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Saturday, 08 March 2014 06:44


Blessings and Greetings ... in the Saturn day ... the day of Queen Mary, who hold the Crown of the Acquarian Age ...

    And this year ... Future Technologies celebrates its 20th Anniversary ... Humm ... And Our Story can be divided in 14 years on Linux and 6 years on New Age ... jumping from FTLinuxCourse to FTHumanEvolutionCourse.

     ... Humm ... And eons ago ... we were living with Our Fathers in remote Galaxies in Other Universes ... and ... we get catch into a Vortex ... when This Universe was created ... in a small Explosion ... what Modern Scientist call ... 'The Big Bang' ...

     It was not Big ... compared with the Creation ... and was not the Only Explosion ... but just One ... (Teenagers consider the first kiss an impressive Event ... then they discover ... Other continents ... Humm).

      And ... The explosion moves some people ... like me ... and probably you into this Universe ... but the Explosion also cause the division of Our Soul ... in Multiple Dimensions ... in 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D ... across and along the Multidimensional Caduceus.


    Most people do not understand why We change signals ... Basically is an Act of Compassion for the Youth ... to improve a better Educational System ... and the Idea born in Venezuela, exactly in Caracas ... looking not only Poverty ... based on Communism ... but also Ignorance in Students.

       Your fellow friend Giovanni A. Orlando was a Professor of Chemistry in those days ... and in most cases Homework was a simple 'Cut-and-Paste' from Internet or Wikipedia ... Not Book reading, not Studies ... Nothing. From this perspective ... Students suppose that Science have all the answers and that such Answers are Free and Available on the Web ...

       Nothing more far ... from Reality. Modern Scientists are somehow lost ... and never will mature great Jumps or Discoveries ... because they do not only are using an Empirical Mathematics which is not Holy ... and they have a Science with Basic Understanding about the Lord and Angels.

        Religious for the Other Perspective cannot reproduce the 'Miracles' of their Masters and Economic and Finance have not idea what is Alchemy ... considering it a Fraud and a Fallacy ... like has been published in 1924 ... by example in the book ...

       Beloved Lord Jesus explains: " 44But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; 45That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. 46For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? 47And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? 48Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."
       -- Matthew 5: 44-48.

     Therefore ... and I confess ... I am using that book about 'Fallacies of Science' in inverse mode ... to confute it.

      Like you probably know ... we are offering ...

        and Of course we can tell you that ... 'All is All-chemy'

        And Alchemy is is All-Chemistry ... the All-Chemistry of the Lord.

        Saint Germain say ...

73 Let us see now how reasonable it is to suppose that enough people serving in harmony can change the most calcified condition and create an influx of love that will sweep the hills and valleys with an inspired movement to heal the breach between the realities of eternal alchemy (the all-chemistry of God) and the artificialities which rise from the caves of base error.

 -- The Need, Power, and Motive of Change: 73.

We can say that also Carl Gustav Jung ... a good friend of Sigmund Freud ... publish more than a Work on Alchemy ...

     Honestly ... Alchemy is ... the Art of Multidimensionality ... The Science to conquer the Atom ... but not by force ... but by Will and Intention ... with Faith and Love.

        After some years ... With no date of planned release we have announced ... the first Three Volumes of 'High Physics, High Math, Life, Cosmology and the Theory of Everything ...'

    Well ... Volume 1 and 3 have date of release ... but we are ruled by Love and the Heart ... while the Brain remain our partner.


     Now let us take Our Company Ego and place in 'Hold on' and speaks about the World ... because we are here for you ...

      The Alice Bailey book, 'The Destiny of Nations' explains ...

     The world is one world and its sufferings are one: humanity is in truth a unity, but many are still unaware of this and the whole trend of the present teaching is directed to the awakening of humanity to this while there is yet time to avert still more serious conditions.

     The sins of humanity are also one. Its goal is one and it is as one great human family that we must emerge into the future.

I would emphasis this thought: it is as one humanity, chastened, disciplined but illumined and fused, that we must emerge into the future.

Those who do not grasp this important fact, whether they are what is called belligerents or neutrals, will suffer deeply as a result of then non-participation in the fate of the whole. The isolationist or the super-racial attitudes of the bewildered German people are the attitudes of the separative tendencies of the form nature with its wrong emphasis: but so also is the attitude, veiled under beautiful words and misty idealism, of any neutral power who stands aloof from the happenings of the present.

The Hierarchy is not neutral. It is one with the right element in every nation and set against all separative, isolationist and materialistic attitudes. Such attitudes prevent the apprehension of the true spiritual values and hinder human development. Identification with all and participation in world conditions — voluntarily and not from force — is the way out today for all peoples.


   Humm ... Nothing is ... as expected ... Not Reality ... but the correct Source of Energy ... not the Sex ... not the History, not the Religion ... not the Science ... just nothing.

    You cannot awake and tomorrow morning say ... 'Hey ... I understand everything ... because is a process'.

     Sports are a Religion ... Science too ... and there are Dominators in any place. Unfortunately for them ... or they change ... or they will fall ...

    The Planet is Ascending ... The Multidimensional Spiral ... to 4D (2018) ... 5D (2023) ... 

     May be you get Lovely ... in 4 years ... If not ... may be you can become Lovely in 9 years ... but if you do not become Lovely in 16 years by 2030 ... Humm ... May be you never become ... and you will not work or live in a planet ... which have a Brotherhood by Flag.

    Most people has ... Money and consider that More have Money ... more have Power. No ... for them because they can lose their Money ... In fact, there are a Balance in Act ...

   Other have no money ... or has few money ... and they consider that ... they Never can become Rich ... Humm ...


     ... Now ... if you have Wealth ... and have no Health ... What is the sense you have Wealth? ... If you cannot enjoy Life?.

     What about ... a Millionaire World ... A World ... where each one has ... 14.000.000 (14 Million dollars) on the Bank ? ...

     What is the problem? ... Humm ... The Problem and the Solution is One: Consciousness.

    Lack of Consciousness ... call the Serpents ... and then ... destroy the Garden ... and the Garden is on Bankrupt ... Right now.


     Serpents do not care ... about the Garden ... may be ... in their mechanical Mind ... they want to destroy the World. They are able to destroy ... if they cannot rule ... by force. History is full of ... these Violations.

      ... I Giovanni ... have added the Irony of the Sugar ... but today ... is Saturday (Saturn-day) ... and is the day of Salt.

     Sodom and Gomorrah where destroyed in a Saturday ... and was a ... Holy act ... because Heaven cannot accept such Perversion.

     Let me post a Question ... without Answer ... Why the Lot's Wife Pillar ... was made of Salt? ...

     ... Humm ... There are a Risk ... and Lightworkers are working to avoid ... there are a Risk of Oblivion and Dark Days ... more Dark than you have ever imagined.

      Of Course ... Heaven ... and its Government works to prevent this ... and Lightworkers are their Jedi, their Knights.

In Faith and Truth I have spoken.

Of Course we are very happy ... in these New Ages days ... to establish the New Age like the 'New Golden Age'.Innocent

That the Force be with You ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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