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Saturday, 22 March 2014 17:29

Lord Maitreya ... The Lord Jesus Twin Brother ... the Lion before the Throne of God.


That the Love of God ... be with You ...

Greetings in the Saturn day ...

     And the righteousness of Lord Maitreya ... is something you cannot understand in Words. No.

     For me, Giovanni ... is a question of Life or Death ... to be right with Maitreya ... in Lovely Honor.

     Now ...

     As I comment ... one moment ago ... I have been ... blessed to see them ... all two ... but not in 3D, Our Dimension in Physical Body ... and this is not full possible at the moment ... but in both cases in unexpected mode ... I have seen them ... a little bit Higher ... in a Sub-dimension of the Fourth Dimension, 4D ...

     I firstly see ... Lord Jesus (but not the full face) ... but just the silhouette and he is Blond in hair. I saw him firstly in 2012 ... and I had continued to see them ... from time to time.

     Recently ... about a week ago ... I saw Lord Maitreya ... also in expected mode ...

     And I am not here ... for a show ... but to invite you to Study ... your Books ... and get more confident with the New Age.

     Lord Jesus time ago ... comment about the necessity to Study ... What is necessary to Study to understand the Laws of Nature ... here in this World.

     Now ... Lord Maitreya ... told something similar ... and him Words comes from:

      These are the Words:

The Teachings of Maitreya for the Age of the Heart


Lord Maitreya has encouraged all earnest students to study his teachings systematically in order to discover the keys to "the Age of Maitreya." He said:


Will you not, then, first and foremost take up the study of all of my dictations which I have released even through these two disciples, your messengers? Will you not search them to discover the keys of this age that is known in some quarters as "the Age of Maitreya"? Then will you not see that all others of the spiritual hierarchy who have released by the Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood the vast teach­ing set forth have also been my messengers—the ascended masters, the angelic hosts?


Can there not be even a treasure mapping of these teachings? Can there not be a choosing one by one of a single gem of a virtue to embody, come what may? Can we not be together a mass of crystalline substance as one body, one forcefield, truly endow­ing and instilling the consciousness of the Universal Christ to a planet?


Understand that the thread of my teaching is in all teachings of the ascended masters; and they have been as the Bodhisattvas going before the coming of my Presence. The presence in the earth of that light demands an extraordinary and unflinching strength and devotion on the part of the chelas who would surround me.


I bring to you, then, the sense of yourself as an extension of myself, an extension of Gautama, Sanat Kumara, in order that your heart, beloved ones, may become as a fiery furnace, sacred and intense, in which you store light—far more light than that stored by those not on the Path—and become thereby truly a transformer of worlds. And by that heart, when you stand in the presence of the children of the Mother, they can no longer be the same. They must be differ­ent. They must know joy. Such is my Presence in the messenger.


If you elect, then, to have that increase of light of the heart, pursue the teachings of the ascended mas­ters in an orderly manner....


Thus I say, every word of the ascended masters through the messengers is in you a preparation not only for the coming of Maitreya in outer manifesta­tion in the world but also for my coming in inner manifestation in your being ...



Beware, O Children of the Sun. For I AM that Law that does deliver thee. And the means of deliverance, which you have seen as the clipper ship, is truly my causal body. It is my Eden of Light, forged, won, created to contain all of you in the Mystery School.



Therefore The Age of Light ... which is coming is an New Age and is called also 'The Age of Maitreya'.

       The Garden of Eden is therefore ... the Maitreya School ... and is a School to live to improve the Planet ... not to feed some few ... persons.

        The Age of Truth is the Age of the Heart ... also called 'The Age of Maitreya' ... because Maitreya which some men and women ... is working to re-establish the Garden ... Yes the Garden.

    And was Lord Maitreya who expulse Man from the Garden ... which metaphorically has been translated by an expulsion from a Place ... but is not (only) a place is a Place in the Consciousness ...

   Therefore forget the Apple ... or the Serpent ... because the Garden is the Guard-in (A Guarded place to enter) ... and is of Eden ... or of the Divine Wisdom.

     Eden is Divine Wisdom ... and the Garden of Eden is this ... when all the people has the appropriate High Consciousness ... or the Mind of God ... which is him ... which is Christ, Lord Jesus his Brother.

     To complete these words ... I will tell you that ... was Maitreya the original Buddha in India and China and Japan ... and was Maitreya the Original Krisna ... and in time ... they are still there.

      Lord Jesus, Our Beloved Sananda was Lord Jesus in Israel ... the Masters of we all ... Lovely, King ... Master and he was also Mohammad for the Arabian Brothers.

     And they were one ... and then were two ... and now are one again ... While each one has his role and place and this is also High Physics ... but a Physics ... or Biology based on Divine Cytology which we do not have yet.

... That the Love of God ... Be with you.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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