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Friday, 05 June 2015 12:24


Greetings in the Venus day ... the Orange day of the love in the Family ...

      And I have joy speaking about these concepts ... and without to pretend High ... but simple normal consideration ... you are listening someone with two degree in Mathematics, that enter in Math Faculty at the age of 16, in March 1980.

      Now ... one of the reasons I move to Italy was to become a researcher in some University ... but I never attend one examination after to discover the Salary for researchers in Italy. In my days, were about today 600 Euros, in 1992. Opps ... But we are not speaking about Italian Salaries in Education ... we must to speak about the Mathematics ...

      The point is that with two degree ... only now I begin to figure the Environment and Panorama of Holy Mathematics ... The Sacred Number, a Lost concept.

      In fact, in the West ... there are many legends ... and while you do not engine certain Autonomy ... you cannot produce good results.

      Please accept in clear and irrevocable terms ... The Mathematics we have and we use ... is incoherent, incomplete and empirical.

      ... Empirical is someone that have no idea ... how to do something ... test and try ... spend many years and got a result.

      Exact is something ... is made at first intent and never touched again ... because perfect and complete. In Antiquity many Great Constructions were made in this form, not only the Great Pyramid ... in Egypt ... but also the Mayan Pyramids dated early and built in 23,614 BC, never rebuilt.


     What we have today in Mathematics? ... Well, we have many disciplines ... About 100 Subjects ... from 00-General to 97-Mathematics Education (Check http://www.ams.org/mathscinet/msc/msc2010.html)

     Unfortunately for my colleagues ... This is NOT Mathematics ... and this is ... what they learn, what they know ... before and today. Sorry.

     The 'Real' Mathematics ... is Quantum, It changes with Time. Is not static and is lost. We need to recover. I need to recover ... may be I am in Lesson 2, nothing published.

     The Influential Numbers ... Are not π, e, √2 or φ ... Are natural numbers ... are related to prime numbers and are few to handle with basic operations ...

    In the days of Plato ... the Quantum Mathematics were know ... because was the same Quantum Mathematics of the Egyptians, and was the same of Atlantis and Lemuria ...

    After the Noah Flood 13,000 years ago ... Cain engine an Empirical Carnal Mathematics ...

   ... In a period of 13,000 years ... many good intents were performed ... between the Egyptian efforts ... The Greatest one ...

   Pythagoras did well ... an impressive effort about 2,300 years ago.

   ... Plato complete this effort in a definitive mode ...


   Number Theory is not the ... 'ridiculous' effort to use Complex Analysis, or Algebraic Geometry to prove Fermat Last Theorem ... also with mistakes in a rite of Ego ... honestly absurd.

   No. The actual Proof of Fermat Last Theorem is like an Atomic Bomb to kill a bug ... may be a resistant bug ... but after all a bug.

   Two Cubes cannot become a Cube ... sound like an Elementary exercise of Quantum Mathematics ... Do not ask please ... Today, When, why.

   Rene Descartes did Well ... He (according to Todeschini) engine the first Relativity Theory ... He join Geometry and Algebra ... mentally translated in Analytical Geometry ... another Monster ... trying to Linearize Quantum ... which is related with Time ... not with Space.

   Therefore ... Geometry has lost its Salt ... Is not the Geometry of the Greeks ... of the Academy.

     In the Academy of Plato ... then extended to the Lyceum ... more simple with more Physical Trend by Aristotle were available the Music ... which is Number in Time, and the very ABC of the Pythagorean Mathematics.

    The Academy also perform Astronomy.

    In the days of Pythagoras whom do not release printed information ... say ...

    “Pythagoras thought that his disciples should guard in silence the words they heard, saying that the man who disclosed (to the common man) the nature of incommensurability (of the Pentagram) to those unworthies was so hated that not only was he banned from the (circle of the Pythagoreans) common association, but also while alive his gravestone was erected to signify that said (heretic) was dead (to the society). For he who revealed the structure of the dodecahedron, would perish in the sea like one who has committed sacrilege.” [Iamblichus, On the Pythagorean Life, chapter 34]

    Sacredness ... and Sacred Mathematics is a serious Matter.

    These were the days of the Galactic Night ... Now we are in the Photon Band ... and we can speak ...


    I, Giovanni ... am working to design a New Academy, which title is FTHumanEvolutionCourse.

     What are the results of the Quantum Mathematics? ... A book? ... No. Not only a Book.

    Quantum Mathematics is the result to resurrect the Path to the Garden ... The Path to the Tree of Life ... for all.

    A Complete set of 144 Courses are under design ... but honestly the World and Mind World is too far from the Garden. Too far.

   Alchemy ... or the Sacred Science is ABC ... not something to be stoned ... mentally or rejected ... by average mind.

   A key fact ... with your permission is the Man ... the person that engine Alchemy in Egypt, who lived previously in Atlantis ... to then move to Alexandria Library, then to Greece like Plato ... and he is Saint Germain. He also learn the Shakespearean Plays like Francis Bacon.

   ... and Plato was the Founder of the Alchemy ...

   I propose to all interested in these concepts ... the coming Edition ... of Saint Germain on Alchemy in English ...

    It is like an updated Symposium ... for the 21th Century ...

   Can you believe or expect or suppose ... The Return of the Academy? ... Humm ... Sounds, Good!

... An Old Good Plato Apprentice is here ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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