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Thursday, 05 February 2015 04:46


Greetings in the day of the King ... the day of the Queen ... The Royal Blue day of the Will of God ... the day of Jupiter ...

    And ... looking Modern Governments ... we see most useless people like bad substitute of the King or the Queen ...

    Please remember than in 'The Americas' including the Zone called 'El Dorado' in the Amazonas, there were Kings and Queens. In El Dorado the King was an Ascended Master called Casmir Poseidon. Poseid is a title.

    All the Chief of all the Tribes in North America, Central and South America were Kings, called 'Chiefs' and they like Population were Masters to domain Time, like the Maya Calendar ... is a Time Tool.

     In Europe there were Many Kings and Queens ... in France, Italy, Spain and Northern Europe like Norway, Finland or Sweden. They got assistance from Saint Germain a very Master of Time in previous ages ...

      In Africa there were Kings and Queens. In Japan the Emperor ... in China the Emperor ... In Older Arabia ... about 70,000 years ago ... the Ruler. Today, there are many Kings in Modern Arabia, Qatar and other places.

      Each time a Kingdom reach its Apex was because the population were able to Master Time ... and then like a consequence they change Space ... in Great Beauty.

        ... When for some reason these empires got the attraction of Invasion ... and the Empire or Kingdom was lost ... the result were Misery, Poverty and Population feels attraction of the Low Morality of the Show ... the Circus and the Bazaar ... in Plain English: Madness.

      Actually Our Planet ... which does not have One Mind or ... The Planetary Consciousness is a small and weak baby ...


    Future Technologies in the next 10 years ... from 2015 to 2025 ... will dedicate to offer Courses to teach others 'How to Conquer Time and therefore Space'.

    Please note that in recent Old Times ... about 2000 years ago ... more Wars and Conquering was the Conquest of Space ... by the Force.

    This is a Symptom of Low Mind ... Genghis Khan (Khan means King), The Roman Invasions, the Barbaric Invasions, The Japanese Invasions ... the Conquest of the West, 'La Conquista de Sudamerica' ... all Countries in some moment were agent of Evil ... because Evil is impatient.


    The Rose of Thirteen Petals is the Heavenly Tool ... in this Time Travel Our Planet is riding ... in the Planetary Ascension from 3D ... to 4D ... and 5D.

    If for a moment you consider the presence of another planet ... in 3D ... that was observing us ... from a remote distance ... Well, one day in a close Future our planet will not be more visible ... to them ... because will enter in 4D ... and continue to ascend.

    Most of these concepts has been published in ... 'El Secreto de los Andes'.

    The Rose of Thirteen Petals is the Perfect Tool ... to learn to Master ... Time Travel.

   To understand how the Rose of Thirteen Petals can help you to Master Time, you can understand:

  1. Sadness is ... a state of Mind well connected with unsolved Past.
  2. Past is ... a location in Time where people Park with no intention to change.
  3. Departure is the Travel in Time, when the person understand the 'normal' static state does not work.
  4. Throne ... is The Throne is the Final Destination of any Universal Time Travel ... To gain your Scepter of Power, Wisdom and Love.
  5. Wisdom ... Wisdom means Wise-Domain ... therefore the Traveler continue to Travel in Time but living in Well Designed Space.
  6. God ... The City of God is the Realm of Divine Love, the foursquare  City. Reach God means become a Citizen of the Kingdom of God the Time Travel will be and will walk with God. The Passport that Grant access is the Christ Consciousness.
  7. Sublimation ... The Traveler reach Sublimation or Exaltation when he got Mastery before its equals and understand that is logical to help others from the goods he don't need.
  8. Contact ... The Traveler reach the 'Contact' to teach his Wisdom of Time and Space ...
  9. Evaluation ... Evaluation regards the Level of Multidimensionality. In the gradations of consciousness, each level represents a phase of the alchemy of transition from the human to the divine or Divinity.
  10. Matter ... The Good Time-Traveler with a Full Mastery prove the Dominion on Matter producing with the Mind.
  11. Self-Esteem ... The Self-Esteem is the Balance in the Mastery producing Wealth and Good Humor in the Student.
  12. Truth ... Truth is the Highest Wisdom, the Freedom of the Mind ... the Conclusive Philosophy.
  13. Laugh ... Laugh is the Confirmed Happiness ... the Latest Level of Perfection ... more than Wisdom, more than Love ... more than Philosophy ... If you Laugh at Will, you can do ... what you Please.


   Therefore Art, Mathematics, Physics, Literature ... all have a new Classification.

    If we publish a book ... like Volume 1 ... Shakespeare and the Bible ... Well, that book belong to many Petals ...

    We have:

  • Throne, Past, Sadness, God and Truth.


     The same is valid for any book published or article printed.

     41 - English and Shakespearian Plays ... is the Name of the Course.

      There are 144 Courses planned: Alchemy, English and Shakespearean Plays, Psycho-Bio-Physics, Bio-energy ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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