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Thursday, 04 February 2016 13:41


Greetings in the Royal Holy Blue-day of Archangels Gabriel and Michael ... We can write (Micha-el and Gabri-el).

    Gabriel is the Main Archon ... The Word Archons has been translated across Centuries in Archangel ... While many do not understand what an Angle is.

    Now ... This is a Vast Lesson ... touching Christianity, Hinduism, Sacred Flames ... Concepts related to the Tree of Life ... not yet included in Science ... because Science is basically Atheist, do not include the Holy Lord ... not the Four Beasts before the Throne ... and ...

God is Number.

  --- Pythagoras.

  Now ... Religions does not explains with Details where is the Lord ... "They" say ... "Heavens".

  Lord Jesus said ... "The Kingdom is Within" ... I tell you ... before the cells, before the Atoms ... before the Electrons ... before the Extas (1/10^6 of an electron ...).

  ... Now neither (and for this I request holy excuses ... neither ... Who or What ) ... Lord Jesus Nature is ... understood ... to this day.

  He (Lord Beloved Jesus) call him ... 'The Son of Man' ... and so he is ... but without complicate the Panorama ... I prefer to remain on ... 3 ... The Trinity.

  But let us ... before to offer the Full lesson from Sanat Kumara ... (Sanat from Planet Kumara) ...begin speaking about the Tetra-ctys ...

   Here we have 4 Levels ... and these Four Levels represent the Four Levels of Perfection.

  • Absolute Perfection = 1 = Monad = Unit.
  • The Twin or 2 ...
  • The Trinity ... = 3 = Father,Son, Holy Ghost= Brahma,Vishnu, Shiva.
  • The Four or Tetrad ... Please note that each Levels is complementary with the Superior ... If we are in 2 Level, we have a Triangle composed by 3 numbers. If we stop in 3rd Level we have a Big Triangle that includes another triangle to have number 6 = Man. The Full Triangle includes two triangles to have 10=1+2+3+4.

   Theon of Smyrna explains that the Tetractys symbolized all that is Exist.

    If ... 1 is God ... and 2 are the Twin ... Maitreya and Lord Jesus ... who are the Calf and the Man ... we have the Trinity ... because BOTH are the Son.

   Who is the Holy Ghost ? ... We can say ... And is more complex ... but more simple ... The Trinity is a Flame ...

   which is also the Flour the Liz ... when Europe had like a Capital Switzerland (today Land of Bankers) ... Switzerland was the Plume of Wisdom representing the Holy Spirit. France represent the Love and England represent the Power ... of the Father.

    Now we can say ... The Holy Ghost ... Brahma represent Power ... Vishnu represent the Love and Shiva represent Wisdom ...

    In Hindu tradition these ... Divinity of the Trinity have names ... as well Wives ... and not one.

    For a complete explanation you can read:


   Now ... for now we can say that ... Parvati is one of the Wives of Shiva ... Parvati is the name of the benign "daughter of the mountain," the beneficent, gentle Mother and Wife ... Kali is another metamorphosis of Shiva's feminine nature ... and Shakti ... is just to say ... The Official Wife.

  We finally have:

  1. Brahma and Sarasvati. (The Father and Mother Mary).
  2. Vishnu and Lakshmi.   (Lord Jesus and Mary Magdalene). 
  3. Shiva and Shakti.     (The Holy Ghost and his Official Wife).

Now ... a Key point ... These are the Four Beasts before the Throne of God that worship the Trinity: Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva (The Trinity).

    Please consider and remember that ... Lord Jesus is the Man ... Maitreya is the Lion ... as well they were the Buddha and Krisna and the Buddha is the Calf ... The Eagle is Sanat Kumara ...

   Now if Lord Jesus is the Man ... and Maitreya is his Twin ... and the Calf ... and I say they are Vishnu ... they ... Adore another of their "Personalities" ...

   I, Giovanni ... modestly consider ... many persons will take years to understand and unlock this Wisdom ...

   For now ... Let us listen the Word of the Lord.


Giovanni A. Orlando.



The Path of the Rose Cross


And in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne,
were four beasts full of eyes before and behind.
And the first beast was like a lion,
and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man,
and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.
And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him;
and they were fill of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying.
Holy holy, holy Lord God Almighty which was, and is, and is to come.     
  -- REVELATION 4-6-8


Holiness to the Lord!
Holiness to the Lord!
Holiness to the Lord!
Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty,
Which was, and is, and is to come.
The four beasts are the living creatures who worship the Trinity because they have come out of the Trinity, born of the One and of the polarity within the One, Alpha and Omega. The four beasts are for the squaring of the circle of Spirit that is become the foundation foursquare in Matter of the Great Pyramid of Life and of the Holy City.

I AM in the four beasts and the four beasts are in me and we are one. These are the Four Cosmic Forces who hold the cosmic cross of white fire that designates the quadrants in Spirit and the quadrants in Matter—fire, air, water, and earth. They are the four sacred elements who support and surround the great white throne. They are the within. They are the without. Whither the Spirit goeth, they go. And they follow the lamb whithersoever he goeth in the heavens and in the earth.

They are the guardians of the door that is opened in Spirit and in Matter. They are the guardians of the twelve gates of the Holy City. In Brahma/Vishnu/Shiva, they guard the three gates on the east, the three gates on the north, the three gates on the south, and the three gates on the west. They are the foundation of the Twelve Hierarchies of the Sun. They are the initiators of the hundred and forty and four thousand on the Path of the Rose Cross.

Now hear the Word of the Lord. The Four Cosmic Forces sustain the ruby cube whereby the heart of God becomes the heart of man. Ponder the ruby cube. Meditate upon the flame of love burning within the center. Trace the twenty-four right angles governed by the Four and Twenty Elders whereby Spirit becomes Matter and Matter becomes Spirit. It is the Holy Ghost. The Activator, the Deactivator. The ruby cube is pure Love, fiery Love, unadulterated, unselfish Love, perpetually burning all unlike itself. One must approach with extreme caution. Therefore the Path of the Rose Cross. Therefore the initiations of the Four Cosmic Forces in the way of the surrender of the image of the self that the Self may be All-in-all.

Only the Self may stand in the center of the ruby cube. All else is self-destroyed. Therefore the four beasts, full of the eyes of Elohim—openings unto the Great Central Sun—rest not day and night, saying, "Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come." Thus they intone the sound of I AM THAT I AM, of Elohim, of El Shaddai. Thus intoning the sound of the soundless sound, they sustain the vibration of the ruby cube in the white-fire core of a cosmos.

Elohim, Elohim, Elohim. AUM.

Full of eyes before and behind, the Four Cosmic Forces sustain the vision of the Lord God Almighty as universal awareness of the Creator within the creation. Full of eyes before and behind, the Four Cosmic Forces are perpetually stepping down the light of Solar Logoi, cosmic messengers of Alpha and Omega positioned in the flaming yods of the galaxies. Thus by their six wings, the three and three, and the three times three, they render the light, the energy of the Word, intelligible to electrons small and great in man and beast, vegetable and mineral. Their six wings hold the balance of the triad in Spirit and the triad in Matter, ascending and descending triangles. And they were full of eyes within.

These are the eyes of Mother caressing the creation and the Formless One who inhabits his own Form, caressing the Uncreated One who is in the Created Son, the Created Father, and the Created Holy Ghost. The eyes within are the eyes of Mother, delivering the energy of the ruby ray as compassionate chastening, as conceptualization, as consummation, as bliss, reunion with the ion of Being. Thus the face of the Great Goddess is veiled that her children might not wither from the penetration of the ruby ray. It is life-giving, invigorating, infilling. It is the alchemy of the heart to every living cell of a cosmos.

Behold the eyes before and behind and the hierarchy of vestal virgins carrying their ruby lamps with the blood of the Lamb and the Word of his testimony. They are the initiates of the Path of the Rose Cross. They have followed the path of the crucifixion of their Lord and Husband unto the opening of the temple of the heart and the coming of the Bridegroom. They have worn his crown of thorns. They have transmuted his crown of thorns. They have taken him down from the cross. They have laid him in the tomb of Mother. They have tended his resurrection within her womb.

They await the ceremony of their crowning with a crown of when they shall become extensions of the Woman clothed with the Sun who wears the crown of twelve stars. They hold the ruby figure-eight spiral whereby the souls of the hundred and forty and four thousand may spiral from the ego-centered life to the Christ-centered life by the initiations of the ruby cube. AUM. The Four Cosmic Forces initiate the Order of the Ruby Cross. And the first beast was like a lion. He is the ruler of the north arm of the cross and of the fire quadrant in Spirit and in Matter. When the lion roareth, the king of the beasts, the fire of First Cause proceedeth out of his mouth. And his Word is the endowment of the Grund and the Ungrund with primal energy. His is the force of the fiery baptism. He is the King of the inner court, opening the sacred mysteries of the heart under the hierarchy of Leo. His key is the key to the incarnate God. When he is the Father in the Son, he manifests himself as the Lion of the tribe of Juda, saying, I and my Son are one.

Lo, I AM the open door of the fiery baptism that is the restoration of the hundred and forty and four thousand to wholeness through repentance and remission of sins.

Holiness to the Lord!
Holiness to the Lord!
Holiness to the Lord!

As in fire our God is Father, the All-in-all, so in earth he is the Holy Ghost. And the second beast was like a calf. He guardeth the door of the Holy Ghost, and no man can enter except by that door.1 He is the archetype of the Universal Christ. He holdeth the west arm of the ruby cross, the ruler of the earth quadrant in Spirit and in Matter. He doth initiate the souls of the hundred and forty and four thousand through the hierarchy of Taurus. His is the eye all-seeing that by obedience doth the temple build.

He teacheth the children of Israel to make bricks without straw. He is the great builder through elemental life. He is the Great Guru, he is the great chela. He is the beast of burden who beareth the sins of the world. He is the ox that treadeth out the corn of personal and planetary karma. And "thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn."2 By his ruby figure-eight flow, the Buddha is Guru. The Mother is chela. By the same ruby figure-eight flow, the Mother is Guru, the Buddha is chela.

The calf is the slave of Yahweh. He bears His burden on earth. His initiatic rite is the crucifixion. So is elemental life thrice crucified through the archetype of the Cosmic Christ in Taurus—once for the kingdom of the angels of fire and the angels of water serving the throne of Brahma, once for the kingdom of the gods serving the throne of Vishnu, and once for the kingdom of elemental forces serving the throne of Shiva.

The golden calf is the Form of the unformed Yahweh, his throne as Buddha. He rides him to the victory of the untransmuted Taurian energies of the children of Israel. The Israelites understood not the prophet's vision of the Four Cosmic Forces— lion/calf/man/eagle. So they fashioned a calf in the image and likeness of their idolatry, sensuality, and materialism. They were the unaligned. No ruby cross fixed their identity in the heart of the ruby cube. Therefore they required a law writ in tables of stone; for by the hardness of their hearts, that stiffneckened people knew not the law written in their inward parts.3

They said, "We wot not what is become of this Moses, the man that brought us up out of the land of Egypt. Up, Aaron, make us gods. We will worship Yahweh when we will. We do not need the Guru Moses. Besides, he is no Guru but an ordinary man like ourselves. He is no god-man. Behold, he is mere flesh and blood. We will create our own god after our own image and likeness. We will have our rituals without the Guru.

"What further need have we or Gods messenger, who hath left us here without word in the Sinai desert! Behold, all the congregation is holy. There is not one holier than another. We need not the Holy One of God in our midst. We will rather worship the golden calf who doeth our bidding while we dance and make merry. We will shut our ears from this Moses who would take from us the pleasures of life and our enjoyment of the sacred fire of the Father, the sacred water of the Mother, the sacred air of the Son, the sacred earth of the Holy Spirit. We will have our Mater-realization 'materialization of God outside the presence of the Guru Moses.

"We will have our cult—our cultivation of light—without obeisance to the Person of light. We will enslave elemental life by our charms and our spells. We will have reverence only for the golden calf. And no other part of life will we reverence as the temple of the living God, save the golden calf."

But Aaron, the high priest, made proclamation and said, "Tomorrow is a feast to the I AM THAT I AM." He was an initiate of the Path of the Rose Cross. He knew the inner mystery of the calf as the archetype of the Christ, sitting on the west side of the City Foursquare. The calf, the Parvati of Shiva. Wherever there is Parvati in form, there in formlessness is Shiva. He knew, as did the children of Mu embodied in the Fast, that the calf is the symbol of a Matter cosmos wed to Spirit.

But the people, oh, the people! Though they sacrificed their gold and gave it to the community, it became the unacceptable offering; for they worshiped their own sacrificial calf, as a mighty deed they had done, in the place of Yahweh. And the golden calf, through their double-minded vision, became the symbol of their rebellion against the Great Guru.

AUM Buddha. AUM Buddha. AUM Buddha.

And the calf remains crucified to the present hour, and Christ is nailed to the cross of idolatry, sensuality, and materialism on the west side of the City Foursquare. The calf is in the earth and the earth is in the calf and the calf is the beginning of the initiation of the hundred and forty and four thousand on the Path of the Rose Cross under the Four Cosmic Forces. For the many, this is the initiatic rung of the ladder where they left off their association with the Guru Maitreya represented in Moses.

Now the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, sons of Joseph favored by Jacob, are gathering on the west arm of the cross to resume their soul testings. For unto them is entrusted the flame of Christ in Western civilization. They carry the law of the I AM THAT I AM in their inward parts. They must exercise that law by the power of the spoken Word. They must come forth and be counted. They must come forth and give an accounting unto the Lord of their words and their works since the first coming of Messiah. Lightbearers positioned in the United States of America and Great Britain are given the key for the turning around of the downward spiral of the West to the upward spiral of the East that shall be seen in the image of the man.

Now take down the calf from the cross of idolatry, sensuality, and materialism that is the perversion complete of the Trinity in the Mother. Now transmute, transmute, transmute that untransmuted substance by the all-consuming violet flame. Now, by a will that is wisdom and a wisdom that is action, God in action! enter the Path of the Rose Cross.

Valiantly for the victory, I AM

Sanat Kumara.

I have led thee from the Beginning.
I will lead thee unto the End.
I AM the Lord.

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