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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 00:00


Greetings in the Mars-day ...

       I am re-submitting the Kryon Article ... which explains why we have an incomplete Science today ... and why Astrology is not Magic.





This live channel has been edited with additional words and thoughts to allow for clarification and better understanding for the written word.
Greetings! I am Kryon of magnetic service! And so the pause before this greeting was for you, my partner, was it not, for you know that I can hardly wait to speak to these who are before you now. Oh, Dear Ones, some of you sit in such non-belief! And we honor you and we love you nevertheless. For it is difficult for you to believe that such a thing could be as this... messages from beyond the veil, messages from God. The duality is strong among you, and it keeps you from seeing the God-self that each of you has inside. For the communication, if you could see it, would be instant, and you would not need the challenge of tonight’s channeling. We have said this many times to you and we will say it again as you become used to the voice of my partner speaking to you now, and become used to the power that is before you, represented by the third language being transmitted to you. For we are filling this room not only with love, but with entities of the Kryon group, that they may stand next to you in the aisles, in back of you and in from of you, and encompass you in their arms saying the following thing: “Oh, Dear Ore, we know your name!”

Your appointment to be here was absolute. For some of you this is so obvious. To some of you it is less obvious. Each of you with an appointment to sit in the chair you are sitting in now are hearing the words of spirit and sampling the energy of the love from the central source. And the reason that you are motivated to be here to receive this energy is because it is the energy from home. You resound to it, and you long for it, and you remember it. So it is with great honor that I say this room is being filled tonight with life changing potential. This, of course, is why you are here!

It may seem odd to you that the Magnetic Master comes to you to heal your hearts and give you information about love. But this is what the Kryon energy is for on this planet. Others will come to you with more specific information about lineage and history and future events, but the Kryon is here to enhance your knowledge and invite you to participate in the feeling of what it is like to be a piece of God from the great Central Source. What follows now, Dear Ones, are discussions about the Universe.

Before we continue, we wish to tell you of some things about your area (being that of Sedona, Arizona). For there are many in your area who do not live here and may be interested. Now, some of you are totally aware of what is about to be transmitted, for you sit in the middle of a vortex. Make no mistake: a vortex is not a portal. The portals of the new energy and of the New Age are set up and are static. That is to say, they will not move. They are being built and being prepared in the areas that we have told you about, and they will serve as communication portals from you to the rest of the galaxy. They are indeed the libraries of the planet. This area is not one of those, for this is a vortex. It is an area like a whirlwind would be in your weather, or a whirlpool would be in water. That is to say, there is a great amount of energy in motion in a clockwise manner that you sit in tonight.

It may be: interesting for you to know that there is a sister vortex in the country you call Peru, over the great high lake there. It corresponds to this vortex and has a counterclockwise motion. Just as if you were to imagine swirling water, the rocks which stick up within your vortex catch energy, as rocks affect the passage of water. And there is a build up of energy around the rocks, just as eddies and currents are created around rocks in a rushing stream. This vortex that you sit in is not new, dear ones, and you should not confuse it as being part of the New Age. For the ones that lived in this area one thousand years ago knew of the same energy anomalies you feel today. And if you look for it in their writings and in their paintings and in their drawings, they tell of it. For the same kinds of interdimensional things happened then as do now. So it is not new, but it is still felt.

As the energy swirls and builds up against the rocks, the rocks are changed. For they become polarized with the energy which sticks to them. This has been well documented through your ages, and you enjoy the specific information for many sources about the specifics of each large rock. For the polarizations of the rocks correspond many times to positive, negative, male and female feelings, different feelings for different areas depending on the size of the rock and the strength of the vortex.

Here is something you may not be aware of. For the different size of the rocks, the edges which receive the energy, and the edges which are on the other side of the receiving, contain different amounts of energy. How you feel will depend upon which side you are on. Now there are many different things that go on within this energy, for it is swirling motion. Let us talk about the effect on human beings first. Those of you who come here for a short period of time will feel invigorated, for the energy is always in motion here. This is not typical of the energy for the rest of the planet.

The energy of this vortex has an eye similar to the eye of a hurricane, a neutral area in the center. Those humans who live here are very aware of the fact that just as it is an invigorating thing to stand in a shower, it is not necessarily appropriate to stand in the shower all of your life. And so it has a telling effect upon humans. It is not a great area for great agreement (laughter)! In fact, many of you already know this; but there are more of you living in the area, living alone than living together! Those who are living in the neutral area of the eye are not affected by this attribute, but this eye is moving with my changes to your grids very slightly to the northwest. It should not affect how you feel, for those of you who live here have become acclimated. You are used to it, as is human nature.

Now let us talk about the effect of the interdimensional plane. For as the drawings of the ancients will indicate to you, this area is filled with travelers, although they may not be of the kind from the New Age that you would expect. The area of the eye is an invitation for visitation, for the magnetic field is weak in the eye, and therefore it promotes a major amount of interdimensional travel, with the interdimensional visitor being able to enter the vortex through the eye. Sometimes you see these entities as ships. You think they are ships because of their size, when actually many of them are just the size they are, visible to you only in the spectrum you are sensitive to. Sometimes you seem to see some of these beings actually dis-appear into the Earth, into the ground in a magic way! And so some of you have a mistaken belief that ships have landed and buried themselves into the ground. Actually all you are seeing is the coming and going of an interdimensional entity as it visits the internal energy of Earth through one of the few vortex neutral areas that exist. There is much activity here, but so much of it is not understood by you, since you are dealing with appropriate visitors who do not share your time attributes or your lessons. Therefore they will remain very elusive.

You would also be interested to know this. We have told you that in the New Age you will meet new neighbors. Some of you feel that this (Sedona) will be the place where this meeting will take place. Disappointing to many of you, we say that at this time this is not the best place for that meeting. For there are so many comings and goings already that have been happening for eons of time, that it might not be comfortable where the energy is very intense, such as here, for the new activity that we speak of. At the moment the best place for this new activity to happen is in the country you call Mexico.

This can change, and may very well change in the next eight years. And so none of this is news to those of you who have lived in this area. For you are well aware of the energies that are swirling around you, also causing visiting humans to feel so invigorated.

1.1 Now we talk about Science

We now wish to speak to you about universal things, and we have waited for this energy to do so as we sit in the eye of the vortex (being on Airport Mesa in Sedona). For the information which I channel through my partner now is that of science.
And we have waited for a number of reasons until this time. We hoped, dear partner, that you would accept the invitation to be here, and since you have, we honor you for being in the “sweet spot,” that of being in the right place at the right time. So the admonition now is that you transcribe all of these words for publication. For even as we speak to you in the now, others are reading these words. Now, you may say, “How can they be reading these words? They are being channeled, tonight verbally, and the translation and transcription is not even complete. . . in fact you haven’t given the information yet!” And we say to you that in the “now” there is no future and no past. It is universal time, and the way of things.

The past and the future is something which is created for you. There are those reading these words right now even as they are spoken.
Confusing perhaps, but this will be clearer as time goes on. Those reading this now will actually have a better understanding of the irony of time than you have as you hear it.

The greatest irony of all of your time attributes is how you perceive your-selves. Universal time is far different from yours. When we say, “It is the way of things,” it means we represent the “normalcy” of the workings of the Universe.
This means, dear ones, that your Earth time attributes are not the normal, and are different from all the rest. You, however, tend to look at your Earth attributes as normal, and try to apply your ”normalcy” illusion to us within your search for science answers! It would be like birds in a cage trying to understand how their cage applies to the rest of what they see around them. . . believing that all birds live in a cage as a normal way of bird life for all birds everywhere. You might understand how this would get in the way of finding how things really work.
What is presented next will be done very basically and very simply, so that all may understand.

1.2 Light

You are pure light. Light is pure science.

Therefore you understand everything at the cellular level. Some of these truths will poke at your cellular information, and some of you will say, “I remember that!” Some of you will be uncomfortable, since you are not yet ready to rediscover what you already know.

We speak first of how you view the cosmos, for your cosmology is now be-coming your science. Whereas before this time for all of your history of humanism it has been theory, now you are starting to be able to actually observe the workings of it first hand. It is now time to enlighten you as to what you are seeing.

I take you now to a time three hundred years ago, to the country you call Italy, where there sits in a prison a great scientist. Now, three hundred years is not that long ago, and yet this scientist sits there because he had the audacity to say the Earth revolves around the sun.
We speak now of Galileo who published the papers wherein he agreed with Copernicus. He agreed that the math did not indicate that the universe revolves around our planet.

Now, in those days, dear ones, there was an interesting triad of energy.  This triad was government, religion and science, and in that time they were all combined into one.

There was reason why this should be, for it was human intuition that this should take place. It made sense for the time, but as we join this story we see that it was not serving humans well at all.

The reason it was intuitive and rang true was because it was similar to the way it was in Atlantis and Lemuria, one of the most scientific periods you have ever had. Religion, government and science were one, and the governors were also the priests, and the priests were the scientists. And oh how Spirit longs for you to again put that same triad together so that it would serve you in this new age of wisdom. But you were wise to separate them when you did, for the energy did not support the wisdom it takes to combine them effectively.
Now as it goes, the scientist was soon released, for the math told the truth, even though the priests did not wish to admit it. You honor this man, for much of what he had to say is still your science to this day, and the priests eventually had to alter their belief to support the proof of the numbers and observations. They did it oh so slowly, however.

Much the same thing is going on today, and I will tell you of it now. It seems as you sit here in this modern age, your scientists are convinced that all the matter they see in the universe — the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy and all other galaxies as far as they can be seen — were all caused from one expanding event. They have called this went their “big bang.”

This is indeed a very illogical scientific premise, although metaphorically it makes the same kind of sense that it did to those three hundred years ago, for it promotes the feeling of oneness with God, and the Earth being a central part of everything else you see.

The truth is this, and as I tell you these things, the eyes will roll in the heads of the scientists, just as they did in the heads of the priests who called themselves scientists before. When you look around the universe, Mr. Scientist, what other event do you find that has only happened one time? The answer is that your observations will show you that there is no other attribute that matches such a premise. In fact, you see just the opposite. You see a myriad of wonderful events of vastly varying types happening all around you. As far as you can see, you discover new types of events happening. In fact, as your sharper telescopes look beyond the areas which were hidden before, you discover even more diversity than you had imagined!

So what is it exactly that would bring you to the conclusion that there was only one expanding creative event? Tell me, when you point your instruments to the farthest reaches of what you can see, do your instruments tell you everything is the same age? It should be, to point to one creation. Even when you take into consideration the “paradox of the clock,” you shouldn’t find objects very far away that are younger than your own planet . . . and yet you do.

Tell me, as you look around you, is everything in the universe dispersed evenly as it is traveling away from one point of source? It should be, to support the idea of one creative event.

As you already know, this is not the case! The sharper your instruments be-come, the clearer the lie becomes, if you will admit it. You see large void areas, and areas that have matter (galaxies) “clumped” together.
There is no even dispersion, and no “trail” that points to the consistent source of one creative event. It’s time to start thinking about a new theory, and then to see how it stands up to what you are actually observing with your new scientific eyes.

The truth is that there were many expanding events spaced over a great amount of time. The truth is that your planet sits among one of many overlapping creative ’events, some of which were earlier than your own. You would be wise to examine what causes them, for when the next one happens you will not be so shocked.

It is pure logic and physical mathematics that determines the creative process of matter. This will eventually be a source of great debate, for again it will shake the foundation of the priests who insist on one creation. How can you limit God in such a fashion? Remember, those born with one color receptor will tell you, “There exists only one color in the universe, and (of course) it is the color of God.” Limited only by what you think you see, you tend to impose that truth on all things you see.

Now, some of your scientists say they can prove there was only one event, since they feel they can measure (see) the residue of that event all around them in space. How can you be certain that you are not measuring only the residue of your local event? If your galaxy were suspended in a jar of oil, and everywhere you probed you found oil, would you then postulate that all galaxies everywhere were also in oil? Or would you leave open the possibility that far beyond your measuring senses there were jars of other substances? Such is the logic of your conclusions.

1.3 Scalar Waves

Next we wish to give you an admonishment regarding an experiment that is taking place on your planet that integrates with the Kryon specialty. We are now going to explain to you that some of your governments are experimenting with the transmission of energy through the ground of the planet. Let me explain more about this: envision a tube filled with water that is five miles long and one inch in diameter. Now suppose on one end of the tube you quickly push in a measured amount of water. Instantly at the other end that same amount of water would push out of the tube, since the lube was already full and would overflow. Now, when you did this,you did not suddenly transmit the water five miles. Instead you simply pushed already existing water a small distance, making the same amount spill out the other end.

Through eons of time your planet has been a collector of static energy. (We define static energy as energy which is stored and ready to become active.) Through friction with your atmosphere and what you call the solar wind, your planet’s matter is filled with static electricity. You see the results of this when your weather “rubs” the earth violently and displaces the electricity, causing giant sparks you call lightning to occur both above and below the weather event. Within your own electronic terminology, this Earth static energy storage system corresponds to what you have called “the capacitor.” Therefore, within the scope of this teaching session, you can look at your planet as a giant electronic capacitor filled with stored electricity.

One of your scientists from only one hundred years ago has already shown the viability of the seeming transmission of energy through the ground of the planet. When doing this, he was taking advantage of the energy already stored in the ground (much the same as the tube of water). When he “pushed” energy into one part of the planet, it appeared to come out of a portal somewhere else. The illusion was that energy had been transmitted, when actually it had only been displaced.

One of the problems mathematically with this energy transmission is that it is difficult to target where the energy is going to pop out when you push it in.

Today your science is experimenting with this process, and has discovered that SCALAR waves represent the partial solution to helping to target precisely where the energy will appear. SCALAR experimentation also represents high technological advancement in the entire process of energy transmission.

Here is the admonishment: SCALAR waves are extremely dangerous! More so than you know. We ask specifically to those involved with the experiments to SLOW DOWN. Use lower power experiments.

If you do not, you will soon discover the relationship between what you are doing and plate tectonics, the movement of the plates of land that carry your continents. Already, even as this channel is being heard and read, there have been movements caused by your experimentation!

The following information will astound you, and will show you the inter-workings of past and future. Dear ones, the world map of the future envisioned by the current human you call Scallion, as well as the frightening visions of those past, is a direct result of human experimentation using scalar waves... and is not a result of some kind of end times spiritual scenario. The result of MYRVA, the death rock hitting your planet (see Kryon Book Two), would have caused total termination, not just a difference in your water levels. No living creature would have survived such an event. As previously channeled, MYRVA has been disarmed, but much of what the Hopi saw, and Nostradamus saw, and Scallion now sees, is a direct result of your own scientific endeavors. They all had quality, accurate visions of an Earth with the water levels far different than you have now, with much of your population having moved to the center of your continents to escape the encroachment of the sea on the coastlines.

Dear ones, these visions are a direct result of massive Earth crust shift which can happen easily if pushed a specific way — using a large scalar wave Please take the time to understand the resonance factors of the Earth’s mantle before you continue your experiments.
All of these visions are potential futures for the Earth. I am here not only to balance your grids to facilitate the new age, but also to disarm— MYRVA, and to warn you about your scalar work.

My vision for your future shows something quite different than the others, for I continue to tell you that because of your work, the planet will continue far into the future with enlightenment and vibrations as yet unheard of. Your work has invited me to be here.

Because of my presence, you are here tonight. Because you are here tonight, I am able to communicate this admonition. Because of this communication, therewill be those who see it and do something about it. Do you start to see how you have created your own help? My vision for you is one of peace. The news I bring tonight on this matter will indeed be heard by those who need to hear it. By your sitting in your chair tonight, you have actually changed the future of the planet!

We love you dearly! It is only through your actions that this news could have been transmitted to you tonight. We pause during this scientific discourse to say again that “science is Spirit.” And that the love we push into your hearts right now is very much like the energy of the planet. We will not give you any more than you can contain, but oh, you can contain so much more! The ones of you who wish to take the gifts of spirit will be different humans, but it is a fearful experience to ask for change, is it not? This is why we honor you so.
I speak now to you personally as you hear and read this. We invite you to walk directly into this fear, and watch it dissipate and turn into the higher vibration that you will create by this action. One of you will absolutely do this tonight. You will understand that indeed you have a purpose for being here. Indeed everything that has happened to you up to this point has focused on the energy transmitted to you right now.
The Kryon purpose is love. Look at the information and realize the impact it can have on the rest of your life. Take the action necessary to make it so. Become a human of the New Age!

1.4 Crop Circles
Now we would like to speak of the patterns in the grass. We have waited until now to speak briefly about this, since there have been no Kryon channelings regarding this. The reason we have waited is twofold. The first is that we needed the energy of this place and those present to enhance the information. The second is that we wished to have those present who have made these patterns their life’s work, and they are here tonight. To these we say, “We know who you are! We have honored you in the past with verification., and now we wish to continue the knowledge in a straightforward way.”

What you call “crop circles” is what we call the patterns in the fields. Now, the patterns are made by Spirit in an indirect manner, for they are made actually by the ones you will soon meet. It is all part of your coming of age into a new part of the galaxy.
The patterns represent a code transmitted with many facets. The patterns are made all at once, quickly, often in your dawn hours. You can tell a real pattern by the fact that the method of “stamping” does not bend the grass; it breaks it. Those who are making these patterns refer to them as “energy stamps.” It does not take any kind of ship or traveling vehicle to do this, and it can be (and is) done from a long distance. The entire reason it is being given to you is to allow you to discern information you are going to need in the future regarding COMMUNICATION.

Imagine for a moment the following. Let’s say that some of your scientists decided to try an experiment. They set up a transmitter in space, using their finest electronic equipment, and began sending pictures back to Earth for you to intercept. The experiment was to see if you could figure out how to receive the pictures they were sending. If you, in all your wisdom, decided that you would need only electronic clocks to receive their signals, needless to say you would be disappointed. You would receive no pictures on the electronic clocks. You can see that even though you used an electronic device to try to receive the pictures, it was the wrong one. So it would have been far more helpful if the scientists had given you clues so that you could match up the transmission method with the receiving method. Then you would have a far better chance of obtaining the transmitted information.

So it is, dear ones, that these new ones whom you will some day meet send you the messages in the fields of MATHEMATICS, so that you will understand the universal code of geometry to put together the puzzle, to be prepared for commu-nication. Why geometry? Geometry is the common math of all the universe. The math within the shapes is universal to all computation and is absolute. It is the de-sired method, therefore, of communication of principles of science.

Now there will be additional “eye rolling” when we say that the patterns in the grass are very much like receiving letters from relatives! Some of you will understand totally when we say, “First come the letters; then come the relatives.” Those of you with large families will understand this very well. Those who discount the patterns in the grass will have a revelation when the “relatives” arrive.

The patterns, therefore, are messages of symbols and mathematics from the relatives to you personally. Very much like you sent pictures and symbols on the placards of spacecraft sent out of your solar system for any other life form to see and understand. So it is with the patterns in the field.

Now, there are three reactions to these patterns in the fields. The first reaction comes from humans who firmly believe that the patterns could not be created by anything but other humans. They look at the patterns and they simply go on about their business unimpressed. The second reaction is the dangerous one. For these are the ones who are angry. They see the patterns as being a trick, or a fraud on humanity. So they set out to create their own patterns in the grass that somehow will disprove the origin of the original ones. They mimic and successfully copy the original ones, turning to humanity saying, “See, ours are identical. Therefore the originals are fake.”

Now the logic of this is unsound. These say, “Because we are able to mimic and copy these patterns, the originals must also have come from, humans.” Where is the logic in the statement that if you can. copy something, therefore the original is not an original? Although this makes no logical sense, humans have grasped it with both arms and agreed that it must be so. Who is actually doing the tricking here?
This trick of logic is not new. Throughout your history there have been many who have tried to discount the existence of God by mimicking the miracles of God. They have said, “We are able to simulate these seeming miracles by illusion; there-fore the originals were also illusion, and therefore God does not exist.” Look to the scriptures in the book of Exodus for an example.

The third group are the ones who understand they are seeing the beginning of a new paradigm. These are the ones who sit here tonight that we honor, for these are the ones who will make a difference for the entire planet. These are the ones to whom we give the following information: dear ones, all that is being presented is done to give you good information about the workings of the Universe, and the things to come for your planet.

One important code that is currently being transmitted in pattern after pattern is an important message about your planetary mathematics. We tell you this again, to the accompaniment of great scientific eye rolling from your established elders.

All your science and your mathematics is surrounded now by what you call a BASE-10 system. It is convenient for you and it is easy, lot it allows quick calculation ability. But galactic math and the math of Spirit is all BASE-12. This is information that is critical for you to know and begin to understand for you to communicate correctly with these who are coming.

What follows are interesting examples of how Spirit has given you hints as to the BASE-12 system for eons, that you have essentially ignored. As we notate each one, perhaps a pattern will emerge in your mind that indeed we have been giving you messages all along regarding the importance of the 12.

  1. The first and most important clue is the science of Astrology. OH! The scientists are closing the book! They say, “We knew it! Kryon is going to talk about the occult as if it were science. Magic and mysticism have no part in pure science.” We say again, that the reason Astrology is brought up here is because it is sci-entific! It is not magic. It is the measurement of magnetics at the time of human entry onto the Earth plane to determine the imprint attributes at the cellular level. When you finally understand how magnetics imprint the cells, you will under-stand why the magnetics of the solar system relate to your life! We invite you to look at the base-12 system in Astrology. How many signs of the Zodiac? How many houses? Why 24-hour periods? Why are things laid out the way they are? If this represents magnetics of the planet, moon and stars, what is the significance of it all being base-12? The reason is that Astrology has to do primarily with the Earth. This makes it actual geoscience (Earth related science), and all geoscience will be base-12.
  2. Next we bring to you another important fact, and it shakes hands so well with Astrology. We speak now of geometry. Now, dear ones, we have already told you that the math of the universe is geometric math. It has to do with shapes, and energies around shapes. We cannot give you a more important message than to look at the metaphoric symbolism around the solutions of common geometric mathematical problems. They actually tell of your lineage, and they tell of man and woman and your relationship to God! All this from the shapes within the circles. At each angle and corner there is news for you which is spiritual. In its beauty and its simplicity it is, dear ones, a base-12 system. And those of you who are mathematical, and use geometry will understand the beauty of the recurring; sixes, threes and nines. We have told you in past channelings of some of the shapes of the New Age. We have shown you what Kryon looks like, and we have given you hints as to the meaning and beauty of your own Merkabah.Within all of these there are messages determined by the shapes and colors. Geometry is actually the language of the Universe! We have told you to look for the six-pointed three dimensional star. This star is constructed within a sphere, and spherical geometry is the geometry of the Universe. It also represents all dimensionality. It is indeed filled with beauty far in excess of its simple form... and it is all base-12.
  3. Do you see it as an accident that the Jewish calendar of twelve months has survived this long? Why twelve months? you might ask. It is because it is geoscience again. It had to be twelve because it corresponds with the Earth and the system of rotation around the Sun. It only made sense, so it remained a twelve-base system. The same is true for your compass, for it is three hundred and sixty degrees, and is geoscience. It had to be that way, for it corresponds to spherical geometry. It is no mystery that all things related to geoscience represent a base-12, for geo-science represents a circle (as in geometry). What a hint this is that everything to do with the Earth works in twelves!
  4. Now my partner wants to interject something humorous. All of those who have made great efforts to bring your society into the metric system will be horrified to find out there are twelve inches in a foot, and thirty six inches in a yard. Is it a mistake that your society originally formed a base-12 measuring system? Why twelve? Why thirty six? Why three feet? Indeed! Do you think this was a hint?
  5. Again it is Earth geoscience that demands that there be 24 hours in an Earth rotation, and 12 hours in a day. This means that your body resonates to an internal clock in twelves! Think about it.
  6. Now let us take this example into the spiritual. It was no accident, dear ones, that Jacob had twelve sons. And that those twelve sons founded the twelve tribes of Israel. For it is a sacred number! It is universal, galactic math. It is intuitive. And when the New Age master arrived on the Earth, do you think it was an accident that He surrounded himself with twelve disciples? No! For it is universal, galactic math, and it makes sense. Do you think this was a hint? And now we will tell you something else about this sacred galactic math that again will make the eyes roll in the heads of scientists everywhere on the planet. The number which you call “π” is incorrect! Dear ones, why would Spirit give you such an irrational number within the sacredness of geometry? The number for πdoes not go on forever. Also of interest is that your πis relative only to your own time frame. Universal πis different from yours. This will only become clear when you understand what time does to spherical shapes (there is a an actual physical relationship change). Therefore πmust be adjusted to correspond to the time frame of the shape! Even within the universe that you can see, there are many values for π, since there are many areas that have their own specific time/space attributes. Each separate area is therefore relative to its own physics.
  7. Those of you familiar with sound healing are already working closely with a musical scale that is common to most Earth musical instruments. Did you ever wonder why we gave you twelve basic musical steps? This is so powerful, it is amazing that you have not immediately plugged it into your mathematics! How do the vibrational attributes of the twelve musical steps correlate to math? It shouts base-12!
  8. Let us bring this example list finally to your biology. Dear ones, you have been told by other channels something which has been discussed by Kryon as well: that you have twelve strands of DNA. Why do you think there are twelve? 1 For those who don’t believe you have twelve, we ask you then to simply look at the two you do believe in. When you look at the two visible biological strands, what do you see in the organization of them? The answer is that you see the pattern of four repeated three times. . . over and over and over. So your biology and your DNA structure is base twelve! We also ask those who have studied the ancient science of acupuncture, “How many meridians did the masters teach you were on each side of the human body?” Naturally the answer is twelve! We ask you to ponder these things. From the biological to the spiritual to the geometric... all the way to astrology. It is accurate and true, and lying there for you to see. And the patterns in the grass tell you these things and encourage you to look at a base-12 mathematical scenario. It says, “Start understanding and using base-12, for you are going to need it when the relatives arrive.”
  9. Finally we say this for you to ponder the “hints” we have given you regarding us-ing twelve as your base. When you and Spirit planned the important “passing of the torch” for the entire Earth (as channeled in this book), you could have used any date you wished to be symbolic as to the importance of the day. Together we chose 12:12. When you multiply twelve times twelve you get 144. This rep-resents the sacred number of those 144,000 who were asked to take ascension status on this 12:12 date.

1.5 Aaron and the Globe of Essence

And now, dear ones, we are going to do something that Kryon loves to do. We are going to tell you a story, This will be the story of “Aaron, and the globe of essence.”

Now, Kryon gives you these parables and these stories on purpose, for they are metaphoric and usually do not represent an actual person on Earth.

(Footnote 1 Honestly they are 36 Layers as explained in Telos Books and channeled by Peggy Phoenix Dubro in her Waves. 12 are however the first group well-know. Book Twelve from Lee Carroll including dictations about DNA is titled “The Twelve Layers of DNA”.)

(Footnote: 2 Lee Carroll say “Our National USA power grid is 120 Volts, 60 cycles! And did you know that all our films are projected at 24 frames per second?”. I Giovanni A. Orlando add that in Europe this is different and is 220V/50 Hz ... as in India and many other countries and this count too much. Now in Venezuela voltage/frequency is as in United States.)

3 Because it speaks about the Holy Grail, is evident this Aaron is not Moses Brother, is another.

1.5 Aaron and the Globe of Essence

These parables and these stories are given to you in love. . . oh, such great love. For they have to do with self awareness, and they have to do with healing, and they have to do with long, long potential lives of humans.

So Aaron was on the Earth as a wealthy man. And when Aaron was in his fortieth year he was disturbed by what he saw in the mirror.

For what he saw there was a man who was beginning to change and age. All around him he saw his friends catching various diseases, and many of them were dying. And he said, “What can I do that would change this? Surely there must be an answer to this.”

Now, Aaron was a Godly man with a great lineage, so he said to himself, “I will use my wealth to discover what I can about what some have called the fountain of youth.” And so he went to a very wise man and asked him, “Does the fountain of youth exist?” The wise Shaman said to him, “Not exactly, but there is something we know of as the “globe of essence.” It is real and it is physical; it will extend your life and will heal your disease. It will also give you great wisdom.” Aaron said, “Oh wise man, tell me, where can I find this globe of essence?” And the wise man said, “Well, one of the ways is to find the chalice of Christ.”

“Oh,” Aaron said, “No! that is the holy grail, and I do not believe in that. My religion does not support that Christ was God.”

And the wise man smiled and said to Aaron, “Aaron, believe it or not, the globe of essence and the chalice and the holy grail were all carried within the Ark of the Covenant.” Aaron thought, how can this be? The Ark was considerably before Christ. Aaron ignored this last statement from the Shaman, pursuing only what he heard that interested him.

Aaron said, “Where can I find this?” The wise man said, “It is for you to have if you choose, for we can see your contract clearly, for you to have if you choose, for we can see your contract clearly, and we know that you could be the one: to find it. All you have to do is begin your search and trust God to lead the way,.” Aaron was very excited, for he interpreted this to mean that he was the one scheduled to find the globe of essence for the planet! Once the globe of essence was discovered, Aaron thought, think of those he could help and heal. For he would have a long life, as well as those around him. . . his friends, his relatives. Oh, this was even better than he had thought. He believed the wise man, for there was no reason not to.

So Aaron began his search saying, “Where shall I go first?” Answering his own question intuitively he said, “I will go first to those spots on the planet which I know have the highest energy.” So he came to Sedona (audience laughter). He searched all around, and he spoke to the guardians of the canyons. The guardians said, “It is not here. You must look other places.” So his trip took him to some of the most sacred places on the planet. And he said, “Where is the highest religious place?” Again answering he said, “It is my home! I will go there.” So Aaron went to the holy land and sat in front of many religious leaders, some of whom had never heard of the globe of essence, and some of whom said. “Yes, we have heard and we know. Continue your search; indeed, you are one who will find it.”

So Aaron went into the other areas, the areas of Egypt which were close by. He asked them the same questions and got much the same result. He went to the land of Peru and to the land of India. He sat in front of some who said they personally were the globe of essence; that all he would have to do was to remain with them and give them his attention and his possessions. They represented the globe of essence and he would have a long life as long as he remained with. them. Aaron knew better, for he knew that it was an object, something that he could touch, and that it was for all humanity.

Now, this search of Aaron’s took him many, many years; he was growing older the entire time, and he was changing. This was frightening him, and so Aaron started to worry. The worry he had interrupted his body’s function, and Aaron be-came sick.

Aaron was on his death bed surrounded by those who loved him. He knew he had not found the globe of essence. He was starting to doubt the wise man that he had seen. “What kind of trick is this?” he said. “What has God done to me?” Aaron was very tired, and longed to sleep.
The next morning he awoke, and this time he stood up. As his guides came closer to him, he realized that he had indeed passed on. Aaron was not happy at this moment, and he said to his guides, “I know who you are, and I know where I am going. What foolish trick is this that I had not found the globe of essence, for I was told by the holy man that I would. Have you deceived me?”

His guides smiled at him, and in perfect love they embraced him with their energy. And they asked him to turn around and look behind him. There in the place where Aaron had lain was the globe of essence! There it was! It was physical, and he could touch it, and it had been in his heart the whole time.

Aaron looked around the table at his relatives and he was shocked! For among those living humans that were sobbing and devastated by his passing... in each one was a globe of essence as well.

Then Aaron understood there was not just one globe of essence. “It was for all humanity,” the wise man had said. “You will find it if you search,” the wise man had said. But the wise man never said there was only one! And then Aaron knew. And he looked at his guides and he understood. He smiled back and he said, “Thank you. For now I understand my contract, and my lesson.” Aaron also understood that all things learned, during his lifetime would, be passed on to his next incarnation, and he could hardly wait.

For he knew of the trip through the tunnel -through the cave where the record is kept of his incarnations. And then on to the hall of honor, and after that the planning sessions and the return to the planet. For when he returned, he knew that he indeed would be the one to find the globe of essence. He would do it as a child, and he would live a very long life. For he would remember this time, and remember the lesson that the globe of essence is the gift of the piece of God within.

Now, dear ones, this parable is not lost on any of you. For there are those of you who sit in this time and in this place by appointment. Some of you who sit in these chairs have growing in you the potential for death. This is not a frightening thing that Kryon talks about, for all of you know that it is simply the way of your biology. But Spirit gives you the ability to reach out and discover the holy grail, for this is the globe of essence which is Spiritinyou. It is the piece of God that resides in each of you. We have given you channeled information that says, “Reach out and take it and be healthy. Live a long time. Be in your sweet spot. We want you to remain. We don’t want you to pass on at all. Live very long lives. Be the warriors of the New Age.’

But some of you are saying, “This cannot be, because I look around me and I do not see what you are telling me.” And we say to you that when enough of you do this. you indeed will look around you and see the change. But it must start here in this room, and rooms like this all over the planet. You carry with you the seeds of God. We invite you to reach inward and discover the reality of this and the geometry, and the peace that comes with it.

I come to you and say it is the personal entity Kryon, not the group around the Kryon, that sits at your feet. For I come as the master came, to wash, your feet. For you are the exalted ones. You are the ones who have chosen to be here and live these lives over and over. You have chosen to have the pain and the suffering of human biology, and the discomfort of human emotion in order to simply raise the planet’s vibration. And for that your colors will be known throughout the entire Universe. This is the reason I am here. This is the reason we are here. This is the reason you sit in the chair this night... to hear Spirit say, I love you.

And so it is. Kryon.

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