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Saturday, 19 April 2014 07:01

Can the Moon be conquered ... as well Air ... with Newtonian Physics? ... What means to conquer Air? ...


Greetings in the day of Saturn ... the day of Mother Mary ...

      And those who knows ... exactly where Mother Mary, Moses and the Archangels are in Heavens ... in the Sky ... while this does not means ... are excellent students of the Heavens ... because in training ... this means they are not Masters ... can probably push better the troubles in Physics ...

      In fact ... was a Metaphysics book written about one century again by Alice Bailey ... that propose me to understand why we do not have Free Energy and why John Forrest Keely fails.


    ... Was not Forrest Keely ... was not America ... was the World ... who stop him ... and this is connected with How the Universe is formed and is Conscious ... as well The New ... 'Eternal' Science of Consciousness ... today missing ... and will be available ... when ... become as popular like Elvis Presley.

    In fact, at page 131 ... Chapter The Goal of Evolution:

... That force, as some of us know, was nearly discovered in the United States fifty years ago by a man called Keely, but he was not allowed to give it out to the world because of the danger thereby involved. Men are as yet far too selfish to be trusted with the distribution of atomic energy. That discovery will probably parallel the development of group consciousness. Only when man becomes radio-active and can work and think in group terms, will it be safe or wise for him to utilize the power latent in the atom. Everything in nature is beautifully co-ordinated, and nothing can be discovered or utilized before the right time. Only as man becomes unselfish will this tremendous power be permitted to pass into his hands. Nevertheless, we can, I believe, look to science to make tremendous strides in the comprehension of atomic energy.

Then paralleling the evolution of the human being again, we can look for man to dominate the air. There is a great vibratory sphere, or plane, in the solar system, called in some occult books the intuitional plane; it is called in the Eastern literature the Buddhic plane, and its symbol is the air. Just as man is beginning to find his way through the development of the intuition on to that plane now, so science is beginning to discover how to dominate the air, and as the intuition in man develops and grows, so will his control of the air be developed and grow.


   To conquer the Air ... is not to Go to the Moon ... and back ... or to send some Toys to Mars and let Africa or the Third World ... remain in famine and Poverty.

   ... Honestly ... Metaphysics or Hinduism ... in some cases has been labeled like 'Stupid Things' ... while Great Minds are able to speak of Great Facts ... Blending Consciousness and Physics ... like by example Amit Goswami.

   Now ... If you consider Newtonian or Galilean Physics ... the so called 'Rational Mechanics' ... well ... it lead man to the Moon ... what at what cost? ...

    They use a Hyper Combustion with Volatile Liquid Hydrogen or/and Nitrogen ... This is not ... conquer the Air.

    Conquer the Air ... is remain suspended ... on Air.

    Still a City on the Air ...

    Newtonian Physics does not consider the 'Mind' ... and have no idea ... (with exception to speak about many details ... like Neutrino, Leptons and other components ...)

    Honestly one of the Lord Jesus miracles to work on Water on Galilee Sea regards the Cosmic Rays? ...

  ... Have Physics understood Cosmic Rays? ... Not yet ... Humm ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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