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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 13:50


Greetings in the day of the Love of God ... the Mars day ...

    And after Holidays ... people ... in wrongly mode ... illogical mode ... want to enter in some type of Physical Exercises ... and play attention to his (or her ) body ... while in Holidays they do not play attention at all.

    I, Giovanni ... like the Author of ... 'A Treatise on Human Brain+The Human Body, The Perfect Machine' ...


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   And with all necessary respect to established Medical Doctors ... Medicine need to Evolve ...

   In fact, The Brain is an Electrical Machine and the Body is ... not a Mechanical Machine but ... wires around the pole of being ... like say, Lord Maitreya ... or the Body is the Crucible of the Being ... like say Saint Germain.

    Therefore ... everything is ... Electromagnetic ... also the Heart ... also the Liver and also the Pancreas ... as well ... any Gland ... which control the Emotions ... Humm (Is not interesting? ...)

    There are many bodies in Man ... Western Medicine consider the Organs like Liver, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas ... Brain ... while Eastern Medicine ... including Chinese and Ayurveda (from India) the Chakras.

    Rev. Charles Leadbeater ... see the Energy flow in the Body and accumulating in Seven Main points or Chakra ... Seven Wheels ...

  These two Medicine ... consider each one the Best. Chinese medicine consider Western Medicine an extension of Eastern ... and Western Medicine consider Eastern Medicine ... 'interesting'.

    There are concepts of Physics ... which Beloved Nikola Tesla comment in his memorial article, regarding the Prana ... which not today a person have included in Physics ... Or Medicine.

     There are Medical Speciality ... very well-know in Italy ... called 'Pranotherapy' (Pranoterapia in italian) ... which regards a Therapy (Healing) ... on the Prana (The Vital Force).

       The Ki (or Ka, or Chi) is the God Energy flowing in Our Nerves. We have many forms of Aether ... which Professor Einstein say ... Do not exist.

    We have:

  • Prana (called 'Qi' for Qigong, or Chi for Tai-Chi in the Taoism ... or Ki like Hushiba Ai-ki-do) is the Vital Force. Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama using its AMI was able to misure the speed of the Ki in Human Body.

        In March 2005 ... the speed of my Ki ... moves from 2220 units on the SP (Spleen Meridian) to 2028 on the LU Meridian (Lung Meridian) ... which were measured with the AMI device at the CIHS in Enchinitas, CA.

  • Jing is the Essence ... or Blood ... which is the Force in the Blood as well the Sperm.
  • Shed is the Spirit or Air.

   What about the Pancreas? ...

    The Pancreas is located behind the Stomach and create several Proteins for foods ... but let us read a simple description from the ... established know-how ... 'I AM Joe's body'.




I am about the size and shape of a large dog's tongue -15 centimeters long: gray-pink in color, weigh about 85 grams. I reside deep in Joe's abdomen (behind his stomach and in front of his spine) in an overcrowded tenement of assorted organs that include the liver, kidneys and large intestine. Since he has eaten calves' sweetbreads, Joe knows my consistency. I am Joe's sweetbread—his pancreas.


I am a very busy organ. Without the enzymes I produce, Joe could consume mountains of food and still be malnourished. Ever) time he bats an eyelid, every time his heart takes a pumping stroke, cells must provide energy. I help supply the fuel to stoke the cellular fires.


Actually. I am two glands wrapped in one package, and I produce two important hormones that empty into Joe's bloodstream. My glucose, or blood sugar, is the fuel for cells, the chief provider of energy; my insulin keeps blood sugar at proper levels and sees that it is burnt properly—a very critical and delicate task. 1 may add.

For my key role in digestion. I produce about one liter of digestive juices a day. Not bad: 900 grams of fluid from an 85-gram gland! When Joe's food leaves his stomach it is a highly acid gruel, or chyme. (He frets occasionally about "acid stomach." but the acid has its job to do in starting the breakdown of proteins.) This acid could spell disaster farther along Joe's digestive tract—eating away the delicate lining of the small intestine—so I must produce enough alkaline juice to neutralize it.


Let Joe sit down to the dinner table, and my tens of thousands of little saclike acini get a signal from his nervous system lo start manufacturing alkaline juices. BE 1 do not go into high gear until the chyme actually starts coming through the pylorus, the gateway from the stomach to the duodenum-that pouchy first 25-centimeters of Joe's small intestine. As a matter of self-protection, the duodenum starts manufacturing the hormone secretion, whose chemical message via the blood prods me into peak alkalinizer production.

Actually, neutralizing acid is not very impressive chemical feat. Some of my other tasks are far more formidable. If most of the foods Joe eats, for instance, ever reached his 6l00dsheam in the form in which they are consumed, he would be a very dead duck in short order. But they do not because I play the major role in rendering them acceptable.

For this task. 1 produce three talented enzymes. One of these chemical virtuosos, trypsin, initiates the breakdown of protein into amino acids, which the bloodstream can pass around the body for tissue building. Another enzyme, amylase, converts starch into sugar. A third, lipase, attacks fat globules, breaking them into fatty acids and glycerin Whether Joe eats a gourmet dinner or a hot dog. the results are much the same: end-products almost always totally unlike the foods he forked into his mouth.

Fortunately, I have a comfortable excess productive capacity for my digestive juices. Half of my acini could do the job. Joe could even survive if my total production were destroyed. Saliva, gastric and intestinal secretions would do a job of sorts. But digestion would be a misery.

Production of insulin is my most critical task. If I fell down on this job, Joe like millions of others, would get diabetes. (Until substitute insulin from animals came along in 1921. my failure to produce this hormone in adequate quantities meant not only diabetes but death-in a lingering and unpleasant form.) To produce insulin. I have an estimated million "islet" cells scattered throughout my bulk, each an independent little factory. Despite their huge numbers, they account for only about 15 percent of my 85 grams weight. But their importance!

The billions of cells in Joe's body are very efficient little furnaces, burning glucose to generate energy. My insulin sees to it that they get the precise amount of fuel they require. In other words, it helps determine the amount of glucose-about 4.4 grams in all—circulating in the blood.

It also plays a role in helping cells bum this glucose. If my islets suddenly went on strike, Joe's cells would try to bum other fuels. Fat would be burnt. And protein would be drained from muscles to stoke the cellular fires. Joe would become cadaverous, rail-thin, wolfishly hungry and constantly thirsty. Unable to burn sugar, Joe would pass it out of his body in

sweetish urine-as much as four liters a day. These are symptoms of diabetes, which I prevent.

My insulin also has a target action on Joe's liver. The liver is the storage cupboard for any excess glucose that may be circulating in the blood. As blood passes through, the liver responds to an insulin prod by converting this excess into a starchy substance called glycogen, which is put on the shelf until needed. Then, when the system requires sugar, the glycogen is converted bad into glucose and led into the blood.

Joe, of course, can throw this delicate control of mine temporarily out of kilter by consuming sweets in excess amounts. I then step up insulin production, thus fanning the fires of cellular combustion. That is why a candy bar is good source of guide energy. Conversely, when blood sugar drops too low, I cut insulin production - in effect, banking the fires.

Although diabetes is the No. 1 disease associated with me, I present physicians with several other brow-crinkling problems Since I am buried deep in the body, a surgeon has a big job getting to me without injuring neighboring organs. (At one time my removal meant death. No longer. Substitute insulin and enzymes would keep Joe alive, if uncomfortable, without me.) Whatever my difficulties, severe upper abdominal pain, often radiating to the back, is frequently present. The catch is that a number of other disease- perforated ulcer, heart attack, gallbladder disease, intestinal obstruction-may also present much the same type of pain. Other symptoms may include diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue and jaundice.

Another common problem is acute pancreatitis. Causes of this inflammation are legion—mumps, injury during surgery on an adjacent organ, arterial disease, sustained use of alcohol. One of the commonest causes traces to my rather poor plumbing. I share with the liver and the gallbladder a common exit duct into the duodenum and bile from the liver can back up into my duct system, injuring or destroying it. Or. a gallstone may block my exit dub. backing up my enzymes, which then start digesting me. Let this go not for long and it is finish for Joe indeed, acute pancreatitis represents just about as big a medical emergency as can be imagined. It kills more than 2500 persons annually.

A variety of tumors also strike at me. One of the worst is adenoma that starts me producing excess insulin. For men in Joe's age group, cancer of the pancreas ranks as cancer killer No. 3, after lung and colon-rectum. Gallbladder disease and cystic fibrosis also often involve me.

So far, I have caused Joe no trouble whatever—except for occasional mild digestive upsets. In general, he eats and drinks sensibly, and that helps. If he keeps it up, he will very likely end his days blissfully ignorant of the commanding role I play in so much of his life.




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