of the North and the Children of the South? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando. PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 06 September 2013 10:33


Greetings ... in the day of Venus ... the day of the Goddess ... and is logical and fair to speak ... about Children.

     Those who ... are in touch with the Ascended Hosts ... have some facility to solve ... many puzzles where others who are not in touch ... fail. Let me say that Heaven always wait ... also for those who are not in touch ... because Earth is but a Schoolroom.

     In my book ... And if you want to purchase JUST ONE Book ... purchase THIS ... In my book, The Book of Apocalypse explained ... Female Archangel ... Archeia ... Amethyst ... speaks ...

    In English she say ...

I stand at the south portico of our retreat over the island of Cuba. I face the children of the South, children of Mother Mary, those delicate ones who, in their humble lives and gentle adoration of the Mother, are the guardians of the light of the Christos in this hemisphere. And then I walk to the north portico where Zadkiel stands gazing upon the children of the North, who keep the flame of freedom for a planet and a people who have enshrined that flame in the name of Uncle Sam in the government and in the economy of a nation destined to be the Mother light come again.

And so in the masculine and feminine rays of the Godhead, we distribute the energies of freedom trought the amethyst crystal on the altar of our retreat. And the flame that burns here, tended by legions of violet-flame angels, sparkles with the briliance of every tone that is contained in the spectrum of the seventh ray. From the pink-violet to the fiery blue-purple mingling with white and crystal, there is opportunity for infinite expressions of the Christ flame within these sacred fires of Aquarius.

     If you read with Attention these words ... you will understand perfectly ... Who are the Children of the South, and Who are the Children of the North.

      The Children of the South ... are the Protectors of the Mother ... Mother Mary, Mother Earth, The Holy Grail, the Churches ... the Truth.

        The Children of the North ... ride to give Freedom ... and they suppose they need to fight.

        Now, there are Male Children of the North and Male Children of the South ... as well Female Children of the North and Female Children of the South.

        Logically ... All the Indian Nations ... basically ... are Children of the South ... without to play attention that they lived in United States before the arrival of General Custer ... Humm. General Custer is logically a Children of the North ... like you know General Custer was ERASED ... in the Battle of Little Bighorn ...

       Please DO NOT PLAY ... If you DO NOT KNOW ... THE NAME OF THE GAME.

       Like you know ... in Our Beloved and Sacred Land of United States of America, were a War time ago ... in the days of President Abraham Lincoln ... and was basically between the Children of the North ... and the Children of the South ... was a Battle for ideas and the winner was the Children of the North ... commenting that ... United States has still many facets to heal ... Everyone needs healing ... Only Masters that live in Heaven ... have a complete Healing and Understanding.

       The Templar Knights ... were Warrior ... but ... Children of the South. They defend the Mother and the Sacredness. They fight from the Sacredness.

        At Camelot ... Before the Grail ... before Camelot ... the Warriors were Children of the North ... with the Grail they become Children of the South ...

       And be ... Children of the South or of the North ... have nothing to do ... with Male and Female ... No. Is not the Polarity of the Soul, is the inductance ... to use a Word ... frequent in the words of channeler Lee Carroll ... Who is a Children of the North.

       Inductance which is an Electrical Property connected with Magnetism ... can represent better ... the Passion to be ... a Children of the North or of the South. Inductance changes ...

        Johann Sebastian Bach ... was a Children of the South, and he was German ...

        The Children of the North ... rides to offer Freedom and have some principles ... which ARE NOT THE SAME that the Children of the South.

         Mexico and Latin American ... generally are ALL ... Children of the South.

I hope you like this explanation ... which I consider very important.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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