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Friday, 29 May 2015 14:00


Greetings in the Venus day,

        Venus-day in the Western Tradition ... Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria is the day of the Goddess ... In the Nordic Tradition is Friday, Fridda-day ... Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, Island ... Australia, and all the Speaking Countries etc.

      Now ... I am at the end of Wonderful Quest ... (Some will necessary apologize me ... for my Love for my Past ... England, Arthur and my Wars in the West. I need to forget and do not remember ... )

     In my inspired Quest to propose a New Education ... including a New Mathematics ... I am acquiring wonderful notions ... not full digested ... not full mine ... and they regards ... The Quantum Mathematics.

     Please ask me not for days ... because they depend of my comfortability ... Speed of Thought (actually variable) ... etc.

     It is evident that Story is not ... like we have studied in Schools ... nor Science, not Religions ... Now, if begin to consider ... Others are Guilty ... you will not progress. In fact, Litigation are a result of Wars for Space ... Land, Love ... In that situation you will never travel in Time with your Mind ... and only traveling in Time you become and Acquire Happiness and Wealth.

      Egyptians were a people ... enlightened ... Also the Incas was in Peru and Machu Picchu  ... many Civilizations reach Apex. Egypt was one.

      A Civilization with Apex have NO KING ... or QUEEN ... like we understand today. They do not need. Everyone is empowered ... Everyone is Happy.

      Consider Lord Jesus ... and Lady Magdalene ... they have a Place in Time, not in Space ... but they rule.


       Now ... Only very seasoned Mathematicians and/or Geometers can feel and see the missing elements in Geometry.

       In recent years like Last Century many did ... Felix Klein, Harold Coxeter ... try to recover this Math.

      In Past Ages ... Euclid, Plato from Pythagoras ... again try and succeed well. We can say without mistakes that the Hellenic days were a Golden Age ... but was a return of the Egypt days.

     ... How fall the Egyptian Dynasties? ... Well, the Latest Pharaoh was Ikhnaton and he was the King of Egypt because he loose its Ka. What is the Ka? ... is not an elementary explanation ... I prefer you read the Pleiadian Agenda.

     Now, like a result ... Hebrew abandon Egypt and its position of slaves to become Free people and become a Country, Israel.

     A key personage is present along all the Civilizations ... and he is Saint Germain ... if you permit my pertinent explanation.

     Saint Germain was Hermes in Egypt, King Solomon in Israel and Plato in Greece ... then he go to England and was Merlin and live longer there ...

    The Egyptian Dynasties born from Thoth Teachings. Hermes was a Son of Thoth ... and teach the Sacredness of Science ... in Egypt.

    I can tell you much more ... Isis was Mother Mary, Jesus was Horus and Osiris was again Saint Germain ... the same Mother-Son-Father that arrive in Jerusalem from Nazareth.

    ... Story repeat ... Time repeat ...

   Where is the Geometry? ...


    The Geometry ... like the ... the Circle of Nine Points ...

    These nine points are:

  • The midpoint of each side of the triangle
  • The foot of each altitude
  • The midpoint of the line segment from each vertex of the triangle to the orthocenter (where the three altitudes meet; these line segments lie on their respective altitudes).

   I, Giovanni ... learn the concepts of Orthocenter, Altitude, Circumcenter ... from the 700 pages book written in Mexico ... and published by Uteha, originally published in 1957.

     Now ...

  • How many Schools ... use the Euclid Elements ... or an Enhanced and Updated Edition? ...

    I got the English Book written in 1901 by Charles Smith and Sophie Bryant - Euclid's Elements of Geometry (but it regards only Euclid books I-IV, VI, XI)

    Now ...

    How many Centers have a Circle? ... One.

    How many Centers have a Triangle? ... More than 5,000 centers ... Opps ...


    Without Geometry ... is like try to speak English with a Barbarian. They do not understand ...

    Therefore, Euclid and Plato ... did Well ... and the World HAVE NOTHING ... because WHEN the WORLD will HAVE ... It will become Popular like Elvis Presley.

    I hope you like Elvis Presley.

   The Study of Geometry ... is fundamental to understand that there are no Mummy in Pyramid.

   Also Serapis Bey ... who was both a Pharaoh (Amenhotep III)  as well Leonidas King of Sparta ... and immediately Phidias the great Sculptor from where comes the Letter phi, for the Golden Ratio ... =0.618 ...  speaks about the common misunderstood fact of Mummification ... He claim NEVER was performed ... but later in Dark Times ... in his book, dictated.

    The Sacred Quantum Mathematics is connected with Ascension. It is Holy Math ... not Empirical.

    We hope to get soon ...

Thanks for now,

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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