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Thursday, 20 March 2014 17:23


Greetings in the Royal day of the King ... the day of the Queen ...

    And ... What a better day to speak about ... A King of Europe? ...

    Please Relax ... Napoleon is not back ... he is in the Past ... Bolivar is in the Past ... and the Past is the Past ... the Present is the Present is the Present and the Future is the Future.

    People have bad ideas and bad feelings ... about Kings ... Most imagine Kings with Armies ... other imagine Kings are very Rich ...

   In fact ... the Romans have this behavior ... with Lord Jesus.

   ... But a King is another thing. Something different ... A King is a King if chosen by the people, acclaimed, loved ... nurtured.

   In today Demo-cracies ... in fact, these are Bad Demo ... of the Royal Power of the King, which hold the Love Pink Plume in its Heart and the Yellow Plume of Wisdom in its Mind.


   In fact ... Neither Lord Jesus ... is on the Cross ... but only in 2014 ... we know that there were not betrayal by Judas ... Was Lord Jesus to control the entire scene and resurrect ... He was the Director, not Pilate, not Judas, not Peter ... only Lord Jesus.

    In Advanced Societies ... like in the Fifth Dimension ... yes there are a King ... and a Queen ... in the classical sense ... but without Protocol ... or extensive Protocol. There are also the Highest Priests and I am speaking about the Fifth Dimensional Society of Telos ... and there are many others ... in Cities below the Earth Surface ... many kilometers down. He have by example ... let me repeat the Holy Cities of Telos below Mount Shasta ... in California ... the Holy Sacred City of Macchu Picchu ... where most Incas are ... a Light City in Brazil ... below Matto Grosso where some remained Atlantean lives ... this very day ... in Perfect Enlightenment ... and when the frequency of the Surface people will be enough strong and High ... they will become visible for us.

   Speaking about Atlantis ... Europe was Atlantis ... while the New Atlantis is America.

   The Union of European Countries ... was close to become ... again ... after Atlantis days ... with Napoleon but ... he fail ... May be he fail for arrogance ... may be England cannot accept a not English King ... etc, etc ... the Fact is that Europe ... proceed very well ... because The European Model ... also with difficulties works ... Of course need perfections and adjustment ...

   But What European does not know ... is the Europe is returning to the Garden ... what was Atlantis with The Highest Technology of the Planet ... In fact, the Entire World ... adore Poseid ...

... more than 12,000 years ago ... before the Noah Flood.

  If you note Egypt ... where Egypt was ruled by Pharaoh ... a King ... 

   And what qualities have this King? ... One degree in Political Sciences? ... Humm ... Two degrees? ... One in Political Sciences and one in Economy? ...

   No. The act to rule ... The Rulership is a Training but not University teaches ... because ... History have no Salt ... Science have no Salt ... and without Salt ... the Soap is not good.

   Thoth teach the Pharaoh ... the Sacred Science ... Alchemy.

   In fact, is Theo-cracy ... the Chosen for the Gods ... the One that speaks with Nether ... the Pharaoh ... and the Pharaoh ... have many qualities ... he have the Ka.

    The Ka ... are the High Holy Frequencies of the Heaven ... into the Human Body.

    The latest Egyptian Pharaoh with Ka enabled (because is like a Switch) was Ikhnaton ... the Pharaoh that speaks with Moses.

    In fact ... Digitaria (ask not ... but is Sirius B) ... say ... In the Pleiadian Agenda ...

"Akhenaton rejected the traditional animal/human gods and altered the Egyptian/Sirian geomantic system by moving the temple sites and changing their usages. His reasons for doing this were of the highest order. Privy to all secrets, he knew that the Hebrew priests had stolen the lizard temple technology from Khem and put it into operation on Mount Moriah. He knew that they were utilizing Nibiru solely as the lens, and he knew that they were using this technology to figure out how to conquer Egypt. 

"Akhenaton had watched the harmonic field of Egypt deteriorate while was receiving his initiations as a child and young man. When he was small, no abused women and children or stole, and children honored their parents. By time he was preparing to take the pharaonic, or Sirian initiation, brothers stole from brothers, women stole husbands from each other, children dishonored their parents, and physical and sexual abuse was common. Akhenaton accepted pharaonic codes because he wanted to stop the disintegration of Egypt; but, his obtaining the codes for that purpose, we Sirians were thrown into a great conflict. The pharaoh can wear the double crown of the Blue Nile with the sacred uraeus giving him snake powers only if he has no agenda. He was to simply hold the peaceful field, which cannot be held if it is based on an "enemy." We Sirians attuned with Akhenaton whenever he went into the central sanctuary, which was not often; and as we tuned into him, all we got from him were great hatred of the enemy and fear for the people. He was in great pain, anger, judgment, and confusion because his ka had abandoned his physical form. The priests of Amun wanted to assist him by working with him to persuade his ka to come back, but he would not listen to them. He scorned them, since they had allowed the Hebrew priests into Khem to study crocodile activation.

"One day as I passed closest to Sirius A, a terrible scene came into my inner visual mind. I realized Sirius A was receiving this scene simultaneously: We first saw a lion of Sekhmet staring into our eyes, and then behind her, Akhenaton was sitting on his throne and a great and terrible lizard was approaching him!" We felt Akhenaton's heart beating rapidly because he was terrified, since, without his ka he was helpless. A great battle ensued. The lizard was the fourth-dimension form of a Hebrew priest named Illuru, and the lizard said, Akhenaton, I take your snake power!' He took hold of the Akhenaton's uasit, his divine scepter. The pharaoh dared not move as the sacred scepter that held the field of the Blue Nile passed into the claws of this animal. Then the great lizard took the uasit and tapped it on the floor three times, and each time it became a powerful serpent! This meant that this lizard was not only taking the uasit away from the pharaoh, he was also going to use the powers himself! Instantly, we Sirians cut the connec­tion between Sirius and the Great Pyramid, and we felt a wave of anguish rise out of the Nile! We closed our secret chambers under the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, and Akhenaton and Egypt were abandoned!


  Humm ... How many histories? ... In fact, Time is there ... when was lived ... and we can also visit it. Moses is where Moses was ... Abraham too ... Akhenaton too.

   Honestly ... is NOT important. Jesus did his Job, Napoleon too ... Akhenaton too.

   Not one can say ... I was ... and get understanding. Logically is ... Well, I did ... and live my time ... I will do better from today ... Past is Past ... let me applause and heal my Past. Let me welcome my Future.


    This Editorial may sound provocative ... but is not. Is not.

    In America ... before the arrival of those who arrive ... North and South ... there were Chief. Democracy say ... 'Everyone can be a Chief ...' but this is a Idiotic Blasphemy ... and those who believe it ... believe in Democracy ... Everyone can be a Chief ... Absurd.

A screenshot from Bury my heart at Wounded Knee.

    People do not know ... what is better for them ... and no studies can offer them or their leader the Highest Level.

     What is the Position of Heaven about ... rulers? ... Humm ... Well, Chinese people had Emperors for Dynasties ... and Dynasties ... and the Emperor ... again was the Chosen from the Heaven ...

     ... Humm ... Great Bertolucci ... propose in the last emperor ... that become a Florist ... What future for an Emperor in a Communist Environment ... in other words ... He become a 'No one' ...

      My words are these ... I consider normal ... 'The Return of a Popular person ... very loved' that can play the role of ... the European King ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.

 PS. I say ... 'Very loved ...' ... Jajaja ... Who love Politicians? ... Of Course some are loved ... Thanks.

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