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Sunday, 13 December 2015 14:25


Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of the Sun ... the day of the Lord ...

    And yesterday was 12-12-15 ... 3 years after the Galactic Reboot, 12-12-12 ... few honest New Agers knows this ...

   To-morrow will be Moon-day ... and ... How do you suppose ... I, Giovanni ... follower of Johannes Kepler ... engine the idea to design a Lunar Calendar? ...

   Well ... In the Book ... 'The Pleiadian Agenda' ... from a discourse you can read below ... I got the necessary inspiration ...

   The Miracle of Book Publication ... generate a quote ... and there are books where the Moon, Chiron, the Sun and still Earth the Planet speaks ... So, you can read that books and accept or deny.

    In that book ... She ... The Moon speaks and recover for us a Story ... here in the Solar System ... dated 104,000 years ago ...

    Here is the Story ...

"Earth goes through cycles, and the pattern I see on your surface these days is a pattern I've seen before. In the past, this pattern has been extremely threatening to biological lifeforms. Before you read my descrip­tion of your appearance, please remember that I am reading the etheric body of Earth. Just as 'dis-ease' showing up in your etheric body or aura is then treated with homeopathies before it becomes a physical disease, so too can you change your feelings about the planet before these energies become full-blown Earth changes. The color of your aura is beginning to turn brown, which is not healthy, instead of being green. The tilt of your axis reflects the consciousness of your planetary body to the Sun, and it is approaching the level of tilt that has created pole shifting in the past.

"How does the present condition of Earth relate to past conditions? The biggest astronomical shift I remember occurred when the orbit of Earth around the Sun enlarged from 360 to 365-1/4 days. This was caused by two simultaneous events: the visit of Nibiru into your solar system, and a gigantic asteroid that came into the orbital pattern of the Pleiades 104,000 years ago. These two events occurring simultaneously enlarged the orbit of Earth. Nibiru is slightly smaller than Jupiter, and because of the speed of its trajectory and its reverse orbit in the solar system, it is extremely disruptive of planetary orbital patterns.3 This discontinuity caused Nibiru to lose its perfect synchronicity with Earth orbiting the Sun—3600 years to 360 days.

"Nibiru was responsible for the destruction of the fifth planet— Maldek—which is the present asteroid belt. I was orbiting around Earth at that time, and your ancestors experienced great tectonic stress during this event. There are many memories about this in my banks. At that time I was shielding your surface as much as possible from the various comets and asteroids that were flying through the solar system. The breakup of this planet, which orbited between Mars and Jupiter, generated much debris in your solar system. I took some big hits; that's why I have so many huge craters, which are the locations of domed temples holding your sub­conscious memory banks. These impacts were similar in intensity to July 1994, when the gaseous body of Jupiter was continually smashed by commentary fragments until the impact zone became waves of gas. This; caused the surface of Jupiter to be embroiled with potent feelings, as you know. Naturally, I can feel the strong reactions you are having, since you are reacting to how Jupiter felt when the commentary fragments blasted into her body. I have been crying since July 1994, yet few of you know where these powerful emotions are coming from. Meanwhile, Jupiter rules your fortune, your sense of potential, and I want you to know that this period is very promising. If you can figure out -what you want, you can create it! easily with Jupiter's assistance, and that is why I offered you my seven-step Lunar Manifestation Technique.


 Therefore Our ... 365 days:

  • 31x7= 217
  • 30x4=120+
  •           337
  •           365-
  •             28

My FTLunarCalendar Advanced ... propose 364 days + 1 day ... which includes the Mayan Factor of the 'Trecena' (Spanish Word) ... 13x28=364.

Leap Year have 366 days ... because February has 29 days ... This is ... My Friends ... Complete Madness ... and continue to be accepted silently.

I consider one day ... Many will say ... Why we have this disastrous Calendar? ... It is nervous .. It do not respect Time ... It have a crazy arragment of Months and includes the name of two Roman Emperors that die ... over than 2000 years ago ... Julius (July) and August (August) ... Note December related to Dec ... Ten ... which with September, October, November and December ... propose a 10 Months ... 10 Moon-ths ... another bad Atheist mode to measure Sacred Time ... that will NOT Continue in 4D ... The Dimension of Time.

 Therefore 104,000 years ago ... The Cycle of Earth were of 360 days ... Each one of the Twelve months ... or Moons (I prefer to use the Intrinsic Moon-th) have 30 days.

  But the Story changes forever with Nibiru and will continue to change ...

  Now ... I give the Word to ... El Moria ...

    What is the Beast? ... In Apocalypse ... Have you listen about the ... 'Money Beast' ... is the preference of Capitalism ... versus Spiritualism ...

   El Moria say ...

The governments of nations have for too long yielded them­selves to the power of the money beast. They have for too long permitted the claws of the sinister force to guide and direct them through selfishness and greed. When your Saint Germain desired to bring forth the first original thirteen states, blessed and beloved ones, do you not think his heart beat with great pride as he envi­sioned the caravans of light moving across the plains from the East unto the West and the expanding economy and the great civilization that is now developed? He was able to see it all and he was able to recognize and realize its great divine potential. But today, amidst the squalor of the sprawling cities and the cluttered countryside, there is an outpicturing of human consciousness in discord which is appalling when you consider what this planet could outpicture.


   Now ... Like Saint Germain say ... recently ... America (United States) abdicate its Christ hood ... and prefer not Money ... everyone like Money ... but To Live for Money ... To Kill for Money ... To Destroy for Money ... to Invade for Money ... Well ... It is Evil ... not Christian. 

  Many Governments today ... before the New Door of 4D ... Fourth Dimension ... suffer if Capitalism ... as well Socialism or Communism ... Well, What about the God-Government? ...

 Take a look ... and read ...

A White Paper to the Planet Earth

from the Great White Brotherhood

Now ... You can prefer ... to place ... Lord Jesus Baby inside the Crib ... But he grows ... learn ... was killed and Resurrect ... He always return.

Planet Nibiru is visible again ... Look the Sky ... I will say nothing about ...

And those who want to look to other directions ... not to Christ, not to Nibiru ... not to the Sky will have nothing to look because Heaven is here.

Time has its own Feeling and need to be respected ... Time is Sacred and the way you measure it ... How to live it ... reflect your understanding about Time.

You can read ... The Words of The Moon ... here.


Thanks ...
May the Force ... be with you.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


PS. Are there something more interesting that watching a Movie about Star Wars? ... Indeed there are an Immediate Answer ... Thanks.

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