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Thursday, 13 March 2014 17:29

A set of Vailx ... of several measures ... designed on Computer ...


Greetings in the day of the King ... the Jove (Jupiter) engine the Large Intestine Meridian ... and today technology can prove it ... to let you feel like a King ... and Women can feel ... Queens.

      How is the problem of Gravity? ... Humm ... Can a book from Saint Germain and Angels ... improve you ... to work on the direction to conquer Gravity? ... Can a book ... offer a call ... to work to establish a New Science ... for the 21th Century? ... I say, Aye Sir!

     I have no problems to say ... that the book is this ...

     Because the book is in Spanish ... I will reproduce for you some lines ... before to begin the discussion ...

Muchos de vosotros realizasteis descubrimientos científicos en la Atlántida que debéis realizar de nuevo en la era de Acuario 

Por tanto, quiero que sepáis que lo que habéis escuchado de mis profecías para Sudamérica y para el mundo no es sino un mero presagio del futuro. Yo diría que en vuestra historia, desde la primera vez que pusisteis los pies sobre este planeta y sobre estas tierras, jamás habéis afrontado un desafío igual al que ahora os enfrentáis y como el que vosotros y vuestros descendientes afrontarán durante los próximos doscientos años. 

Así, amados, desearía abriros los ojos. Para ello, os invito (a vuestra alma vestida en la envoltura etérica mientras vuestro cuerpo físico duerme) a que vengáis esta noche a mi retiro situado en la Cueva de los Símbolos en Norteamérica. 

En respuesta a vuestra petición, mis ángeles os escoltarán allí para que podáis conocerme y conocer la tecnología que introduje en civilizaciones enterradas en las arenas movedizas del tiempo. Esta tecnología fomentó la iluminación, eliminó el trabajo fatigoso y llevó a la gente a un conocimiento superior de su Presencia Divina. 

Es más, por dispensación especial de los Señores del Karma, esta noche y en noches sucesivas os mostraré los mapas de civilizaciones antiguas, así como los registros de vuestras vidas pasadas, para que podáis comenzar a percibir la visión global de lo que habéis sembrado y cosechado en vuestras vidas pasadas y en la presente, y de qué decisiones actuales y futuras os aguardan como oportunidades en esta vida. 

No os asombréis de que hace más de doce mil años en la Atlántida muchos de vosotros hicierais descubrimientos científicos que debéis realizar de nuevo en la era de Acuario. Bajo mi supervisión cuidadosa, perfeccionaréis estos inventos. Y si los ponéis con generosidad sobre el altar de la humanidad y beneficiáis a la raza, podréis lograr vuestra ascensión al final de esta vida.


      I hope you can read ... Spanish as well English ... without problems.

      How is the problem of ... Gravity? ... Why Modern Scientists ... cannot solve? ...

      The Modern Scientist cannot solve ... because they are no Priests ... and Priests cannot reproduce Jesus miracles because they are not Scientists and no one of them are Kings ... The Pharaoh (King in Egypt) ... was the Highest Priest ... and the Wise Scientist ... and therefore a Master of the Sacred Science ... called Alchemy ... to be and to rule ... his People.


     In fact, Thoth ... was Saint Germain ... as well Hermes in Egypt and Greece ... as well Plato that recover the Atlantis tale as well the Lord of the Future ... that return to re-establish the Sacred Wisdom, the Sacred Science.


      But let us speak ... about Physics ... in most common terms ...

      Satya say ...

'The distance from one molecule to another in your Body is as great as the distance from one Galaxy to another.
You have worlds and Universes within your Body!'

        Therefore ... there are ... some concepts and notions which we do not taste ... and of course we cannot digest. The Atom and the consciousness of the Atom is one of these.

     Walter Russell in his ... The Secret of Light ... explains what is Weight ...

Weight is a measure of imbalance.

Weight is Matter out of Balance.

    In the Universal ... (and I am not dedicated yet full time to this ... I am translating a book ... because if the World is not enough clean in Mind ... The New Age will not arrive ...) 

    In the Universal ... Walter Russell ...

    ... expose simple Laws ... like Pendulum


    In my book,

   I reproduce some significant words from Kryon about Gravitation and Magnetism ...

    Let's start with magnetism and gravity. These are the two little-understood forces on the earth that are profoundly interdimensional. They're only understood by science within the context of what's observed and then built around the observations. Almost everything science does with magnetism and gravity is simply invention around a known force. A true understanding of them would allow the forces to be manipulated and controlled. Nothing like that has ever happened with either, and it won't until "mathematical interdimensional engines" are conceived and built.

Let me tell you something that I've never stated before. These two forces exist as partners; they must exist together and are a part of each other. No one has really defined gravity. It's very difficult because it's interdimensional. You would have to understand the time-scape [the time posturing that gravity depends on] to fully understand what gravity is. Gravity is the response to matter in a time frame. That's all it is. It has less to do with matter and more to do with time than you realize. Magnetism is its partner, and both are a part of the pieces of a larger picture that is interdimensional, but a staple of the Universe's existence.


   All this Panorama invite me to propose and plan to write as well develop ... these three books which are expected this year ...

   However, if the Mind of Man are not ready ... these (or other books ... have no sense) ... and the Conquer of the Gravity ... which lead men to the Conquer of Air ... have not sense ... either.

    Therefore ... we need to ... clean the Mind of Man ... and prepare the Future ... to let the Future Arrive. Otherwise do not will arrive as we expect ...

     Is the next Future ... a Futuristic ... or a Picture representing the Past? ...

    Is both ... El Dorado in South America, Atlantis in Old Europe ... all ... have this form ... because so was the Garden ...

     What have to do ... Platonic (from Plato=Saint Germain) Solids ... with Gravity? ...

   ... These simple facts ... we need to unlock ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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