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Monday, 28 April 2014 13:53

Beloved Serapis Bey ... who was Leonidas, King of Sparta ... as well Pharaoh Amenhotep III, father of Ikanathon.


Greetings in the Moon-day, the day of the Moon ...

     And the Universe is but a Mirror of God ... and Man is a Mirror of the Universe.

      Now ... Each person ... aware or not aware ... is an employ with a role ... a Mission or a Plan and each Plan ... the Plan for each Person is Divine. There are also a Plan for a Planet or Nation ... as well Solar System or Galaxy ... all conform the Divine Plan of God.

      Man is a construction and has been created to live 120 years. If he or she ... works accordingly ... he or she can live still more ... no otherwise.

      However, depending on the Star ... the Child arrives ... Its Humor or Behavior ... he or she can become Lovely or can have Anger ... and nurture Hatred.

       If he or she ... embrace 'The Dark side' ... just once ... and is very difficult someone never embrace it ... these accumulation of facts (or misfacts) will provoke a Karma or Damocles Sword ... until he become sweet like a Deer ... In other words ... He or she ... choose to reawaken the Divine Sense ...

        The Lord ... or the Holy Host have changed Signals ... because they wait so long (in Our Time) for 2012, 2013 and 2014 ... and now the Planet will be re-calibrated to Sacredness ...

        In fact, 2014 ... is the Year of Sacredness ...

        Humm ... Or you become Sacred ... or you Jump ... Are you interested to embrace Sacredness ... This is the year.

Happy reading,

Giovanni A. Orlando



The Reawakening of the Divine Sense


Of You Who Come
 to Our Abode to Be
Disciplined in Life,

We Require
Purification of the Muddied Stream
and Meritorious Deeds
That Soul Might
Know the Holy Spirit
through His Gift
of Regeneration



Lonely millions fail utterly to see the link to God-reality that connects the finite with the Infinite and flashes forth meteorlike into their own souls to illumine the darkest night. The flow of God's consciousness, like an endless river, wends its way through man's numerous experiences which embody the sense of desolation as well as the thrill of exaltation.

When purification of the muddied stream of human thought occurs and the fount of his energies becomes a crystal one, reflecting light and cosmic energy which buoy up the four corners of the mind and so beautifully reveal to the soul consciousness the wonders of divine reality, the soul is indeed blessed.

Our disciplines are always for the purpose of regeneration, for without this gift and activity, which descends from the Holy Spirit, man could not attain to immortal life. Life is God, and he himself is the Tree of Life that stands in the midst of the Garden. Every manner of manifestation receives its life from him. Yet his masterful concepts as they appeared in the pristine universe, observed by man according to the immaculate concept, would quite naturally evoke from the heart the splendid cry "It is good!"

So simple and childlike are the attributes of the kingdom that men overlook them and thus they pass them by. The blessings of God are all around life everywhere. Life is replete even as it is complete with the most wonderful shadings of bliss which could be enjoyed by the Godhead himself; yet in men the power of perception—the sensitivity to perceive life itself—seems to be lacking. "Having eyes to see, they see not; having ears to hear, they hear not." (Ezek 12:2) Neither do they sense nor touch the reality of God.

One of the greatest blessings that can ever come to an embodied individual is the reawakening of the divine sense and childlike wonder which so many had in manifestation very early in their lives. I would like to say in this connection that there are souls presently in embodiment upon earth in whom the karmic pattern of their lifestreams has been so utterly desolate and rebellious that even as babes they manifest a defiant and virulent hatred. While mankind may deplore the manifestations of these rebellious ones, it must be remembered as a mitigating point to all life upon earth that many of these individuals have been separated from the planet and from the life evolutions of the planet for countless generations, awaiting a dispensation of opportunity for reembodiment.

While it is true that there has been a certain definite action of punishment involved in their long separation, it is also true that they have been unable to work out any substantial measure of their karma while awaiting reembodiment. These souls, then, with all of their seething rebellion, resentment, and self-appointed misery, need a certain amount of understanding on the part of the devotees of truth that will afford them a measure of opportunity and an understanding of the goodness of the universe.

It has been said that whatever a man measures out will be meted unto him again, but it has also been said, "His mercy endureth for ever." (Matt 7:2) Therefore, while there will be plenty of opportunity in mundane life for these individuals to come face to face with the flood tides of rebellion which they have created and which they have made their dwelling place, it is up to all of us to understand and to grant them, even as a part of our own discipline, some measure of Christly mercy and grace.

The savage energies which play upon these individuals must be warily watched, and those who work with them at any time should ever be alert to protect themselves by the power of light against the riptides of human aggression and shadowed energy which these individuals wield.

I have included this subject in my Dossier on the Ascension because one of the problems of spiritual discipline involved in winning the ascension is the tendency for individuals—after they have manifested a great deal of self-control through their contact with the ascended masters' disciplines—to become overly aloof and insensitive to mortal conditions which they must surely face until the last trump has sounded. (I Cor 15:52) We have seen numerous cases where individuals have performed all of the necessary rituals and spiritual disciplines which the law requires in order to merit the ascension in the light.

Then through some unguarded treatment of an individual they have created a karmic pattern which has hindered the progress of their ascension for the balance of that entire embodiment, necessitating their return to the screen of life contrary to their own desires.

I wish, therefore, to point out that even an act of justified aloofness toward an individual can sometimes be a hindrance. Quite naturally you must be exceedingly careful not to permit your energies to become involved with any part of life in a wasteful or purposeless manner. But by a like token, if an individual seeks the milk of human kindness (which, when properly administered, is divine kindness), it would be well not to withhold it from him; for after all, it should always be borne in mind that we pattern after God and "his goodness endureth forever." (Ps 52:1)

Fear not what men may do unto you, but be the master of your own worlds by letting the God within hold high the standard of his love. When you give your loyalty to God, it does not mean that you despise anyone in his kingdom who may be manifesting a lesser understanding. The fact that individuals upon earth are occasionally disturbed by someone's adoration of a minor angel or cosmic being (minor, that is, in the consciousness of the observer) often provokes what you would call a "titter" in heaven. These objectors would not mind if Archangel Michael or Jesus were honored, but conceivably they find some fault because an individual might pray to Mother Mary or one of the "lesser" saints or even to an angel unknown by the masses.

I think heaven finds it a bit amusing that the laws of science are so highly honored by mankind and yet so poorly applied to spiritual things. Is not the whole the sum of all of its parts? And who can put his arms around all that is and embrace it? Is a grain of diamond dust any less a diamond than a ten-karat stone resting in the turban of a Mogul emperor? I cannot refrain, however, from commenting on the fact that by ignorance as well as deliberate misdirection, the mankind of earth today, in the main, are far from the beaten path of the spiritual devotee that leads to the narrow gate. (Matt 7:13)

Religion, intended to be an implementation leading to the soul's attainment, has become the means by which the enemy has blackened the consciousness of men and cast them into outer darkness. (Matt 8:12)

In God's name, beloved ones, it requires more than just the wish to serve Him in order to do so, and it requires more than the wish to attain in order to attain! If you would be an instrument of God upon earth, you must stand tall and be willing to be counted as an adjuvant of God's cause upon earth. There are far too few who understand the mysteries of living truth that make men free from the delusions of the world.

I implore you on behalf of the hierarchy and in the interest of winning your own ascension in the light to look up to the realm of beauty and love, of harmony, security, and eternality, of joy, strength, and divine wonder—and live! There are many steps ahead.

                   Your Teacher,


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