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Thursday, 09 January 2014 07:09


Greetings in the Thor-day ... when Jupiter engine the Large Intestine Meridian ... and improve Royalty in Men and Women.

     And this article is about Symbolism ... and Life.

     Can you imagine a Symbol ... to represent Life? ...

     Well, a Symbol is available and is called, the Flower of Life. Each time you place this symbol in some place you will force Holy Order and Life in such place. Life cannot rise and be maintained without Order.

    From the times of Pythagoras ... with theTetractys ... we can arrive to design the Flower of Life ...

   I, Giovanni ... in 2007 had a Professor in Bio-Energy and an acclaimed Professor of EMF Balancing Technique. Her name was Maria Eugenia Carbone.

    She comment us (our students) that is very important to apply a Flower of Life (which she define like Metatron Symbol) in the roof ... of each room. Honestly works very well ... in any place you want to have order ...Your car, your Home, your office.

    It is also a favorite a popular New Age Jewel ... in Gold or Silver.


   According to Carl Jung ... Symbols change the Aether-dynamic of Space-Time.

   I can cite that recently reading the book, 'L'energie Vibratorie des ondes de Forme' written by Jean-Paul Ronecker ... he claims that Old English letters ... have a special meaning ...


   I want now to complete these teaching ... with two symbols.

   The New Symbol of Tao ...

    which is produced in Colombia and we offer ... as well the Symbol ... released by Sanat Kumara when Lord Jesus return and is the following.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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