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Tuesday, 22 April 2014 16:25

Three Womans introduce me ... The New Age ...

Without to enter in details in sequence ... were three the womans that introduce me the New Age.

Elizabeth Care Prophet

My first sight at her books give me the impression that something is wrong because was not possible that a single person wrote to many book.

However, reading and studying her books, I understand that she was channeling Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters.

She, together with her husband, Mark Prophet offer a wide variety of books about New Age.

My favorites are: Saint Germain on Alchemy and Mensajes de Saint Germain y los siete Arcangeles para la era de Aquario.

I define these books "Oro puro" (Pure Gold).

I meet she ... not personally at the beginning of this year, 2008.

All the her books are available from Amazon.com and different bookstores, or directly at: The Summit LightHouse. http://www.tsl.org/


Peggy (Phonenix) Dubro is the woman that channel the EMF Balancing Technique.

She is a very lovely person. I meet she in my country, in Venezuela, exactly in Caracas the her firs visit to the country.

She gave three sessions: One on Friday Nov 2, in the evening, One on Saturday Nov 3 and one on Sunday Nov 4th.

From the Saturday, around 12pm, I start to find troubles on my spine and slowly my temperature go up and up. I suppose I get fever, but not.

My entire body for all the Saturday afternoon, until Sunday ... and until Tuesday was full with a great energy. Was so high the energy that

I recharge my batteries in my watch for around two months. The Thursday after I go to my dental doctor to remove a back tooth! Amazing.

She had created a complete chain of international healers and balancers, both man and woman that you can contact thought her website:


Barbara Hand Clow, is the last of the actual three womans that introduce me the New Age. She is originally a native american.

Her book "The Pleiadian Agenda" was a really a high elevation book and and inspiration book for me.

I strongly advice this book to be read, however the first book at all, I read is "Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets", that

I found on the Web. How is possible that there are twelve planets and people does not know that? ... So, I dedicate good time to move Chiron on the Web, as I get. I discover Chiron Planet reading the "The Mayan Code" that I don't complete to read.

I advice you to purchase her books from Amazon.com, or still better from your local Borders or Barnes and Noble book store.

She have also http://www.handclow2012.com/



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