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Greetings in the day of Christ ... the day of the Moon, the Moon-day, Monday ... the day of the Mirror ... and the day of the Lake ...

    And in my Love to teach ... I need to explain some concepts which are missing in the common Understanding about World's Religions, both in the West ... and in the East.

    And ... these concepts belong ... if you prefer to so establish to 'Advanced Students' or Students ... Not Masters ... that can seat in the Council ... without to be Masters.

    Honestly ... Only persons that have passed Away the Veil of Form and Matter ... Wise Death persons that have become Masters, can be so-called and they are Ascended Masters.

   The Great White Brotherhood is basically the Government of Central Heaven ... and The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays is one of the Old Ones ... There are Students that belong to many ... and receive invitations to belong to new ... they are appreciated and nurtured.

   And the concepts I am looking to comment regards the ... Lost concepts which have not arrived to the Lovers of the Spiritual Wisdom ... Concepts like:

  • Planetary Christ.
  • World Teacher.
  • Chohan ...
  • Maha Chohan ... or Chief of the Chohan ...
  • Cosmic Christ ... or Universal Christ ... etc.

   These Hierarchies regards the Several ... almost Infinite Levels of Hierarchies ... at any Level until the Central Government of The Lord.

   Because ... few ... not the masses are aware of these concepts ... I am looking to speak something about.

   Madam Helena Blavatsky who play or was in Charge of the Office of the Messenger ... say in her days:

    The whole Cosmos is guided, controlled, and animated by almost endless series of Hierarchies
        of sentient Beings,each one with a mission.
           -- H.B.

  The Office of the Messenger was occupied by many US Citizen in Past Century ... After Madam Blavatsky (from Russia) the office was ruled by Godfre Ray King, whom found the 'I AM Activity' (today Ascended Godfre) ... then the Flame was passed first to Mark Prophet (today Ascended Lanello) ... then Beloved Elizabeth Clare Prophet (today Ascended like Beloved Clare, She was Saint Clare in Sienna).

  From some years the Office of the Messenger have a new person ... From some perspective there are about 144,000 ... may be less ... may be more ... but there are one whom is above all ... and can be called 'The responsible of the Office of the Messenger' ... is an Etheric Office.

    Also persons like Charles Leadbeater ... or Sai Baba were Messanger ... etc. They are experts or Guru of some expertise ... and they continue to learn ... as soon they complete their role ... they move up to another Position.

    In 1969 ... begin the New Age ... and while the same Angels and Archangels ... and Chohans and there are many take care of different planets ... like Our Planet ... The Order or Hierarchy changes ... at the beginning of each Age.

   We can say ... that in the Pleaides was performed a Council and Mother Mary was Ascended to the Position of Queen of the Age, the Aquarian Age ... which is long over than 2,000 years until the year 4,293.


   There are the Planetary Christ ... and the role is played by Lord Jesus until the year 2030. He is also the Cosmic Christ with Lord Maitreya.

   The Chohans are changed ... Lord El Moria is now playing the role of Chohan of Yellow Ray and the meaning has changed to represent Healing.

   The Chohan of the Pink Ray of Love ... which is always the Maha Chohan or Main Chohan is Lord Kuthumi. He was and is too World Teacher with Other Lords like the Elohim ... specially Elohim Meru.

    The Elohim are above this Hierarchy because they are the Olders ... or Elders. We have Queen Liberty ... which is represented by The Statue of Liberty in New York ... We have Lord Hercules, Amazonia, Cyclopea, Apollo, Athena ... and others ... They are also called the 'L' ... or Elohim, and appear also in the Holy Bible like a name for God.

    What World's Religions are ... are the Steps that many Saints leave in their Path ... Many Saint Walkers ... like Lord Kuthumi ... World Teacher in Crotona like Pytagoras ... Like Saint Francis ... in Assisi.

    Lord Jesus leave the imprint of The Love of God ... not the suffering ... and he don't arrive to die ... that was Plan B ... He arrive to stay ... in any case was chosen to establish a permanent Ray for him sacrifice on the Cross. Like you know he resurrect and walk ... normally. In some sense, he don't die ... but rest for three days ... and then walk again ... and teach again ... including to realize new miracles like to Walk on the Galilee Sea.

  Also Peter Walk ...

  He, Lord Jesus is the King of the Universal Confederation ... and His Role is more, more High than 2000 years ago. He is an Avatar.

  Archangel Michael is the Commander of the Hosts of the Lord.

  There are Angels ... Cherubim, Seraphim, Angel Devas and Archangels ... Angels of Angels.

  An Archangel or Archon ... is a Great Lord ... before the Throne ... which has a Mission and Role.

  The Main of First Archon, or Archangel is Gabriel ...

   They travel from the Seven Dimension of Sirius to the Fifth Dimension of the Pleiades ... Professor Einstein does not speak about these concepts.

   There are Angels of Music, Purity, Victory, Angels of the Flame, Angels of the Three-Fold Flame, Mercy, Obedience, Wealth, Wisdom, Freedom ...

   Gabriel role is to Announce ... many or thousand of Years before things will happens ... Also Mary is an Archangel of Female Aspect, and have this Power.

   Faith is the Female Polarity of Michael ... or Twin Companion. Other Female Archangels are Hope, Cristina, Aurora, Charity, Amethyst.

   Other Main Archangels are: Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Michael ...

   There are also Minor Archangels that have about two Billion Angels at their Service.

   Is know ... that there are the Three Pures of the Chinese Tradition ...


    They are ... Yuanshi Tianzun, Lord of Primordial Beginning. Lingbao Tianzun, Supreme Pure One and Daode Tianzun Lord of the Way and its Virtue.

   These Three Pure Ones create the 144,000 ... which are in Role of the Office of Christ on the Planet ... supervised by Lord Jesus in person and many other roles.

   Each of these 144,000 has a role.

   Yes, we can say that these 144,000 are the Crown of the Light on the Planet ... One of them ... will cover the Role of Planetary Christ in about 10 years, by around 2025 ... may before.


   Therefore there are no One Christ ...

    Some people say that the Second Coming of Christ which I have announced in two consecutive Editions ...

   regards the fact which ... ALL people on Earth with Manifest the Mind of Christ.

   I can tell you that ... any ... but Any ... Lord ... has the Mind of Christ.

   There are Internal Cities which Chiefs or Commanders ... and also them have the Mind of Christ.

   Now ... An important concept is ... what is an Angel ... or Angels reproduce? ... Life reproduce? ... Of Course and Angels or Matter ... is conscious.

   The Sun, the Moon ... the Planet ... called Gaia has consciousness and speak to special persons ... Vibrates and speak ... Archangels too.

   Some arrive to bring Peace in Special Moments ... like Lord Jesus ... and the 144,000.


   Another concept important is what I have sometimes commented ... and is the 'New Compassionate Christ' ...

   Lord Jesus comment this fact, and call him ... the Counselor ...

   The Beloved Master say,

23Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him. 24He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father's which sent me.
25These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you. 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.
  -- John 14: 23-26.

   Lord Buddha, or Gautama Siddartha ... who was a Previous Reincarnation of Lord Maitreya ... The One who is in Heaven now and have still many faces here on Earth ... pieces of his-her Soul ... say in his days,

“At that period, brethren, there will arise in the world an Exalted One named Maitreya, Fully Awakened, abounding in wisdom and goodness, happy, with knowledge of the worlds, unsurpassed as a guide to mortals willing to be led, a teacher for gods and men, an Exalted One, a Buddha, even as I am now. He, by himself, will thoroughly know and see, as it were face to face, this universe, with Its worlds of the spirits, Its Brahmas and Its Maras, and Its world of recluses and Brahmins, of princes and peoples, even as I now, by myself, thoroughly know and see them”

—Digha Nikaya, 26.

   Alice Bailey ... publish a Wonderful book titled, the Re-apparence of The Christ ... which ... confirm previous Words ... and he will teach the Secrets of Science ...

    Another book by Christopher Knight and Rober Lomas ... titled 'The Second Messiah' claims that the Man of Turin Linen was ... Jacques de Molay the Great Last Master of Knight Templars ...

   Now ... I will complete these words ... with Shakespeare ...

For Jesu Christ in glorious Christian field,
Streaming the ensign of the Christian cross
Against black pagans, Turks, and Saracens:
And toil'd with works of war, retired himself
To Italy; and there at Venice gave
His body to that pleasant country's earth,
And his pure soul unto his captain Christ,
Under whose colours he had fought so long.
 -- The Tragedy of King Richard the Second.

Adieu, Adieu, Adieu ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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