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Monday, 20 October 2014 14:24


Greetings in the Moon-day ... the day of the Mirror ...

   And if you watch yourself on the Mirror and are Happy ... and you Smile ... Everything is fine ... if you dislike yourself ... Who will like?

   As commented yesterday ... Pythagoras has been and is ... a key-figure not only of the Past ... but he has a lot to teach us still today.

    He was an Olympic Trainer as well according to Eratosthenes the Wise that measure the Circumference of Earth as well the Sieve. Pythagoras of Samos wins the Olympic Games in 588 B.C.

    And like a Teacher and Trainer ... (I got the Black Belt in Judo before the Mathematical degree) ... is fair to propose ... a short Draft to offer a new method to Learn Sports in High Schools, Colleges and Universities.

   In fact ... Mathematics can be very pleasant ... if we live it!

   We can ... measure the Heart Beat ... with economic pressure apparatus or iPhone accessories ... is not important ... and after as well before the Basket, Swimming, Soccer, Baseball or Martial Art competition ... measure the Waves of the body.

   In fact ... inside (as will be explained by 'An Introduction to Mathematics ... See Above) there are too much Mathematics ... there are ...

  • Fourier Series
  • Laplace Transformation
  • Ordinary Differential Equations ... and much more to measure Air, Blood ...

  and there are other apparatus to measure Brain Waves ... or Human Aura ...

  Students can learn up to the Electricity and Magnetism in Human Body ...

  ... Forget Ebola, Forget Pythagoras Theorem.

  In fact (Some History) ...

... in 529 BC when Cambyses invaded Egypt and Pythagoras moves to Babylon and then he learn from the RABI the meaning of ‘I AM’ that I AM. After Twelve years he left Babylon for Crotone in Southern Italy.

   When Pythagoras 'visit' Babylon and learn Astronomy and the Hexagesimal System used there (A Numerical System base 60) ... he ... saw ... according some Tables that students use some Theorem ... that we call today, Pythagorean Theorem ...

  a2+b2= c2

   Therefore ... (may be) ... He is famous not to prove the Theorem ... but to re-propose it ... because is Older than him.


  A Mathematical mode to play with Sports is 'not' only to measure standard numbers related with Blood Pressure or Weight ... but also Energy in the Cells, General Diagnosis through Brain Waves, Energetic-Diagnosis ...

   ... and much more.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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