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Tuesday, 06 January 2015 12:26

The picture is like an example ... not real ... because Nibiru is a planet which travel in 4D (Dream Dimension) ... and cannot be watched ...


Greetings in the Mars-day ... the day of the Heart, the day of the Blood.

    And Mars is a Red Planet in Our Solar System ... but is not the Only one ... there are another and is called 'Nibiru'.

    If you introduce the Nibiruan word: 'Char' ... like C Char ... which means Solar Cycle ... Nibiru and us ... have different Chars.

     In fact what for Nibiru is One Year ... for us is 3600 Years.

     There are no Scientific Book ... on Astronomy that includes Nibiru planet ... because no Book is so ancient to have more than 3600 years. The Oldest example of Writing is 1851 ... just yesterday ... The Noah Flood was 13,000 years ago.

     I want ... please you learn to accept and understand the Fourth Commandment of the Lord and this commandment say,

Honour thy father and thy mother:

that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

                -- Exodus: 20.

   Now my friends ... The Exodus was NOT only the Exodus of the Hebrew from Egypt ... but also the Exodus of the Annunaki from Earth.

           To understand the Holy Bible you need a Cosmic Key ... In fact what we call 'God' ... is not necessarily The Prime Creator ...

     By example ... The God that speak with Moses ... was not the Lord ...

     The God which speaks with Noah ... was not the Lord, was Enki, A Son of Father Anu.

      Enki who was a High Priest of Niburu and is the Actual King was also the One responsible to confounding the tongues at Babel ... with the Help of Archangels Chamuel , the Archangel of Love with its Divine Complement, Charity.

       Let me introduce four Key figures from Planet Nibiru: Anu (The Great Father, considered God by Many), His First Son, Enlil, His Son from a Concubine, Enki.

      Enki have many Sons ... one of the latest Sons is Eskil ... whom will be the next Rector (Ruler, King) of Nibiru.


   There are many concepts ... of Legal, Economy, Social Behavior ... connected with not exactly Lovely Behavior or Litigation which lies down in Our Memories ... from Anunnaki imprint.

  • One behavior in Our Mind ... is the Sense ... Our Love, Our Partner is Far ... this cellular memory is connected with the Anunnaki love ... Our Love for them, and their Love for us.
  •  Each one of us ... have people that give many Gifts to us. Also this is a Anunnaki behavior.

    Not all the Anunnaki Behaviours are from this perspective ... In fact, Envy and enslavement also belong to them Old Archetypes.

     Before I comment to you ... I want you remember the Lord Jesus (from Sirius Star) mandate:

Judge not, that ye be not judged.
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
  -- Matthew 7:1-3.

    Now I want to tell you some Historical Truths ... very quick which have the causes on the Anunnaki behavior.

  • Who Stop the Italian Renaissance? ...
  • Who remove the Scepter to Ikhnaton ... the Latest Egyptian Pharaoh holding its Ka? ...
  • Who keep the World divided ...?

  But please remember ... Earth is a School.


    Any Human DNA Layer ... hold its name in Hebrew ... and the Word Hebrew ... means Hibriu ... from Nibiru.

    Where the Annunaki ... those who a certain stage of Human Evolution ... add their DNA (Anunnaki) to transform some Monkeys into Homo Erectus ...

      They do not such thing for us ... they do for themselves ... because they need 'slaves' (Sorry) to mine Gold.

      They neither expect to create a Civilization ... Our Civilization ... but honestly they enter in a Bigger Agenda and was Part of the Plan ... a Divine Plan ... in this case ... from The Father, the Lord ... and the Divine Creator.

     Names like Jehova or Yahew where not exactly names for God ... but people from Niburu.

     To conclude ... I want you read an old article ...


   The final message is this ...

Planet Earth has entering again ... into the Galactic Family where the

Anunnaki hold a respectable place.

   Most people will visit Planets ... into This Solar System and Beyond ...

in the next 20 years ... 40 years.


   Science will be simple as ABC ... you will need to see an Apollo 13 ... in some movie or on TV like a spectacle for babies looking the Sky ... You will be full admitted to the Heavens ... and the Galactic Family.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS: History will be unlock ... This is just an Aperitif.

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