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Greetings in the day of Queen Mary ... the Isis with Horus and Osiris ... the Saint ... the Queen of the Blue-Sky Ray.

      And I, Giovanni (John) want to do a simple thing ... Let people learn the Truth in Science and Religion ... and while the goal is simple ... the Path is Turbulent ... because Religion(s) control Human Mind ... and how the masses understand God ... and Science how the World understand ... Nature and how then use this understanding ...

      Generally both are two faces of the same coin today used ... not with Holy purposes ... and most Truths are prohibited.

       Has been said that, I John was close in the days of Jesus to Apostle Paul ... as well the Writer of the Book of Patmos ... just to speak about Apostles.

      And the Apostles ... all from Sirius where also Pharaoh in Egypt in Past times (previous lives) ...

      Now Catholic do not include an Official concept about Re-incarnation ... but this is valid in Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism ...

      Neither Science consider the Soul, God ... the Saints or the Apostles ...

      In Human Mind ... Religion is Religion ... Science is Science ... but ... What is the Sky? ... Not the Clouds ... but the Stars ... or the Heavens ... therefore Heaven=Stars ... Religion may got sense some day like Astrology and Astronomy unite ... to become ONE.

     A lesson about the Troubles or Challenges in the Apostleship ...

Giovanni A. Orlando.


The Challenges of Apostleship:
The Call, the Conversion, the Working of the Works of the Lord
Part 1


Called of the flame of truth, I address you as of old in the name of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Jesus the Christ we called him, and we were called of him as you are called this day.

I recall the memories of his coming to me, empowering me with his Word. Yet first he humbled me on that road to Damascus, (Acts 9:4) the humbling which I sorely needed that I might bow to my own Christ flame which he revealed to me and gave also to me the key of meditation upon that flame that I might walk in his footsteps on the fifth ray of science and healing and the apostleship and the preaching of the Word.

Often I felt like the hands and the feet and the heart of Hercules, wrestling with the downward spirals of the earth with their atheism, their agnosticism, their intellectual pride and rancor against the prophets and the holy one of God so recently come into our midst. Yet all the while I remembered I was once counted among them. To have been once so proud and so deliberate against the will of God would forever burn in my memory the helplessness that we all have as instruments of God.

But the great empowering by the Word comes, my beloved, in the hour of the conversion. It is not the hour of the call but the hour of the conversion when the soul answers with something that is deep. It is the flowing, it is the giving, it is that surrender when, as he said, "It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks." (Acts 9:5)

Your Master has called you. Some of you know the hour and the moment. For some of you it has been a gradual hearing of the Word, a gradual tuning in to a symphony that has always been playing. Some of you know that the call has come and that you have ignored the call. Think you not that he did not call me even while I was persecuting the Christians? Did I not hear their sermons and watch them, the light upon their faces, their extraordinary joy in suffering, the love they bore for him whom I despised? Did he not call me then? Yes, he called, but I was too proud to listen.

In the hour of the call that became the hour of the conversion, it was the moment of the meeting of the Master face to face, hearing his voice. And in that hour I knew the import of the personal Saviour. I knew the moment that he came that he was the one chosen, the one anointed by God. My soul knew him as of old and recalled to my outer mind the memory of the inner vow.

It was not the first time I had seen the Lord Christ. I had seen him before taking incarnation, and yet I had to work through that pride, that karma on the fifth ray of much learning, much studying, and superiority in social standing and intellectual standing which I had in regard to the early Christians. And so it was my own karma that was upon me whereby I was resisting the call. The call was from afar, yet it became the nearer and nearer voice which finally stood before me as the blinding light of the Presence of the Son of God.

I speak to you today and I bring my vibration close to your own. I speak to you of my life lived not so long ago, much like your own. I speak because I bear the message of hierarchy. I speak to you of the personal guru that he is and that he was. I speak to you of the need to answer the call, answering it in a way that brings you to the point of conversion.

"Except ye be converted," (Matt 18:3) except ye be converted. This is the meaning of the conversion by Christ: it is the arcing of that ray of light from his heart to your own that is so powerful that it reverses the downward spiral of death and disintegration, causes the involuting of that spiral in the upward commanding presence of life not death, of the ascension, and of immortality. Conversion is the moment of the swing of identity back on the road to God. In the moment of conversion there is the infiring of the name of God, your own new name. (Matt 8:17) It is the solar pattern of your solar evolution. It is the branding iron of God that comes upon you perhaps momentarily to your blindness, or the absence of speech, as with Zacharias. (Rom 3:23)

Understand, then, that that coming of that energy of God is for the confounding of the human consciousness, the bringing to the fore of that substance that must go into the flame. It is the sudden coming of the whirlwind of the presence of the Master at the hour appointed by God; and whether you are prepared or whether you are not, there is that coming, that sudden coming into the temple. It is the culmination of the call and many calls. It is the moment when you are broken in the human and when you are born to the Divine.

I say then from personal experience, resist not the call or the conversion or the coming of the Master. Do you wait for him to appear to you as in a vision, to flatter you with the presence of angels and trumpets and harps and an entire retinue of God-free beings? You may wait long, you may wait hard. For I say, unto some it is required to provide the welling up from within of that love that says, "O Lord, I would be converted! Convert me this day! Let me be reborn in thee that I might go forth to work the works of my God!" (John 6:28)

I have come to you on a number of occasions down through the years to speak to you of apostles that you would be, hearing the call and answering and bearing witness to the truth. (John 5:33) I have come in the fire of the mission of the scientists and the physicians —the teachers of the age. I have come to release that light even as I came to this messenger early in her mission to warn her of the pitfalls of the Path. So I warn also, be not smug in your understanding of the mysteries, for there are many who have had the sacred mysteries who have never had the conversion unto Christ.

I speak with a fervor that I knew in those days of joy which we shared. Repent and be saved! Be baptized! Be converted! Accept the Lord Christ as your Saviour this day and know a new birth in Spirit. Do you not understand that the same mysteries experienced by the inner circle can be experienced, ought to be experienced, by you? With your newfound understanding of the way, do not forsake the childlike simplicity of utter dependence upon your God.

The instrument of hierarchy is a very tender instrument. And if you do not neglect the requirements of the service, you will find that God will come into you and live through you, and you will feel the broad shoulders and the robe of the apostle upon you. You will feel the mantle of Elijah or Elisha drop upon your shoulders. (2 King 13-14) You will hold your head high because you stand where the Lord stands, and you will indeed know the hour of your conversion when suddenly there was the very fire that burned on your spinal altar and caused the raising of that energy in an ascension current that marked the day when you were newborn to life. And from that hour your every moment, every second was the rushing of the wind within you to greet the rushing of the wind oncoming from the Lord's hosts (Acts 2:2) and from the causal body of Life to which you would one day return by the great magnetization of forcefields, as above, so below.

I say, walk with the stature of the prophets and teachers of Israel! Walk with the confidence of the God who lives within, but walk in this manner only after you have had the conversion. For if you attempt to walk in that way and in that stature before the conversion, I tell you, you will run the risk of walking in the pride of the carnal mind, taking unto yourself that glory that belongs only to Him.

God wants you to be that joint heir with Christ Jesus. (Rom 8:17) He proved that to me. He proved it to me — I who was counted a sinner. Is it not well to know that one who has sinned and fallen short of the mark could be converted and drawn to be a useful instrument for that Lord? (Rom 3:23) We need examples of those who walk imperfectly yesterday and today walk perfectly in the sight of grace and holiness.

Do not attempt to be perfect human beings, perfect models of righteousness. The Lord will take you in his hands and snap you as dry wood and show you the uselessness of effort outside of his Spirit. Seek rather to be perfected by him in his love. Seek perfection not in the mechanical workings of your environment, but in the inner movement of the soul, the very mechanism of the soul that is able to contact God by the fiery conflagration of his Spirit. Know perfection as the graces of the Holy Spirit and seek them. (Gal 5:22-23) Judge righteous judgment not after flesh and blood, (John 7:24) and then you will see how the imperfect matrix can be used to convey a flame that transcends the matrix, even cannot contain that flame.

Ah yes, mankind have a warped view of life and of the teaching and of the Path. They do not know the way and the very tenderness of our Father's love and of his understanding of the very frailties of the flesh and of this world that make of him the greater glory, the greater manifestation of life. Do you not see that if it were possible to be humanly perfect there would be no need for divine perfection? If it were possible to contain God on earth, there would be no need to pursue heaven. Thus the transience of this life gives way to the transcendence of a new life whereby even we among the ascended hosts are reborn day by day as we come into a newness of the infilling of his Presence.

Life can begin for you this hour, but the conversion implies a will —a will forged and won within your heart, a will that will magnetize that energy of devotion from a member of the ascended hosts who responds to the call of your heart for the teacher, who will then come and invest you with that magnet, that flame, that fiery coil, that momentum that is able to reverse the course of death and destruction.

In the conversion is the healing of mind and body. In the conversion is that sudden filling of the temple that has been a vacuum and now is filled with a special breath, a sweet breath — sweet as the springtime and the new grass, the hay in the field and the flowers; so is the sweetness of that presence. And once you have touched that energy, once you have walked through that field of that consciousness, even knowing the sound of the rustling of the garment of the Lord Christ, then you will seek to preserve that moment day by day, and your life is ever an attempt to equalize here below that very special experience in Christ who has appeared in that zone between Spirit and Matter, neither here nor there but somehow in the midst of an infinity of worlds cycling, drawing you into that cycling of energy, that you might come to know the Presence of the living God.

I am here to call you, to convince you of your life's calling. "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?" Has not the Master's voice also rung in your ear and in your heart when you have known that you have been persecuting the prophet of God, the emissary of God, the little child in the way, the ascended masters' purposes by failing to give that supporting breath of energy, that working of the works of God that could be the foundation for the precious souls to find a teardrop of love, a crystal of truth, a pearl of wisdom?

Come now, come let us reason together, (Isa 1:16) you who are the intelligent, or so self-considered, you who are the ones who know of the things of this life. Let us consider the end of cycles and the shuffling off of the mortal coil. (Hamlet Act 3) Let us think of how all that is seen in this life is vanity, comes to naught, and must one day recycle back to the fiery core to be recharged with the infusion of the Flame of Life.

Is it not better, O intelligent ones, is it not better to leap into that heart before you are called, before the disintegration spiral spins that energy veil, before you are consumed by the downward spirals of your own karma, your own lack of reckoning with the law of life? Count then the days. Can you count the days and the hours of opportunity open to you? There is only one goal —it is life. And that goal includes the impartation of life, heart to heart. This is the way of living the life triumphant on Terra.

My coming to you this day, then, is the fulfillment of a cycle begun in the earliest beginnings of the messengership of Mark. This is the culmination, then, of the setting of a pattern in each of the dictations which I have released since the beginning. This pattern, then, carefully woven, is a mandala that I release to all who serve on the fifth ray and to all who are called by soul, by name this hour from the four corners of the earth to come forth and to bear witness unto the truth.

Even as I am speaking, there is a raging and a ranting of the fallen ones who are of the company of the Liar and his lie, (John 8:44) those fallen ones who shriek to think that the hour of truth is come, and the hour of the exposure. And they are the fallen ones of madness and of insanity with their projections of insanity upon the children of God. They have sent forth those rays of confusion and chaos to disturb the mind and the emotions of the souls of light on Terra.

Go back, I say, in the name of my Lord! Go back into the night! For here I will place my sphere of light. It is a giant circular platform which I place over the City of the Angels. It is a platform that divides the way of truth and error. And all who are called to give witness to the truth may come to this city and stand on this platform and find that in this platform there is the weaving of the Word that I have given forth through the two witnesses (Rev 11:13) —the weaving of the energy of the mandala, the very energy of life, then, from the magnet of my own heart, an energy that will be conveyed, then, through the blessed feet who will walk the highways and the byways giving forth that witness by heart, by head, and by hand.


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