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Thursday, 19 March 2015 14:17


Greetings in the Blue day of Jupiter ... the Royal Blue day of the Will of God ...

    And I, Giovanni (John, Johann, Johannes, Juan, Ioannes) ... have a discrete (understanding very well) expertise in Number Theory.

    I begin to read ... 'An Introduction on the Theory of Numbers' at the age of fifteen (15) ... and I enter in University at the age of sixteen (16), in 1980.

    ... I must confess ... my Life have changed each time I got a Magical Book ... not this ... but The Holy Bible, at the age of sixteen.

    In fact, I read the Book of Revelation at the age of sixteen ... but take me many years ... to decipher publishing in 2010 ... First Edition and 2012 Second Edition.

   I can tell you today ... such book has been reveled ... completely ... Including the number ... everyone fears ... and is not the number of the Beast ... is the number of those Balanced ... The Unbalanced are ... the Beasts you see in TV today ... destroying everything.

   Before I spoke about Kryon and Bach ... I need to speak in my defense ... quoting Newton.

   I need to quote Sir Isaac Newton ... because I have discovered that ... unaware and unexpected ... I am following the same steps he did ...

   In fact, Newton ...

  • Study and publish results about the Book of Apocalypse.
  • He begin to Study Alchemy ... and like you know ...
  • He release a New Theory of Gravitation ...

   Therefore because ... You, of course give more credit to him, than to me ... I expect to get some 'bits' from such credit ... also because I include in my book, 'Why Einstein Theory is Wrong?' ... not because a Physicist who support Empty Space with No Aether (or Akasha) ... but because he got good ideas later his first steps ... like John Lennon to leave the Beatles ... to compose 'Imagine'. (All the John are smart ... Cool)

    We ... You and me ... are lucky ... because you can read ... part of Chapter 1 of Book 1 from Kryon ... channeled and printed by Lee Carroll ... on the Web.

http://www.kryon.com/k_11.html (Click to read ...)

   I got this information ... in Caracas, Venezuela in 2007.

   In fact ... what we call the Kryon Numerology ... A=1, B=2 ... Z=26 ... has been studied also by Johann Sebastian BACH.

From ... http://www.kryon.com/k_11.html we read ...

Also of mild interest: if you take the letters of my TONE name KRYON, and assign a western alphabet number to each of the letters – A=1 B=2 Z=26 etc., then add up the numbers, you will result in the number 83, which then adds to create 11. This is significant, and describes who I am even better to those of you who have intuitive knowledge of number meanings. This is why I chose the spelling in your language. The spelling of my name was not supplied by your writer. This number 11 will tell you of my character. When you multiply this number by the power vibration 3, it results in 33, and will give you insight as to my SERVICE. I will give you an important power formula: 9944. Your discernment and intuition will eventually lead you to the meaning of this, but it is important in the transmutation of energy. 

 If we ... Unite

  • I and J=9. and
  • U and V=20.

We reduce the 26 letters to 24 ... (24 is 12x2, fair with a duodecimal system)

   There are many people working to decode these concepts ... Ruth Tatlow ...

   What we can learn from this? ...

   Well ... may facts.

   BACH ... is 2+1+3+8=14.

   J S Bach = 41.

   Jesus = J+E+S+U+S=9(J)+5+18+20(U)+18=52, 5+2=7, Virginity, Purity, Sacredness.

   Bach produce the Number-Alphabet to write his Music ...


   Kryon say ... much more ...

   And Kryon say ... in the Years ... 2001, 2002 ... we can add the digits ... and we got new meaning.

2+0+0+1=3, 3 means Catalyst.

Today is ... 19 ... 1+9=10, 1 means New Beginning ...

   In fact, from my Book about Apocalypse we can ... read ...

Kryon and Kirael help us to list and write this simple list:

1. Beginning (2008), 2+8=10, 1+0=1

2. Balance (2009), 2+9=11, 1+1=2

3. Catalyst (2010)

4. Gaia (2011)

5. Change (2012)

6. Communication (2013)

7. Sacredness (2014)

8. Mastery (2015)

9. Conclusion (2016) ...

10. New Beginning Again ...(2017)

11. Illumination (2018)


Yes ... 2015 is the Year of Mastery ...


There are much more ... Bach use ... Phi to write his Music ... how has been proved recently ...

  Logically ... The Music of the Spheres ... which Johannes Kepler (82+64=146, 1+4+6=11, 11... Service) which uses Phi ... and the Music of the Sphere which unlock Johann Sebastian Bach (58+86+14=158,1+5+8=14, 1+4=5 ... Change) which also uses Phi ... can simply ... unlock ... The Music of the Spheres ...



  The Evolution from Numerology to Number Theory ... leaving Problems like Fermat Last Theorem ... unsolved for over than 300 years and still leaving problems like Riemann Hypothesis still unsolved ... open doubts to the approach ... that an Empirical Mathematics is under serious failure.

Results from Pythagoras ... with Its Rational Universe ... with Kepler with Its Harmonice ... with Bach ... with its Majestic Music ... Open Doors to a New Way to measure Time ...

Time must be measured with Phi ... 0.618 ... and Its relative Cycles ...

Numerology ... with Music can solve many puzzles ... because is the Logic failing like Godel prove.

Can ... simple or Hidden Math ... reveal the Mysteries of Science ... offering a Simple and Elegant Math?

... We hope ... We are sure about ... but is not immediate ...


  • Lee Carroll - Kryon, Vol 1 - The End Times.
  • Ruth Tatlow - Bach, and the Riddle of the Number Alphabet.
  • Giovanni A. Orlando - The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael and the Family of Light, Il Libro della Apocalisse spiegato dall'Arcagenlo Michele, Archangelo Gabriele, Sanat Kumara e la
    496 Famiglia della Luce. Il Ritorno di Gesù.
  • Kitty Ferguson - Pythagoras, His Lives and Legacy of a Rational Universe.
  • Loïc Sylvestre and Marco Costa - The Mathematical Architecture of Bach's "The Art of Fugue.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


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