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Saturday, 28 March 2015 07:06


Greetings in the day of the Salt ... the day of the Selfhood ...

    And how ... Salt can be connected with Self? ... Well, logically from the book,

   This book now is under editing and has been modified to be ... more futuristic ...

    Now ... This book from Saint Germain ... not only inspire the Vailx (Futuristic view) but also the entire Set of FTHumanEvolutionCourse.

   A Course where Alchemy, Sacred Fire, Energetic Medicine, Empirical and Quantum Mathematics ... Theory of Apparences from Marco Todeschini ... have a place.

   Now ... we have spoke about Mathematics ... We have spoke about Physics ... today we will spoke about Chemistry ...

   And ... also Chemistry ... has been commented by Saint Germain.

   180 With this advancement certain methods of transmutation will be made known to the chemists of the world whereby the synthesis of new elements will be achieved as simply as a child plays with blocks.

      -- Saint Germain on Alchemy.

  Now ... I, Giovanni (John, Jean, Johann, João, Juan) begin my quest about seven years ago ... In those days, my Website was different.

  Now ... Marco Todeschini ... who arrive to us from Italy to speak about 'Apparences' ... produce some very interesting results about Chemistry ... which are fair similar to the results of Walter Russell ... about a more extended Chemistry ... a Great Period Table ... which is not periodical ... of course with Periods ... but Cyclical.

    Dmitrij Ivanovič Mendeleev wrote his Periodic Table with 63 Elements:

    Walter Russell claim that Mendeleev results are very incomplete according to ... His Classification which have a Musical and Cyclical order.

    Russell speaks (in his book, 'The Universal One') ... as well Marco Todeschini in his (Theory of Apparences) about a different first Element ... not Hydrogen.

    Russell call this first element: 'Alphanon' and Todeschini in Italian call it: Idrogenione.

     Now ... on the Web we can read that ... there has been proposed over 700 different Periodic Tables ... different from Original one ...

     Now, I Giovanni consider ... there is NOT Necessary new research ... We can conclude that ... Russell Spiral Table is perfect ... and agree with the New (coming) Quantum Mathematics.

     In fact, not Russell (but was close with his Universal Mathematics) ... nor Todeschini (but also comment about Phi) ... figure the need of a New Mathematics.

     While both were very religious persons ... not one write (but of course inspire, most Russell with him 'The Self-Multiplication Principle' (fair with Lord Jesus miracle of Bread and Fish) and 'The Meaning and Acquisition of Wealth' (fair with Alchemical Universe)) ... no one consider the need for the Quantum Mathematics.


    While NOT included in the Picture ... because the Picture regards High Physics and High Math ... a 'High Chemistry' ... a little more functional where most problems are solved ... is also coming.

      Walter Russell ... play more attention to the entire Physics ... from a perspective of a ... Cyclical Physics.


(All images here can be visualized in enhanced mode ...)

    ... And you know ... Cycles are fair with Quantum Mathematics.



Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando, Ph.D.

PS. Happy Salted day ...

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