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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 13:39


Greetings ... in the Mercury day ... the Prince day of Balance ... the best day of Balance ... the day when ... 'So Below, So Above' flow is strong ...

    And this Lesson ... after many weeks without to offer these lessons ... regards Character.

    Beloved Kuthumi ... is today a Perfect Being ... from Sirius Star ... He dwell in the Planet AI ... He is Perfect and he had explained that he found ... like a Planet its Perfect Orbit ... nothing can disturb its Perfection.

    He was Saint Francis ... of Assisi (in Italy) ... He was Pythagoras in Crotone (Italy) ... He was Mughal emperor Shah Jahan builder of the Taj Mahal ... in India ... He live in Tibet like Master K.H. (Koot Hoomi) ... and he works also with El Moria (King Arthur, Abraham, Moses) and Saint Germain (Merlin, Hermes, Joseph, King Solomon) ... close to Madam Helena Blavatsky.

    And please accept the fact ... that Beloved Archangel Gabriel ... send to Earth ... in a period of 39,000 years ... many Avatar small and great also under the Orders of Lord Jesus ... and he (Kuthumi) and Lord Jesus ... have produced ... discourses ... which have become Books.

    The information we comment now comes from the Book ... The Corona Lessons from Lord Jesus and Kuthumi ... chapter 33: Character.


    It is evident that ... someone that speaks about Mathematics ... know and have spoken about Mathematics previously. The same for Physics, or Chemistry ... The same to be a Messenger of the Word of God ... etc, etc ... The same on Music ... etc, etc.

     In fact ... Clows are always Clows ... Opps ... Remember Irony is the Salt.

     I want now ... offer this Lesson ... to you and for your Joy.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.



"Mark the Perfect Man and Behold the Upright"
-- Ps 37:37.

Blessed Seekers of the Great God-Design —

'When the fullness of time was come... (Gal 4:4) is a statement symbolizing different things to different people. Every lifestream has a matrix, or God-design, which he ought to outpicture each day. Unless this is made known to the outer self of the seeker, it is difficult for him to cooperate with the mighty plan of the inner life.

It is most helpful, when, either through prayer or invocation, by decree or earnest effort, students determine to find out everything they can about their great God-design—and then begin to experience elements of that design day by day through a practical plan of action.

It is essential for all who would bring the power of negative conditions under the submission of the Real Self to realize that they have a listening ear in heavenly places awaiting their call for the secrets of their own beings to be revealed—especially the spiritual means to change what must be changed. When you know the method whereby your energies can be aligned, you can swim with the current of your I AM Pres­ence instead of struggling against the mighty tide of Life.

Many people retain the dim memory of the internal magnificence of their own God plan, and this serves to spur them on to an externalization of some facet of that wondrous purpose. For others not yet awakened to the same degree, a void seems to exist and they remain in a rut of unknowing and insensitivity to the vibrations of the Higher Self. Those in such a state find it difficult to understand how the true spirit of genius works, and they often gaze spellbound at the spiritual progress of others without understanding how it all came about.

Recognizing the differences in soul advance­ment between people, all should tread softly the path of self-discovery and magnetize more faith in the glory of God shining just behind the outer appearance, giving luster, when invoked, to every man's accomplishments. As faith in one's Real Self mounts up, it will draw to each life-stream many of the qualities he or she may lack.

Sometimes this "fullness of time" seems to tarry unduly long and it appears as though the tender shoot of the soul's progress will never burst through the earth into the light of the day' appearing. Therefore, we direct that it is the responsibility of every student to wait upon the Presence by actively building into consciousness those qualities which are representative of the Godhead.

As one of the World Teachers, I am urging the gentle students to abide in the cleansing shower of the fountain of wisdom, knowing that the correct use of spiritual power does garner results which will be self-evident in due course. Frequently it is the very depth of the stain, builded layer upon layer in consciousness, which seems unyielding to the application of Gods will by the faithful. It is this "layer upon layer" which must be erased by persistent application of the violet fire and not the mere dabbing of the sponge of sporadic attention.

Beloved Jesus and I are particularly concerned that the seeker understand that he is not rejected by God merely for his temporary immersion in inequity or so-called sin. Nevertheless, it should be stated that all of one's human virtue could not cancel out one sentence of human discord unless the action of the Law of Love through the sacred heart (developed heart chakra) were to balance the wisdom-power outpouring.

It should also be understood that man is not a vacuum, neither is he a void: twenty-four hours a day, energy is released from the Presence and directed by him either to the good of himself and his fellowmen or in an idling mode whereby the superimposition of tramp thoughts and feelings of others—incarnate or discarnate— may engage the lever of the mind and produce the temporary manifestation of error sowing.

Habits of negative thought and feeling have been fed by human attention for millenniums, and it is this constant repetition—of channeling the flow into the same old troughs—which must be counteracted by the indomitable love of God. Now, the love of God is so mighty that when you also love mightily—and love Him more than your outworn habits—Love as God can and does cancel out in rapid order generations of wrongdoing.

When casting out the demons of negative habit, it must be remembered that the house swept clean needs protection from the invasion of the mass habit-consciousness of mankind. Did He not say to the one healed of the thirty-eight-year "habit" of infirmity: "Go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee"? (John 5:14) He knew that the re-creation of the thoughtform of illness or the condemnation by forces of antichrist of the healing performed by the Son could open the door of consciousness to this mass habit-consciousness which daily enslaves and re-enslaves millions in a round of vain repetition.

Those whom Christ commands to take up their 'bed of habit' and walk, realigned with the will of God, must bear a flood of regret in the event of their return to the human habit of mediocrity; but, nevertheless, some do go for (prefer) the questionable comfortability of familiarity!

Powerfully good habits are the best assurance any lifestream can have that the power of unwanted habits will speedily disappear. The filling of the spaces of consciousness with the Mind of Christ, with the Love of Christ, and with the Power of God builds enormous reserves of spiritual treasure which must by divine right accrue to the depositor's credit. The infallibility of karmic law is too frequently overlooked by the impatient chela who in a moment of despair casts discretion to the winds and behaves as if he were not forever Gods creation.

Human creation may be transitory, but, in the guise of permanence, it has for too long bound those who should be free and should have freed themselves by poking holes in its repetitive illusion. I am joining with beloved Jesus in proclaiming liberty to the captives and in opening the prison doors to them that are self-bound (Isa 61:1) by the God-power they have wrongly invested in wrong habit.

Not fear but a sense of awe, as respect for the perfection of the Law, is the quality we would develop in all our students. When respect, founded upon love for the World Teachers and the One whom we represent, lives in the disciple's consciousness, it serves as an ever-present rein and reminder that if hedoes well, he will be accepted; and if not, he will find, as the Lord told Cain, that sin (one's karma instead of grace) lieth at the door. (Gen 4:7)

Nevertheless, heaven expects a return: "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required. And to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." (Luke 12:48).

There are so many good habits which can be developed, that we advise the alert chela who wishes to overcome so-called bad habits to direct his attention to those most readily attainable. Each good habit is a stepping-stone to the next and more difficult 'stone' which the Law requires child-man to master ere he become the joint-heir (Rom 6:17) of the full Christ consciousness.

The establishment of right thought multiplied by the repetition of right action cannot fail to crowd out the banal influences (duplicated ad nauseam) and set the student on the path of self-perfection by the Law of the One: one God plus one universal Christ in singular manifestation in the disciple as one consistent habit equals Love in action!

Far too much attention has been paid to self-analysis, faultfinding, and the old shoes of error: far too little has been offered the Ascended Masters by their chelas as useful raw material whereby the Brotherhood may assist the individual to build in his world the essential Christly character traits. When faithfully exercised, such traits evolve to become the composite of living masterful personalities patterned after Ascended Master law and destined to win for all time the victory of the ascension.

All who are determined to enter the era of the eternal Now and to manifest today the salvation of God must bid welcome to the corrective influences of heaven—ever pure, constant, loving, instructive, and eternally useful—transmitted by angels who are thy teachers and the guardians of thy victory. (Sent from our retreats they know exactly your need, if you will only listen—and develop the habit of good listening.)

Every chela must be forewarned that the initiates and would-be masters of the Light must be tested! The battle-tested armor should be worn. Invulnerability must be attained! We laud the effort and stand with you—


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