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Friday, 05 June 2015 10:19


Greetings in the Venus-day ... the Orange day of the Love in the Family ...

      And many are the key points in Mathematics and Physics ... missing, Lost ... forgotten ... hidden ... because a Science with Open Problems and/or Paradoxes ... is not Science, but a incomplete Castle ... risking to fall down.

      Would you use a Car ... that sometimes work ... many others do not engine? ... Better to repair. Thus is Science. Thus is Religion. Thus is Economy. Thus is the World.

      Professor Kurt Gödel produce papers and results claiming that ... Mathematics is Incomplete and this is perfect coherent to say ... is Wrong.


      There are two arguments considered here, both produced by Logic Mathematician Kurtz  Gödel:

  1. The First regards Mathematics and his incompleteness theorems, which claims by example the first, that no consistent system of axioms whose theorems can be listed by an "effective procedure" (e.g., a computer program, but it could be any sort of algorithm) is capable of proving all truths about the relations of the natural numbers (arithmetic).
  2. The Second regards Physics and is a Proof released by Prof. Godel claiming that In any universe described by the Theory of Relativity, time cannot exist. Einstein endorsed this result reluctantly but he could find no way to refute it, since then, neither has anyone else. (See Yourgrau book)

   Now, while these results are immense in consequences ... and are Scientific Proofs that we have no Mathematics and we have no Future including Einstein results they are a valid invitation to consider Alternatives.

    Valid Alternatives may be ... may books:



    In fact, We are NOT living in the Garden of Eden ... evidently. We are living in a World ... controlled by ... not for Lord Jesus and the Hosts of Heavens ... something different.

    But this is a Lesson about Physics and Mathematics ... not Global Politics.

   Now ... Professor Gödel ... transform ... Logical Propositions into Numbers ... these numbers are called: Gödel Numbers.

   An example from the Web is the following:

x=y => y=x is represented by 120-061-121-032-061-062-032-121-061-120 using decimal ASCII.

   Then he translate these numbers using primes ... in order:


    The multiplication of these numbers ... give a number, a Godel Number ... and because we can factorize this number ... there are assignation ... not unique, not 1:1 ... between numbers and logical Statement.

  Why and how ... Gödel prove that the system is inconsistent? ... well he find a number that may come from infinite logical proposition which propose an incompleteness in Arithmetic.

   Gödel say ...

Any effectively generated theory capable of expressing elementary arithmetic cannot be both consistent and complete. In particular, for any consistent, effectively generated formal theory that proves certain basic arithmetic truths, there is an arithmetical statement that is true,  but not provable in the theory.

The true but unprovable statement referred to by the theorem is often referred to as "the Gödel sentence" for the theory. The proof constructs a specific Gödel sentence for each consistent effectively generated theory, but there are infinitely many statements in the language of the theory that share the property of being true but unprovable. For example, the conjunction of the Gödel sentence and any logically valid sentence will have this property.

For each consistent formal theory T having the required small amount of number theory, the corresponding Gödel sentence G asserts: "G cannot be proved within the theory T".

  With you permission ... I say is evident. We can return on this ... if necessary ... another day and we will.


   The Second Godel Statement about Physics claim that ... Einstein Theory cannot have Time. Of Course Time exist ... therefore Godel in 1942 prove or begin to prove that Einstein Theory is Wrong ... Godel was the Best Friend of Professor Einstein in Princeton.


   What are the consequences of this? ... Are there a Complete Mathematics? ...

  This complete Mathematics ... that in Time may lead to a Complete Physics.

   This ... 'Quantum Mathematics' is the same Quantum Mathematics ... used in 16,000 B.C. to built the Great Pyramid.

   This is ... the Mathematics ... Pythagoras recover ... This is the Mathematics Plato recover and use in the Academy ... and is Quantum ... It changes in Time. We don't have.

   Millions of books, Millions of Dollars ... and we have ... well they have ... nothing.


Have a nice day.

Giovanni A. Orlando.
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