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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 14:14

Lord Jesus captured by Young Akaine


Greetings in the Mercury-day of Balance ... the day of the Vertebral Column ... the day of 'So Above, So Below'.

     And in this day ... I, Giovanni (John) back to speak about Sacredness.

     And is not a Mistake ... today is 25th ... and magically ... some days ago ... I catch the Corona Lesson 25 ... Nothing is casual.

     Now, This lesson has been dictated from Lord Jesus, The Christ ... to Past Messenger Elizabeth Clare.

    Please understand that while today ... Science and Religions and there are many Religions like Doors to the Lord ... in Past Ages ... the situation was very different.

     Each time ... Humanity reach the Garden Consciousness ... or the Edenic Consciousness of the Garden of Eden, which is this World ... with people calm and Wise, each time ... the Council of Rulers ... were all ... Scientific-Priests, and of course there were Male and Female.

     This comment is to ... explain you or those 'specialist' in Modern Society enable to understand how is Possible some people Master both Diametrically two-eyed concepts ... Like Humanities and Science ... In fact, Left Side Brain ... regards Logic and Math ... Right Side Brain regards Arts, Music, Humanities and Spirituality ... The Master ... gain Mastery in Both.

    The Second point I want to comment is why I do this ... or why I do this today ... Well, is simple.

    Consider the following question. What happens when you turn on your Radio at home or in your Car ... or turn on your TV Set ... It connects to transmissions and begin to ... work. The Radio produce sounds ... the TV produce images.

    Some people have like a Job, or to follows instructions to let others learn some sacred Truths.

    One of these persons is King Lord Jesus ... another was King Solomon who was Saint Germain ... and he was also Francis Bacon who wrote the Shakespearean Plays ...

    But let us ... with Joy and fervor in the Heart ... Learn this 'Lesson' and fulfill the requirement of the Hour ... which is ... 'Requirement' ... to 'Watch and Pray'.



Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. A Radio or TV Set ... do not Turn Off ... just Play.

PPS. To understand better the Lesson we must understand that Kuthumi, or Koot Hoomi was Saint Francis and Pythagoras, as well Magi Balthazar and other Sacred Figures in History.



Corona Class Lesson 25





"Here I AM, Send Me!"




To Guardians of the Eternal Truths— Kuthumi and I shall now speak on discipleship.

Kings and princes may dwell in marble halls and sleep well-guarded throughout this mortal life, but the true disciple lives not so much to be protected as to guard the eternal truths of the heavenly Father from any and all desecrations.

Let the words "Watch and pray!" (Matt 26:41) be remembered today—for peril in the form of karma, individual and worldwide, still stalks the earth and will remain until the last victory is won. By daily service to the Light, much transmutation occurs and the business of serving God moves forward. To advance the cause of freedom for love of God and man is the definite aim of many sincere people, but few there be who can attain true discipleship.

Our purpose in this series of Corona Class instruction on discipleship is to address those who would learn to teach others the Way and find thereby greater illumination and avenues of service for their own mission. We now desire to bring the brilliance of God-illumination into play upon the sacred pages of the lives of the devotees so that the bread that comes down from heaven (Exod 16:4) may be on earth the living Word.

First and foremost, the would-be disciple must learn to forget the importance of his own personality and to remember that God's thought about him is greatly to be esteemed. How wasteful is the daily dissipation of energies expended in defense of the personal self with all its whimsical characterizations. Beloved Saint Germain in his embodiment as Francis Bacon wrote, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts." (As You Like It: Act II, Scene VI.)

Let my words to Martha concerning Mary be recalled: "And Mary hath chosen that good part" (Luke 10:42)—and let my disciples of today also learn to choose the better part on the stage of life that they may play it well. Dedicate yourself to out-picturing nobler ideals in more Godly characterizations, thus following the path that leads to the Life victorious—your ascension in the Light attained through the overcoming of every discordant manifestation on the Emmaus walk of dedicated discipleship. (Luke 24:13-35)

It is understandable that to the man or woman accustomed to ordinary ways of living, the road of discipleship leading to personal Christhood should at first seem strange or difficult. Those whose hearts have burned within them to know the nearness of God will find the road less difficult and certainly less cumbersome than the broad way of materialism. If they stick with it, I guarantee all will find the reward at journey's end to be beyond compare.

My statement "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeded! out of the mouth of God"(Matt 4:4) must be applied to the understanding of God's laws in living as a son of God.

Living by material standards, no matter how high, cannot possibly connect our disciples with the pure vibration of spiritual compassion which so reveres the Word of God that every moment is perceived as an opportunity to stand forth as a living example—a living revelator of God, interpreting God unto man not through the vanity of earthly ideas or even the grandeur of cultured prose, but through living successfully as a divine embodiment here and now.

The concept of man as a son of God and a divine manifestation is a part of the high calling extended to every soul who cometh into the world—but few there be that have found it. (Matt 7:14)

And so, each disciple must esteem himself to be worthy of God in order that he might anchor himself in the Great Law which will then walk the earth through him in the pure Person of his own beloved Christ Self.

 Through realizing that man made in God's image is not a sinful crea­ture but a divine being, he is able to discern the Lord's Body.

My words to Peter, "Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these [the net full of great fishes]?" (John 21:3-17) were designed to teach my apos­tles, and the many other disciples that should follow in their footsteps, that learning to love God first and more than all else is a prerequisite to discipleship.

Summarizing early requirements, let me say: Put aside the desires of self-importance and cultivate the thoughtform that will allow your own God Presence to exalt you in due time. Avoid discharging your energy in fruitless self-defense; rather commit your entire protection to the great Masters and cosmic beings while exercising common sense by courageously walking wisdom's way before men.

Choose the better part—the burning heart of a seeker. Learn to live to outpicture the words of God daily by discerning his Body (the Spirit of grace and glory), and then follow that love wherever it may lead you, knowing that you were not created to serve the loaves of materiality but the living bread which came down from heaven, who is the Word within you testifying to your spiritual origin as a son of God.

Countless dedicated people exist, but they often tie their energies to wrong premises. Many believe that if their motives are good, they will still attain—even if their precepts should be proven wrong. Let them recall the perception of

Saint Paul, who, long after his illumination by me on the Damascus road,(Acts 9:1-22) declared: "The fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is... .

If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.",(1 Cor 3:13-15)  Thus, in his teaching on karma" Paul also saw the great necessity for the ongoing refinement of one's spiritual understanding as the foundation for a correct doctrine and for deeds deserving of divine merit—even after the direct encounter with my Presence.

Blessed ones, good motives are better than bad ones, of course; but the refining action of the sacred fire must and shall preserve the Good (Godlike) qualities and restore (transmute) all else to its original perfection, returning the currents thereof to the God Source whence they came.

As you seek the responsibility of the minis­tering servant which comes with advanced discipleship, you should be aware that the energy misused by man's free will and released in discord is a permanent loss to his lifestream; whereas, rightly qualified, it could have accrued to his record of good works in the storehouse of the causal body. Once having been misqualified, it is returned to God without the stamp of personal positive qualification—an opportunity missed to expand God's kingdom and, correspondingly, His consciousness within oneself.

Truth and Love abide forever: therefore, whatsoever ye shall build that is not built upon The rock of Christ Truth, (Matt 7:24)  shall indeed be washed away in the torrent of Divine Love which carries back to the Source all energy that demands purification. The impure momentums of the human consciousness cannot move the bedrock of Divinity gainst which the gates of hell shall not prevail! (Matt 16:18)  

Verily, verily I say unto you, my words shall not pass away, (John 21:15)  and each disciple who shall anchor himself within the heart of the Word of God's eternal Truth shall likewise abide forever.

Do you see, blessed ones, that true disciple­ship can never be false? It must go deeper than the surface mind and retain solid quality to the very core of one's being. You can never fool your True Self, and the genuine disciple will not try. Of this you may be certain—that disciples are still being born and made and are sorely needed in this hour to carry my word and radiation and the power of the sacred fire to God's children.

Heaven will not spurn you! Remember my parable of the lost sheep. (Matt 18:12-14)  Let this opportunity for discipleship—learning to teach men the Way—be regarded as the highest and noblest of endeavors, exalting every facet of God's consciousness in your being. It is never impractical to be a disciple of the great Masters, a student of the disciplines of the Great White Brotherhood. Truly, all lesser callings must pale into insignif­icance before the Truth of the Call of thy Christ.

To those of you who would be my disciples today, we say, let this word from our hearts ini­tiate a resurgence of your spiritual aspirations. Know that with God all things are possible, and that you can and shall be called that which in reality you are—Children of the Most High.

Initially, you must establish a hallowed sense of the reality and the tangibility of the blessing you can obtain and bestow on others as a true disciple of God's great Brotherhood of Light. Let your hearts be humble yet unafraid, desiring to perceive your errors only enough to correct them and your virtues only enough to ex­press gratitude for them. Then I am certain you will find the grossness of the human condition giving way to the refinement of eternal values within you—and as your views change to those of heaven, the reality of the kingdom shall enfold you as a mantle of power.

A disciple is one who is disciplined and whose course is parallel to my own. Each such a one I lovingly call brother—sister. Welcome into the family of those who consciously present themselves to the eternal Will and Purpose, say­ing with Isaiah, "Here I AM, send me!" (Isa 6:8)  

May the light of heaven bestow its shining reality upon all the earth through you, thereby blessing every heart each day.

I AM lovingly offering the mantle of my own Christ-perfection to lives as much beloved by God as my own.


I AM your brother of the Resurrection Flame and your World Teacher—


Jesus the Christ


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