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Sunday, 08 March 2015 15:36

A Chapter from the Divine Director ... with comments by Giovanni A. Orlando


Greetings ... in the day Sun-day ... the day of the Lord ... The Yellow day of the Flame of Healing ...

    And if you ask someone ... where is Moses ... They will not answer, or will do not know.

    If you ask the same question ... Where is Abraham ... same answer. If you ask where is Simon Peter? ... No one knows.

    Now ... because I am a little more far in the Path than you ... I will tell you that each one is playing its Time ... in each Epoch ... each one ... Moses, Abraham, Simon Peter ... and any Apostle ... Time is cyclical like a Disc ... and repeat ... Now, the same Soul which was Moses was Abraham ... as well Simon Peter ... and King Melchior ... with King Balthazar as well with King Gaspar. These three Kings were the Magi ... they were Masters of Wisdom, and Kings.

    El Moria ... was who is today called Moses, Abraham, Simon Peter ... Melchior, King Arthur and many others.

    The Lord ... judge not ... It is ... only Love ... and like Men ... or Women ... divide their soul because the Linearity of 3D Time and 3D Space ... so is the Polarity of Gender ... Male and Female.

    There are a predominance ... of the Gender ... Lord Jesus has been Male, the Sun is Male. Mother Mary is Female, the Moon is Female ... each Atom have a Gender ... and this is ... another concept few knows or few remember.

   Honestly You are a Master of Wisdom ... You ... those who speak ... only let others to remember what they already know.

   Numbers have also gender. Monad is both Male and Female, which is 1 ... and create all. 2 is Female have have two sides or two faces. Three is Male and means Stability. Four is Female and means Justice, 2+2=4. Five, 5 is Male and means the Union of 2 and 3. Six is female, and is a sacred and perfect number (Other perfect numbers are 28 and 496 ...) Seven means Virgin and Purity and Eight ... a new female number means Friendship, Reflexiveness ... 9 means conclusion ... 

    The Lord ... is full Balance ... Only It can offer Balance ... It need respect ... and if you do not respect ... may be ... he moves you to Fear it ...

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.
 For by me thy days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased.
   -- Proverbs 9:10-11.

 Lord Jesus have commented recently that .. his days are uncountable ... while our days are counted. This means that ... our original 120 years of life, (43,829.1 days) ... can change ... and be reduced or extended ...

     And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh:
     yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years
        -- Genesis: 6:3.

    Like you see ... We, humans has been originally created to live 120 years ... Of course according to our life we can live less than this number. But if we walk with the Lord ... we can learn to extend our days. Now, the point here is ... to have ... uncountable days ... Like Lord Jesus have.

    Before to offer this ... Lesson which comes from the book, 'The Soulless Ones' .. I want to propose a question ...

    What is the Religion of Heaven? ... Would be Islam? ... or Catholic? ... or Jehovah's Witnesses. Why not Orthodox? ... or Protestant? ... Anglican? ... or What? ... Buddhist? ... Why not Hinduism? ... or Jainism? ...

    Unfortunately ... there are no Soccer Players in Heaven ... and so no Religion. There are Laws and Rulers, or Chief ... in Hierarchy and not necessarily. The Holy Ghost is the City of Love Consciousness ... The Father is the Highest Spirit ... Therefore Religions are like Colors ... but Colors are appearances of the Brain ... there are no Colors at all ... but Waves ... translated in what we understand like Colors ... and so are Religions ... Colors we understand like Faiths to reach the Lord ...

   Now ... the Word ...



THERE IS NO PERMANENT security anywhere except in God. To seek and to find his grace is the requirement of every hour. Just as there is delineation in the four kingdoms of matter—the mineral kingdom being at the bottom of the scale, the vegetable kingdom second, the animal kingdom third, and the human kingdom fourth—so gradations of consciousness exist within the framework of man's being. Thus, in assessing a man's attainments, the position of his consciousness —his starting point in a given embodiment—must be taken into account as well as his present level on the scale of progress.

A sense of frustration often occurs in men who do not appreciate their own strides in consciousness—their spiritual accomplishment and increased understanding which manifest as the result of their calls. Often, because they do not realize from what level they have come, they do not perceive the full range of their own progress. Also, there is a false sense of exaltation which sometimes comes to tempt them. This sense would convey to their consciousness the feeling that they had attained to a greater measure of progress than that which they have actually externalized. Whatever thought or motive serves to amplify pride rather than humility should be scrutinized by the initiate.

Let us portray correct balance in the whole matter. Why not, precious ones, tie yourself to absolute faith in Almighty God and his laws with the full commitment of thy being to him? Then a continuous outflow of God-determination will be released into your world which will set about from higher levels to correct error and establish progress. Let God be the director of that progress. I do not say that no effort should ever be made by you to measure self-attainment, but I feel certain that the highest aspirations are to be found in the Christ image as epitomized by the ascended master consciousness.

The denial of lesser qualities within the world should be made in two ways: by direct denial of the power of error to influence thought or action, and by obedience to the requirements of the law which establishes right action. When men begin to secure the bastions of immortality in themselves, when men begin to comprehend in part the wondrous advent of truth with its many facets and exquisite splendor shining in the mind of God, they will then perceive the release of his immortal consciousness into their individual worlds and thus will God's righteousness be sustained upon earth.

Much failure in religion today occurs because mankind have placed their hopes in mortality. They desire to perpetuate that which is familiar to them instead of striving to attain that which is promised of God. Mankind must have the courage to pioneer God's country, to probe his secrets, to strive for his way of life! As the Christ drove the moneychangers from the temple, challenging the evils of the day, (Mark 11:15-19) men of the hour must overthrow the tables of their own human creations and customs and niceties which do not amount even to an anthill in the building of the temples of the new age.


Lift up your eyes, precious ones, to the hills of attainment; for many have also attained to become towers of strength in cosmic as well as terrestrial history. You have in the annals of the world the records of many leaders, and the arrows of light which they have blazed across the heavens reveal that the precision and perfection of heaven is superior to all of mankind's faith in material systems.

Now, one of the most awesome threats to mankind today is the unfortunate use which is made of hypnotism. And I say awesome because this particular evil is cloaked with authority from a professional group highly esteemed by mankind. We do not deny that a very high percentage of embodied mankind are subject to hypnotic control to some degree through many subtle influences, but we affirm that this ought not to be; for that which binds the mind of man to the spell of magic glitter is also a mechanical holding of the attention of the outer man upon matter and form in order to enslave the spirit of man which originally came forth as a flame from the heart of God.

Hypnosis in any form is a sooty business, for thereby the clean burning flame of the soul is mingled with abominable substance so as to coat the lens of the mind with the appearance of imperfection in the guise of perfection. It is the work of the wicked who say, "Let us do evil, that good may come." And, in the words of Saint Paul, their damnation is just. (Rom 3:8)

This mechanical clouding of man's knowing also occurs in the release of subliminal advertising through television and motion picture screens. Well, let them have their day of "spots" and influence—truly they have their reward! The karmic record grows heavy with drops of retribution, and I think it shall return unto those who would mechanically enslave the minds of men.

One day, perchance, mankind in their work with color photography will learn how to capture the human aura in full color. How, then, will evil men conceal themselves, seeing a simple click of the shutter will reveal their true character?

Presently, specially trained investigators working in spiritual realms are able to make these appraisals; yet, because of the unscrupulous few who invade this field in their supposed search for truth, the masses of mankind will not have faith in that which is invisible to them.

Security and salvation are the longings of mankind, but there is no security in what might be appropriately termed a bomb-shelter consciousness which seeks to preserve itself in a world where destruction is both imminent and actual. Here culture, love, and spiritual attributes are often shattered by the violence of misguided youth and age alike. Therefore, I think that it is well that I herein reveal a bit more concerning hierarchy.

The Great White Brotherhood, in its role of establishing inner and outer focuses of light to assist the planetary evolution, is the organization of the ascended masters whereby divine love, wisdom, and power flow forth to the earth to assist it in rising from its prone position. Each time we establish an outer school or focus, the councils of the ungodly almost immediately set about to see how they can degrade its image and destroy its coherence, unity, and effectiveness. To do this they utilize every means, including the release by counterfeit organizations of false statements in the masters' names.

Is heaven divided? I think not! Would El Moria advocate that his blessed chelas should cut themselves asunder from the reality of our releases? I think not. Yet some would lead others to believe so. We are all one and seek to draw forth unity among all our genuine groups. Those who practice deceit have no scruples—remember that, blessed people. But their tools are often unwitting and think they do God service by denying our best representatives. If you cannot learn by knowing the Lord's voice for yourself, then the hard way will have to be your teacher, and I think many will lose much of the divine potential.

Many may be deceived, but the Father's hand will ultimately stay every plague of paralyzing greed that in seeking exclusivity denies universality.  

God is one!

When Peter was tempted to deny the Christ, the words of his Master echoed in his heart: "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat: But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not."(Luke 22: 31, 32)  Later Peter himself warned those to whom he preached the gospel of Christ: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." (I Peter 5:8)

The beloved Paul also warned the early Christians concerning "false apostles, deceitful workers," who transformed themselves into the apostles of Christ. He counseled that they should not be surprised, "for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." (II Cor 11:13-15)

There are always reactionaries in every age who would rise in scorn, indignation, and baneful misunderstanding to attack or attempt to thwart our action through our embodied chelas. Defensive measures of the spirit must, therefore, be constantly maintained; for I assure you, beloved ones, that mankind would definitely not have continued to exist in the relative security which they have enjoyed for generations if it had not been for the continuous outflow of cosmic mercy released through the calls of our chelas on earth. Do not underestimate the power of spiritual grace in its mighty onrush toward perfection.

One of the great errors of the age which is, of course, understood by us is the slant which the advertising world has used to sell their products through personal appeal to the vanity and self-interest of individuals. We understand the natural pursuit of every lifestream who desires to find greater happiness, but we hardly believe that through the use of mere outer-world products or human glamour mankind shall find fulfillment.

Perhaps we have been a bit timid ourselves, or should I say conservative and dignified, in not employing more spectacular methods to acquaint mankind with the wonderful product which we have to offer. After all, blessed ones, we are marketing divine freedom to the earth and conveying it to individuals every day, yet we arc seldom seen or heard in the marketplace of life. Perhaps the "shouting from the housetops" through the multitudes of antennas reaching out into the ethers shall one day convey a greater measure of heaven's law to the earth. We shall see.

Above all in this release I desire to convey to those who would follow the law of the Christ that the feeding of the sheep was pinpointed in the statement made three times by the Christ to Peter'
(John 21:15-17) as being urgent for every age. Therefore, where personal security is concerned and where the law of God and his salvation is to be promulgated, it must be by the feeding of the lambs of God, those who know his voice and seek to find him. (John 10:1-5)

Jesus also spoke of "other sheep, which are not of this fold." He said, "Them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. Do you know, blessed ones, of whom he spake? Have your hearts pondered the mission of the Christ as it has applied to millions of lifestreams throughout the ages and cycles of being and upon other systems of worlds?

Someday you will be shown the record of truth and see how this beloved Son of God has actually assisted the evolutions of this entire planetary chain through his gentle, yet powerful ministrations. In the annals of God are recorded entry upon entry of the services of his wholly pure and perfect being. I mention this that you might see the hope of salvation for all of God's sons, for they too shall be perfected in him and in the words of the Christ "go and do likewise." (Luke 10:37)

Let us, then, expand every facility to carry on his service and thus properly use those mechanics of this age which are available as God intends. Then one day perhaps greater freedom shall come to all in the proper use of life's many gifts and graces. Can it be ere the sun set upon this day of golden opportunity?

We continue to lead onward with our cloud of divine witness—the white cloud of billowing radiance by day and the fiery pillar by night." (Exo 13:21,22) The promised land is not won mechanically but by exaltation of spirit, by inward faith, and by claim-staking of that which is so supremely worthy. So shall men find purity, happiness, and love in our way.



Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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