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Wednesday, 15 January 2014 07:25

A New Cover of the book, 'An Introduction to Quantum Mathematics' ... now including the Zero and a Symbol to represent the Uni-verse (with two verses ...)


Greetings in the day of Mercury ... the Odin ... the day of Balance ... in the day of Full Moon ...

     And I arrive to speed up a little ... the Galactic Mathematics ... not the small, incongruent, Illogical ... Empirical Mathematics we have today.

      And the consequences of a New Mathematics ... Humm are impressive in Economy, in Science ... Technology, Research ... Music ...

      In fact, must accepted and digested that we are using ... Just to say ... An Elementary Mathematics ... not Galactic Mathematics ... not the Mathematics of the Heavens.

      We never can will understand the Multidimensional Universe ... if we do not change and adopt ... just to say ... engine ... 'As Above so Below' ... Mathematically speaking ... the New Quantum Galactic Mathematics.

       I have matured a Model of the Universe ... which is a Rotated Spiral ... which become like a Doughnut.


   Please note that this figure ... has been produced rotating a Spiral (... using Adobe Illustrator.) Please look the internal of the Doughnut ...

   This New Mathematics ... is very special ... is like a Changing Mathematics ... and is very Elegant. (This is the Opinion of the Angels ... Innocent )

   ... This Angel is Kryon ... just to name one.

   I want to speak about the Universal Zero ... but before ... I want to recover for you ... The 'Standard' (Sorry ... Miserable) Zero.

   I use this bad Word ... so you can begin to improve and consider that the American Dream is not a fallacy ... but a real Solution to Human Happiness.

   We are improving Science ... releasing the announced Books ...



 The 'Standard' or today Zero comes from the Hindu ... not the Arabs.

 In fact, we can get from the Book ... 'New Numbers ...'... the real Story ...

We read ...

By the time of the birth of Christ the Hindus had developed single symbols that measurably resemble our present number sym­bols for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9.

Some centuries later the Arab followers of Mohammed began their amazing conquests. In the East they came into contact with the Hindus, and learned and copied their number system. In the West their conquests extended into Spain, which for many years was part Mohammedan and part Christian. It was apparently through this contact that the new numerals, borrowed from the Hindus and im­proved by the Arabs, filtered into Christendom. We still call our figures 'Arabic,' forgetting that the chief credit is due the Hindus.

The number system now delivered into European hands was a vast advance over the existing Roman numerals. It had separate single symbols for all the quantities below ten. Most important of all, it had by this time developed a symbol for zero.

This invention of something to represent nothing is a stroke of genius which can scarcely be overpraised. Upon the insignificant zero, symbol for nothing, rests the whole of mathematical science. Without it, no number system was possible without the introduction of ever new and more numerous symbols for large quantities. Without it, all our present mathematical short-cuts of multiplication, division, decimals, logarithms, could not have been in­vented.


   I, Giovanni ... a Bi-Laureate in Mathematics ... can tell you that I am working on this. This don't means I will be successful ... May be I need to change city, or Region, or Country ... Who knows? ...

   To have the Peace ... to realize a New Mathematics you need to live in a some kind of 'Nirvana' place ... like Hawaii, Sedona ... etc.

    I will now tell you ... How must be the New Zero ...

    The Complete discourse is ... 'The Interdimensional Universe' ... channeled by Lee Carroll .. speaks Kryon. (Kryon is the name for us).

The Interdimensional Universe

The Zero
There will come a day when your science will honor the zero within your coming interdimensional math. Right now, you see the zero as nothing. Some have said, "Well, we know that zero doesn't really mean nothing. We think that an interdimensional zero will be infinity. That's what a zero is." No, it isn't.

We've told you about 12-based math for over a decade. The elegance of it will astonish you, especially its computational simplicity. It's the only math that "shakes hands" with nature. You cannot consider 12-based math without making the zero an integer of special value. It cannot be a placeholder; it cannot be "nothing," and it doesn't represent infinity. Again we'll tell you this: The zero is the magic of interdimensional math. It's the magic of base-12.

The zero is the potential of all that ever was, is, or can be. It's the "now" of universal math. It represents potential, or an energy of possibility. Therefore, the zero is variable depending upon the equation. You're not used to this. You're used to mathematical equations being empirical, and you wish that to remain. But it can't be that way when you begin to compute outside of linearity. Within that scheme is revealed the elegance of the math. The zero removes what is not needed, and reveals the solution. It becomes the facilitator of the reality of the puzzle itself, and is often the core number. We don't expect you to fully understand this. In fact, we don't expect any understanding at all. Not yet.


   ... There are too much information ... and I want to stress your understand of Physics a little ... just a little.

   The Speed of Light ... not only is variable ... but has changed ... What? ... Yes!

    Let me recover from you ... the precise passage in a World of ... Egoist Lightworkers ...

All of this "new sight" and understanding is actually tied in to what happened at the 11:11 (1987). At that time, you gave permission to change your time frame, if you've noticed. All of these years later, we can say to you that your train of reality has sped up. We told you in 1989 that the magnetic grid of the earth would change, and it did. We told you in 1989 that the future, the potential of the earth, would feature massive weather changes. Have you seen any? The vibration of the planet is vastly different from how it was in 1987, isn't it? And what about your senses? Is there anybody here, perhaps those who are reading this as well, who would admit: "Yes, I've felt the speed-up of time in the last two or three year"?

The Human Being has felt it, the earth is physically showing it, and here you are in a time frame that's different from the one you were raised in. You're not aware that the speed of light changed for you, are you? It did.

    ... Hummm I have a gift ... which can be resumed in a Mental Camera to watch some words ... listened or read ...

    Try to realize this Mathematics ...

    What is important is to return to the Garden ... What about to essay some days? ...

    What is important is the Happiness of the World? ... the Complete Wealth and Happiness for everyone ...

See you ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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